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When you create a transcription list of a cemetery, it's also good to share that information with relevant local councils, churches and historical societies. There are two reasons.

Firstly, many of these organisations do not have good records or plans of their cemeteries. Most rely on volunteers, and are very stretched. Funeral directors have been known to attempt burial of a new body on top of an old grave because they have no records of the casket below and councils told them the land was unoccupied. Having a spreadsheet with the location and photo of unmarked graves, plus recent photos of identifiable graves, makes their job easier to match the graves without headstones to Undertaker records.

Secondly, if these organisations are able to match the data you provide to their own records, they may be able to enhance the information you have. That provides better information on Australian Cemeteries Index, particularly for unmarked or badly marked graves.


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