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The Australian Cemeteries Index website is an extensive resource for family history researchers. It's emphasis is to provide quality images of all inscriptions in each cemetery rather than just transcript lists. The ultimate goal is to photograph and index every headstone in Australia and to index every unmarked burial.

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The image at the top of our website pages is from Coonamble Cemetery.

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The site was started by Reg and Jean McDonell in 2004, based on thousands on headstone photos they had taken in dozens of cemeteries.

Development of the site was done by Rob McDonell, who continues to maintain the site.

Since 2004 many other contributors have joined the project. It is only through their efforts that the website is what it is today.

During 2013-14 long time user Peter Olsen handled editorship and day-to-day running of the site, and significantly expanded it's size and function.


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