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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Kenneth Cooper

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
COOPERKennethDeath notice11FEB2007Death82 late of PenrithSydney Morning Herald12FEB2007
COOPERKennethDeath notice21SEP2006Death66 late of PananiaDaily Telegraph (Sydney)25SEP2006
COOPERKennethDeath notice16MAR1991Death76 late of MarrickvilleSydney Morning Herald19MAR1991
COOPERKennethFuneral notice20MAR1991Funeral Sydney Morning Herald19MAR1991
COOPERKenneth Albert (Ken)Death notice01DEC2005Death87 late of Macksville and Nambucca HeadsGuardian News (Nambucca Heads)08DEC2005
COOPERKenneth AllanProbate notice21AUG2022Death late of Ashfield NSW Probate Index21OCT2022
COOPERKenneth AllanProbate notice21AUG2022Death late of Ashfield NSW Probate Index21SEP2022
COOPERKenneth CharlesFuneral notice24AUG2022Death86 late of Raymond Terrace Port Stephens Examiner01SEP2022
COOPERKenneth CliveProbate notice16FEB2000Publication late of MoruyaBay Post - Moruya Examiner16FEB2000
COOPERKenneth DavidProbate notice13JUN2016Death late of Raymond Terrace NSW Probate Index11JUL2016
COOPERKenneth DavidDeath notice16JUN2016Funeral90 late of Raymond TerracePort Stephens Examiner16JUN2016
COOPERKenneth DavidFuneral notice21JUN2016Funeral90 late of Raymond TerraceNewcastle Herald16JUN2016
COOPERKenneth DavidFuneral notice21JUN2016Funeral90 late of Raymond TerraceNewcastle Herald18JUN2016
COOPERKenneth FrancisDeath notice31OCT2001Death late of Burleigh HeadsGold Coast Bulletin02NOV2001
COOPERKenneth FrankFuneral notice21NOV2009Death78 at Kyogle Aged Residential Care, formerly of Casino & Evans HeadNorthern Star (Lismore)23NOV2009
COOPERKenneth FrederickFuneral notice08NOV2009Death87 late of Shortland, formerly of WallsendNewcastle Herald11NOV2009
COOPERKenneth GordonDeath notice02AUG2008Death80 at Coffs Harbour Base Hospital, formerly of WarillaSydney Morning Herald06AUG2008
COOPERKenneth J CDeath notice09APR1917Death in FranceSydney Morning Herald21APR1917
COOPERKenneth JamesProbate notice18OCT2018Death late of Ballina NSW Probate Index14NOV2018
COOPERKenneth JamesDeath notice05MAY2008Death74 late of PenrithDaily Telegraph (Sydney)07MAY2008
COOPERKenneth JamesDeath notice30MAY1982Death19 late of East GosfordSydney Morning Herald02JUN1982
COOPERKenneth JamesProbate notice17JUN2010Publication late of East MaitlandMaitland Mercury17JUN2010
COOPERKenneth JamesDeath notice05MAY2008Death74 late of KingswoodPenrith Press06MAY2008
COOPERKenneth JamesFuneral notice03JUN1982Cremation Sydney Morning Herald02JUN1982
COOPERKenneth James (Jim)Funeral notice18OCT2018Death92 (born 19 Dec 1925) FD - Parkview Funeral Home (Richmond River)31OCT2018
COOPERKenneth James (Jim)Funeral notice18OCT2018Death92 Northern Star (Lismore)20OCT2018
COOPERKenneth JohnProbate notice28MAY1976Publication late of CoolahMudgee Guardian28MAY1976
COOPERKenneth JohnProbate notice31DEC2016Death late of Canton Beach NSW Probate Index02FEB2017
COOPERKenneth JohnDeath notice02JUN1993Death49 late of GilgandraSydney Morning Herald03JUN1993
COOPERKenneth JohnDeath notice05MAY1976Death59 at CoolahSydney Morning Herald10MAY1976
COOPERKenneth John (Coop)Death notice31DEC2016Death72 late of Canton BeachCentral Coast Express Advocate11JAN2017
COOPERKenneth JulianDeath notice09APR1917Death in FranceSydney Morning Herald20APR1917
COOPERKenneth NoelDeath notice16JUN1994Death76 late of Clarence TownSydney Morning Herald17JUN1994
COOPERKenneth NoelDeath notice17JUN1994Publication Newcastle Herald17JUN1994
COOPERKenneth R BFuneral notice19MAY1952Funeral late of WoodviewNorthern Star (Lismore)19MAY1952
COOPERKenneth RobertDeath notice14SEP1997Death61 late of MalabarDaily Telegraph (Sydney)17SEP1997
COOPERKenneth SamuelDeath notice11JUL2008Death77 late of LoftusDaily Telegraph (Sydney)15JUL2008
COOPERKenneth SearlyDeath notice10OCT1990Death79 Goulburn Post15OCT1990
COOPERKenneth SearlyDeath notice10OCT1990Death79 Goulburn Post12OCT1990
COOPERKenneth StephensonProbate notice30AUG2013Death late of Balgowlah Heights NSW Probate Index27SEP2013
COOPERKenneth TrevlynFuneral notice15OCT1997Death49 late of Lennox HeadNorthern Star (Lismore)18OCT1997
COOPERKenneth VincentDeath notice20MAR1985Death late of YeppoonSydney Morning Herald21MAR1985
COOPERKenneth WesleyDeath notice08OCT2011Publication Gold Coast Bulletin08OCT2011
COOPERKenneth WesleyFuneral notice14OCT2011Funeral late of SouthportGold Coast Bulletin11OCT2011
COOPERKenneth WilliamDeath notice08MAY1996Death64 late of Lane CoveSydney Morning Herald09MAY1996


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