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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:John Carr
Died:19 Sep 1905
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
CARRJohnFuneral notice10JUL1981Cremation Sydney Morning Herald10JUL1981
CARRJohnDeath notice09FEB1860Death47 at Sydney Infirmary, formerly of Mussellborough, ScotlandThe Empire10FEB1860
CARRJohnDeath notice09FEB1860Death47 at Sydney Infirmary, formerly of Mussellborough, ScotlandThe Empire13FEB1860
CARRJohnFuneral notice10JUL1981Cremation Sydney Morning Herald09JUL1981
CARRJohnFuneral notice01OCT1981Cremation Sydney Morning Herald30SEP1981
CARRJohnDeath notice12AUG2011Death69 late of Vaucluse, formerly of Terry Hie HieSydney Morning Herald15AUG2011
CARRJohnDeath notice03JUL1862Publication75 late of SydneySydney Morning Herald03JUL1862
CARRJohnObituary21DEC1943Death late of Ryde, formerly of GoulburnGoulburn Post23DEC1943
CARRJohnFuneral notice09FEB1860Funeral late of SydneySydney Morning Herald09FEB1860
CARRJohnDeath notice30JUN1860Death76 late of Spring Hill near WollongongMaitland Mercury07JUL1860
CARRJohnDeath notice12AUG2011Death69 late of Vaucluse, formerly of Terry Hie HieDaily Telegraph (Sydney)16AUG2011
CARRJohnDeath notice28FEB2011Death Sydney Morning Herald19MAR2011
CARRJohnObituary18MAR1938Publication late of CrookwellGoulburn Post18MAR1938
CARRJohnDeath notice07JUN1862Death71 late of SydneySydney Morning Herald11JUN1862
CARRJohnDeath notice07JUN1862Death71 late of SydneySydney Morning Herald21JUN1862
CARRJohnDeath notice04SEP2019Death86 late of Parkes Parkes Champion Post13SEP2019
CARRJohnDeath notice14DEC2013Publication Border Mail (Albury)14DEC2013
CARRJohnFuneral notice15FEB1951Funeral late of AbermainNewcastle Herald15FEB1951
CARRJohnFuneral notice25OCT1942Funeral late of Whitebridge Newcastle Herald24OCT1942
CARRJohnObituary07NOV1942Publication61 at Lambton Convalescent Home, late of Whitebridge, formerly of Darrell (England) and Dudley Newcastle Herald07NOV1942
CARRJohnDeath notice04AUG1936Death83 at Sydney, late of LismoreSydney Morning Herald05AUG1936
CARRJohnFuneral notice09MAR1994Funeral late of Randwick Sydney Morning Herald07MAR1994
CARRJohnDeath notice22APR1943Death56 at Kogarah, late of NewtownSydney Morning Herald24APR1943
CARRJohnDeath notice13OCT2009Death58 Manly Daily27OCT2009
CARRJohnFuneral notice19APR2004Death late of Gold CoastGold Coast Bulletin22APR2004
CARRJohnDeath notice22JUN1924Death77 at Marrickville, late of Mosman, formerly of TowrangSydney Morning Herald23JUN1924
CARRJohnDeath notice13AUG1942Death at Bondi, late of North Bondi & ParkesSydney Morning Herald14AUG1942
CARRJohnFuneral notice22DEC1943Funeral late of RydeSydney Morning Herald22DEC1943
CARRJohnFuneral notice06OCT1926Funeral late of CabramattaSydney Morning Herald06OCT1926
CARRJohnDeath notice19JUL2004Death72 late of ManlyManly Daily21JUL2004
CARRJohnFuneral notice03FEB1883Funeral Sydney Morning Herald03FEB1883
CARRJohnFuneral notice02FEB1881Funeral late of Lavender Bay, North ShoreSydney Morning Herald01FEB1881
CARRJohnDeath notice13APR1981Death late of Palm BeachSydney Morning Herald15APR1981
CARRJohnDeath notice04MAR1994Death88 late of RandwickSydney Morning Herald07MAR1994
CARRJohnDeath notice07JANDeath19 at St Vincent's HospitalSydney Morning Herald08JAN1894
CARRJohnDeath notice31AUG1958Death67 late of Dover HeightsSydney Morning Herald03SEP1958
CARRJohnDeath notice08JUL1981Death86 late of CronullaSydney Morning Herald09JUL1981
CARRJohnDeath notice01FEB1883Death43 Sydney Morning Herald13SEP1883
CARRJohnDeath notice07APR1992Death88 late of Macgregor, QLD, formerly of St. Ives and DuralSydney Morning Herald18APR1992
CARRJohnDeath notice25MAY1998Death85 late of VaucluseSydney Morning Herald27MAY1998
CARRJohnDeath notice31JAN1881Death72 at Hellespont, Lavender Bay, North ShoreSydney Morning Herald02FEB1881
CARRJohnDeath notice07SEP1903Death60 at Prince Alfred Hospital, late of AlexandriaSydney Morning Herald08SEP1903
CARRJohnDeath notice03APR1972Death late of GladesvilleSydney Morning Herald05APR1972
CARRJohnFuneral notice20FEB1995Death79 late of Busby, formerly of MudgeeMudgee Guardian24FEB1995
CARRJohnObituary1913-1998Death Accountant, SurvivorSydney Morning Herald05JUN1998
CARRJohnDeath notice28SEP1981Death late of North RocksSydney Morning Herald30SEP1981
CARRJohnDeath notice13JUN1996Publication Sydney Morning Herald13JUN1996
CARRJohn (Huey)Death notice07FEB2010Death89 formerly of Duffys Forest and CaloundraSydney Morning Herald10FEB2010
CARRJohn (Jack)Funeral notice03FEB2012Cremation81 late of Maitland Nursing Home, formerly of ThorntonNewcastle Herald01FEB2012
CARRJohn AmbroseDeath notice26JUN2000Death89 late of Strathfield, formerly of DarlinghurstSydney Morning Herald28JUN2000
CARRJohn AnthonyDeath notice08APR1990Death56 late of CamdenSydney Morning Herald10APR1990
CARRJohn CharlesDeath notice10DEC2013Death69 at Mercy Palliative Care, late of JinderaBorder Mail (Albury)12DEC2013
CARRJohn CharlesDeath notice27JUN1990Death60 late of Fairfield HeightsSydney Morning Herald29JUN1990
CARRJohn Charles (Fossil)Death notice13DEC2013Publication Border Mail (Albury)13DEC2013
CARRJohn ClarenceDeath notice27AUG2016Death93 at Mona Vale HospitalDaily Telegraph (Sydney)30AUG2016
CARRJohn ClementDeath notice09FEB2004Death late of Lennox HeadNorthern Star (Lismore)14FEB2004
CARRJohn Clement (Jack)Death notice09FEB2004Death at Lismore Base Hospital, late of Lennox HeadSydney Morning Herald14FEB2004
CARRJohn DavidFuneral notice13APR1994Funeral late of WaverlyMacleay Argus (Kempsey)12APR1994
CARRJohn De BurghDeath notice18SEP1891Death at Melbourne, VictoriaSydney Morning Herald26SEP1891
CARRJohn Edward BadenDeath notice11NOV1901Death9 months at CamperdownSydney Morning Herald12NOV1901
CARRJohn EdwinDeath notice22AUG2021Death87 at Gumeracha SA (born 08 Mar 1934) Sydney Morning Herald28AUG2021
CARRJohn Eric (Charlie)Funeral notice31DEC1991Funeral Canberra Times31DEC1991
CARRJohn Eric (Charlie)Death notice27DEC1991Death41 Canberra Times30DEC1991
CARRJohn EshottDeath notice20AUG1985Death83 at Sydney, late of West Ryde, formerly of TowradgiIllawarra Mercury21AUG1985
CARRJohn EshottDeath notice20AUG1985Death83 late of West Ryde, formerly of TowradgiSydney Morning Herald21AUG1985
CARRJohn FrancisDeath notice17MAR1966Death77 late of Brighton-le-SandsSydney Morning Herald18MAR1966
CARRJohn FrederickDeath notice17JUL1934Death late of North Sydney The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)23AUG1934
CARRJohn FrederickDeath notice16FEB1978Death at Canberra, late of Queanbeyan Canberra Times18FEB1978
CARRJohn FrederickDeath notice17JUL1934Death61 Sydney Morning Herald19JUL1934
CARRJohn FrederickDeath notice18NOV1991Death Sydney Morning Herald25NOV1991
CARRJohn GrundyFuneral notice03DEC1934Funeral at Cessnock Newcastle Herald03DEC1934
CARRJohn HenryDeath notice07SEP1947Death64 at Lady Davidson Home, Turramurra, late of Bondi JunctionSydney Morning Herald09SEP1947
CARRJohn HenryFuneral notice10SEP1947Funeral late of Bondi Junction Sydney Morning Herald10SEP1947
CARRJohn HenryDeath notice14JUL1917Death72 late of North SydneySydney Morning Herald16JUL1917
CARRJohn HenryFuneral notice10SEP1947Funeral late of Bondi Junction Sydney Morning Herald09SEP1947
CARRJohn HenryFuneral notice30OCT1917FuneralInfant late of Tighes HillNewcastle Herald30OCT1917
CARRJohn HenryDeath notice07SEP1947Death at Lady Davidson HomeSydney Morning Herald08SEP1947
CARRJohn IsaacDeath notice16AUG2014Death late of CoogeeSydney Morning Herald19AUG2014
CARRJohn IsaacFuneral notice14MAR1925Funeral late of ArncliffeSydney Morning Herald14MAR1925
CARRJohn JamesDeath notice03MAY1979Death83 late of DrummoyneSydney Morning Herald04MAY1979
CARRJohn JamesDeath notice16FEB1995Death70 late of YagoonaSydney Morning Herald17FEB1995
CARRJohn JamesDeath notice04JUL1945Death60 at Sydney, late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald06JUL1945
CARRJohn JamesFuneral notice21FEB1995Funeral Sydney Morning Herald18FEB1995
CARRJohn Jnr (Johno)Other22MAR2004Memorial Service late of Balmain Sydney Morning Herald19MAR2004
CARRJohn JosephFuneral notice14APR1945Funeral late of Cardiff Newcastle Herald14APR1945
CARRJohn JosephDeath notice21OCT1992Death79 late of Kirrawee, formerly of Cronulla and PunchbowlSydney Morning Herald23OCT1992
CARRJohn JosephDeath notice27NOV1951Death68 at Leeton, formerly of TemoraSydney Morning Herald10DEC1951
CARRJohn JosephFuneral notice10MAY2002Death77 at St Vincent's Hospital, late of RobinaGold Coast Bulletin14MAY2002
CARRJohn JosephFuneral notice10MAY2002Death72 at St Vincent's Hospital, late of RobinaGold Coast Bulletin13MAY2002
CARRJohn JosephOther13APR1945Death late of Cardiff Newcastle Herald01MAY1945
CARRJohn JosephFuneral notice26OCT1992Funeral Sydney Morning Herald23OCT1992
CARRJohn KeithDeath notice14APR1967Death late of MosmanSydney Morning Herald17APR1967
CARRJohn LewisDeath notice02APR1972Death58 late of WaverleySydney Morning Herald05APR1972
CARRJohn LonsdaleProbate notice30JUN2021Death late of Killara NSW Probate Index30JUL2021
CARRJohn LonsdaleDeath notice30JUN2021Death80 Sydney Morning Herald03JUL2021
CARRJohn MaxweltonDeath notice09MAY1984Death75 late of Cranebrook, formerly of FaulconbridgeSydney Morning Herald10MAY1984
CARRJohn OrmstonDeath notice07JUL1922Death at Wahroonga Sanatarium, late of GalstonSydney Morning Herald08JUL1922
CARRJohn PhillipDeath notice18DEC2019Death76 (born 09 Nov 1943) Central Western Daily (Orange)21DEC2019
CARRJohn RFuneral notice29NOV1925Funeral late of New Burwood, DudleyNewcastle Herald28NOV1925
CARRJohn RaymondProbate notice25OCT2017Death late of Bringelly NSW Probate Index19FEB2018
CARRJohn Raymond (Ray)Death notice25OCT2017Death84 late of Bringelly Sydney Morning Herald30OCT2017
CARRJohn RichardDeath notice11JAN2004Death69 at Hospital, Nowra, late of ManyanaDaily Telegraph (Sydney)14JAN2004
CARRJohn RobertFuneral notice31OCT2009Death71 late of WhitebridgeNewcastle Herald02NOV2009
CARRJohn RobertFuneral notice15SEP1916Funeral late of RozelleSydney Morning Herald15SEP1916
CARRJohn RobertFuneral notice04NOV2009Publication Newcastle Herald04NOV2009
CARRJohn RossDeath notice09JUL1982Death44 late of GoulburnGoulburn Post12JUL1982
CARRJohn RossDeath notice09JUL1982Death44 late of GoulburnGoulburn Post13JUL1982
CARRJohn RossDeath notice09JUL1982Death44 late of GoulburnGoulburn Post09JUL1982
CARRJohn RossDeath notice09JUL1982Death late of GoulburnSydney Morning Herald10JUL1982
CARRJohn StanleyDeath notice13MAY1854Death at Lubeck, GermanySydney Morning Herald21SEP1854
CARRJohn StanleyDeath notice13JUL1964Death92 late of CollaroySydney Morning Herald16JUL1964
CARRJohn SydneyDeath notice19APR1986Death late of TurramurraSydney Morning Herald21APR1986
CARRJohn ThomasFuneral notice15APR1879Funeral late of Goulburn St., SydneySydney Morning Herald14APR1879
CARRJohn ThomasFuneral notice15APR1879Funeral late of Goulburn St., SydneySydney Morning Herald15APR1979
CARRJohn ThomasFuneral notice29DEC1934Funeral late of GladesvilleSydney Morning Herald29DEC1934
CARRJohn ThomasFuneral notice15APR1879Funeral late of Goulburn St., SydneySydney Morning Herald15APR1879
CARRJohn ThomasDeath notice26APR2000Publication Newcastle Herald26APR2000
CARRJohn Wallace WentworthDeath notice17JUL1962Death late of KingsfordSydney Morning Herald19JUL1962
CARRJohn Walter WilliamDeath notice01JUL1962Death67 late of NowraSydney Morning Herald02JUL1962
CARRJohn WesleyDeath notice04DEC1960Death74 late of PadstowSydney Morning Herald06DEC1960
CARRJohn WilliamFuneral notice25NOV1918Funeral Sydney Morning Herald25NOV1918
CARRJohn WilliamDeath notice13FEB1980Death late of Crows NestSydney Morning Herald14FEB1980
CARRJohn WilliamFuneral notice18JUN1947Funeral late of Adamstown Newcastle Herald18JUN1947
CARRJohn WilliamDeath notice29OCT2017Death86 late of Campbelltown District Reporter (Camden)03NOV2017
CARRJohn WilliamFuneral notice15FEB1980Cremation Sydney Morning Herald14FEB1980
CARRJohn WilliamFuneral notice31JUL1980Cremation Sydney Morning Herald30JUL1980
CARRJohn WilliamDeath notice05AUG2004Death63 late of KurrajongSydney Morning Herald07AUG2004
CARRJohn WilliamDeath notice28JUL1980Death80 Sydney Morning Herald30JUL1980
CARRJohn WindeyerDeath notice12NOV1885Death10 months at MaitlandSydney Morning Herald14NOV1885
CARRJohn WindeyerDeath notice12NOV1885Death10 months at MaitlandMaitland Mercury14NOV1885


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