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Name:Mary Morris
Died:11 Nov 1905
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
MORRISMaryDeath notice29MAR1981Death late of MosmanSydney Morning Herald31MAR1981
MORRISMaryDeath notice12OCT1942Death47 at St George District Hospital, late of HurstvilleSydney Morning Herald13OCT1942
MORRISMaryFuneral notice04NOV1941Funeral late of DarlinghurstSydney Morning Herald04NOV1941
MORRISMaryDeath notice12FEB1932Death late of East Malvern, VictoriaSydney Morning Herald16FEB1932
MORRISMaryDeath notice06JUN1931Death at EastwoodSydney Morning Herald08JUN1931
MORRISMaryDeath notice12FEB1932Death late of East Malvern, MelbourneSydney Morning Herald20FEB1932
MORRISMaryFuneral notice16FEB1928Funeral Sydney Morning Herald16FEB1928
MORRISMaryDeath notice09JAN2006Death at Bathurst, late of BathurstWestern Advocate (Bathurst)11JAN2006
MORRISMaryFuneral notice16FEB1928Funeral Sydney Morning Herald15FEB1928
MORRISMaryFuneral notice25APR1927Funeral late of CroydonSydney Morning Herald25APR1927
MORRISMaryDeath notice26AUG2015Death90 late of DubboDubbo Daily Liberal28AUG2015
MORRISMaryDeath notice26AUG2015Death90 late of DubboDubbo Daily Liberal31AUG2015
MORRISMaryDeath notice11JUN1929Death52 late of SmithfieldSydney Morning Herald13JUN1929
MORRISMaryDeath notice16JUL1988Death late of BotanySydney Morning Herald18JUL1988
MORRISMaryFuneral notice07JUL1948Funeral Sydney Morning Herald07JUL1948
MORRISMaryDeath notice13JUN1987Death late of KingsgroveSydney Morning Herald16JUN1987
MORRISMaryDeath notice05OCT2000Death85 late of JillibyCentral Coast Express Advocate06OCT2000
MORRISMaryDeath notice12FEB1932Death late of East Malvern, Vic The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)17MAR1932
MORRISMaryFuneral notice22JUN1995Funeral late of Forestville Sydney Morning Herald20JUN1995
MORRISMaryFuneral notice05MAY1922Funeral late of BroadmeadowNewcastle Herald05MAY1922
MORRISMaryDeath notice13MAY1922Publication79 late of BroadmeadowNewcastle Herald13MAY1922
MORRISMaryProbate notice20MAY1922Publication late of HamiltonNewcastle Herald20MAY1922
MORRISMaryProbate notice12APR1927Publication late of HamiltonNewcastle Herald12APR1927
MORRISMaryProbate notice26AUG2015Death late of Dubbo NSW Probate Index04SEP2015
MORRISMaryDeath notice23APR1980Publication Sydney Morning Herald23APR1980
MORRISMaryDeath notice19JUN1995Death79 late of ForestvilleSydney Morning Herald20JUN1995
MORRISMaryDeath notice26AUG2015Death90 late of Dubbo Dubbo Daily Liberal29AUG2015
MORRISMaryObituary28APR1946Death90 at Sacred Heart Hospital, Darlinghurst, late of Parramatta North Cumberland Argus01MAY1946
MORRISMaryDeath notice02JUL1937Death86 late of Enmore and EastwoodSydney Morning Herald10JUL1937
MORRISMaryDeath notice29JAN1853Publication54 Sydney Morning Herald29JAN1853
MORRISMaryDeath notice25JAN1917Death71 late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald27JAN1917
MORRISMaryDeath notice09AUG1892Death37 at SeahamMaitland Mercury20AUG1892
MORRISMaryDeath notice07JUN1875Death43 late of BotanySydney Morning Herald10JUN1875
MORRISMary see MODRICH, MarySydney Morning Herald06SEP1917
MORRISMaryFuneral notice09JUN1875Funeral late of Botany BaySydney Morning Herald08JUN1875
MORRISMaryDeath notice05DEC1892Death80 late of West MaitlandMaitland Mercury10DEC1892
MORRISMaryDeath notice16JAN1958Death38 late of MaroubraSydney Morning Herald18JAN1958
MORRISMaryDeath notice18OCT1962Death93 Sydney Morning Herald24OCT1962
MORRISMaryFuneral notice09MAR1920Death70 late of StanmoreSydney Morning Herald10MAR1920
MORRISMaryDeath notice29APR1946Death90 at Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst, formerly of ParramattaSydney Morning Herald30APR1946
MORRISMaryDeath notice25APR1841Death44 late of SydneySydney Morning Herald27APR1841
MORRISMaryDeath notice06APR1969Death late of BondiSydney Morning Herald07APR1969
MORRISMaryDeath notice18FEB1904Death late of BrisbaneSydney Morning Herald20FEB1904
MORRISMaryDeath notice16JAN1912Death at Randwick, late of ManlySydney Morning Herald17JAN1912
MORRISMaryDeath notice16APR1913Death late of Alexandria, O'Connell Plains and Wattle FlatSydney Morning Herald17APR1913
MORRISMaryDeath notice06APR1914Death62 late of Five DockSydney Morning Herald07APR1914
MORRISMaryDeath notice22MAR1934Death48 at Sydney, late of North StrathfieldSydney Morning Herald23MAR1934
MORRISMary see HAYES, MarySydney Morning Herald16DEC1922
MORRISMaryFuneral notice18OCT1922Funeral at Penshurst, late of GoulburnSydney Morning Herald18OCT1922
MORRISMaryDeath notice14FEB1960Death late of GladesvilleSydney Morning Herald15FEB1960
MORRISMaryDeath notice07APR1953Death90 at RandwickSydney Morning Herald09APR1953
MORRISMaryFuneral notice08MAY1908Funeral late of BelmoreSydney Morning Herald08MAY1908
MORRISMary (Maise)Death notice19MAR2004Death83 late of Queensland, formerly of CorrimalIllawarra Mercury20MAR2004
MORRISMary (Mollie)Death notice06JUN1957Death at BrisbaneSydney Morning Herald12JUN1957
MORRISMary (Molly)Death notice01NOV1967Death52 late of Rose BaySydney Morning Herald03NOV1967
MORRISMary (Molly)Death notice07JUN1957Death at Brisbane, late of Orange, formerly of PetershamSydney Morning Herald12JUN1957
MORRISMary ADeath notice13JUL1909Death63 late of HongkongSydney Morning Herald31JUL1909
MORRISMary ADeath notice15JUN1909Death late of Hong KongSydney Morning Herald22JUL1909
MORRISMary AgnesFuneral notice26JUL1929Funeral Sydney Morning Herald26JUL1929
MORRISMary AliceDeath notice13JAN1968Death70 at Orange, late of KirribilliSydney Morning Herald15JAN1968
MORRISMary AliceDeath notice14JAN1927Death at St. Joseph's Hospital, AuburnSydney Morning Herald17JAN1927
MORRISMary AliceFuneral notice12MAR1898Funeral late of Newcastle Newcastle Herald12MAR1898
MORRISMary Alice (Kit)Death notice12JAN1947Death late of Glen Iris, Melbourne The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)23JAN1947
MORRISMary Alice (Kit)Death notice12JAN1947Death at Melbourne, late of Glen Iris, MelbourneSydney Morning Herald18JAN1947
MORRISMary Alice (Kit)Death notice12JAN1947Death at Melbourne, late of Glen Iris, MelbourneSydney Morning Herald20JAN1947
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice09MAR1977Death late of HarbordSydney Morning Herald11MAR1977
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice17APR1916Publication69 late of Lithgow Lithgow Mercury17APR1916
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice23FEB1866Death55 late of ChippendaleSydney Morning Herald21MAR1866
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice07MAY1960Death90 late of Ettalong Beach, formerly of GosfordSydney Morning Herald09MAY1960
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice22FEB1866Death55 late of ChippendaleSydney Morning Herald24FEB1866
MORRISMary AnnFuneral notice20AUG1931Funeral at Mayfield WestNewcastle Herald20AUG1931
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice09MAR1977Death late of HarbordSydney Morning Herald12MAR1977
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice02JAN1910Death70 late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald03JAN1910
MORRISMary AnnFuneral notice20APR1936Funeral at Mayfield Newcastle Herald20APR1936
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice16OCT1971Death late of BulliIllawarra Mercury18OCT1971
MORRISMary AnnObituary14MAR1924Publication80 late of ForbesForbes Advocate14MAR1924
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice13SEP1858Death57 late of EnglandSydney Morning Herald15JAN1859
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice13SEP1858Death57 late of EnglandSydney Morning Herald27JAN1859
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice12DEC1943Death72 at Wollongong District Hospital, late of CorrimalSydney Morning Herald13DEC1943
MORRISMary AnnFuneral notice13NOV1916Funeral late of GulgongSydney Morning Herald13NOV1916
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice19DEC1948Death78 late of WestmeadSydney Morning Herald20DEC1948
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice23FEB1935Death80 at Marrickville, formerly of BotanySydney Morning Herald25FEB1935
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice05AUG1941Death77 late of HurstvilleSydney Morning Herald09AUG1941
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice05AUG1941Death56 late of HurstvilleSydney Morning Herald07AUG1941
MORRISMary AnnProbate notice16AUG1916Publication late of Lithgow Lithgow Mercury16AUG1916
MORRISMary AnnDeath notice12JUL1945Death76 at ErskinevilleSydney Morning Herald13JUL1945
MORRISMary Ann (Molly)Death notice15MAY2004Death90 late of Garden Suburb, formerly of Tingira HeightsNewcastle Herald22MAY2004
MORRISMary Ann (Peggy)Death notice06JUN1921Death84 late of The Basin, Broken Bay via NewportSydney Morning Herald08JUN1921
MORRISMary Ann IvyDeath notice24SEP1974Death83 at Leichhardt, late of PadstowSydney Morning Herald26SEP1974
MORRISMary Ann MariaProbate notice01SEP1966Publication late of NaroomaBay Post - Moruya Examiner01SEP1966
MORRISMary Ann MarieObituary18AUG1966Publication94 at Bega, late of NaroomaBay Post - Moruya Examiner18AUG1966
MORRISMary Ann MarieDeath notice09AUG1966Death95 at Bega Hospital, late of NaroomaSydney Morning Herald12AUG1966
MORRISMary AnneDeath notice06NOV1907Death89 late of GowanbraeSydney Morning Herald07NOV1907
MORRISMary Anne see BROSNAN, Mary Anne The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)17JUL1952
MORRISMary Anne see SPRING, Mary AnneMudgee Guardian07AUG1964
MORRISMary AnnieDeath notice14MAY1943Death89 at AshfieldSydney Morning Herald17MAY1943
MORRISMary AtkinsDeath notice10JAN1921Death90 at Parramatta, late of New EnglandSydney Morning Herald12JAN1921
MORRISMary BarbaraDeath notice08DEC1971Death late of LindfieldSydney Morning Herald09DEC1971
MORRISMary BerthaDeath notice26JAN1972Death late of Tenterfield, NSWSydney Morning Herald29JAN1972
MORRISMary BerylDeath notice09MAR2016Death84 at AdelaideBarrier Daily Truth (Broken Hill)11MAR2016
MORRISMary BerylProbate notice09MAR2016Death late of Noarlunga Centre, SA NSW Probate Index01JUN2016
MORRISMary CatherineDeath notice23SEP1947Death86 late of ChippendaleSydney Morning Herald27SEP1947
MORRISMary CatherineDeath notice23SEP1947Death85 late of ChippendaleSydney Morning Herald25SEP1947
MORRISMary CatherineDeath notice23SEP1947Death85 late of ChippendaleSydney Morning Herald24SEP1947
MORRISMary ColumbiereDeath notice11AUG1985Death late of Wagga WaggaSydney Morning Herald12AUG1985
MORRISMary CoralDeath notice22JUL1982Death late of St PetersSydney Morning Herald24JUL1982
MORRISMary CowperDeath notice06FEB1973Death at Maitland Hospital, late of MaitlandSydney Morning Herald10FEB1973
MORRISMary CullenDeath notice26JUL1955Death87 late of RandwickSydney Morning Herald28JUL1955
MORRISMary Cuthbert (Sister)Death notice16MAY1961Death late of RydeSydney Morning Herald17MAY1961
MORRISMary DavieDeath notice09MAY1965Death81 late of South StrathfieldSydney Morning Herald11MAY1965
MORRISMary DawnDeath notice18SEP2011Death65 late of Glenfield, formerly of Mt.PritchardDaily Telegraph (Sydney)20SEP2011
MORRISMary EDeath notice16MAY1937Death at MerrylandsSydney Morning Herald22MAY1937
MORRISMary EFuneral notice26FEB1888Funeral Sydney Morning Herald25FEB1888
MORRISMary EdithDeath notice02OCT1931Death57 at LiverpoolSydney Morning Herald03OCT1931
MORRISMary EleanorDeath notice03JUL1928Death at North SydneySydney Morning Herald05JUL1928
MORRISMary ElizaDeath notice06JUN1937Death62 late of Erskine Park via St Marve [poor image]Sydney Morning Herald07JUN1937
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice25JUL1925Death86 late of KatoombaSydney Morning Herald27JUL1925
MORRISMary ElizabethFuneral notice26APR1949Funeral late of Berala, formerly of Casula Sydney Morning Herald25APR1949
MORRISMary ElizabethObituary07DEC1983Death66 late of WauchopeWauchope Gazette12JAN1984
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice07DEC1927Death70 at ChatswoodSydney Morning Herald08DEC1927
MORRISMary ElizabethFuneral notice13APR1927Funeral late of Crows NestSydney Morning Herald13APR1927
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice04JAN1929Death59 late of EnmoreSydney Morning Herald05JAN1929
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice04AUG1987Death86 Sydney Morning Herald08AUG1987
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice05FEB1861Death21 late of Brisbane WaterThe Empire13FEB1861
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice06SEP1967Death81 late of EastwoodSydney Morning Herald07SEP1967
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice11JAN1964Death90 late of LiverpoolSydney Morning Herald15JAN1964
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice13SEP1931Death Sydney Morning Herald17SEP1931
MORRISMary ElizabethDeath notice14SEP1942Death71 at Tamworth Hospital, late of TamworthSydney Morning Herald19SEP1942
MORRISMary Elizabeth see KERNEBONE, Mary ElizabethSydney Morning Herald08AUG2007
MORRISMary Elizabeth (Betty)Death notice19JUL1929Death9 months at Strathfield, late of HomebushSydney Morning Herald20JUL1929
MORRISMary Elizabeth (Betty)Funeral notice03NOV2020Death92 at John Flynn Hospital, Gold Coast Gold Coast Bulletin07NOV2020
MORRISMary Elizabeth (Sister Felicity)Death notice17JUN1998Publication Newcastle Herald17JUN1998
MORRISMary Elizabeth (Sister Felicity)Death notice18JUN1998Publication Newcastle Herald18JUN1998
MORRISMary EllenFuneral notice15APR1900Funeral late of Annandale Sydney Morning Herald14APR1900
MORRISMary EllenDeath notice10APR1959Death75 late of AshfieldSydney Morning Herald13APR1959
MORRISMary EllenDeath notice06APR1952Death87 late of Summer HillSydney Morning Herald07APR1952
MORRISMary EllenDeath notice20OCT1993Death83 late of BallinaNorthern Star (Lismore)23OCT1993
MORRISMary EllenDeath notice04OCT1977Death89 at Ellsmore Nursing HomeSydney Morning Herald08OCT1977
MORRISMary EllenDeath notice06APR1952Death87 late of Summer HillSydney Morning Herald07APR1952
MORRISMary EllisonDeath notice27JUL1914Death74 late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald28JUL1914
MORRISMary ElsieDeath notice30JUL1938Death43 at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, late of NewtownSydney Morning Herald01AUG1938
MORRISMary EmilyObituary04AUG1962Death79 late of AshleyNorth-West Champion (Moree)20AUG1962
MORRISMary EmmaDeath notice16MAY1937Death81 at Merrylands, late of BundanoonSydney Morning Herald17MAY1937
MORRISMary EugenieDeath notice30AUG1972Death late of BeecroftSydney Morning Herald04SEP1972
MORRISMary EvelineFuneral notice20JAN1908Funeral late of SydneySydney Morning Herald20JAN1908
MORRISMary EvelineDeath notice18JAN1908Death34 late of SydneySydney Morning Herald24JAN1908
MORRISMary FlorenceDeath notice24JUL1936Death59 at St. George District Hospital, late of HurstvilleSydney Morning Herald27JUL1936
MORRISMary Frances GemmaProbate notice29MAY2022Death late of Kyogle (NB - death occurred sometime between 29 May - 30 May) NSW Probate Index21JUN2022
MORRISMary FrancisDeath notice10AUG1938Death75 Sydney Morning Herald11AUG1938
MORRISMary GertrudeDeath notice10NOV1965Death80 late of ParramattaSydney Morning Herald12NOV1965
MORRISMary GraceDeath notice09AUG2015Death at Mullumbimby District HospitalSydney Morning Herald12AUG2015
MORRISMary GraceProbate notice09AUG2015Death late of Mullumbimby NSW Probate Index31AUG2015
MORRISMary HelenDeath notice12AUG1941Death75 late of Kings CrossSydney Morning Herald14AUG1941
MORRISMary Hope see WHITSED, Mary HopeSydney Morning Herald01MAR2003
MORRISMary Irene see HALL, Mary IreneMacleay Argus (Kempsey)26OCT1991
MORRISMary IsabelProbate notice05JUL2019Death late of Erina NSW Probate Index30JUL2019
MORRISMary IsabelDeath notice05JUL2019Death96 Sydney Morning Herald10JUL2019
MORRISMary JaneDeath notice01NOV1950Death at KatoombaSydney Morning Herald02NOV1950
MORRISMary JaneDeath notice04FEB1932Death65 at Sacred Heart Hospice, DarlinghustSydney Morning Herald06FEB1932
MORRISMary JaneDeath notice02AUG1945Death at BegaSydney Morning Herald04AUG1945
MORRISMary JaneDeath notice13FEB1937Death85 at KatoombaSydney Morning Herald15FEB1937
MORRISMary JaneDeath notice26OCT1949Death late of CastlecragSydney Morning Herald29OCT1949
MORRISMary JaneDeath notice21SEP1941Death73 at LeichhardtSydney Morning Herald22SEP1941
MORRISMary Jane (Jenny)Death notice02JUL1982Death72 late of Wollongong, formerly of ThirroulIllawarra Mercury03JUL1982
MORRISMary Jane (Jenny)Funeral notice06JUL1982Funeral Illawarra Mercury05JUL1982
MORRISMary JeanProbate notice14DEC2010Publication late of HamiltonNewcastle Herald14DEC2010
MORRISMary JeanProbate notice12OCT2010Death late of HamiltonNewcastle Herald20APR2011
MORRISMary JeanDeath notice16DEC1951Death58 at War Memorial Hospital Waverley, late of RandwickSydney Morning Herald17DEC1951
MORRISMary JeanDeath notice12OCT2010Death94 late of Mayfield, formerly of SconeScone Advocate21OCT2010
MORRISMary Jean (Jean)Funeral notice12OCT2010Death94 late of Mayfield, formerly of SconeNewcastle Herald16OCT2010
MORRISMary JoanDeath notice22FEB1961Death40 late of HurstvilleSydney Morning Herald24FEB1961
MORRISMary JosephineDeath notice27SEP2009Death late of Anglican Retirement Village, Castle HillSydney Morning Herald29SEP2009
MORRISMary Julia (Polly)Death notice20JAN1901Death31 at Nurse Bradley's Hospital, Moore ParkSydney Morning Herald22JAN1901
MORRISMary KatherineProbate notice18JUL2015Death late of Kincumber NSW Probate Index12OCT2015
MORRISMary KathleenDeath notice23APR1966Death25 late of GladesvilleSydney Morning Herald25APR1966
MORRISMary LouisaDeath notice16NOV1952Death69 at Harbord, late of NarrabeenSydney Morning Herald17NOV1952
MORRISMary MargaretDeath notice12FEB1968Death84 late of KingsfordSydney Morning Herald13FEB1968
MORRISMary Maris (Sister)Funeral notice10AUG1964Funeral late of St Joseph's Convent, South LismoreNorthern Star (Lismore)10AUG1964
MORRISMary Maris (Sister)Funeral notice11AUG1964Funeral late of St Joseph's Convent, South LismoreNorthern Star (Lismore)11AUG1964
MORRISMary MaudeDeath notice15MAY1958Death64 at MaroubraSydney Morning Herald17MAY1958
MORRISMary McDonaldDeath notice22APR1968Death late of PunchbowlSydney Morning Herald24APR1968
MORRISMary MiriamDeath notice20MAY1938Death late of Essex, EnglandSydney Morning Herald23MAY1938
MORRISMary OliveObituary24MAY1954Death65 late of Woonona Illawarra Mercury26MAY1954
MORRISMary Padua (Sister)Death notice03DEC1966Death Sydney Morning Herald05DEC1966
MORRISMary PatriciaDeath notice28FEB1993Death late of East Lindfield, formerly of TurramurraSydney Morning Herald02MAR1993
MORRISMary PatriciaFuneral notice04MAR1993Funeral late of Turramurra Sydney Morning Herald02MAR1993
MORRISMary Penelope TyleyDeath notice13MAY2002Death49 late of Yandina QldSydney Morning Herald16MAY2002
MORRISMary PhilomenaDeath notice18SEP1989Death90 late of LindfieldSydney Morning Herald19SEP1989
MORRISMary RedmondDeath notice26JUL2002Death Sydney Morning Herald29JUL2002
MORRISMary RoseDeath notice09JUL1998Death89 Daily Telegraph (Sydney)11JUL1998
MORRISMary SophiaDeath notice18OCT1941Death83 late of EppingSydney Morning Herald20OCT1941
MORRISMary ThereseProbate notice12NOV2018Death late of Sandgate NSW Probate Index28NOV2018
MORRISMary ThereseFuneral notice12NOV2018Death91 late of Belmont, formerly of Marks Point Newcastle Herald14NOV2018
MORRISMary VeronicaDeath notice27AUG1944Death at Lewisham HospitalSydney Morning Herald29AUG1944
MORRISMary VeronicaFuneral notice29AUG1944Funeral Sydney Morning Herald28AUG1944
MORRISMary VeronicaFuneral notice10JUL1939Funeral late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald10JUL1939
MORRISMary VeronicaProbate notice21JAN2013Death late of Tuncurry NSW Probate Index12APR2013
MORRISMary WinifredDeath notice02NOV1970Death78 late of RockdaleSydney Morning Herald03NOV1970
MORRISMary YvonneProbate notice14MAR2007Publication late of YassYass Tribune14MAR2007
MORRISMary YvonneProbate notice20JUN2008Publication late of YassYass Tribune20JUN2008


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