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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Joseph Holmes
Died:9 Jul 1900
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
HOLMESJosephProbate notice29JUL1913Publication late of Holmesville, West WallsendNewcastle Herald29JUL1913
HOLMESJosephDeath notice06JUN1965Death73 late of ThornleighSydney Morning Herald07JUN1965
HOLMESJosephDeath notice01MAR1965Death71 late of BurwoodSydney Morning Herald02MAR1965
HOLMESJosephObituary19APR1950Publication75 late of BallinaNorthern Star (Lismore)19APR1950
HOLMESJosephOther24AUG1915Publication48 at CalarieForbes Advocate24AUG1915
HOLMESJosephProbate notice12DEC1917Publication late of Holmesville, West WallsendNewcastle Herald12DEC1917
HOLMESJosephFuneral notice22APR1912Funeral late of HolmesvilleNewcastle Herald22APR1912
HOLMESJosephDeath notice18JAN1940Death64 late of FivedockSydney Morning Herald19JAN1940
HOLMESJosephDeath notice22DEC1946Death69 at Prince Henry Hospital, late of Matraville, formerly of MurrumburrahSydney Morning Herald23DEC1946
HOLMESJosephProbate notice24APR1912Publication late of HolmesvilleNewcastle Herald24APR1912
HOLMESJosephProbate notice30JUL1913Publication late of HolmesvilleNewcastle Herald30JUL1913
HOLMESJosephProbate notice16DEC1915Publication late of West WallsendNewcastle Herald16DEC1915
HOLMESJosephDeath notice12AUG1942Death48 late of EarlwoodSydney Morning Herald13AUG1942
HOLMESJosephProbate notice09OCT1914Publication late of Holmesville, West WallsendNewcastle Herald09OCT1914
HOLMESJosephDeath notice22APR1930Death59 at Baulkham HillsSydney Morning Herald24APR1930
HOLMESJosephDeath notice06JUL1874Death39 at Wynyard Square, Sydney, late of Fiji and Port Mackay, QLD, formerly of Hersham, Sussex, EnglandThe Empire09JUL1874
HOLMESJosephFuneral notice07OCT1884Funeral late of Wickham Newcastle Herald07OCT1884
HOLMESJosephDeath notice06JUL1874Death39 at Eckford's Hotel, Wynyard Square, Sydney, late of Navosa, Fiji, formerly of Port Mackay, Queensland and Horsham, Sussex, EnglandSydney Morning Herald08JUL1874
HOLMESJosephFuneral notice15APR1950Funeral late of BallinaNorthern Star (Lismore)14APR1950
HOLMESJosephFuneral notice19JUL1893Funeral late of Holmesville Newcastle Herald19JUL1893
HOLMESJosephFuneral notice15APR1950Funeral late of BallinaNorthern Star (Lismore)15APR1950
HOLMESJosephOther03FEB1948Publication42 late of Forbes Forbes Advocate03FEB1948
HOLMESJoseph Broadbent see HOLMES, Joseph BroadbentSydney Morning Herald23DEC1897
HOLMESJoseph BroadbentDeath notice17DEC1897Death80 at The Wilderness AllandaleSydney Morning Herald25DEC1897
HOLMESJoseph DawsonFuneral notice22JUL2005Death99 late of CharlestownNewcastle Herald27JUL2005
HOLMESJoseph FrancisFuneral notice09SEP1921Funeral Sydney Morning Herald09SEP1921
HOLMESJoseph FrancisDeath notice07SEP1921Death59 late of GordonSydney Morning Herald08SEP1921
HOLMESJoseph JamesDeath notice29MAR1932Death62 late of Surf Beach, Port KemblaSydney Morning Herald30MAR1932
HOLMESJoseph JohnDeath notice03JUL1993Death Daily Telegraph (Sydney)06JUL1993
HOLMESJoseph LukeDeath notice01MARDeath53 late of Dulwich HillSydney Morning Herald02MAR1895
HOLMESJoseph RobertDeath notice28SEP1985Death Canberra Times02OCT1985
HOLMESJoseph RobertDeath notice28SEP1985Death35 late of Richardson, ACTGoulburn Post30SEP1985
HOLMESJoseph WalterDeath notice07AUG1983Death late of East MaitlandSydney Morning Herald09AUG1983
HOLMESJoseph WilliamFuneral notice30NOV1965Funeral late of LismoreNorthern Star (Lismore)29NOV1965
HOLMESJoseph WilliamFuneral notice30NOV1965Funeral late of LismoreNorthern Star (Lismore)30NOV1965


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