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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Patrick Keane
Died:12 Nov 1891
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
KEANEPatrickFuneral notice03SEP1993Funeral Sydney Morning Herald02SEP1993
KEANEPatrickDeath notice20MAY1868Death70 late of CampbelltownThe Empire28MAY1868
KEANEPatrickDeath notice20MAY1868Death70 at near CampbelltownSydney Morning Herald27MAY1868
KEANEPatrickDeath notice11OCT1922Death at Brisbane, formerly of Edgecliff Naval Depot and Albion, QldSydney Morning Herald12OCT1922
KEANEPatrickDeath notice21OCT1923Death75 at Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst, late of Paddington, formerly of OrangeSydney Morning Herald22OCT1923
KEANEPatrickFuneral notice16AUG1918Funeral late of Glebe Point and KensingtonSydney Morning Herald16AUG1918
KEANEPatrickFuneral notice17AUG1918Funeral late of Kensington and Glebe PointSydney Morning Herald17AUG1918
KEANEPatrickDeath notice17FEB1937Death at Sydney HospitalSydney Morning Herald19FEB1937
KEANEPatrickFuneral notice12AUG1882Funeral late of EnmoreSydney Morning Herald12AUG1882
KEANEPatrickDeath notice14MAY1913Death20 at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, late of KensingtonSydney Morning Herald21MAY1913
KEANEPatrickDeath notice01OCT1903Death82 late of Glebe PointSydney Morning Herald02OCT1903
KEANEPatrickDeath notice01SEP1877Publication76 at Ultimo, formerly of Limerick, IrelandSydney Morning Herald01SEP1877
KEANEPatrickDeath notice02NOV1877Death26 at Redfern, formerly of Newmarket, County Clare, IrelandSydney Morning Herald05NOV1877
KEANEPatrickDeath notice07NOV1951Death51 at Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst, late of DarlinghurstSydney Morning Herald08NOV1951
KEANEPatrickDeath notice14APR2007Death late of Regentville, formerly of IrelandDaily Telegraph (Sydney)19APR2007
KEANEPatrickDeath notice26AUG1993Death67 late of Chester HillSydney Morning Herald28AUG1993
KEANEPatrickFuneral notice16MAY1913Funeral late of GlebeSydney Morning Herald16MAY1913
KEANEPatrick CharlesDeath notice30AUG1898Death10 at Cumberland StreetSydney Morning Herald31AUG1898
KEANEPatrick JamesDeath notice23MAY2001Death65 at Canberra HospitalCanberra Times24MAY2001
KEANEPatrick JamesDeath notice22FEB1961Death Sydney Morning Herald25FEB1961
KEANEPatrick JamesDeath notice22FEB1961Death late of AustinmerSydney Morning Herald24FEB1961
KEANEPatrick JohnDeath notice30JAN1886Death47 late of Crooked Billet Hotel, George St NorthSydney Morning Herald02FEB1886
KEANEPatrick JohnDeath notice06DEC1969Death late of NewtownSydney Morning Herald08DEC1969
KEANEPatrick JohnDeath notice12NOV1962Death at CremorneSydney Morning Herald13NOV1962
KEANEPatrick JohnDeath notice30JAN1886Death47 The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)06FEB1886
KEANEPatrick John JosephDeath notice10SEP1967Death88 late of Manly & AshfieldSydney Morning Herald12SEP1967
KEANEPatrick JosephDeath notice05NOV2001Death69 late of Gymea BaySydney Morning Herald07NOV2001
KEANEPatrick JosephDeath notice27MAY2019Funeral64 at Orange Health Service, late of Lucknow Central Western Daily (Orange)25MAY2019
KEANEPatrick JosephFuneral notice12APR1913Funeral late of WaterlooSydney Morning Herald12APR1913
KEANEPatrick JosephDeath notice07JUN1926Death59 at HurstvilleSydney Morning Herald08JUN1926
KEANEPatrick JosephDeath notice31MAY1953Death56 formerly of ParramattaSydney Morning Herald01JUN1953
KEANEPatrick KeaneDeath notice17JUN1868Publication70 late of near CampbelltownSydney Morning Herald17JUN1868


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