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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Florence Ellen Burgess
Died:14 Sep 1967
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
BURGESSFlorenceDeath notice08FEB1963Death late of East SydneySydney Morning Herald15FEB1963
BURGESSFlorenceObituary01JAN1932Death late of Leichardt, formerly of Knockfin, Branxton The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)21JAN1932
BURGESSFlorenceDeath notice17MAY1917Death23 late of AuburnSydney Morning Herald19MAY1917
BURGESSFlorence see COX, FlorenceNewcastle Herald01FEB2006
BURGESSFlorenceDeath notice06DEC2005Death Sydney Morning Herald12DEC2005
BURGESSFlorenceProbate notice23JUL2018Death late of Georges Hall NSW Probate Index05SEP2018
BURGESSFlorenceDeath notice05DEC2005Death Sydney Morning Herald09DEC2005
BURGESSFlorenceDeath notice06DEC2005Death Sydney Morning Herald10DEC2005
BURGESSFlorence (Nicky)Death notice07MAY2020Death96 at Towradgi, formerly of Mangerton Illawarra Mercury16MAY2020
BURGESSFlorence (Nicky)Funeral notice07MAY2020Death96 late of Towradgi, formerly of Mangerton FD - H Parsons (Wollongong)31MAY2020
BURGESSFlorence (Peggy)Probate notice05AUG2019Death late of Westmead NSW Probate Index23SEP2019
BURGESSFlorence AgnesDeath notice07MAY2005Death late of Yamba, formerly of Blackalls Park and Anna BayNewcastle Herald09MAY2005
BURGESSFlorence ClaireFuneral notice16SEP1940Funeral late of Hamilton Newcastle Herald16SEP1940
BURGESSFlorence ElizabethDeath notice12JAN1983Death Sydney Morning Herald15JAN1983
BURGESSFlorence Elizabeth see COOK, Florence ElizabethSydney Morning Herald07APR1973
BURGESSFlorence Elizabeth see SMITH, Florence ElizabethSydney Morning Herald12MAR1965
BURGESSFlorence EllenDeath notice12SEP1967Death late of MarrickvilleSydney Morning Herald13SEP1967
BURGESSFlorence EllenFuneral notice25MAR1991Death89 late of Coraki, formerly of Inala, QldNorthern Star (Lismore)27MAR1991
BURGESSFlorence GwenDeath notice01SEP1974Death83 late of WentworthvilleSydney Morning Herald03SEP1974
BURGESSFlorence IreneDeath notice28JUN1933Death22 late of CorrimalSydney Morning Herald29JUN1933
BURGESSFlorence LilianProbate notice07MAY2020Death late of Towradgi NSW Probate Index08JUL2020
BURGESSFlorence MaughanDeath notice04OCT1954Death late of ConcordSydney Morning Herald05OCT1954
BURGESSFlorence MayDeath notice17SEP1963Death72 late of GranvilleSydney Morning Herald18SEP1963
BURGESSFlorence MiriamDeath notice19NOV1987Death85 late of BurwoodSydney Morning Herald21NOV1987
BURGESSFlorence ValettaFuneral notice19FEB1889Funeral at UltimoSydney Morning Herald19FEB1889


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