Cemetery 2534 - Bald Hills

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Bald Hills


Barrett St

Bracken Ridge





Part of (12) cemeteries administrated and maintained by Brisbane City Council.

Bald Hills Cemetery is a "Historically Listed" cemetery that is located in the suburb of Brackenridge on the north side of Brisbane. Established in 1877, the cemetery covers 5 acres and can accommodate monumental and lawn burials.

Historic cemeteries - Brisbane City Council maintains nine historical cemeteries. Monumental graves, lawn beam graves and ash memorials may be available in these grounds. Ashes of family members can be buried within existing graves at any of our cemeteries. Historic Cemeteries include: Bald Hills Cemetery (also known as, Sandgate) Brackenridge, Qld; Balmoral Cemetery (also known as, Balmoral or Morningside) Morningside, Qld; Brookfield Cemetery - Brookfield, Qld; Ceder Creek Cemetery - Upper Kedron, Qld; Lutwyche Cemetery (also known as, Brisbane) Kedron, Qld; Moggill Cemetery - Belbowrie, Qld; Nundah Historical Cemetery (also known as, German Station) Northgate, Qld; Sth Brisbane Cemetery (also known as, Dutton Park Cemetery) Dutton Park, Qld; Toowong Cemetery (also known as, Brisbane General Cemetery) Toowong, Qld; & Paddington Cemetery (Now - Suncorp Stadium) 40 Castlemaine St - Milton, Qld.

Main Entrance - Barrett Street; other entrance is on the (opposite side) Pellinore Road (due west from - Bracken St). Easiest way to Bald Hills Cemetery is on Barrett Street - Brackenridge, Qld.

Brisbane City Council
Postal Address: Care of (Admin. Office) Pinaroo Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium
No office on site - managed by Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery
Bald Hills Cemetery - Visiting hours: Monday to Sunday: 6am to 6pm
Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery & Crematori



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