Cemetery 217 - Miscellaneous Inscriptions

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Miscellaneous Inscriptions

Various locations and cemeteries


This collection is designed to bring together partial listings from cemeteries within NSW. The list has been compiled with reference to the NSW births, deaths and marriages indices and to the Australian War Memorial online military rolls for additional information. The location of each inscription or unmarked grave is shown in the remarks column.

The persons who have kindly contributed images or information on unmarked graves are gratefully acknowledged below. Further contributions are invited.

Adrian Bell
Barry Sylvester
Belinda Cutler
Betty Cooper
Bob Donnelly
Cherilyn Tillman
Christine Yeats
David Smith
Des Cafe
Elayne Washington
Errol Thorn
Grant Higgins
James Dietrich
Jane Ison
Jennifer Bolton
Jim Hynes
Joe Sharman
John Cheeseman
John Greenwood
Joy Wright
Joyce Webster
Kay Adams
Kay Morris
Keith Shrimpton
Ken McQueen
Kim Crowe
Leonie Pinch
Les de Belin
Marilynne Black
Michael Brookhouse
Nic van den Berg
Patricia Evans
Patricia Fagan
Paul Fitzgerald
Phillip Roels
Ray Cork
Reg McDonell
Robyn Langley
Ron Webster
Ruth King
Ruth McGregor
Suzanne Day
Tom Greenstreet
Tracie King
Trish Mann

NOTE (a): Information regarding burials at those locations marked (a) has been kindly supplied by Heather Burke. The data was collected for the "Cemeteries/Burials New England Project (2000)" initiated by Professor Iain Davidson and funded by a Research Infrastructure Block Grant, University of New England. The data was collected with the assistance of Arnold Goode (Uralla), Helen Nancarrow and Bruce Cady (Kelly's Plains), Nan Mullen (Wollomombi), Peter Chambers (Saumarez Ponds), David and Beverley Barratt (Tamworth).

11 Feb 2012





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