Cemetery 1506 - Goulburn Old

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Goulburn Old

Mortis Street

Mortis St






Transcribed by Reg McDonell. The cemetery suffered badly from years of neglect and vandalism. Many of the earlier stones have been smashed. The Mortis Street Cemetery was formally closed, c.1903 after the opening of the new Goulburn General Cemetery on the slope of Govenor's Hill. A large shed was erected on part of the cemetery during wartime and the headstones in that corner removed and not remounted. The building is still there and is now an engineering shop.

The cemetery was tidied up in recent years and obviously now receives some periodic attention from Council.

In October 1967 Goulburn Council accepted the responsibility of Trustees, with the care, control and management of the Cemetery.

19 Mar 2014

19 Mar 2014



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