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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
YoungWilliam Baker1875?9 May 18838son/James Addison & SusanBalmain Pioneers Memorial Park NSW
YoungWilliam18428 Dec 190159b. Perth, Perthshire, Scotland; h/Elizabeth Dorothea Dora (Sturah)Bega NSW
YoungWilliam Dallas28 Mar 192331 Mar 200481h/Dorothy Edna (Dean)Bellingen NSWColumbarium 4, 24
YoungWilliam Arthur1880?13 Jul 197090h/MargaretBo Bo Creek NSWPbn
YoungWilliam Henry1901?14 Dec 198382son/James & Grace Amelia (McNamara)Bonnie Doon VICE 81
YoungWilliam Henry1998Box Hill VICB 0069
YoungWilliam1932Box Hill VICB NS-0200
YoungWilliam Joseph1953Box Hill VICCE 110-0039
YoungWilliam1929Box Hill VICCE NS-0823
YoungWilliam Edward1974Box Hill VICCE NS-0862
YoungWilliam1953Box Hill VICM 197-0042
YoungWilliam Frederick1956Box Hill VICP 0122
YoungWilliam1921Box Hill VICP 0144
YoungWilliam Munro1924Box Hill VICP 0370
YoungWilliam JohnBox Hill VICPUB A-0011
YoungmanWilliam John1950Box Hill VICRC 175-0011
YoungWilliam J1 Nov 1905Broken Hill NSWGeneral G 3
YoungWilliam John1921?10 Nov 194423son/JohnBulli NSW
YoungWilliam Francis 'Bill'1865?2 Sep 194883son/Elizah & Elizabeth; h/Margaret E (Graham)Bulli NSWWes Pbn
YoungWilliam25 Feb 186527 Feb 18650son/William & JaneCampbells Hill NSWAng B4, 59-60
YoungWilliam1822?7 Mar 190078h/JaneCampbells Hill NSWAng B4, 60
YoungWilliam1793?10 Aug 185057Camperdown NSWBN00736
YoungWilliam1828?31 Mar 185931Camperdown NSWBN07578
YoungWilliam Frederick1858?17 Jan 18602Camperdown NSWBN08184
YoungbluttWilliam Henry190318 Sep 1977son/Charles & Lida; h/Madge IreneCasino Lawn NSW
YoungWilliam1852?7 Nov 187927Cathedral Park NSW135
YoungWilliam78Centennial Park SA
YoungWilliam6 Aug 2009Centennial Park SA
YoungWilliam Cornelius1921?14 Dec 201089Centennial Park SA
YoungWilliam Francis1905?29 Jul 198277Centennial Park SA
YoungWilliam Lee Orr1910?27 Mar 198272Centennial Park SA
YoungWilliam Theodore1919?29 Dec 198364Centennial Park SA
YoungWilliam Mccracken1890?10 Aug 197787Centennial Park SAAca Path C, 139M
YoungWilliam Gleadow89Centennial Park SAAca A Path AK, 585
YoungWilliam Frank Edwin1919?27 Oct 198768Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Fountain Wall 280, C002
YoungWilliam Ramsay1895?9 Jan 196570Centennial Park SADrk Gdn of Rem Tree Bed 29, 019
YoungWilliam David1938?23 Oct 200365Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E51, 017
YoungWilliam Ramsey32Centennial Park SAGen Path 24, 1686
YoungWilliam Thomas70Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 23, 793A
YoungWilliam Charles70Centennial Park SAGen D Path O18, 323A
YoungWilliam Bateson82Centennial Park SARC C Path BV, 25
YoungWilliam Ramsey1895?27 Jun 197277Centennial Park SARSL Wall 117, G011
YoungWilliam1895?24 May 196772Centennial Park SASE Indiv Rose Bed SG4, 056
YoungWilliam1904?5 Apr 198783Centennial Park SATrq Wall 68, A008
YoungWilliam Hurtle Kintore9 May 1949Cheltenham SAD
YoungWilliam Harold29 Jan 1969Cheltenham SAH
YoungWilliam29 Jun 1914Cheltenham SAM
YoungWilliam Edward31 Mar 1952Cheltenham SAM
YoungWilliam12 Nov 1918Cheltenham SAN
YoungWilliam Derring17 Aug 1955Cheltenham SAY
YoungWilliam1863?193774b. Dublin, IrelandChillagoe QLDAng
YoungWilliam John1889?25?Dec 194657son/George McEwin & Mary Jane; h/Elsie LillianCoffs Harbour Historic NSWAng2
YoungWilliam1849?188435Corella Station NSW
YoungWilliam1871?3 Jan 195684Culcairn NSW
YoungWilliam Capstick15 Aug 190122 Jul 197573b. Dalmellington, ScotlandCulcairn NSW
YoungWilliam A1848?21 Aug 191567Curlewis NSW
YoungWilliam1802?25 Jan 184038son/Samuel & Ann (Eades)Devonshire Street NSWC/E 867
YoungWilliam1903?16 Feb 19484577528Drayton and Toowoomba QLDAng 2A 6, 35
YoungWilliam Henry1880?5 Mar 193555Drayton and Toowoomba QLDAng 8 10, 2
YoungWilliam15 Oct 1994Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungWilliam9 Jan 1997Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungWilliam Percy Baden28 Nov 1991Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungWilliam Allan30 Aug 1971Enfield Memorial Park SAAng
YoungWilliam Henry14 Jun 1984Enfield Memorial Park SAGen
YoungWilliam Young Sloan17 Apr 1985Enfield Memorial Park SARose Gdn Mem Sites
YoungWilliam Henry24 Oct 1995Enfield Memorial Park SARW Rob Gdn of Rem
YoungberryWilliam2 Jul 2000Enfield Memorial Park SARW Rob Gdn of Rem
YoungWilliam13 Aug 191270Field of Mars NSWAng Sec D, 1175
YoungWilliam Henry28 Mar 194661Field of Mars NSWAng Sec D, 28
YoungWilliam13 Jan 192050Field of Mars NSWAng Sec D, 885
YoungWilliam C5 Dec 1924Field of Mars NSWAng Sec Dd, 1013
YoungWilliam7 Sep 196785Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec A, 708
YoungWilliam18 Dec 194358Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec Op, 1100
YoungWilliam Henry1862?6 Apr 192664h/Emily VictoriaForcett TAS
YoungWilliam Anthony1 Aug 19669 Feb 198619son/Cecil & Laurie JosephineFrederickton NSWLwn I
YoungWilliamh/MaryGlen Innes NSWPbnB
YoungWilliam Francis John1862?23 Sep 191654son/William & MaryGlen Innes NSWPbnB
YoungWilliam Ernest Hamilton11 Jan 19087 Jan 200192son/George Charles & Eliza; h/Agnes I (Ryan)Gloucester NSWAng
YoungWilliam1884?13 Jul 1884Goodooga NSW
YoungWilliam John11 Jul 1916Gore Hill Memorial NSWAng X, 157
YoungWilliam Frederick18923 Aug 191927son/George Whitfield & Elizabeth (Nelmes); b. St Leonards, NSW; h/May Gwendoline (Duncan); 2926Gore Hill Memorial NSWCon G, 102
YoungWilliam John RJul 19005 Jan 19016mson/William Roberts & Christina Margaret (Dodds); b. Branxton, NSWGore Hill Memorial NSWPbn path 6 B, 100
YoungWilliam Roberts18595 Nov 193879son/Joshua Richmond & Mary (Scott); b. Glebe, NSW; h/Christina MargaretGore Hill Memorial NSWPbn path 6 B, 101
YoungWilliam Edward (Ted)30 Dec 191717 Mar 200385son/Alfred C. & Ethel R.; b. Leeton, NSW; h/Lucy & Jean Irvine (Bye); NX76322Gungahlin ACT6
YoungWilliam1893?16 May 196673h/Elsie May; 596Howard QLDmonumental E 225
YoungsonWilliam H A21 Nov 191815 Dec 199981b. Scotland; h/AnnInnes Gardens Memorial Park NSWFam Mem Gdn 89
YoungWilliamh/Violet M. (Shanks)Ipswich General QLDAng A
YoungWilliam James1919son/William & Violet M. (Shanks)Ipswich General QLDAng A
YoungWilliam Roy1899?4 Jan 198586son/Robert & Fanny Maria (Sellars); h/Doris E. (McLaughlin)Ipswich General QLDCol C
YoungWilliam Arthur9 Jan 191619 Jan 199882son/Arthur & Augusta Elizabeth (Kerlin); b. Ipswich, Qld; h/Thelma V.; Q28707Ipswich General QLDCol E
YoungWilliam Vicars1840?19 Jul 190060son/DavidIpswich General QLDCong/Utg B
Young-SingWilliam Henry14 Feb 183724 May 1883?h/EmmaJericho QLD
YoungWilliam1930?27 Dec 197949Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungWilliam Henry1910?12 Jul 198474Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungWilliam Robert1872?21 Jan 193058Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungWilliam D1844?25 Feb 189753Kalgoorlie WAWES
YoungWilliam Dixon1843?24 Feb 189754Kalgoorlie WAwes
YoungWilliam13 Jul 193117 Feb 200068Krambach NSWPbn
YoungWilliam Charles14 Jan 191227 Jan 191213dson/Edward & Florence Maria (Woodhouse); b. Queensland.Kynuna QLD
YoungWilliam Douglas1898?1 Dec 197577h/Norma BeatriceLeeton NSWPres, Sect 2
YoungWilliam Albert1888?18 Jul 19587030021 DriverLeigh Creek Old SA
YoungWilliamLismore General NSWCE 11B, 12
YoungWilliam Henry "Bill"6 May 192617 Dec 199973Lithgow NSWMethodist 2 3, 01
YoungWilliam28 Feb 184426 Oct 191470son/James & Mary; b. Sth, WalesLithgow NSWOld Methodist 06, 09
YoungWilliam1849?18 Mar 191667Liverpool General NSW5
YoungWilliam1806?14 May 189589Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 52
YoungWilliam8 Feb 1923Liverpool General NSWSelect D, 17
YoungWilliam Henry5 Jul 185613 Sep 18560son/William R & Eliza JLouisa Creek NSW
YoungWilliam15 May 1924Macquarie Park NSWAng C3, 0054
YoungWilliam H26 Oct 1927Macquarie Park NSWAng H9, 0020
YoungWilliam C12 Dec 1937Macquarie Park NSWAng S5, 0050
YoungWilliam John30 Sep 1966Macquarie Park NSWAng S9, 0041
YoungWilliam1 Dec 1926Macquarie Park NSWPbn F8, 0066
YoungWilliam Edward13 Jan 1960Macquarie Park NSWRC Aa13, 0031
YoungWilliam Valentine1940?6 Jan 202079?h/Barbara Aileen (Magennis)Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungWilliam John1895?17 Aug 197681h/AliceMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 447
YoungWilliam1832?26 Jan 188048Maryborough QLDmonumental C 91
YoungWilliam John1867?15 May 190235son/WilliamMaryborough QLDmonumental C 92
YoungWilliam1887?13 Feb 195972h/TheresaMaryborough QLDmonumental N 636
YoungWilliamJun?190626 Feb 19092son/William & JaneMinmi NSW
YoungWilliam Isaac18578 Dec 192972son/William & Catherine Rebkah (Beard)Mount Mulligan QLD
YoungWilliam (Bill)1868?4 May 194779son/Joseph & Susan (Osborne)Mungallala QLD
YoungWilliam George5 Mar 190520 May 197368son/William George O & Lucy Ann (Muddle); b. Newcastle,NSW; h/Daisy JoyceNambucca Heads NSW
YoungWilliam Henry1909?28 Aug 197869Narrabri Old NSWPbn 3E
YoungWilliam23 Sep 1959h/Gladys AnnieNorthern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWNorth Terrace Gdn 27
YoungWilliam1887?25 Aug 192841Nundah QLD
YoungWilliam Henry (Bill)8 May 19162 Jun 198872h/LauraPalmdale Lawn Cemetery & Memorial Park NSWCol Wall I, Sect C
YoungWilliam George2 Sep 19058 Jul 197468son/Alfred Harborne & Emily (Burns); NX59809Palmdale Lawn Cemetery & Memorial Park NSWCol Side A Wall of Remembrance
YoungsWilliam Brynes1922199270?h/JoycePinegrove Memorial Park NSW
YoungWilliam S1907?29 Mar 198173h/Emily CPort Macquarie NSWRC
YoungWilliam Jack1880?18 May 196787h/Minnie LouiseRedcliffe QLD
YoungWilliam1848?15 Feb 189446son/James & Margaret (McMahon); h/Bridget (Grady)Reid Anglican Church ACTC2, 113
YoungWilliam Frederick1877?4 Oct 190023son/William & Bridget (Grady); 230Reid Anglican Church ACTC2, 114
YoungWilliam Henry2 Nov 197787Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 3 409
YoungWilliam John Davis2 Jan 2002sbRookwood Catholic NSWLwn St Ger 38B
YoungWilliam23 Nov 18925mRookwood Catholic NSWM1 12, 556
YoungWilliam5 Jul 191850Rookwood Catholic NSWM1 AA, 16
YoungWilliam Ralph1860?18 Sep 194585son/Christopher Ralph & Mary (Slattery); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Catherine (McMahon)Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 10, 1574
YoungWilliam H13 Jun 192327Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 10, 552
YoungWilliam H5 Feb 193719Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 15, 1275
YoungWilliam Henry1879?16 Dec 194367son/Daniel & Elizabeth Frances (Williams); b. Manning River, NSW; h/Mary Ann (Seivl)Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 16, 1887
YoungWilliam30 Aug 197387Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 18, 3091
YoungWilliam L28 Jun 195675Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 18, 4121
YoungWilliam22 Nov 196082Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 1637
YoungWilliam22 Feb 195242Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 1638
YoungWilliam10 Jan 192753Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 883
YoungWilliam23 Jan 191168Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 D, 1879
YoungWilliam Elliot29 Nov 1881Rookwood Old Presbyterian NSW5 12
YoungWilliam George29 Jul 2002Sandridge Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungWilliam Clive26 Mar 191113 Jun 195443son/Neil & Ellen (Mitchell); h/Marion Elizabeth (Mitchell)Scone Anglican NSWold Anglican L, 16
YoungWilliam Edward1901?2 Feb 197068son/James & Catherine; h/Irene MaySingleton Anglican Columbarium NSWCol
YoungWilliam15 Oct 1994Smithfield Memorial Park SANiche Wall B - W Side
YoungWilliam4 May 1886South Brisbane General Part A QLD10B
YoungWilliam19 Nov 1878South Brisbane General Part A QLD11A 247
YoungWilliam Henry1866?13 May 195084h/Ellen Mary (Duggan)South Brisbane General Part A QLD2B 121
YoungWilliam1 Mar 1908South Brisbane General Part A QLD7
YoungWilliam J27 Aug 1907South Brisbane General Part A QLD7
YoungWilliam26 Oct 1899South Brisbane General Part A QLD7B
YoungWilliam Phillip1833?17 Nov 191481son/ElizabethSouth Brisbane General Part A QLD8
YoungWilliam Lang1884?11 Nov 195874South Brisbane General Part A QLDR
YoungWilliam Patrick1885?14 Jul 194459son/John & Anne (Morgan); b. Sofala, NSW; h/Ivy Victoria (Newberry)South Brisbane General Part A QLDT
YoungWilliam1881?4 May 195069South Brisbane General Part B QLD9A
YoungWilliam F3 Dec 1932South Brisbane General Part B QLDM
YoungWilliam Archibald21 Apr 1948h/Sarah JaneSouth Brisbane General Part B QLDU
YoungWilliam10 Sep 18530son/William & EmmaSt David's Park TAS
YoungWilliam1832?18 Aug 187745h/Emma Matilda (Lucas)St David's Park TAS
YoungWilliam Charles7 Jun 185527 Apr 18626son/William & EmmaSt David's Park TAS
YoungsonWilliam1849?24 Feb 192171son/George & Annie (Morrison); b. Aberdeen, ScotlandStannary Hills QLD
YoungWilliam1886?19 Apr 195973h/EvelynTamworth General & Lawn Cemetery NSWAng S
YoungberryWilliam Patrick1882Jan 188423mson/Charles Theodore & Johanna (O'Brien); b. Tenterfield NSW, AustraliaTenterfield NSWOld RC 3, 2/3
YoungWilliam1859?8 Jun 193475h/SarahTiaro QLDanglican 353
YoungWilliam1924?22 Jan 200884Toogoolawah QLD
YoungWilliam James1860?19 Mar 190342h/ElizabethUlmarra NSW
YoungWilliam Henry27 Sep 190730 Jul 198880Walcha NSW
YoungWilliam11 Mar 1850West Terrace SA
YoungWilliam20 Feb 1858West Terrace SA
YoungWilliam5 May 1896West Terrace SA
YoungWilliam Charles10 Oct 1957West Terrace SABarker
YoungWilliam Watson21 May 1941West Terrace SABarker
YoungWilliam4 Jun 1927West Terrace SAEyre Nth
YoungWilliam Theodore ( Theo)7 Jan 191929 Dec 198364son/Angus Theodore & Sarah Janet (Driffill); b. Opahi, New Zealand; h/Anne Lousia & Ethel VeraWest Terrace SAEyre Nth
YoungWilliam Thomas11 Jul 1937West Terrace SAFlinders Nth
YoungWilliam Godfrey7 Feb 1887West Terrace SAPlan 3
YoungWilliam H23 Jun 1886West Terrace SAPlan 3
YoungWilliam Henry25 Sep 1928West Terrace SAPlan 3
YoungWilliam Daniel14 May 1935West Terrace SARC West Gnd
YoungWilliam Carson21 Dec 1915West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
YoungWilliam Thomas4 Dec 1942West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
YoungWilliam Grant14 Aug 1923West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
YoungWilliam Thomas5 Feb 1904West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
YoungWilliam Henry3 Dec 1924West Terrace SARoad 2
YoungWilliam18 Mar 1875West Terrace SARoad 4
YoungWilliam Garland19 Apr 1940West Terrace SARoad 4
YoungWilliam10 Aug 1880West Terrace SARoad 5
YoungWilliam8 Feb 1885West Terrace SARoad 5
YoungWilliam Warnock12 Feb 1888West Terrace SARoad 5
YoungWilliam19 Aug 1912West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
YoungkinWilliam183818 Jun 190567son/. (Kin); b. ChinaWinton QLDOld 324
YoungWilliam Edmund1925?18 Apr 199065Wollongong Lawn NSWLwn Con Beam 3 A, 12
YoungWilliam1883?28 Sep 196077Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungWilliam Howell1907?3 Mar 197366Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWEx Svc Wall D 27
YoungWilliam Norman1894?12 Dec 196773Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWGdn Wall N 45
YoungWilliam Alexander1911?2 Oct 198978Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWGen
YoungWilliam Harvey1905?18 Dec 196661son/John & Christina; h/Annie Thomson NorvalWollongong Memorial Gardens NSWIndiv Rose 4G 7
YoungWilliam Harvey1937?20 Dec 201477son/William Harvey & Annie Thomson NorvalWollongong Memorial Gardens NSWIndiv Rose 4G 7
YoungWilliam Davie1927?30 Aug 199770h/Shirley Anne (Wilkins)Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWIndiv Rose 4Q 17
YoungWilliam George Ernest15 Mar 18927 Nov 195765son/George & ElizaWoolgoolga Monumental NSW
YoungWilliam30 Jun 1950Woronora Memorial Park NSWAA Rose Gdn 11, 0112
YoungWilliam C R1 Feb 1926son/Benjamin R & Eva GWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng 3 0899
YoungWilliam21 Sep 1927Woronora Memorial Park NSWAng 4 0267
YoungWilliam26 Jun 1935son/Salvatore & AmeliaWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng AE 0115
YoungWilliam Henry16 Feb 1936son/Alfred & MargaretWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng OO 0037
YoungWilliam Francis15 Aug 1987Woronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Scat
YoungWilliam1886?18 Aug 195266son/James Marshall & Annie RaeWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungWilliam1926?13 Jan 200882Woronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungWilliam24 Nov 1962Woronora Memorial Park NSWBB Rockery 15, 0058
YoungWilliam13 Feb 1956Woronora Memorial Park NSWBB Rose Gdn 5, 0034
YoungWilliam26 Feb 1956Woronora Memorial Park NSWBB Rose Gdn 5, 0143
YoungWilliam22 Jul 1958Woronora Memorial Park NSWCC Rose Gdn 11, 0069-Mem
YoungWilliam21 Sep 1998Woronora Memorial Park NSWCen Ct Wall Of Mem 15, 0097
YoungWilliam22 Mar 1971Woronora Memorial Park NSWDD Rose Gdn 10, 0113
YoungWilliam3 May 1972Woronora Memorial Park NSWFF Rose Gdn 28, 0060
YoungWilliam10 Sep 1972Woronora Memorial Park NSWFF Rose Gdn 29, 0070
YoungWilliam20 Aug 1960Woronora Memorial Park NSWFlor Ct Aif W Of Mem N, 0072
YoungWilliam30 May 1985Woronora Memorial Park NSWFlor Ct Everg Shb Gdn 4, 0111
YoungWilliam18 Sep 1971Woronora Memorial Park NSWFlor Ct W Of Mem 2, 0014
YoungWilliam20 Feb 2011Woronora Memorial Park NSWHH Rose Gdn 23, 0075
YoungWilliam Darrell1943?26 Jan 201875h/Carolyn Mary (Wallace)Woronora Memorial Park NSWJJ Gaz Gdn Rose Gdn, 0145
YoungWilliam19 Nov 1992Woronora Memorial Park NSWLL Rose Gdn 18, 0146
YoungWilliam13 Feb 1996Woronora Memorial Park NSWLL Rose Gdn 7, 0132
YoungWilliam Albert1908?26 Sep 197668son/William; h/Cynthia PatriciaWoronora Memorial Park NSWLwn 5 0722
YoungWilliam Ernest Bazett25 Apr 191429 Aug 200086h/Della Zena; 72652Woronora Memorial Park NSWLwn 6 0295
YoungWilliam John1883?24 Feb 191532son/David & Eliza Ann (Gore)Woronora Memorial Park NSWMth D 0038
YoungWilliam188128 Aug 194159son/George & Rose; b. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England; h/Edith Louisa Ellen (Low)Woronora Memorial Park NSWOld Fam Rose Gdn 17, 0009
YoungWilliam2 Oct 1940Woronora Memorial Park NSWOld Fam Rose Gdn 52, 0014-Mem
YoungWilliam1 Oct 1953Woronora Memorial Park NSWOld Fam Rose Gdn 59, 0019
YoungWilliam14 Dec 1970Woronora Memorial Park NSWPalm Ct Wall Of Mem Y, 0035
YoungWilliam Joseph Plamer11 Apr 1969son/William Blair & Alice JaneWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn 2 0794
YoungWilliam Blair1851?1 Aug 193483son/James & Ann; h/AgnesWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn D 0048
YoungWilliam8 Aug 1907son/William & CatherineWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn E 0033
YoungWilliam Drysdale13 May 1928son/William & Grace; h/Alice MaudeWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn F 0071
YoungWilliam Blair18842 Jun 196480son/Wiliam Blair & Agnes; b. Sydney NSW, Australia; h/Alice Jane (Palmer)Woronora Memorial Park NSWPbn FF 0033
YoungerWilliam7 Feb 1970Woronora Memorial Park NSWRC 12 0932
YoungWilliam1858?6 Dec 194688h/Sarah JaneWoronora Memorial Park NSWRC 2 0040
YoungWilliam29 Sep 1936Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem 1 GG, 0027
YoungWilliam12 May 1949Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem 24 BB, 0218
YoungWilliam John (John)1933?30 Jul 199057h/Lorraine H. (Helene)Yass Lawn NSW
YoungWilliam George1936?5 Feb 199862h/BarbaraYeppoon QLDLawn A, 26
YoungWilliam A1905?15 Jan 197569Young NSW
YoungWilliam1834?26 Jul 192591Young NSWAng

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