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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
HolmesWilliam28 Jan 18698Rookwood Catholic NSWM1 4, 2759
HolmesWilliam4 May 191657Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 N, 3327
HolmesWilliam19 Sep 201381Rookwood Catholic NSW
HolmesWilliam19 Jun 1797Old Sydney Burial Ground NSW
HolmesWilliam9 Apr 1808Old Sydney Burial Ground NSW
HolmesWilliam9 Jun 1853West Terrace SA
HolmesWilliam20 Aug 1920South Brisbane General Part B QLD5C
HolmesWilliam26 Jun 1922South Brisbane General Part B QLD8C
HolmesWilliam26 Apr 192469Field of Mars NSWAng Sec D, 1066
HolmesWilliamDec 1929Drayton and Toowoomba QLDOld Ang 2.2 R4, 6
HolmesWilliam12 Jul 1929Macquarie Park NSWAng A8, 0005
HolmesWilliam30 Dec 1932Cheltenham SACX
HolmesWilliam20 Jan 193474Field of Mars NSW
HolmesWilliam7 Jul 1934West Terrace SAEyre
HolmesWilliam27 May 1935Liverpool General NSWBap A, 57
HolmesWilliam8 Jan 1937West Terrace SARC West Gnd
HolmesWilliam1943Box Hill VICB 081-0001
HolmesWilliam7 Dec 1965Woronora Memorial Park NSWCrem Everg Fam Shb Gdn A, 0024B
HolmesWilliam1774?17 Mar 184267?b. Kent, England; h/Sarah (Hayes)Richmond Anglican NSWAng.
HolmesWilliam1793?12 Jun 186572Camperdown NSWBN13122
HolmesWilliam1810?12 Jun 184737St David's Park TAS
HolmesWilliam181917 Sep 190687?b. Wales; h/Rachel (Plaisted)Cape Bridgewater VIC
HolmesWilliam1825?13 Jan 185429Camperdown NSWBN03082
HolmesWilliam1831?24 Sep 190170Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 833
HolmesWilliam1846?6 Feb 18504Camperdown NSWBN00425
HolmesWilliam185329 Apr 192976son/William & Margaret; b. NSW; h/HarriettGore Hill Memorial NSWPbn B (NP), 37
HolmesWilliam18 Feb 185615 Aug 187014son/John & Mary Ann (Throup); b. Parramatta, NSWAllora QLDAng
HolmesWilliam1856?22 Mar 187115son/Uriah & AnnaCathedral Park NSW47
HolmesWilliam1858?16 Dec 193072son/Charles & Mary; h/Ethel RoseYoung NSWMth
HolmesWilliam186026 May 188929son/William & Hannah (Coulson); h/AliceWest End QLD
HolmesWilliam1866?3 Oct 193771Drayton and Toowoomba QLDAng 3 4, 32
HolmesWilliamMay?1874Apr 189419son/Thomas & MargaretRookwood Old Presbyterian NSW5B 20
HolmesWilliam1924?30 Sep 197955Caboolture QLD
HolmesWilliam (Bill)1 Apr 193014 Apr 200979Gungahlin ACT1
HolmesWilliam (Bill)1933?18 Feb 199865h/Evelyn GeorginaShellharbour NSWLwn 11
HolmesWilliam (Canon)25 Mar 18893 Nov 195970son/Robert & Hannah; b. Helmsley Yorkshire, England; h/ClarindaYoung NSWAng
HolmesWilliam Alan Alexander1910?30 Apr 197767Faulconbridge NSWGeneral
HolmesWilliam Alan Alexander1910?30 Apr 197767Faulconbridge NSWCol2 D, 6
HolmesWilliam Albert1872?29 Apr 194169h/Catherine DicksonCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A, 3-04
HolmesWilliam Alfred (Bill)19 May 190711 Feb 199183h/Dorothy; 20910Palmdale Lawn Cemetery & Memorial Park NSWCol Wall J, Sect A
HolmesWilliam Arthur1867?18 Mar 190235h/RebeccaDrayton and Toowoomba QLDOld Ang 2.5 R6, 25
HolmesWilliam Bertram20 Aug 1926Cheltenham SAM
HolmesWilliam Corner20 Jun 1973h/Eileen St ClairNorthern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWNJ Wall, 12
HolmesWilliam Derrick1920Box Hill VICCE 1657
HolmesWilliam E19 May 194968Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 14, 1087
HolmesWilliam E19 May 191726Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 E, 2190
HolmesWilliam E27 Dec 1937Macquarie Park NSWCC C7, 0017
HolmesWilliam Edmund6 Apr 192144Field of Mars NSWAng Sec Dd, 458
HolmesWilliam Edward188616 Dec 194660son/William & Elizabeth (McLaughlin); b. Ryde, NSW; h/Mary Ellen (Carroll)Macquarie Park NSWRC C5, 0124
HolmesWilliam Edward1888?5 Oct 196476Centennial Park SA
HolmesWilliam Edward1889?4 Aug 191021Coraki NSWAng
HolmesWilliam Eric1910?6 Oct 197565Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWTF Wall, 291
HolmesWilliam Ernest Glen1916?16 Feb 198265h/Linda JaneWauchope NSWPbn
HolmesWilliam Felix10 Jan 1931West Terrace SAEyre
HolmesWilliam FrankNov 1960?9 Sep 196110mNorthern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWWall
HolmesWilliam Frederick31 May 1997Enfield Memorial Park SAVF Roberts Mem Rose Gdn
HolmesWilliam Frederick26 Dec 191210 May 198471son/Frederick Granville & Elizabeth (Adamson); b. Newtown, Sydney, NSW; h/Eva Mary (Doling); NX80395Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWTF Wall, 310
HolmesWilliam Frederick (Bill)15 Apr 19123 Nov 198876son/William Henry & Hilda Clarissa (Storey); b. Alexandria, Sydney, NSW; h/Mabel Dorothy (Chat) (McRae); 411840Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWE Wall, 559
HolmesWilliam George11 Apr 1900West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
HolmesWilliam George6 Oct 2004Macquarie Park NSWCC C7, 0017
HolmesWilliam George187312 Apr 192552son/William; h/Mary Elizabeth (Robinson)West End QLD
HolmesWilliam George1881?14 Sep 194261Campbells Hill NSWAng B4, 5
HolmesWilliam George1932?3 Nov 194513son/Peter John & Alice May Valentine (Stephenson)Woronora Memorial Park NSWRC 4 0712
HolmesWilliam George Allan1890?2 Sep 198292h/Annie VeronicaTheodore QLD
HolmesWilliam Goodwin22 Jul 1942West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
HolmesWilliam H3 Aug 194585Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 5, 838
HolmesWilliam H12 Aug 192642Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 774
HolmesWilliam H9 Sep 192611 Feb 19281Clermont QLD
HolmesWilliam Harvey1830?27 Jan 188454son/William Harvey; b. London, England; h/Honora (Hogan)Gore Hill Memorial NSWRCO C8, 35
HolmesWilliam Henry5 Nov 1934West Terrace SARoad C Ext
HolmesWilliam Henry5 Nov 1947Point Clare NSWAng 8 2, 17
HolmesWilliam Henry29 Jan 18513 Feb 18510son/Thomas & Ann (Morris)St David's Park TAS
HolmesWilliam Henry1851?16 Nov 18576son/Thomas & AnnSt David's Park TAS
HolmesWilliam Henry1898?14 Feb 18980son/Henry & Esther NamoiWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng G 0031
HolmesWilliam HenryJun 190716 Oct 19074mson/Jabez (Joseph) & Alice Rose (Rose) (Stevens); b. Condobolin, New South Wales, AustraliaCondobolin NSWAng1 K, 26
HolmesWilliam Henry5 Oct 190819 Feb 199283Forbes NSWNew C/E
HolmesWilliam Henry Joseph1907?26 Jan 198780Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWTR Wall, 339
HolmesWilliam Henry Maitland1900?7 Jun 196868son/Frank & Emma Georgina; h/Ethel VeaBellingen NSW
HolmesWilliam Hilkail14 Apr 1916West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
HolmesWilliam J15 Feb 1967h/Phyllis AnnWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng AJ 0572
HolmesWilliam James1859?4 Nov 195596Liverpool General NSWGen I, 46
HolmesWilliam James1868?14 Jul 195284Goulburn General NSWAng Part Y Lawn
HolmesWilliam James1892?23 Jun 195058h/Caroline MaryGrafton NSW
HolmesWilliam James1892?14 Apr 196573son/William James & Annie; b. Lancashire, England; h/Ada Elizabeth (Ohye); 1714Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 7, 1344
HolmesWilliam James1896?18 Apr 195862son/William & MaryRutherford NSW
HolmesWilliam John1870?20 Feb 194675son/James & Mary Ann; h/CatherineSouth Grafton NSW
HolmesWilliam John18 Nov 199018 Jan 19998Nyngan NSWRC
HolmesWilliam Joseph1870?19 Jan 195786h/Hannah LouisaNyngan NSWAng
HolmesWilliam Laurence30 Sep 1878West Terrace SARoad 4
HolmesWilliam Macklon1903?21 Feb 198481Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWWall Mem 1 D 30
HolmesWilliam Maxwell7 Apr 196124 Feb 198018Nyngan NSWRC
HolmesWilliam Murdoch7 Jan 1949Cheltenham SAE
HolmesWilliam Murdoch28 Oct 1998Cheltenham SALwn
HolmesWilliam Noel (Bill)10 Dec 19286 Dec 199667h/Evelyn Phyllis (Suters)Innes Gardens Memorial Park NSWFeature Rose Gdn
HolmesWilliam Oliver29 Jan 186111 Sep 193473son/George & Jane; h/Esther AnnEnfield Anglican NSWD, 37
HolmesWilliam Page1856?26 Aug 192872h/Annie AugustaMudgee NSWMth A
HolmesWilliam Patrick1902?27 Jun 198381h/Ida HawthorneCoutts Crossing NSW
HolmesWilliam Peter3 Feb 196158Field of Mars NSWAng Sec C, 900
HolmesWilliam Philips1925?31 May 199368Centennial Park SAWest Gran Rose Bed W100, 010
HolmesWilliam Richard1895?26 Jun 195358son/William & Ethel RoseYoung NSWAng
HolmesWilliam Robert1881?21 Nov 196685son/Joseph & Mary Jane; h/Ada Amy (Douglas)Wollongong NSWAng 4 S, 27XF
HolmesWilliam Robert1881?9 Feb 194159Kurri Kurri NSWAng
HolmesWilliam Robert191612 Nov 198468son/William C T & Florence M (Murley); b. Dubbo NSW, Australia; h/Violet Thelma (York); N469319Woronora Memorial Park NSWLwn 10 0645
HolmesWilliam Robert (Bob)2 Sep 193624 Apr 201477Woodford QLD
HolmesWilliam T5 Nov 195156Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 18, 1739
HolmesWilliam Tarlton12 Oct 1928Cheltenham SA
HolmesWilliam Thomas5 Aug 197446Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 4 823
HolmesWilliam Thomas5 Feb 1878sbRookwood Catholic NSWM1 5, 503
HolmesWilliam Thomas Peter24 May 19228 Nov 199775son/William; b. Marrickville, Sydney, NSW; 444764Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWS9 Wall, 65
HolmesWilliam W8 Oct 1906Broken Hill NSWAnglican J 65
HolmesbyWilliam Percy7 Jul 2012Enfield Memorial Park SA
HolmesbyWilliam T30 Jul 1876West Terrace SA

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