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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Taylor (Young)John Patterson22 Jan 1872son/David & MarianDevonshire Street NSWPresbyterian
YoungJohn7 Jul 199788Kemps Creek Catholic NSWSt Mary 14, 6
YoungJohn10 Dec 18866mRookwood Catholic NSWM1 10, 43
YoungJohn6 May 192965Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 10, 1606
YoungJohn13 Mar 197383Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 12, 1513
YoungJohn5 Nov 1965Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 17, 3493
YoungJohn17 Mar 193432Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 2132
YoungJohn20 Jun 190730Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 Q, 930
YoungJohn25 Nov 1850West Terrace SA
YoungJohn3 Oct 1880West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
YoungJohn2 Dec 1886West Terrace SAPlan 3
YoungJohn1 Sep 1902Cheltenham SAI
YoungJohn18 Feb 1906West Terrace SARC West Gnd
YoungJohn18 Jul 1907West Terrace SARC Old
YoungJohn25 Feb 1914son/James & Johanna; h/Isabella (Hopper)Dawson River NSWSal A, 1
YoungJohn31 Oct 1914Mays Hill NSW
YoungJohn24 Jul 1915South Brisbane General Part A QLD11A 109
YoungJohn27 Dec 1915West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
YoungJohn4 Sep 191866Field of Mars NSWAng Sec D, 907
YoungJohn4 Sep 191866Field of Mars NSW
YoungJohn9 May 1919Woronora Memorial Park NSWAng YY 0042
YoungJohn12 Jun 1923West Terrace SARC West Gnd
YoungJohn28 Dec 1924West Terrace SASturt
YoungJohn3 Feb 1925West Terrace SASturt
YoungJohn28 Aug 1925West Terrace SALight Oval
YoungJohn30 Dec 1925Woronora Memorial Park NSWCon JJ, 0010
YoungJohn22 Feb 1926Cheltenham SAF
YoungJohn11 Mar 1927son/John & MaryWallerawang NSWAng
YoungJohn21 Jun 1927son/John William & Polly (Burn)Westwood QLD62
YoungJohn10 Jan 192874Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec A, 355
YoungJohn16 Jun 1930West Terrace SARoad 3
YoungJohn12 May 1933Gore Hill Memorial NSWAng K, 270b
YoungJohn12 Jan 1935Macquarie Park NSWAng E4, 0002
YoungJohn10 Dec 1935West Terrace SAEyre
YoungJohn7 Apr 1940Woronora Memorial Park NSWOld Fam Rose Gdn 19, 0008
YoungJohn9 Jun 1946son/John & BetsyWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Scat
YoungJohn7 Feb 1947Cheltenham SAE
YoungJohn30 Jun 1948West Terrace SARoad 5
YoungJohn1951Box Hill VICCE 232-0047
YoungJohn6 Dec 1954son/James & GraceWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungJohn1955Box Hill VICC 0250
YoungJohn26 Jan 1957Woronora Memorial Park NSWBB Rose Gdn 8, 0004
YoungJohn17 Jul 1959West Terrace SARoad C Ext
YoungJohn30 Nov 1960Norfolk Island
YoungJohn8 Oct 1962Woronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Scat
YoungJohn28 Apr 1966Woronora Memorial Park NSWFlor Ct Aif W Of Mem Q, 0013
YoungJohn11 Jul 1967Lithgow NSWPresbyterian 2 3, 45
YoungJohn12 Aug 1967Woronora Memorial Park NSWGdn Ct Shrub Gdn Everg Shb Gdn 7, 0004
YoungJohn29 Apr 1968Woronora Memorial Park NSWEE Rose Gdn 25, 0225
YoungJohn7 Jul 1969Woronora Memorial Park NSWPalm Ct Wall Of Mem W, 0033
YoungJohn9 Sep 1973Woronora Memorial Park NSWLwn 10 0139
YoungJohn6 Jul 1974Enfield Memorial Park SARC
YoungJohn25 Aug 1978Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem 25 GG, 0538
YoungJohn2 Sep 1980Woronora Memorial Park NSWPalm Ct Rose Gdn 6, 0025
YoungJohn20 May 1983son/John & ChristineWoronora Memorial Park NSWBook of Rem
YoungJohn30 Apr 1988Woronora Memorial Park NSWWattle Lwn 0341
YoungJohn24 Sep 1995Woronora Memorial Park NSWPalm Ct Wall Of Mem W, 0034
YoungJohn7 Aug 1996Woronora Memorial Park NSWPalm Ct Rose Gdn 16, 0063
YoungJohn7 Apr 1997Woronora Memorial Park NSWKK Rose Gdn 19, 0069
YoungJohn26 Feb 2004Macquarie Park NSWTraditional O21, 0030
YoungJohn27 Apr 2012Woronora Memorial Park NSWCasu Lwn 1165
YoungJohn1794?27 Feb 185763b. Glasgow, ScotlandReid Anglican Church ACTC3, 50
YoungJohn1803?8 Dec 189188Boorowa NSW
YoungJohn1816?27 Jun 185741Campbells Hill NSWAng B10, 78
YoungJohn26 Sep 18187 Aug 187152son/Andrew & Isabella; b. Bridge of Allen, ScotlandDevonshire Street NSWPres 2317, G-Up
YoungJohn1823?22 Jan 186340Camperdown NSWBN10894
YoungJohn1824?23 Sep 186036?son/James & AgnesLochinvar Anglican NSWAng
YoungJohn1825?17 Nov 186944h/CarolineSt Thomas Rest Park NSW
YoungJohn1827?28 Feb 190780h/Eleanor (Southernwood) & Elizabeth Susan (Russell)Waverley NSWW-07-CE-VL 0887A
YoungJohn1829?29 Aug 190172Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungJohn1831?14 Aug 191382?h/AnnLithgow NSWOld Methodist 06, 14
YoungJohn1833?23 Aug 190370h/Ann JaneSofala Catholic NSW
YoungJohn1836?21 Sep 192185h/Emily JaneWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng 1 0574
YoungJohn1840?14 Nov 192787son/William & Isabella (Patrick)Mount Perry QLDA4, 428
YoungJohn1842?10 Sep 191775son/RobertNowra General NSWAng A 8, 36
YoungJohn1842?25 Aug 192078b. sanquhar scotland; h/Eliza HepburnMaryborough QLDmonumental D 695
YoungJohn1846?6 Oct 190963Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 1
YoungJohn1847?16 Jul 191568son/James & Ann; h/MargaretGore Hill Memorial NSWPbn path 9 N, 17
YoungJohn1847?24 Aug 193184Mullumbimby NSW
YoungJohn1848?18 Sep 192274Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungJohn1849?26 Feb 192475Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 33
YoungJohn1849?10 Aug 193384son/Thomas & ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
YoungJohn1850?191565Cairns Pioneer QLD
YoungJohn1851?9 Feb 193281son/Andrew & Isabella (Howie); h/Mary (Fitton)Ipswich General QLDPbn/Utg New B
YoungJohn10 Oct 185514 Nov 18555wCamperdown NSW
YoungJohn10 Oct 185514 Nov 18555wCamperdown NSWBN04862
YoungJohn1855?3 Sep 191863h/Sarah AnnForcett TAS
YoungJohn1857?22 Jan 193072h/SelinaKurri Kurri NSWPbn
YoungJohn1863?19 Aug 195087Balmoral QLD
YoungJohn1867?3 Apr 189932Drayton and Toowoomba QLDOld Ang 1.8 R2, 28
YoungJohn1870?7 Apr 191343Meadow Flat NSW
YoungJohn1871?19 Feb 195280h/MaryMitchell QLDRC K
YoungJohn1872?27 Dec 195482son/John Fenwick & Elizabeth JohannaNarooma General NSWAng
YoungJohn1872?16 Jan 195583son/William Oldfield & SarahWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Scat
YoungJohn1878?28?Dec 18813son/John & AnnLithgow NSWOld Methodist 06, 12
YoungJohn1879?11 Apr 195374h/Emma ElizabethDrayton and Toowoomba QLDPbn 4 11, 11
YoungJohn1883?31 Dec 191734son/William C & Margaret; h/Ethel Eliza (Taylor)West Wallsend NSW
YoungJohn1883?2 May 193855son/William & AnnWollongong NSWPbn 1
YoungJohn1884?3 Oct 196076Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungJohn1896?30 Aug 192226son/Robert Wallace & Agnes Ann (MacGregor)Balmoral QLD
YoungJohn1891?8 Feb 194352son/George & Mary JaneSydney War NSWWall Panel 9 3AB
YoungJohn1892?5 Jul 193139son/John T & Margaret E; h/Mary Jane (Parsons); 1610Wollongong NSWAng 2 Y, 34
YoungJohn1892?2 Sep 197179Harrisville QLD
YoungJohn1892?16 Aug 197482Centennial Park SARSL Wall 107, A009
YoungJohn23 Feb 189217 Nov 198290Boulder WAMethodist i, 635
YoungJohn1900?27 Oct 193030Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungJohn1900?8 Apr 195555h/Janet Hessie RayBulli NSW
YoungJohn1904?18 May 197975Centennial Park SA
YoungJohn1910?2 Aug 199181Centennial Park SA
YoungJohn1911?5 Nov 198372son/John & MaryWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungJohn1912?23 Jul 197765son/Patrick & MayNowra General NSWMW B P, 7
YoungJohn1916?26 Apr 198468Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW1st Rose Gdn 10 359
YoungJohn1916?29 Jun 198872son/John & MargaretWoronora Memorial Park NSWBook of Rem
YoungJohn24 Aug 193719 Jun 200668h/Audrey AgnesShellharbour NSWNiche Wall 3
YoungJohn1938?19 Jun 200668Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungJohn A7 Mar 1887South Brisbane General Part A QLD7B
YoungJohn A1877?25 Sep 191235son/Barrington & Susannah (Creamer)Picton Anglican NSW
YoungJohn Alexander14 May 192358Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec A, 1192
YoungJohn Alexander9 Aug 1989Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungJohn Alexander28 Aug 1989West Terrace SAFlinders
YoungJohn Alfred13 Nov 1986son/John Oswald & Sgella AdelleWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungJohn Alfred1905?28 Nov 197974Centennial Park SACol Wall 23, B019
YoungJohn Archibald28 Mar 1914West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
YoungJohn Archibald1878?20 Mar 195172son/Elisha & Jessie; h/Margaret EllenGloucester NSWPbn
YoungJohn Arthur1926?21 Aug 199367Cunnamulla Lawn QLDLwn C2
YoungJohn Athol (Jack)9 Sep 191926 Jul 200787Casino NSW
YoungJohn Barclay15 Aug 190031 Mar 198484h/Ivy AnnieNambour Garden Lawn QLD
YoungJohn Barry15 Oct 196931 Oct 200132son/Jim & DelmaCastle Hill NSWBapLwn B
YoungJohn Bede16 Aug 199090Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 5 1067
YoungJohn Belmore1872?30 Mar 18808son/John & Robina (Donohgue)Riverside Queanbeyan NSWCatholic 1 I, 14
YoungJohn C6 Jun 193119Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 10, 67
YoungJohn C13 Oct 196444Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 7, 1027
YoungJohn Cedric1903?16 Jun 197471h/Hilda DorisTweed Heads Lawn, General and Memorial Gardens NSWLwn
YoungJohn Charles82Centennial Park SAGen AA Path B, 165
YoungJohn Charles1921Box Hill VICCE 1539
YoungJohn Charles5 Apr 1930West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
YoungJohn Charles18 Mar 1950Macquarie Park NSWAng S13, 0042
YoungJohn Charles1 May 1994Enfield Memorial Park SASec Cres
YoungJohn Charles19 Apr 2012Macquarie Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungJohn Colin4 Nov 1931West Terrace SARoad C Ext
YoungJohn Crawford21 Jan 192529 Jun 200378b. Ashfield, Sydney, NSW; h/Joyce Ellen (Trever); 130899Shellharbour NSWNiche Wall 2
YoungJohn Crawford1925?29 Jun 200378Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungJohn D8 Dec 1928son/Harold & Stella E M (Quinn)Woronora Memorial Park NSWAng 3 0518
YoungJohn David15 Oct 2008Macquarie Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungJohn David28 Sep 182722 Feb 184517Kelso Anglican Church NSW
YoungJohn David6 Jan 193728 Dec 201982Forest Lawn Memorial Park NSW
YoungJohn Donachie1885?28 Jun 196378son/Robert & JaneWoronora Memorial Park NSWRC 5 1247
YoungJohn Douglas22 Apr 194414 Jul 201470Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungJohn D`Arcy Thomas1 Jun 191112 Aug 197867Forster NSWCol B North 2, 18
YoungJohn Edward1884Feb 193348son/John & Margaret; b. Balmain, New South Wales, AustraliaField of Mars NSWPbn Sec B, 354
YoungJohn Edward1909?5 Apr 197061h/Norah TeresaLithgow NSWCatholic 1 5A, 10
YoungJohn Edward1922?29 Aug 198462Belgian Gardens QLDE2 25
YoungJohn Edward (Tom)25 Nov 192821 Jun 200071h/Dorothy May (Finley)Queanbeyan Lawn NSWD N, 5
YoungJohn Edwin5 Aug 1985Macquarie Park NSWGen Lwn O, 0158
YoungJohn Ewing1883?8 Mar 18841Ballina Pioneer Memorial Park NSW507
YoungJohn F24 Jul 1925son/Harold & Stella E MWoronora Memorial Park NSWAng 3 0518
YoungJohn F23 Jun 193962Field of Mars NSWAng Sec O, 67
YoungJohn Forrester13 Jul 185413 Nov 191359Norfolk Island
YoungJohn Francis13 Mar 1946Macquarie Park NSWRC H14, 0071
YoungJohn Francis Obrien1924?18 Mar 199470Centennial Park SAAca Path L, 2058
YoungJohn Franklyn1945?28 Aug 196116son/Harold Franklyn & Minnie Taylor (Carson)Nowra General NSWAng A 8, 35
YoungJohn Frederick29 Sep 1990Broken Hill NSWGeneral 3 17, 15
YoungJohn Frederick1868?19 Feb 190638h/Alice HannahMaryborough QLDmonumental A 317
YoungJohn Frederick1876?28 Apr 196286Forcett TAS
YoungJohn Frederick William (Fred)21 Sep 19186 Dec 199072son/John Edward Thomas & Theresa Marguerita (Sherd); h/Marjorie Daphne (Whiley)Queanbeyan Lawn NSWN A, 36
YoungJohn Frederick Gordon (Jack)9 Jul 19245 Oct 200379h/Norma Joyce (Crayn); 35169Innes Gardens Memorial Park NSWBkbutt Tree Gdn
YoungJohn G29 Jun 2012Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungJohn George1913?21 Nov 192815son/Hector James & Ada Elizabeth (Smith)Port Douglas QLDB 5, 6
YoungJohn Godwin1893?19 May 196269Centennial Park SA
YoungJohn Gordon1 Oct 1968West Terrace SAFlinders Nth
YoungJohn Gordon1893?13 Sep 196875Centennial Park SA
YoungJohn Hamilton1880?1 Jul 193959Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungJohn Hampden20 Aug 1861West Terrace SA
YoungJohn Harold1912?18 Apr 200391Allora QLDLwn
YoungJohn Hebron191514 Nov 193621son/Alfred Edward & Ellen Riddell (McClymont); b. Sydney NSW, AustraliaWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn 1 0626
YoungJohn Henry7 Mar 1891?30 Jul 18987South Brisbane General Part B QLD5A
YoungJohn Henry Southernwood1866?17 Sep 191448h/Annie JaneCumnock NSWAng
YoungJohn Herbert1889?3 Sep 196475son/Joseph & Ann; h/Elsie Mary (Parkinson); 3744Tuncurry NSWGen K, 31
YoungJohn Hewitt1956Box Hill VICP 140-0038
YoungJohn Isaac31 Aug 19241 Feb 200984Box Hill VICB 0069
YoungJohn Isaac1885?22 Jul 197893h/Amy MargaretAyr QLDMon
YoungJohn J28 Jan 192440Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 2, 1332
YoungJohn James3 Aug 1929West Terrace SARC Old
YoungJohn James16 Mar 1945West Terrace SARoad B Ext
YoungJohn James1899?5 Oct 198081son/George & Syvella; h/Margaret Idina (Arthur)Goonellabah Crematorium NSWCol 12
YoungJohn James21 Aug 19216 Mar 201290son/William & Henrietta (Chittick); b. Bexley NSW, Australia; h/Patty (Trahair); NX104260Woronora Memorial Park NSWRushton Lwn 0279
YoungJohn James1932?18 May 195725Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 20, 1178
YoungJohn James (Jack)190717 Oct 192821son/James & Inez Violet (McShane); b. Marrickville NSWRookwood Catholic NSWM2 9, 3613
YoungJohn Joseph28 Jul 1944West Terrace SARoad 2
YoungJohn Joseph1887?26 Aug 194255Balmoral QLD
YoungJohn Joseph Insley1894?5 Jun 19039son/Alfred & Mary Jane InsleyMount Morgan QLD
YoungJohn Keith9 Mar 192925 Oct 200172h/Margaret Fay (Tuckey)Laverty Funeral Home NSWWall 15
YoungJohn Keith9 Mar 192925 Oct 202192h/Margaret Fay (Tuckey)Innes Gardens Memorial Park NSWGdn
YoungJohn Kevin23 Feb 19246 Feb 200176h/Patricia; NX148736Laurieton NSWRC
YoungJohn Lawrence26 Apr 1992Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungJohn Livermare19 May 197384Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 3 2668
YoungJohn Livey1922?28 Oct 200078Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungJohn Llewellyn21 Sep 192111 Aug 201189b. Wollongong NSW; h/Hazel Annie (Brown) & Helen Mary; 132950Woronora Memorial Park NSWH Lawson Svc Wall Of Mem 4, 0029
YoungJohn MacDonald1915?9 Jul 196752son/John & Jessie MacDonaldLithgow NSWPbn2 3
YoungJohn McGegor1860?3 Jul 189333Echuca VIC
YoungJohn Mereless Leon23 May 1987Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungJohn Michael30 Dec 192710 May 199062h/Valerie Estelle (Jones)Palmdale Lawn Cemetery & Memorial Park NSWSerenity
YoungJohn Mills4 Sep 195367Field of Mars NSWMth Sec Ss, 18
YoungJohn Muir3 Sep 193174Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec B, 291
YoungJohn Murray13 Sep 2010Broken Hill NSWGeneral 5 15, 2
YoungJohn Murray21 Feb 19206 Jan 200685h/Nancy ImeldaKiama NSWLwn
YoungJohn N1889?16 Nov 190112son/Samuel G & Mary ARookwood Old Wesleyan NSW2A 1
YoungJohn Niven3 Aug 190418 Feb 199186son/David & Elizabeth McCulloch McGarvie (Niven); h/Joan St.Leger (Churchyard)Lawnton QLDLB LB, 0002
YoungJohn Noel192814 Sep 200880h/Joan OlivePolson QLDgarden of peace c15
YoungJohn Oliver1925?13 Dec 201287Centennial Park SA
YoungJohn Oswald12 Feb 192718 Mar 201386h/Maureen Ita (Higgins)Narromine NSWRC 2L
YoungJohn Parker1891?13 Feb 196573h/Phyllis GertrudeMudgee NSWPbn E
YoungJohn Patrick24 Oct 1981h/Veronica KathleenMundaring WAD3
YoungJohn Patrick22 Apr 19359 Mar 201276son/John Patrick & Veronica KathleenMundaring WAD3
YoungJohn Prescott1906?16 Mar 197669h/GladysPoint Clare NSWLwn 4 3, 19
YoungJohn Reginald24 May 1969Macquarie Park NSWVaug RC Lwn 59, 0062
YoungJohn Richard1897?13 Dec 193942Forbes NSWNew C/E
YoungJohn Samuel Willie1877?16 Mar 195578son/Joseph & Eleanor Hannah (Carroll); h/Martha J. (Culley)Ipswich General QLDAng A
YoungJohn Stanley18 Jul 1952Cheltenham SAL
YoungJohn Stowell191414 Feb 197560son/Leonard Aves Walker & Robina Jane; b. Lithgow NSW, Australia; h/Lucetta May (Shaw)Woronora Memorial Park NSWCC Rose Gdn 7, 0036
YoungJohn Taggy1911?17 Apr 197463h/EmmaWollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
YoungJohn Thomas25 Jan 1851West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
YoungJohn Thomas1882?29 Jan 193148son/John & Mary ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
YoungJohn Thomas1907?7 May 200093Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W59, 048
YoungJohn V20 Jan 195931Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 20, 2587
YoungJohn Vincent20 Nov 1942Bathurst NSWRC
YoungJohn Vivian14 Mar 190717 Jun 200295son/James & Isabel; b. Lambton NSW; h/Eileen BeatriceEnfield Anglican NSWWall E 59
YoungJohn W12 Apr 195061Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 5, 151
YoungJohn W12 Nov 193678Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 3028
YoungJohn W17 Oct 193374Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 C, 641
YoungJohn Wallace1887?26 Mar 1989101h/Cicely EileenTweed Heads Lawn, General and Memorial Gardens NSWLwn
YoungJohn Watt1917?15 Feb 199881Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWIndiv Rose 9H 23
YoungJohn Watters4 Jan 197463Rookwood Catholic NSWMon Lwn A 150
YoungJohn Wesley1911?17 May 197867h/Marjorie ClareEast Maitland NSWMth N
YoungJohn White1910?20 Aug 195848Boulder WAAnglican r, 1175
YoungJohn Whitfield (Jack)1900?7 Mar 19099son/Henry E & MaryStroud NSWUniting
YoungJohn William29 Nov 198971Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 7 1146
YoungJohn William15 Jan 1884son/William & Jane (Eaten)Arrilalah QLD
YoungJohn William1916Box Hill VICCE 0880
YoungJohn William1964Box Hill VICCE 0880
YoungJohn William1878?Apr 18780son/John & MaryMaryborough QLDmonumental F 251
YoungJohn William1918198163h/AdaWhitebridge NSWRC Old
YoungJohn William1918?26 Nov 198264NX110618Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A39
YoungJohn William Carlisle4 May 1942West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
YoungJohn William Lindley21 Aug 1964West Terrace SARoad 5
YoungberryJohn1919?14 Oct 198667Lismore Memorial Gardens NSWG 44
YoungberryJohn Hastings Taylor22 Dec 192028 Dec 200181h/Olive Margaret Fanny; 25311Tara QLD
YoungbluttJohn Albert16 Sep 189920 Jul 198383Caboolture QLD
YoungerJohn17 Aug 18865mRookwood Catholic NSWM1 E, 402
YoungerJohn18 Aug 192533Field of Mars NSWAng Sec C, 1183
YoungerJohn1867?26 Jun 194477Kalgoorlie WAAng
YoungerJohnOct 191021 Nov 198777h/Evelyn Betty (Jackson)Braidwood Lawn NSWSection 1 D, 9
YoungerJohn1923?12 Aug 197754Ingham New QLDAng 8, 416
YoungerJohn Curry1840?10 Mar 190868son/John & Ann (Curry); h/Emma Jane (Blood)Greta VICNW 3
YoungerJohn Laurie1886?28 May 192943son/John & Mary Matilda (Parkins)Longreach QLD
YoungerJohn Preston1914?14 Oct 197864Centennial Park SAPeace Ct Sstone Rose Bed 6, 045
YoungersonJohn1831?4 Sep 186534Camperdown NSWBN13291
YoungmanJohn1827?13 Aug 189265son/John & Joseph; h/Ann EmmaGoulburn Old NSW
YoungmanJohn1830?17 Sep 191383Woronora Memorial Park NSWAng II 0047
YoungmanJohn1886?10 Sep 196882Centennial Park SACol Wall 11, B018
YoungmanJohn Buckingham3 Dec 2006Enfield Memorial Park SA
YoungmanJohn Maxwell31 Mar 2007Macquarie Park NSWAshes Taken
YoungmanJohn Robert1853?11 Jun 193885son/John; h/GeorginaWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn 2 0029
YoungmanJohn Unite5 Sep 1900Kanowna WA
YoungsonJohn15 Jul 1908Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 P, 1257

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