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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndersonJames88Centennial Park SAGen A Path 16, 35A
AndersonJames68Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 12, 908
AndersonJames74Centennial Park SAGen AC Path 14, 21A
AndersonJames86Centennial Park SAGen B Path 15A, 280A
AndersonJames64Centennial Park SAGen Path 20, 1381
AndersonJames73Centennial Park SARC E Path 5, 87
AndersonJames17 Nov 18868dRookwood Catholic NSWM1 10, 412
AndersonJames20 Apr 188242Rookwood Catholic NSWM1 4, 1235
AndersonJames4 Nov 190362Rookwood Catholic NSWM1 M, 1125
AndersonJames17 Sep 192177Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 P, 2167
AndersonJames27 Feb 1847West Terrace SA
AndersonJames24 May 1874Ashfield Anglican Church NSWI, 88
AndersonJames1881son/James & Mary; h/Annie Catherine (Cunningham)Braidwood Old General NSW
AndersonJames5 Jan 1887South Brisbane General Part A QLD11A 325
AndersonJames1888son/ThomasSandgate NSWPbn 9SE, 76
AndersonJames31 Jan 1888South Brisbane General Part B QLD5C
AndersonJames1889Sandgate NSWPbn 9SE, 104
AndersonJames31 Mar 1890West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AndersonJames7 Nov 1890West Terrace SAPlan 3
AndersonJames27 Apr 1895son/DavidSandgate NSWAng 1 16, 101
AndersonJames1898Sandgate NSWPM NW20, 28
AndersonJames14 Jun 1899Broken Hill NSWPresbyterian A 8, 23
AndersonJames21 Apr 1902Cheltenham SAC
AndersonJames17 Jan 1902West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AndersonJames15 Jun 1903son/William & MargaretSandgate NSWPM SW21, 33
AndersonJames1905Goondiwindi QLD
AndersonJames1906son/SarahGoondiwindi QLD
AndersonJames27 Sep 191284Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec Op, 15
AndersonJames8 Mar 1913Gore Hill Memorial NSWAng F(3), 134
AndersonJames29 Sep 1913West Terrace SARoad 4
AndersonJames1914Forbes NSW
AndersonJames28 Dec 1915South Brisbane General Part A QLD5
AndersonJames14 Aug 1916West Terrace SARoad 5
AndersonJames30 Jun 1918West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AndersonJames9 Aug 1923Liverpool General NSWGen D, 122
AndersonJames29 Jul 1925h/MargaretRookwood Old Presbyterian NSW1C
AndersonJames1929Box Hill VICM 1199
AndersonJames2 Aug 192966Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec Op, 1301
AndersonJames7 Aug 1933Liverpool General NSWSelect A, 43
AndersonJames19 Aug 1935West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AndersonJames18 Jul 1936Woronora Memorial Park NSWCrem Fam Rose Gdn 2, 0011
AndersonJames1938Box Hill VICP NS-0366
AndersonJames8 Jul 1939Broken Hill NSWCatholic 10, 8
AndersonJames11 Apr 1939Macquarie Park NSWPbn D10, 0007
AndersonJames8 Jul 1940West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AndersonJames27 Apr 1940Woronora Memorial Park NSWOld Fam Rose Gdn 21, 0016
AndersonJames29 Jan 1943Theodore QLD
AndersonJames6 May 1944Macquarie Park NSWPbn D7, 0013
AndersonJames17 Aug 1946Cheltenham SAP
AndersonJames22 Nov 194692Field of Mars NSWPbn Sec Op, 15
AndersonJames1951Box Hill VICM 198-0028
AndersonJames1953Box Hill VICOD 078-0013
AndersonJames29 Jun 1953Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem Svcs AIF H Old, 0055
AndersonJames20 Oct 1956Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem Aif L Flor Ct, 0075
AndersonJames22 Aug 196259Field of Mars NSWAng Sec S, 3660
AndersonJames12 Jun 1966Macquarie Park NSWA J Hare Lwn 47, 0031
AndersonJames11 Mar 1967Woronora Memorial Park NSWEE Rose Gdn 6, 0173
AndersonJames29 Jul 1972Woronora Memorial Park NSWOld Fam Rose Gdn 55, 0032
AndersonJames4 May 197387Field of Mars NSWMth Sec 2 - New, 1170
AndersonJames9 Sep 1979Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem 18 GG, 0171
AndersonJames7 Feb 198584Field of Mars NSWAng Gen Lwn 5, 3244
AndersonJames21 May 1986son/James & Margaret LillianWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
AndersonJames22 Aug 1990Woronora Memorial Park NSWWall of Mem 25 GG, 0626
AndersonJames17 Aug 1994Woronora Memorial Park NSWWattle Lwn 0309G
AndersonJames14 Feb 2009Enfield Memorial Park SA
AndersonJames1789?12 Jan 186373Hill End NSW
AndersonJames1791?1 Dec 186675son/John; b. EnglandCamperdown NSWBN14389
AndersonJames179722 Apr 184244b. Boquhan, Stirling, ScotlandDevonshire Street NSWPres 2323, P-Col
AndersonJames1819?12 Feb 189575son/William & CatherineGundaroo NSW
AndersonJames1820?21 Dec 185838Parramatta All Saints NSW
AndersonJames1826?4 Aug 190579Gore Hill Memorial NSWAng F, 76
AndersonJames31 Oct 182821 Jul 190879b. Aberdeenshire, Scotland; h/Ellen (Coleman)Yackandandah VICAnglican 9
AndersonJames182910 Aug 1898b. Turrife, Scotland; h/MargaretRookwood Old Presbyterian NSW4A 1
AndersonJames1831?30 Mar 189967son/Alexander & Jane (Morton); b. Ratho, Midlothian, Scotland; h/Christina (Campbell)Hill End NSWAng B6
AndersonJamesDec 1847?16 Dec 184812mDevonshire Street NSWPres 2158, P-Up
AndersonJames1838?4 Jul 189052Wellington NSWPbn F
AndersonJames1841?28 Feb 18453Hiland Crescent NSW
AndersonJames1844?6 Feb 191874son/Robert & JanetBraidwood Old General NSWPbn D, 5
AndersonJames1847?14 May 189548son/Robert & Annie; b. Fifeshire, Scotland; h/Isabella Turnbull (Thomson)Gore Hill Memorial NSWPbn path 6 B, 12
AndersonJames13 Apr 184825 Sep 192173son/Gerald Franklin & Mary Ann (Smiles); b. Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, NSW; h/Rosena (Bate)Wollongong NSWAng 1 J
AndersonJames1849?14 May 192980h/Catherine (Baldwin)Sandgate NSWAng 1 73, 22
AndersonJames1850?18 Nov 188434son/George & MargaretBalmain Pioneers Memorial Park NSW
AndersonJames13 Jun 184921 Sep 190757son/George & Mary Kell (Tate); b. Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, NSW; h/Rose (Flanagan)Wollongong Pioneer Park NSWAng
AndersonJames1851?13 Jun 194089son/William & Ann; h/Mary Jane (Milligan)Frederickton NSWMth P
AndersonJames1852?30 Dec 194593h/AnnabellaRaymond Terrace NSWPbn A2
AndersonJames1854?22 Apr 190349Meranburn NSWPbn
AndersonJames1854?19 Feb 191055Attunga NSW
AndersonJamesFeb?185613 Jul 18626son/Robert & MargaretRookwood Old Presbyterian NSW3A 2
AndersonJames8 Jan 18588 Sep 191557b. Scotland; h/ChristineRoma QLD
AndersonJames1858?14 Feb 193981Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8753
AndersonJames1859?1 Aug 192162son/James & Mary Ann (Miller); b. Victoria; h/Mary Ann (Wilkins)Trundle NSWAng K
AndersonJames1862?8 May 193674Prospect Vale Congregational TAS
AndersonJames1864?6 Jan 187612Drayton and Toowoomba QLDPbn 1 R1, 9
AndersonJames1867?16 Jul 192760h/Lilly EmmaDrayton and Toowoomba QLDPbn 1 R2, 12
AndersonJames1867?28 Sep 195386Balmoral QLD
AndersonJames1868?9 Feb 18702Drayton and Toowoomba QLDPbn 1 4, 29
AndersonJames1869?2 Jul 196394Liverpool General NSWSelect J, 63
AndersonJames1873?2 Sep 192148son/James & Jane; h/Elizabeth Ann (Lucas)West Wallsend NSW
AndersonJames1873?16 Oct 193663son/John & Caroline Elizabeth Ellen (Spice)Winton QLDOld 1032
AndersonJames1873?17 Aug 195279Innisfail QLD15 5, 2
AndersonJames21 Oct 187630 Oct 195276son/John & Jane (Millward); b. Orange, NSW, Australia; h/Clara Jane (Mitchell)Orange General NSWPresbyterian
AndersonJames1878?6 Jan 192547Manly NSWAng H, 275
AndersonJames1879?17 Nov 190728son/UnknownCoburg Pine Ridge VICInd P, 61
AndersonJames1881?22 Aug 195776son/Edward & MaryEugowra NSWAng
AndersonJames1882?7 Apr 194361h/Bertha ElizabethBalmoral QLD
AndersonJames1883?10 Oct 194360son/Charles James & Sarah (Eley)Home Hill QLD
AndersonJames1884?6 Jul 195167b. IrelandIngham New QLDUniting 2, 29
AndersonJames1884?22 Feb 195469b. Inverell NSWProston General QLDMth
AndersonJames1884?25 Jul 195672h/Ellen CatherineLithgow NSWAng2 3A
AndersonJames1885?2 Apr 194358son/Robert & Margaret; h/Janet FinlaysonWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn 2 0138
AndersonJames1885?1 Jan 196579son/John & ChristinaBellingen NSW
AndersonJames1885?9 Sep 197792son/James & Joan; h/EvaLismore Memorial Gardens NSWG 20
AndersonJames1888?6 Jun 195769Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWSouth West Terrace Wall 2
AndersonJames1888?24 Oct 196678son/James & MargaretYoung NSWPbn
AndersonJames1889?25 Feb 194455Laggan NSW
AndersonJames1891?17 Jan 193745son/Alexander & JessieWest Wallsend NSW
AndersonJamesJun 189110 May 191321son/Daniel J & Ellen; b. Moruya, NSWGore Hill Memorial NSWRCN D, 53
AndersonJames1894?6 Apr 196268Drayton and Toowoomba QLDOld Ang 2.2 R1, 13
AndersonJames10 Jun 189810 Jun 18981hson/James & Gertrude (Cowen)Captains Flat NSWAnglican
AndersonJames1898?2 Sep 197678Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW1st Rose Gdn 7Q 6
AndersonJames1903?14 Jul 196663son/James & MaryWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
AndersonJames1904?11 Apr 197874Home Hill QLD
AndersonJames24?May 191017?Jun 191024dson/Laurence & Jane M; b. St Leonards, NSWGore Hill Memorial NSWPbn Y, 13
AndersonJames19121944h/MargaretBulli NSWRC 3X
AndersonJames1916?9 July 192812Prospect Vale Congregational TAS
AndersonJames1925?20 Oct 194217Drayton and Toowoomba QLDOld Ang 2.2 R1, 13
AndersonJames1930?26 Nov 200676Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSWNat Gdn A Rock 1, 2
AndersonJames1943?20 Dec 196017?Emerald QLD
AndersonJames196011 Sep 198626Hughenden QLD
AndersonJames Adams2 Dec 193815 Nov 198748h/Anne Maree (Child)Casino Lawn NSW
AndersonJames Alexander10 Jan 1892son/Alexander & ChristinaNowra General NSWPbn A 10, 1
AndersonJames Alexander22 Dec 1921West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AndersonJames Alexander1953Box Hill VICRC 177-0044
AndersonJames Alexander27 Feb 1954Macquarie Park NSWRC H5, 0029
AndersonJames Alexander1845?28 Feb 190358son/Andrew & ElizabethWollongong NSWAng 1 P
AndersonJames Alexander187317 Jul 189421son/Robert & Jeannie French (Budd); b. Newtown, NSWGore Hill Memorial NSWPbn path 6 A, 10
AndersonJames Alexander188326 Mar 190421son/Andrew & Maria (Watts); b. Wollongong, NSWWollongong NSWWes Pbn
AndersonJames Alexander18964 Sep 194044?son/Alexander & Mary Ann (O'Keefe); b. Monteagle NSW; h/Mary Myrtle Josephine (Young)Campbelltown Catholic NSW
AndersonJames Alexander18979 Jan 195456son/Robert & Ada Jane (Lewis); b. Manly,NSW, AustraliaNorthern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCrescent Court Wall 2
AndersonJames Alexander1927?16 Sep 198053Trundle NSWAng C
AndersonJames Alexander25 Apr 19374 Dec 200972Home Hill QLD
AndersonJames Alexandra14 Nov 1941Cheltenham SAB
AndersonJames Alezander1909?28 Jan 197263Nambour Garden Lawn QLD
AndersonJames AlfredOct 1965Koorawatha NSWRC
AndersonJames Allan1924?20 Jun 200379Centennial Park SA
AndersonJames Andrew4 May 19080South Brisbane General Part A QLD11A 443
AndersonJames Anthony13 Mar 1996Macquarie Park NSWRC Lwn Block 19, 0654
AndersonJames Anthony16 Sep 2009Macquarie Park NSWAscn Hill Gdns Sec A, 0105
AndersonJames Armour1913?21 Aug 195239h/Isobel MargaretLockhart NSWPbn A3
AndersonJames Arnold25 Mar 1968h/Beryl MavisMarysville Public VIC
AndersonJames Arthur79Centennial Park SARC D Path DJ, 405
AndersonJames Baxter17 Jan 1995Enfield Memorial Park SA
AndersonJames Brown1918?11 Jun 197355Centennial Park SANth Sth Rose Bed NS28, 041
AndersonJames Brown1946?15 Oct 197024Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1628
AndersonJames Bruce8 May 1935West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AndersonJames C13 Jul 1934Macquarie Park NSWBap A22, 0019
AndersonJames C R188916 Apr 18977?son/James & Isabella; b. Sydney, NSWSandgate NSWGen 06, 28
AndersonJames Charles1861?2 Nov 194180son/Alexander & Margaret Ann; h/Martha Ann (Richardson)Frederickton NSWAng G
AndersonJames Charles (Jim)24 Apr 19485 May 200052son/Dudley W. & Katherine M. (Kitty) (Storey)East Ballina NSWAng C 24, 1A
AndersonJames Charles Ogilvy10 Feb 1999Manly NSWRC R, 48
AndersonJames Clifford11 Aug 191128 Feb 200088Point Clare NSWLwn 6 6, 18
AndersonJames Clifford29 May 191224 Jun 199381son/Alexander & Margaret (McInnes); b. Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia; h/Emily Alberta (Greenham)East Rockingham WA
AndersonJames Cobben4 Apr 1894son/James Cobben & Rose (Convey)Aramac QLD
AndersonJames Crichton1894?14 Apr 196773son/William & GraceWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
AndersonJames Cummings18 Jan 1943West Terrace SALight Oval
AndersonJames Curtis4 Sep 190018 Jun 199897Kangaroo Point Anglican Church QLD
AndersonJames David2 May 193330 Nov 200269h/MarieDawson River Lawn NSWLwn Z3, 2819
AndersonJames Dobie1891?13 Nov 195968son/Robert & Sarah (Dobie); h/Helen (Lawson)Caboolture QLD
AndersonJames Douglas1869?13 Jun 195081son/William James & Marion Dick (Fisher); b. Streatham; h/Alma (Edwards)Moama NSWMeth
AndersonJames Elliot1885?9 Dec 195267son/James & Mary (Wilson); h/Irene May (Madle)Goomeri QLD
AndersonJames Eric11 Aug 190716 Feb 199991b. Minlaton SA, Australia; h/Elizabeth Caroline (Mendham); N353060Woronora Memorial Park NSWLL Rose Gdn 3
AndersonJames Ernest11 Dec 197969Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 5 1062
AndersonJames Fitzpatrick18 Dec 187328 Aug 194369son/Joseph Clarke & Anne (Williams); b. Bergalia NSW, Australia; h/Jessie (Breden)Corunna NSW
AndersonJames Francis1 Dec 196438Frenchs Forest Bushland NSWRC A, 78
AndersonJames Fraser1914?6 Jul 200490Centennial Park SA
AndersonJames Gabriel18708 Oct 195383son/James & Sarah Ann (Nixon)Mareeba Pioneer QLDPres
AndersonJames George1896?14 Mar 196266son/James & MaryWoronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
AndersonJames George Tichenor (Jim)18806 Dec 194868son/James Henry & Margaret Ann (Newbury); b. Newbury's Point, Marlowe, Mongarlowe, NSW; h/Kathleen Janet (Weir)Braidwood Old General NSWAng P, 9
AndersonJames Grant15 Jul 19216 Feb 200987Patho VICBeam
AndersonJames Greig1861?17 Feb 193776son/Eleanor Greig; h/Elizabeth (Stevenson)Gore Hill Memorial NSWPbn V, 3
AndersonJames Griffin1842?23 Aug 192381b. Scotland; h/ElizabethNerang QLD
AndersonJames Gustaf27 May 191363Field of Mars NSWAng Sec C, 180
AndersonJames Hampton1898?30 Dec 197072h/Mary OliveEchuca VIC
AndersonJames Harrington3 Oct 2020h/Beryl May (Edgell)Woronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
AndersonJames Harvey1883?14 Jul 196885h/Mabel ElizabethGunnedah NSWPbn U
AndersonJames Henry12 Feb 1932West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AndersonJames Henry1841?13 Jun 190261son/John K & Mary ABraidwood Old General NSWCharleyong Memorial
AndersonJames Henry1841?13 Jun 190261son/John K & Mary ACharleyong NSW
AndersonJames Horace26 Jul 1924son/Charles H & Annie ESandgate NSWAng 1 83, 59
AndersonJames Hugh1947?11 Mar 198538son/Stan & KathleenToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDCossart Lawn
AndersonJames J1862?28 May 193977Richmond Catholic Church TAS
AndersonJames J M15 Sep 1895Cheltenham SA
AndersonJames Jason1968?7 Aug 200941Woronora Memorial Park NSWAshes Taken
AndersonJames John1883?1 Feb 195572Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWSouth West Terrace Wall 121
AndersonJames Johnston505Allora QLDPbn
AndersonJames Joseph1860?17 Jan 193676h/Kate Melinda (Bennett)Sandgate NSWAng 2 139, 48
AndersonJames Keith8 May 2013Enfield Memorial Park SA
AndersonJames Kiddle1899?5 Feb 192425son/James & Margaret; h/GladysSandgate NSWAng 1 56, 103
AndersonJames Laing1940Box Hill VICP 0988
AndersonJames Leslie1910?25 May 198373Centennial Park SA
AndersonJames Leslie (Jim)19 May 191724 Jun 197861son/John William & Jessie (Prince)Wondai QLDCol
AndersonJames Lonie1907?15 Jan 196760Centennial Park SARSL Wall 138, G006
AndersonJames Luther1859?17 Jun 193879son/John & CatherineYoung NSWPbn
AndersonJames M15 Jun 192656Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 9, 2329
AndersonJames Macdougall1885?19 Jul 197388Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWEast Terrace 2 Wall 1
AndersonJames Mattewson18834 Aug 196582Polson QLDmonumental C 224
AndersonJames Matthew1923?21 Aug 199370Narromine NSWRC 2K
AndersonJames Michael1937?28 Nov 200770Oberon NSWChurch of England
AndersonJames Michael1937?28 Nov 200770Oberon NSWChurch of England
AndersonJames Miller5 Jun 1923West Terrace SA
AndersonJames Miller8 Jun 1923West Terrace SA
AndersonJames Neil9 Apr 18837 May 18830son/Andrew Thomas & Mary Jane (Blinksell)Carwoola Anglican Church NSW
AndersonJames Outram27 Mar 185826 Dec 194587son/Peter Dalgairns & Mary Esther (Palmer); h/Patience (Laycock)Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AndersonJames Outram (JO)1894?23 Dec 197379Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWNorth Terrace Wall 7
AndersonJames P11 Jul 194268Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 15, 2677
AndersonJames P14 Jun 1919South Brisbane General Part A QLD3
AndersonJames Paterson30 Sep 1943Macquarie Park NSWPbn C3, 0008
AndersonJames Patrick19 Sep 198848Frenchs Forest Bushland NSWRC Lwn H, 88
AndersonJames Patrick1914?16 Dec 198571h/Theresa Alice; NX87401Condobolin NSWRC2 D43
AndersonJames Patrick?1913?5 Oct 197966Condobolin NSWRC3 B21
AndersonJames Pelham21 Nov 191615 Nov 199376h/Verna; Army VX25053Crib Point VICChurch of England
Anderson (Captain)James Percival 'Percy'1890?5 Jun 192131b. Pixie, South Australia, Australia; h/Irene MayMoonta SA
AndersonJames Peter19 Apr 1925Broken Hill NSWAnglican E 9, 19
AndersonJames Richard1897?22 Jun 197679Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
AndersonJames Richard Albert1986?5 May 200216Centennial Park SARC K Path 21, 1456
AndersonJames Robert1 Apr 191866Field of Mars NSWAng Sec D, 831
AndersonJames Robert23 May 1981son/Thomas & Margaret JaneSandgate NSWGen 17, 63
AndersonJames Robert27 Nov 2001Macquarie Park NSWA J Hare Lwn 56, 0050
AndersonJames Robert1875?28 Apr 194772h/Margaret SophiaGrafton NSW
AndersonJames Robert1905197772son/James & Lilly Emma (Alden); h/Nancy Claire (Farquharson)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDCossart Lawn
AndersonJames Robert20 Jan 191329 Dec 200491b. Windsor; h/NormaCasino Lawn NSW
AndersonJames Robert1919?3 Aug 200182Centennial Park SARSL Wall 133, A001
AndersonJames Robert1922?22 Jan 194926son/Andrew James & BarbaraMudgeeraba QLD
AndersonJames Rorke190118 Oct 19021son/John & Alice Ann (Lenton); b. Adelong, NSW, AustraliaRookwood Anglican NSWOld CC 1, 19, 20
AndersonJames Russell1938?3 Jan 199759Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W46, 020
AndersonJames S1886?23 May 193145Manly NSWMix Z, 557
AndersonJames Samuel10 Dec 1917Broken Hill NSWAnglican E 288B
AndersonJames Stanley16 Mar 19035 Sep 199895son/John & Alice (Alden); b. Qld; h/Vera (Mann)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDCossart Lawn
AndersonJames Steele18 Jun 1946son/James & Eliza Jane (Steele)Woronora Memorial Park NSWPbn Y 0072
AndersonJames Stewart23 Mar 192117 Mar 198159Whitebridge NSWAng Old
AndersonJames Thomas18 Apr 1959Macquarie Park NSWBap A18, 0051
AndersonJames Thomas9 Feb 1988Macquarie Park NSWRC Lwn Block 14, 0791
AndersonJames Victor1912?3 Jul 196755son/Robert James & Isabel Elizabeth; h/Frances MargaretCasino Lawn NSW
AndersonJames WMacquarie Park NSWAng J7, 0049
AndersonJames Warren1910?22 Sep 197969Wollongong Memorial Gardens NSW
AndersonJames Watkins13 Mar 1892West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AndersonJames Wentworth26 Nov 185420 Feb 192065son/William Alexander & Mary Eliza (Millegan); b. South Australia, Australia; h/Ada Maud (Chippindall)Waverley NSW21 Select 2
AndersonJames William74Centennial Park SARC A Path AR, 186A
AndersonJames William22 Oct 1962Cheltenham SAP
AndersonJames William27 Oct 1964Cheltenham SAU
AndersonJames William16 Sep 186719 Dec 193467son/Henry & Mary (Burke); b. Binalong, NSW; h/Clara Eliza (Whiteman)Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWAnglican
AndersonJames William1897?24 Apr 196366son/James & Clara J (Mitchell); h/Alice Ada MatildaWoronora Memorial Park NSWPbn 2 0720
AndersonJames WilliamNov 190423 Mar 19054mson/James & Alice M; b. St Leonards, NSWGore Hill Memorial NSWAng F, 78
AndersonJames William (Jim)4 Feb 192523 May 200378h/MarieBathurst NSWMar4 M, 71
Anderson GoodsonJames Gilligan1891?4 Oct 195261son/Peter & CatherineWallendbeen NSWRC A, 5
Anderson-WormaldJames1861?13 Feb 192261h/EmilieBalmoral QLD

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