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MacleanCameron Street, Maclean NSW 24632710

2710 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AbbottBronwyn LeighDec 1957?27 Nov 19624dau/Kenneth Bruce & Patsy Ruth (Bindley)Maclean NSWAng
AbbottRobert BruceJul?19527 Nov 19542Maclean NSWAng
AbbottWilliam John1876?18 May 190933Maclean NSWAng
AddisonAlbert J1877?25 Nov 191942Maclean NSWRC
AddisonAnnOct?18459 Sep 189549w/Robert HuttonMaclean NSWPbn
AddisonFrancis AllanJul 191817 Nov 19180Maclean NSWRC
AddisonMinnie Maud1884?6 Jul 196076Maclean NSWAng
AddisonRobert CliveJan 1914?27 Oct 19184Maclean NSWAng
AddisonRobert Hutton1835?7 Mar 191882h/AnnMaclean NSWPbn
AddisonWilliam Dan1871?20 Jul 195281Maclean NSWAng
AhearnCatherine1874?8 Jul 195682Maclean NSWRC
AhearnElizabeth Mary1876?22 Dec 194266Maclean NSWRC
AhearnMary1839?20 Feb 193595b. Co Tipperary, IrelandMaclean NSWRC
AhearnMichael1832?17 Jul 191987b. Co Tipperary, IrelandMaclean NSWRC
AhearnPatrick1833?11 Jan 190874b. Co Tipperary, IrelandMaclean NSWRC
AhearnThomas Francis1873?24 Jan 195682Maclean NSWRC
Albert (McMillan)Ada15 Aug 189318 Sep 197279dau/David Soloman & Theresa (Kempnich); b. Maclean, NSW; w/John AndrewMaclean NSWAng
AlbertAdam1860?17 May 194080son/Andrew & Catherine; h/Rachel (Davis)Maclean NSW
AlbertAndrew25 Jul 1942son/John Andrew & Margaret CatherineMaclean NSW
AlbertCharles Claude (Charlie)6 Aug 18994 Jul 197979son/Adam & Rachel (Davis); b. Maclean, NSW; h/Ivy Rita May (Bellamy)Maclean NSW
AlbertGeorge E1892?8 Jan 192431son/Andrew W & Ada EMaclean NSW
Albert (Bellamy)Ivy Rita May (Toby)190227 Jul 199997dau/Henry & Elizabeth Jane (Shea); b. Grafton, NSW; w/Charles ClaudeMaclean NSW
AlbertJohn Andrew9 Apr 18357 Mar 191479son/Lawrence & Margaret; b. Germany; h/Margaret CMaclean NSW
AlbertJohn Andrew21 Sep 18892 Feb 192838son/Adam & Rachel (Davis); b. Maclean, NSW; h/Ada (McMillan)Maclean NSWAng
Albert (Winkler)Margaret C8 Apr 183412 Feb 192893b. Germany; w/John AndrewMaclean NSW
AlbertMavis Kathleen1913?10 Jan 196349Maclean NSWAng
Albert (Davis)Rachel1865?5 May 194277dau/James & Rachel; w/AdamMaclean NSW
AlgerJohn1873?17 Feb 192450Maclean NSWPbn
AllanJames (Rev)30 Jan 187920 Sep 195071Maclean NSWPbn
AllanJessie Margaret26 Apr 187615 May 195983Maclean NSWPbn
AmosAuburn Walter1898?19024son/Robert & EmilyMaclean NSW
AmosCharles R (Jack)1908?11 Apr 19157son/Charles A & AubreyMaclean NSWPbn
AmosDoris Blanch18 Aug 191210 Dec 192412dau/Howard John & Florence Louisa (Norley); b. Maclean, NSWMaclean NSW
Amos (Watson)Emily L1870?13 Feb 191241w/RobertMaclean NSW
AmosFrank1885?11 May 195368Maclean NSWPbn
AmosHazel Anne24 Dec 188918 Jul 197888Maclean NSWPbn
AmosHoward John20 Nov 18866 Jan 194558son/James Henry & Amelia Ann (Wyatt); b. Grafton, NSW; h/Florence Louisa (Norley)Maclean NSW
Amos (McAlpine)Jane1849?19 May 192172dau/John; w/WilliamMaclean NSWPbn
AmosMarjorie B (Madge)1909?5 Nov 19123dau/Charles A & AubreyMaclean NSWPbn
AmosMary Ann1892?8 Jan 198491Maclean NSWPbn
AmosRobert1880?7 Mar 195978Maclean NSWPbn
AmosWilliam1843?10 Apr 190057son/William; h/Jane (McAlpine)Maclean NSWPbn
AndersonAlexander1840?28 Nov 191575b. Lanarkshire, Scotland; h/CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonAlexander1864?10 Sep 194076h/ElizabethMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonAlexander Clarence8 Nov 1922son/Alexander & ElizabethMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonArchibald Angus1880?20 May 193858Maclean NSWPbn
AndersonDavid Latto187319 Jul 195279son/Peter & Catherine; b. Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland; h/Sarah Elizabeth (Liversidge) & Christina MayMaclean NSW
Anderson (Causley)Doris Rachel25 Jan 191320 Jan 200288w/William AlexanderMaclean NSW
AndersonDuncan Matheson1901?25 Sep 196362Maclean NSWPbn
AndersonElizabeth1864?17 Feb 195489w/AlexanderMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonGeorge Morrison25 Aug 1919son/Alexander & ElizabethMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonJohn Duncan16 May 1918son/Alexander & ElizabethMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonMargaret1880?5 Sep 196282Maclean NSWPbn
AndersonMargaret1884?18 Sep 195268Maclean NSWPbn
AndersonRobert187322 Dec 18752son/Alexander & CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
AndersonRoss1882?1 Aug 195573Maclean NSWPbn
AndersonSarah Eliza1881?9 Oct 194261Maclean NSWPbn
Anderson (Liversidge)Sarah Elizabeth18819 Oct 194261dau/Charles & Eliza (Brierley); b. Yorkshire, England; w/David LattoMaclean NSWPresbyterian
AndersonWilliam Alexander12 Mar 190613 Jan 200194h/Doris RachelMaclean NSW
AppsBarry John1937?3 Jul 196427Maclean NSWRC
Apps (Payne)Blanche Ada1863?14 Sep 191249dau/James & Eliza; w/EdwinMaclean NSW
Apps (Leeson)Daphne Marie1901?13 Oct 198786w/Richard HenryMaclean NSW
AppsDorothy M F1903?17 Aug 198481Maclean NSWAng
AppsEdwin1860?3 Nov 193272son/Moses & Harriet; h/Blanche AdaMaclean NSW
AppsFreeman1888?16 Jan 196172Maclean NSWAng
AppsRichard Henry1894?3 Sep 196369son/Richard & Ada; h/Daphne MarieMaclean NSW
ArcherAgnes Mary1888?10 Aug 196880Maclean NSWAng
ArcherDavid Edward1886?27 Mar 196578h/EmmaMaclean NSWAng
ArcherDavid Little1860?15 Jan 193776h/MargaretMaclean NSWAng
ArcherEmma1888?4 Sep 195163w/David EdwardMaclean NSWAng
ArcherGordon William Harold15 Jul?195166Maclean NSWAng
ArcherMargaret1866?9 Apr 193266w/David LittleMaclean NSWAng
ArmstrongAlexander Independent1870?12 Sep 195080h/CatherineMaclean NSWAng
ArmstrongCatherine1879?19 Jun 196687w/Alexander IndependentMaclean NSWAng
ArmstrongCharles Edgar1904?10 Nov 194844son/Alexander & Catherine; NX17782Maclean NSWAng
ArmstrongEllen Margaret1901?25 Aug 195857w/Percy AlexanderMaclean NSWAng
ArmstrongPercy Alexander1903?29 Jun 196158h/Ellen MargaretMaclean NSWAng
AscoliAlbert1871?20 May 195685Maclean NSWRC
AscoliSusannah1875?27 Mar 196892Maclean NSWRC
AshtonHarriett1848?14 Sep 188032dau/Joseph & MaryMaclean NSW
Austen (Donnelly)Mary187919 Apr 191838b. Grafton, NSW; w/Daniel JosephMaclean NSW
AustenMerleJul?190120 Jun 191210dau/George W & JessieMaclean NSWAng
AveryAlfred Walter9 Aug 1964son/Charles & Louisa; b. 16659/1882; h/Mabel Lillias (Pullen)Maclean NSWPbn
AveryMabel Lillias24 Mar 1964dau/William & Mary Ann; w/Alfred WalterMaclean NSWPbn
BagnellThomas JosephAug?186429 Jul 195287Maclean NSWAng
BaileyAlfred Ernest1875?12 Aug 194974son/Charles & MargaretMaclean NSW
BaileyArthur B1853?16 Oct 191764Maclean NSWAng
BaileyBeverly Hope14 Mar 19404 Sep 19433dau/Peter Kevin & Alma Grace (Watkins); b. NSWMaclean NSWRC
BaileyMary1862?26 May 192967Maclean NSWAng
Bailey (McKinnon)Merlin Jean1921?11 May 201392w/Eric GeorgeMaclean NSW
BaileyPeter Kevin1917196649son/Peter & Annie (Dorcey/Darcy); b. Maclean, NSW; h/Alma Grace (Watkins)Maclean NSWRC
BainWilliam R1838?187840Maclean NSW
BakerAlbert E B1884?28 Apr 195066Maclean NSWRC
BakerAlfred Henry8 Oct 186917 Oct 196293Maclean NSWPbn
Baker (Biddle)Annie1893?14 Sep 198289w/Clarence JohnMaclean NSW
BakerClarence John1879?27 Oct 195172son/Henry Australia & Ann; h/AnnieMaclean NSW
BakerColin Hamilton25 Jun 19245 Dec 194622133320Maclean NSWPbn
BakerEliza Ann1875?10 Feb 195478w/Harry AustraliaMaclean NSWAng
BakerHarry Australia1865?23 Jun 194378h/Eliza AnnMaclean NSWAng
BakerJessie27 Oct 188314 Apr 195672Maclean NSWPbn
BakerJohn179631 Jul 1874son/John; b. Buckinghamshire, England; h/AnnMaclean NSW
BakerJulia Ann1824?12 May 1885b. Ireland; w/WilliamMaclean NSW
BakerLachlan Angus1914?9 Jun 196551Maclean NSWPbn
BakerLionel Loch18913 May 195362son/William Maurice & Mary Jane (Leary); b. Maclean, NSW; h/Agnes Teresa (Murphy)Maclean NSWPbn
Baker (Leary)Mary Jane1861?1 Sep 194079dau/Hector & Ann; w/William MauriceMaclean NSWPbn
Baker (Gray)Sarah AnnJun?184127 Jan 192381dau/George & Ann; w/Henry AustraliaMaclean NSW
BakerStewart Donald25 Aug 195525 Feb 19615Maclean NSWPbn
BakerSybil7 May 192124 Jan 200583Maclean NSWPbn
BakerVictor Roy18896 May 191728son/William Maurice & Mary Jane (Leary); b. Palmers Island, NSW; 4146Maclean NSWPbn
BakerWilliam Maurice186512 May 194983son/Henry Christmas & Sarah; b. Grafton, NSW; h/Mary Jane (Leary)Maclean NSWPbn
BaleAlbert1876?6 Apr 194064h/Henny MMaclean NSWAng
BaleEsther1887?6 Oct 193144w/Gordon GriffithMaclean NSWAng
BaleGordon Griffith1887?20 Sep 195770h/EstherMaclean NSWAng
Bale (Webb)Hannah E1844?8 Oct 190056dau/Samuel & Charlotte; w/JohnMaclean NSW
BaleHenny M1874?16 May 195177w/AlbertMaclean NSWAng
BaleJohn1846?12 Jun 192175son/Philip & Elizabeth; h/Hannah EMaclean NSW
BalePhillip Arthur1916?16 Jun 193216son/Gordon Griffith & EstherMaclean NSWAng
Bale (Baker)Priscilla1848?10 Dec 188133w/GeorgeMaclean NSW
BaleReginald Albert10 Jan 19158 Aug 199782N129540Maclean NSW
BaleWarren JohnDec 1941?28 Sep 195917son/Reginald Albert & Ruby VioletMaclean NSW
BalfourArthur St George14 May 188721 Oct 194659son/Charles Alexander & Louise Phillipine (Schadel); b. Clermont, Queensland; h/Ellen Jane (Lee); 3010Maclean NSWPbn
Balfour (Lee)Ellen Jane189226 Feb 198592dau/Terah & Jane Ann (Boorman); b. Maclean, New South Wales; w/Arthur St GeorgeMaclean NSWPbn
Bancroft (Coulter)Blanche Rebecca1871?13 Apr 195079dau/William & Mary Jane; w/JohnMaclean NSW
Bancroft (Kelly)Diana (Fanny)1901?12 Oct 198180w/William ArthurMaclean NSW
BancroftJohn1871?5 Apr 195584son/Arthur & Sarah; h/Blanche RebeccaMaclean NSW
BancroftWilliam Arthur1901?20 Jul 195251son/John & Blanche Rebecca; h/DianaMaclean NSW
BarclayGeorge1887?24 Oct 196780h/Ruby CarringtonMaclean NSW
Barclay (Craig)Ruby Carrington1888?22 Sep 197688dau/William; w/GeorgeMaclean NSW
Barnier (Eggins)Amy May Beatrice28 Jan 188912 Sep 196879dau/Thomas & Eliza (Elizabeth May) (Masters); b. Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; w/Ernest AlbertMaclean NSWAng
BarnierChristina21 Feb 1934w/SamuelMaclean NSWPbn
BarnierEmily Isa Wentworth1902?23 Sep 199189w/Reginald BryanMaclean NSWAng
BarnierErnest Albert19 Feb 188412 Aug 196581son/John & Alice (Lunny); b. Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; h/Amy May Beatrice (Eggins)Maclean NSWAng
BarnierFannyJun?187511 Jan 195579Maclean NSWAng
BarnierGabrielle Doris1931?5 Dec 19365dau/Reginald Bryan & Emily Isa WentworthMaclean NSWAng
BarnierSamuel1837?18 Jun 191578h/ChristinaMaclean NSWPbn
Barnier (Smith)Sarah Jane Winifred21 Sep 190130 Mar 195452dau/Henry Charles & Bessie Florence; w/Percy EMaclean NSW
BarnierThomasMar?185921 Nov 195192Maclean NSWAng
BarrettDaniel1832?18 Aug 188250b. Co Cork, IrelandMaclean NSWRC
BarrieDavid1820?10 Nov 187858?son/John; b. Dundee, Scotland; h/AnnMaclean NSWPbn
BarrieMary1843?5 Sep 186623dau/David & Ann; b. Dundee, ScotlandMaclean NSWPbn
BarrowAlice Elizabeth1868?15 Sep 194173Maclean NSWAng
BarrowCharles Anthony1904?5 Jan 196055Maclean NSWAng
BarrowEdmund1866?28 Jun 195387Maclean NSWAng
BartieAdam1885?28 Sep 196075b. ScotlandMaclean NSWPbn
BassettJohn1866?5 Nov 189933son/Thomas & MargaretMaclean NSWPbn
BassettMargaret1831?11 Oct 188251w/ThomasMaclean NSWPbn
BassettMary1858?187214dau/Thomas & MargaretMaclean NSWPbn
BassettThomas1828?10 Sep 189769h/MargaretMaclean NSWPbn
BateMargaret Jane1898?190911dau/Ernest A & Ada RMaclean NSWPbn
BatemanThomas Alfred8 Oct 1934son/William & EllenMaclean NSWRC
BathgateAllan James1916?1 Feb 199881son/Simon James & Myee HelenaMaclean NSW
Bathgate (Frost)Beatrice Ethel1879?15 Jun 194162dau/John & Charlotte; w/Francis JohnMaclean NSW
BathgateCharles1800?19 May 187878son/Simon & MaryMaclean NSW
BathgateDouglas Thomas1928?23 Aug 197850son/Simon James & Myee HelenaMaclean NSW
BathgateFlorence MarySep?187229 Apr 18774dau/Simon & Hannah AMaclean NSWPbn
BathgateFrancis John1872?2 Jul 195684son/John & Susan; h/Beatrice EthelMaclean NSW
Bathgate (Amos)Ina Isabel1915?12 Dec 193722dau/Frederick George & Jane Isabelle; w/GordonMaclean NSW
BathgateJames1831?27 Jan 188856son/Charles & Mary; h/Susan GoldenMaclean NSW
BathgateJohn1829?3 Oct 189162son/Charles & Mary; b. Scotland; h/Susan Jane HamlynMaclean NSW
BathgateMary Gibson1826?188458dau/Gibson T & ThompsonMaclean NSW
Bathgate (Frost)Myee Helena1890?11 Jul 197787dau/John & Charlotte; w/Simon JamesMaclean NSW
BathgateSimon James1879?22 Mar 196585son/John & Susan Jane Hamlyn; h/Myee HelenaMaclean NSW
Bathgate (Pringle)Susan Golden1845?6 Jul 193085w/JamesMaclean NSW
BathgateSusan Jane Hamlyn1851?18 Jul 193584dau/Francis P & Jane; w/JohnMaclean NSW
BeattyElizabeth1868?17 Sep 194678Maclean NSWRC
Bedwell (Phillips)Jean Mary8 Aug 192131 May 201492w/David WilfredMaclean NSWRC
BeelBernard Valentine1923?24 May 195229Maclean NSWRC
BeelJohn Bassett1884?8 Jun 195874Maclean NSWRC
BeelMaud Lilian1890?28 Jun 195767Maclean NSWRC
BeestonJohn Saunders1852?14 Dec 188432Maclean NSWAng
BellAlexander W1882?20 May 194058h/DaisyMaclean NSWPbn
BellDaisy V1896?26 Aug 195054w/AlexanderMaclean NSWRC
Bellamy (Shea)Elizabeth27 May 18604 Mar 194988formerly Hallahan; dau/Dennis & Elizabeth (Collins); b. Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England; w/James (Hallahan) & HenryMaclean NSWRC
BelsteadMargaret (Peg)3 Nov 19004 Sep 195150b. HobartMaclean NSWPbn
BenhamCharles188212 Feb 196279son/George; h/Mary (McPherson)Maclean NSWPbn
Benham (McPherson)Mary188123 Jun 196483dau/Murdoch & Annie (MacIntosh); b. Maclean, New South Wales; w/CharlesMaclean NSWPbn
BensonCatherine Hanly1857?12 Oct 193578w/RichardMaclean NSWAng
BensonElla Mary1884?27 Jul 196480Maclean NSWPbn
BensonFrank1920?8 Jul 193515son/Frederick James & IsabellaMaclean NSWAng
BensonFrederick James1891?18 May 197180h/IsabellaMaclean NSWAng
BensonHorace Richard188524 Nov 195569Maclean NSWAng
BensonIsabella1892?26 May 196977w/Frederick JamesMaclean NSWAng
BensonKelven Thomas1920?24 Mar 195332Maclean NSWAng
BensonMargaret M1857?1 Sep 192669Maclean NSWAng
BensonRichard1846?14 Sep 193589h/Catherine Hanly (Garven)Maclean NSWAng
BensonWilliam1851?21 Aug 192473Maclean NSWAng
BensonWilliam James1882?2 Oct 196280Maclean NSWPbn
Betterridge (Nicholson)Allene Emily190416 Oct 195148dau/Archibald Smith & Ellen Emily (Law); b. New Zealand; w/Augustus GordonMaclean NSWPbn
Betterridge (Klotz)Elizabeth Lillian (Lillian)Nov?18779 Jun 196890dau/Louis & Elizabeth; b. Maclean, NSW, Australia; w/James DavidMaclean NSWAng
Betterridge (Wilson)Emily Jane1870?11 Oct 196090w/George Clifden (Betteridge)Maclean NSWAng
BetterridgeGeorge Clifden1871?5 Feb 195785son/James Henry Edward & Emma (Ware); b. Grafton, NSW, Australia; h/Emily Jane (Wilson)Maclean NSWAng
BetterridgeHunter L1897?27 Aug 196871Maclean NSWAng
BetterridgeJames DavidJun?18693 Apr 194878son/James Henry Edward & Emma (Ware); h/Lillian Elizabeth (Klotz)Maclean NSWAng
BetterridgeJohn David HunterNov?19266 Mar 193811Maclean NSWAng
BetterridgeKenneth GordonAug?193520 May 19415Maclean NSWPbn
BewleyGeorge Walter1868?11 Aug 195890h/Rose HannahMaclean NSWAng
BewleyGrace Ida1917?21 May 193922dau/George Walter & Rose HannahMaclean NSWAng
BewleyRose Hannah1872?26 Feb 195683w/George WalterMaclean NSWAng
BiddleAlbert1897?21 Jan 196971son/John & Eliza Ann; h/Mary GemmelMaclean NSW
Biddle (Pateman)Eliza Ann1863?17 May 193673dau/John & Ann; w/JohnMaclean NSW
BiddleEliza Jane1901?27 Sep 194645dau/Peter & Agnes Ellen; w/JohnMaclean NSW
BiddleJohn1850?25 Sep 192575h/Eliza AnnMaclean NSW
BiddleJohn1898?28 Mar 193940son/John & Eliza Ann; h/Eliza JaneMaclean NSW
BiddleMary Gemmel1900?31 May 199898w/AlbertMaclean NSW
BindleyDonald Lyle Cleave1910?7 May 195949h/Valerie MaudMaclean NSWAng
BindleyGordon Henry1905?9 Apr 196661son/Henry Thomas & Clare Louisa; NX30804Maclean NSW
BindleyValerie Maud1915?8 Oct 200590w/Donald Lyle CleaveMaclean NSWAng
BishopEdwin Calvert16 Nov 18596 Jan 191757b. Leeds Yorks, England; h/LouisaMaclean NSWAng
BishopLouisa1860?7 Jan 192362w/Edwin CalvertMaclean NSWAng
BlackAdam GeorgeJul?187323 May 189117son/Walter & Maria JaneMaclean NSWPbn
BlackClive Dougald1901?21 Jan 193129son/Dougald & HannahMaclean NSWPbn
BlackDougald1867?20 Jan 193163h/HannahMaclean NSWPbn
BlackDouglas James1878?18 Oct 195173son/Walter & Maria Jane (Williams); h/Agnes Maria (Barber)Maclean NSWPbn
BlackEdwin W AJun?189517 Mar 190711son/Edwin A & Lucy AMaclean NSWPbn
BlackHannah1873?17 Apr 194269w/DougaldMaclean NSWPbn
BlackHarold Walter1913?17 Apr 196148son/William Samuel & Mary Ann (Cooper); h/Lillian May (Ford)Maclean NSWAng
BlackKeith1926?13 Jul 19359son/Douglas James & Agnes Maria (Barber)Maclean NSWPbn
Black (Ford)Lillian May1911?22 Feb 199684dau/John Henry & Annie (Redard)Maclean NSWAng
BlackMaria Jane1837?22 Jul 191073w/WalterMaclean NSWPbn
Black (Cooper)Mary Ann1874?29 Nov 193763dau/John & Ellen; w/William SamuelMaclean NSWRC
BlackMyrtle May1895?24 Jul 193540dau/Dougald & HannahMaclean NSWPbn
BlackWalterMar?18329 Jun 190472h/Maria JaneMaclean NSWPbn
BlackWilliam Samuel1876?20 Aug 195377son/Walter & Maria Jane (Williams)Maclean NSWPbn
BlairElizabeth May1881?13 Apr 197089w/Henry LancelotMaclean NSWPbn
BlairHenry Lancelot1879?8 Feb 193252h/Elizabeth MayMaclean NSWPbn
BlanchAbraham1841?10 Jun 192079son/Robert; h/AnnMaclean NSWPbn
BlanchAbraham Claude1914?10 Mar 193924Maclean NSWPbn
BlanchAlfred A1876?29 Oct 195781h/Annie MMaclean NSWPbn
BlanchAlfred Ernest1878?1 Mar 193556Maclean NSWAng
BlanchAnn1836?22 Feb 191174dau/John & Elizabeth; w/AbrahamMaclean NSWPbn
BlanchAnnie M1883?26 Dec 195875w/Alfred AMaclean NSWPbn
BlanchFrances Ann1871?26 Oct 194170dau/Abraham & AnnMaclean NSWPbn
BlanchJohn Abraham1874?31 Jan 194065Maclean NSWPbn
BlanchMary Ann1879?17 Dec 195677dau/Abraham & AnnMaclean NSWPbn
Blanch (Bratfield)Sophia1841?190261w/JohnMaclean NSWAng
BlaxlandRussell18541917son/Charles & ElizabethMaclean NSWAng
BloomerMary1874?8 Aug 193460Maclean NSWAng
BodenAnnie Rebecca1863?2 Jul 193572w/WilliamMaclean NSWAng
BodenLancelot StucleyJan 18811 Dec 18843son/Joseph Stucley & Margaret (McAlpin); b. Newcastle NSWMaclean NSWAng
BodenWilliam1860?19 Dec 193979h/Annie RebeccaMaclean NSWAng
BonaccorsiPhilip George1958son/George & Fay MavisMaclean NSWRC
BourkeNoel John8 Mar 19279 Jun 19292Maclean NSWAng
BowersThomas1866?27 Nov 189731b. Manchester, EnglandMaclean NSWAng
BoydRobert Sprott188024 Aug 18811son/Robert Mitchell & Eliza AgnesMaclean NSWAng
BoyleEmily Sarah1899?27 Apr 194142Maclean NSWPbn
BoyleWilliam Seaham1886?19 Dec 196175Maclean NSWPbn
Bradfield (Pringle)Annie Ernestine1893?9 Dec 195057w/PatrickMaclean NSWAng
BradfieldPatrick1871?28 Jul 196089h/Annie ErnestineMaclean NSWAng
BradfieldStewart Thomas24 Jan 195119 Oct 19510son/Horace Edward & Alma EvelynMaclean NSWAng
BrettEmma Elizabeth1898?20 Nov 194042Maclean NSWAng
BridgerBenjamin1862?2 Jul 193876son/James & SarahMaclean NSW
BridgerBenjamin Clarence1900?11 Feb 197574son/Benjamin & Henrietta Emma; h/Ellis Orbell IreneMaclean NSW
Bridger (Clarke)Ellis Orbell Irene1902?9 Feb 199693w/Benjamin ClarenceMaclean NSW
Bridger (Till)Henrietta Emma1866?11 Sep 193266dau/Richard & Mary AMaclean NSW
BridgerJames1837?22 Jul 191376son/William & Elizabeth; h/SarahMaclean NSW
BridgerJoseph1871son/James & SarahMaclean NSWPbn
BridgerKeith William28 Aug 19303 Jun 201685h/Margaret Evelyn (Ballantyne)Maclean NSW
Bridger (Moore)Sarah1838?16 Dec 188547dau/John & Sarah (Cooper); w/JamesMaclean NSW
BrittonErnest1890?25 Aug 196171Maclean NSWAng
BrooksMyrtle Eileen1911?30 Jan 195038dau/Francis Henry Harold & Caroline AlmaMaclean NSW
BrownAda19 Aug 1953dau/Robert & MaryMaclean NSWRC
BrownCaroline1940dau/Robert & MaryMaclean NSWRC
Brown (Martin)Catherine Rankin1872?30 Jun 195987dau/George & Mary Rankin; w/Charles JohnMaclean NSW
BrownCharles John1870?10 Jul 194979son/Charles & Selina; h/Catherine RankinMaclean NSW
BrownElizabeth1943dau/Robert & MaryMaclean NSWRC
BrownFrances Elizabeth1850?26 Oct 186616dau/John & MaryMaclean NSWPbn
BrownGeorge1900?5 Aug 194848Maclean NSWAng
BrownJack1903?7 Jun 195047son/George Edward Albert E & GeorginaMaclean NSW
BrownMaria Veronica1895?195762dau/James & Louise BernetteMaclean NSW
BrownMary1833?26 Dec 190067b. Co Tipperary, Ireland; w/RobertMaclean NSWRC
BrownRobert1833?26 Sep 190976b. Co Kent, England; h/MaryMaclean NSWRC
BrownRobert John1863?29 May 193572son/Robert & MaryMaclean NSWRC
BrownTheo Ashley1905?7 Jul 19127son/James & Susan SMaclean NSWAng
BrowneAlice20 May 1962dau/Patrick Joseph & AliceMaclean NSWRC
BrowneAlice1848?10 Jan 192677w/Patrick JosephMaclean NSWRC
BrowneCatherineSep?188629 Feb 18881dau/Patrick Joseph & AliceMaclean NSWRC
BrowneJames Clarence17 May 1955son/Patrick Joseph & AliceMaclean NSWRC
BrowneJosephine1883?9 Jun 189411dau/Patrick Joseph & AliceMaclean NSWRC
BrowneMary Theresa24 Mar 1944dau/Patrick Joseph & AliceMaclean NSWRC
BrowningCharles William1907?8 Apr 1977706713Maclean NSWAng
BrowningDel Noreen3 Nov 1960w/BarryMaclean NSWAng
BrowningHenry1869?24 Feb 194171h/RosinaMaclean NSWPbn
BrowningMary Jane31 Dec 19007 Jul 195756Maclean NSWAng
BrowningRosina1877?19 Oct 196184w/HenryMaclean NSWPbn
BrownlieMarjory1840?27 May 192686Maclean NSWPbn
BrownlieWilliam Samuel1870?20 Dec 194777Maclean NSWPbn
BruceCharles Parsons1896?23 Nov 195054Maclean NSWPbn
BruceFanny1872?19 Mar 195986w/LukeMaclean NSWPbn
BruceJohn Heathwood1936?14 Oct 196630Maclean NSWPbn
BruceLeslie Clarence27?Apr 190720 Jul 19070son/Luke & FannyMaclean NSWPbn
BruceLuke1866?9 Nov 195084h/FannyMaclean NSWPbn
Bruce (Thornton?)Minnie1903?19 May 198986Maclean NSWPbn
BruceRoy NelsonJun?190125 Jul 19065son/Luke & FannyMaclean NSWPbn
BruggyBertie3 Dec 1951h/Irene ElizabethMaclean NSWPbn
Bruggy (Kane)Catherine183525 Feb 187135?b. Ireland; w/JohnMaclean NSW
BruggyIrene Elizabeth17 Jun 1956w/BertieMaclean NSWPbn
BuchananMargaret1826?24 Feb 190679Maclean NSWPbn
BuchananMargaret1845?3 Sep 186722w/HenryMaclean NSWPbn
BultitudeBertha Lillian1900?9 Aug 196363dau/James & Elizabeth AvesMaclean NSW
BultitudeJanice Marie-Therese1942?14 Apr 201775w/JimMaclean NSW
Burdekin (McDonald)Euphemia Mary1888?21 Jun 191729w/Alfred GMaclean NSWPbn
BurdekinJames18491910Maclean NSWAng
BurdekinMary Ann18601919Maclean NSWAng
BurgessJoseph Robert1899?23 Jun 196061Maclean NSWRC
BurgessRobert JamesSep?193728 Feb 19413Maclean NSWRC
BurkeJames1836?3 Nov 191478Maclean NSWRC
BurkeMalachi1839?7 Oct 188546b. Co Galway, Ireland; h/MaryMaclean NSWRC
BurkeMary1838?15 Sep 191375w/MalachiMaclean NSWRC
BurnsCatherine1857?13 Apr 189841Maclean NSWPbn
Burns (Marsh)Ellen Beryl1896?2 Jun 199296Maclean NSWPbn
BurnsJohn1854?20 Sep 193076Maclean NSWPbn
BurnsJohn1880?1 Mar 194665Maclean NSWPbn
BurnsPeter James1885?22 Oct 195267Maclean NSWPbn
BurnsWilliam1882?5 Jul 195371Maclean NSWPbn
BuschChristina (Molly)1905?30 Mar 200094Maclean NSWAng
BuschFred1894?22 Apr 191824son/George Andrew & Mary Ann; 2343Maclean NSWRC
BuschGeorge Andrew1859?26 May 192465h/Mary AnnMaclean NSWRC
BuschGeorge William1889?7 Sep 190920son/George Andrew & Mary AnnMaclean NSWRC
BuschJohn William Garrett1897?22 Oct 196467Maclean NSWAng
BuschMary Ann1871?7 Jan 196492w/George AndrewMaclean NSWRC
BuschSusan1875?11 Oct 192449w/JohnMaclean NSWAng
BushnellHenry George (Harry)1854?12 Sep 193884son/Thomas & Ann; h/Mary Ann (Goodger)Maclean NSWAng
Bushnell (Goodger)Mary Anne1861?6 Sep 194685w/Henry George (Harry)Maclean NSWAng
ButlerMary1858?7 Jan 193475Maclean NSWRC
ByronDaniel1835?15 Jul 190469h/MargaretMaclean NSWRC
ByronJohn Joseph13 Mar 193219 Jul 201078Maclean NSWRC
ByronMargaret1838?4 Sep 192385w/DanielMaclean NSWRC
ByronWilliam M1902?23 Jun 192422Maclean NSWRC
CakebreadJohn1820?18 Sep 190484Maclean NSWAng
CaldwellArthur Frederick1909?12 Nov 194031Maclean NSWPbn
CaldwellChristine Marie26 Aug 196826 Aug 19680dau/Robert John & Margaret AnnMaclean NSW
CalvertKenneth Clyde19251948Maclean NSWAng
CamSamuel Gordon6 Sep 1954Maclean NSWPbn
CameronAlexander1867?Jun 193063son/James & AnnMaclean NSWPbn
CameronAlexander19181983Maclean NSWPbn
CameronAlexandra Helen (Nellie)25 Jan 1935Maclean NSWPbn
CameronAllan1848?23 Apr 193890h/Margaret GillandersMaclean NSWPbn
CameronAllan E1884?12 Jul 19637916642Maclean NSWPbn
CameronAmy1844?27 Apr 192581w/HectorMaclean NSWPbn
CameronAnn1837?Apr 193598w/JamesMaclean NSWPbn
CameronAnnieMaclean NSWPbn
CameronBarbara1856?27 Dec 194488Maclean NSWPbn
Cameron (Ford)Bernice May30 Mar 192516 Feb 201488w/DonaldMaclean NSW
CameronCatherine1866?15 Apr 188822dau/James & AnnMaclean NSWPbn
CameronChristina1810?19 May 188171b. Inveress-shire, ScotlandMaclean NSWPbn
CameronDonald John11 Nov 19176 Dec 199881son/Donald A. & Ethel R.; b. Katoomba, NSW, 45806/1917; h/Bernice May (Ford)Maclean NSW
CameronDuncan Angus1885?4 Jan 195872?2139Maclean NSWPbn
CameronEdith Mary3 Sep 190230 Oct 198684Maclean NSWPbn
CameronElizabeth1873?Dec 195279dau/James & AnnMaclean NSWPbn
CameronElsie Duncan1883?4 Jan 196076Maclean NSWPbn
Cameron (Pullen)Emily7 Aug 187231 Jul 195279dau/William Toft & Charlotte (Hoy); b. Hill End, NSW, Australia; w/Duncan AlexanderMaclean NSWAnglican
CameronFinlay1848?13 Oct 190658Maclean NSWPbn
CameronFinlay Donald1885?4 May 190621Maclean NSWPbn
CameronFlora1865?15 Jun 190944dau/James & AnnMaclean NSWPbn
CameronGordon Lancelot1892?31 May 196371h/Ivy Adeline LMaclean NSWRC
CameronHeather MacLeod19221990Maclean NSWPbn
CameronHector1823?24 Jul 189370b. Morven Argyleshire, Scotland; h/AmyMaclean NSWPbn
CameronHectorOct?186211 Dec 190038son/Hector & AmyMaclean NSWPbn
CameronHelen1852?23 Apr 192876dau/Duncan & ChristinaMaclean NSWPbn
CameronIvy Adeline L1898?19 Apr 198385w/Gordon LancelotMaclean NSWRC
CameronJames1833?14 Dec 191481b. Argyleshire, Scotland; h/AnnMaclean NSWPbn
CameronJohn1873?15 Mar 190430son/Hector & AmyMaclean NSWPbn
CameronJohn1879?6 Apr 192344b. Staffordshire, EnglandMaclean NSWPbn
CameronJohn D1872?22 Jan 191340Maclean NSWPbn
CameronLexie1894?15 Oct 191824w/JohnMaclean NSWPbn
CameronMargaret Gillanders1853?1 Jan 192773b. Elgin, Scotland; w/AllanMaclean NSWPbn
CameronMargaret Jane1881?9 Nov 196988Maclean NSWPbn
CameronMary Margaret1892?17 Dec 193543Maclean NSWPbn
CameronNellie (Ellen)1886?11 Jun 194256dau/James & Jessie; b. Orange NSW, AustraliaMaclean NSWPbn
CameronNorman John188128 Jul 195776son/Finaly & Barbara; b. MacLean NSW, AustraliaMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellAlexander1860?10 Apr 194787h/SarahMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellAllan1842?25?Jun 188139son/Donald & CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellCatherine1881?w/DonaldMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellCatherine1817?23 May 188871w/DonaldMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellChristina1821?11 Jul 190079w/DonaldMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellChristina1892?16 Oct 196270dau/Alexander & SarahMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellDonald1809?11 Aug 187667b. Inverness-shire, Scotland; h/CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellDonald1810?7 Aug 187969h/CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellDonald1818?12 Aug 190587h/ChristinaMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellJames1855?4 Mar 194387h/MaryMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellJohn1853?25 Nov 188027son/Donald & CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellKenneth John16 Sep 193625 Oct 19382son/John & Daphne Bathgate (Lamb); b. Maclean NSW, AustraliaMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellMary1852?14?Feb 187724dau/Donald & CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellMary1862?20 Sep 188826w/JamesMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellSarah1856?11 May 187923dau/Donald & CatherineMaclean NSWPbn
CampbellSarah1860?13 Oct 193575Maclean NSWPbn
CampbellSarah1870?16 Nov 194777w/AlexanderMaclean NSWPbn
CannonAlbert John1865?14 Sep 194277h/MargaretMaclean NSWAng
CannonMargaret1876?23 Oct 195579w/Albert JohnMaclean NSWAng
CannonOlivia Matilda1905?3 Nov 19094Maclean NSWAng
CareyJames1845?1 Feb 191569son/James & Mary; b. Tipperary, Ireland; h/Margaret (Cooper)Maclean NSWRC
CareyJames1882?23 Jul 196381son/James & Margaret; h/TheresaMaclean NSWRC
Carey (Cooper)Margaret1854?9 Mar 192267dau/James & Mary; w/JamesMaclean NSWRC
CareyTheresa1884?20 Apr 192844w/JamesMaclean NSWRC
CareyVincent J19190son/James & TheresaMaclean NSWRC
CarrAbraham1828?30 Jun 190274h/MarieMaclean NSW
CarrAlbert Ernest I1883?22 May 196582son/Abraham & Ruth; h/EdithMaclean NSW
CarrBertha1880?6 Dec 193656w/KeirMaclean NSWAng
CarrBeryl31 Jan 194319430dau/Clarrie & IreneMaclean NSWAng
CarrClive William1920?18 Feb 196241h/Lorna; NX44645Maclean NSWPbn
Carr (Napper)Edith1880?9 Sep 196080dau/George & Elizabeth; w/Albert Ernest IMaclean NSW
CarrElvie Irene31 Jan 19181 Dec 19202dau/Albert & EdithMaclean NSW
CarrFlorence1873?22 Oct 193865Maclean NSWAng
CarrFoulger1883?17 Mar 195975Maclean NSWPbn
CarrJames1846?1 Nov 193286Maclean NSWRC
CarrJohn (Kenty)19 Oct 1934Maclean NSWRC
CarrKeir1870?23 Oct 193565h/BerthaMaclean NSWAng
CarrMargaret Ann1887?11 Jan 195567Maclean NSWPbn
Carr (Burdett)Marie1829?23 May 188556dau/Foulgar; w/AbrahamMaclean NSW
CarrMary14 May 1962Maclean NSWRC
CarrRobert1861?18 Sep 194079son/Abraham & MariaMaclean NSW
CarrSusannah1864?28 Feb 193671Maclean NSWRC
CarrVictor Ernest1911?9 Sep 195241son/Albert Ernest & EdithMaclean NSW
CarrollMary Ann7 Jul 1902w/ThomasMaclean NSWRC
CarterCharlesAug?185721 Jul 193779son/John & Elizabeth; h/Eliza JaneMaclean NSW
Carter (Towell)Dorothy Lillian1908?18 Dec 199284w/JackMaclean NSW
Carter (Young)Edith May1901?13 Apr 196665dau/Frederick William & Eveline; w/Percy StanfieldMaclean NSW
CarterEliza Jane1870?13 Feb 196796dau/William Watt & Sarah Avis; w/CharlesMaclean NSW
CarterElizabeth1835?11?Dec 192893dau/James & Hannah; w/JohnMaclean NSW
CarterEsther1870?9 Aug 193969dau/Thomas & AnnieMaclean NSW
CarterEthel MayJul?188522 May 18948dau/Charles & Lillias HMaclean NSW
CarterGeorge1862?26 Sep 192462son/John & Elizabeth; h/Sarah AnnMaclean NSW
CarterGeorge William1878?25 Dec 194062son/George Emanuel & Betsy Ann; h/MaryMaclean NSW
CarterJack1903?10 Nov 198784h/Dorothy LillianMaclean NSW
CarterJohn1833?16 Oct 190875son/John & Mary; b. England; h/ElizabethMaclean NSW
CarterJohn1877?192346son/John & ElizabethMaclean NSW
Carter (Jackson)Mary1876?6 Jun 196387dau/Edwin & Agnes; w/George WilliamMaclean NSW
CarterPercy Stanfield1901?15 Jun 195655son/George & Sarah Ann; h/Edith MayMaclean NSW
Carter (Parkinson)Sarah Ann1867?24 Sep 195588dau/William & Mary; w/GeorgeMaclean NSW
CaselleRose1834?10 Jun 190571w/WilliamMaclean NSWRC
CaselleWilliam1833?3 Jun 190269h/RoseMaclean NSWRC
CaseyMatilda1837?188346w/JamesMaclean NSWRC
CaseyPatrick Joseph1872?1 Sep 190432h/Charlotte AnorahMaclean NSWRC
Casson (Essex)Ann Susan1934w/Wallace Edwin MarkMaclean NSWAng
CassonWallace Edwin Mark1938h/Ann SusanMaclean NSWAng
CastleBridget1869?22 Sep 194576Maclean NSWRC
CastleDenis9 Jan 19619 Jan 19610son/Robert Denis & JeanMaclean NSWRC
CastleEileen May1 May 190515 May 199590Maclean NSWRC
CastleEileen Philomena11 Oct 193419 May 195116Maclean NSWRC
CastleEmily1867?21 Jul 195689Maclean NSWRC
CastleHenry1863?24 Oct 194279Maclean NSWRC
CastleHenry Joseph7 Mar 190218 Sep 198583Maclean NSWRC
CastleJohn Michael29 Sep 194824 Jul 19578son/Robert Denis & JeanMaclean NSWRC
CastleMary1898?29 Oct 196769Maclean NSWRC
CastleMary Clare1933?4 Jul 19352Maclean NSWRC
CastleThomas G1853?25 Oct 190754?Maclean NSWRC
CaulfieldPhilip Patrick1855?19 Sep 192368Maclean NSWRC
CausleyBertha Florence1896?14 May 195660w/Walter JamesMaclean NSWAng
CausleyCheryl Anne1959?19 May 19612dau/Earl Raymond & Joyce EdithMaclean NSWAng
CausleyChristina1881?12 May 195372w/George ThomasMaclean NSWAng
CausleyDavid KennethMay 197030 Dec 19700Maclean NSWPbn
CausleyElizabeth1850?9 Jan 193180w/SamuelMaclean NSWAng
CausleyEmily May1888?14 Sep 195365w/Samuel GerardMaclean NSWAng
CausleyEmma1855?9 Nov 193277w/ThomasMaclean NSWAng
CausleyGeorge Thomas1882?13 Oct 194967h/ChristinaMaclean NSWAng
CausleyHilda Jean1915?13 Aug 199883w/Samuel ArthurMaclean NSWAng
CausleyIvy1891?16 Jul 196574w/Joseph EdwardMaclean NSWAng
CausleyJoseph Edward1886?4 Nov 195569h/IvyMaclean NSWAng
CausleyLewis HowardNov?19439 Sep 195410son/Samuel Arthur & Hilda JeanMaclean NSWAng
CausleyMarion1912?7 Mar 196653Maclean NSWPbn
CausleySamuel1847?15 Jun 193285h/ElizabethMaclean NSWAng
CausleySamuel Arthur1917?1 Oct 200487h/Hilda JeanMaclean NSWAng
CausleySamuel Gerard1884?21 Aug 195874h/Emily MayMaclean NSWAng
CausleyWalter James1888?23 Jun 196981h/Bertha FlorenceMaclean NSWAng
CavanaghAlice1839?14 Sep 191172Maclean NSWRC
CavanaghLancelot John E1912?7 Jan 195441NX21829Maclean NSWRC
Cavanough (Bale)Emma Eveline25 Apr 187811 Jan 195374dau/John & Hannah Elizabeth; w/George Hercules G RMaclean NSW
CavanoughGeorge18381905son/George & Jane; h/KatherineMaclean NSW
CavanoughGeorge Hercules G R4 Sep 187414 Jun 195075son/George & Catherine; h/Emma EvelineMaclean NSW
CavanoughHannah1877?27 Oct 196790dau/Charles & HarrietMaclean NSW
CavanoughIrena (Minnie)18771933dau/George & KatherineMaclean NSW
CavanoughKatherine18411925dau/Patrick & Bridget; w/GeorgeMaclean NSW
CavanoughLeila M19 Mar 1903198481dau/George Hercules G R & Emma EvelineMaclean NSW
CavanoughNewton R (Dick)18761937son/George & KatherineMaclean NSW
CawsFrances1876?19 Apr 194266Maclean NSWAng
ChambersDorothy Winifred1890?6 Apr 193646w/SydneyMaclean NSWAng
ChandlerErnest Keith1913?18 Feb 193925son/Richard Edward & Hannah Lena JaneMaclean NSWAng
Chandler (Watts)Grace Florence1900?6 Aug 198686formerly Irons; w/Henry Archibald (Irons) & Richard WalterMaclean NSW
ChandlerHannah Lena Jane1880?24 Apr 192949w/Richard EdwardMaclean NSWAng
ChandlerRichard Edward1874?16 Aug 194268h/Hannah Lena JaneMaclean NSWAng
ChandlerRichard William Edward1898?21 Apr 191820son/Richard Edward & Hannah Lena Jane; 505Maclean NSWAng
ChandlerViolet CarolineJan 1912?27 May 19131dau/Richard Edward & Hannah Lena JaneMaclean NSWAng
ChantreIvy E A1888?11 Jul 197991Maclean NSWRC
ChantrePeter Silva1882?31 Jul 195674Maclean NSWRC
ChapmanAmelia Jane1871?31 Dec 193059w/Richard RMaclean NSWAng
ChapmanEdward1895?1 Dec 196469Maclean NSWPbn
ChapmanIvy Muriel18931dau/Richard R & Amelia JaneMaclean NSWAng
ChaselingIsabella1883?17 Jan 1986102w/Loyal EdwinMaclean NSWAng
ChaselingLoyal Edwin1875?23 Sep 195479h/IsabellaMaclean NSWAng
ChisholmCatherine1822?4 Mar 190481Maclean NSWRC
ChisholmMargaret Mary1856?12 Apr 190549w/JamesMaclean NSWRC
Clancy"Dale"6 Jun 19556 Jun 19550son/Percy Charles & Edna Jeanette (North); b. Maclean, NSW, AustraliaMaclean NSWPres. A3, 25
ClarkAlbert John1896?31 Oct 196064Maclean NSWAng
ClarkCatherine McAulay1882?10 Aug 197492dau/Donald & Isabel; w/Charles HerbertMaclean NSW
ClarkCharles Herbert1881?7 Aug 196584son/James & Sarah; h/Catherine McAulayMaclean NSW
ClarkIvy Pearl1910?4 Mar 193221Maclean NSWPbn
ClarkJames1856?26 Mar 192770son/Thomas & Alice; h/Sarah AnnMaclean NSW
ClarkLorna Fern1900?22 Jan 198382Maclean NSWAng
Clark (Napper)Sarah Ann1859?11 Jul 192364dau/Edward & Eliza; w/JamesMaclean NSW
ClarkeLeonard Alfred James1906?13 Dec 195044Maclean NSW

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