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BowravilleGumbayngirr Road, Bowraville NSW 24491317

1317 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?JohnBowraville NSWAng
AhearnDonald Edward1906?30 May 195044son/Victor William & Catherine AdaBowraville NSWAng
AlexanderCheryl Maree19522002Bowraville NSWRC
AllanClive Henry Joseph (Joe)2 Oct 191016 Dec 199383son/James Griffes & Coral Annie (Jemmett); b. Cootamundra, NSW, Australia; h/Lily May (Barber)Bowraville NSWMth
Allan (Crowe)Diana Letitia1924?18 Apr 196440w/Harold WilliamBowraville NSWMth
AllanDoris May25 Jan 192821 Aug 199870w/Noel VickeryBowraville NSWCol
Allan (Daley)Eunice Joan9 May 192715 Nov 201285w/Roy AndrewBowraville NSWCol
AllanHarold William (Mick)4 Dec 19192 Oct 199778?h/Diana LetitiaBowraville NSWMth
AllanJames Arthur16 Oct 191318 Nov 197663son/James G. & Coral A.; b. Junee, NSW; h/Mary E. (Gavin)Bowraville NSW
AllanJames Henry1842?13 Oct 191674son/James & Eliza; h/LoisBowraville NSWPbn
Allan (Barber)Lily May (Bub)1909?23 Jun 200192w/Clive Henry JosephBowraville NSWMth
Allan (Trees)Lois1843?18 Aug 191471w/James HenryBowraville NSWPbn
Allan (Gavin)Mary Elinor26 Jan 19153 Aug 200994w/James A.Bowraville NSW
AllanNoel Vickery (Snow)29 Aug 19269 Apr 200780h/Doris MayBowraville NSWCol
AllanRoy Andrew19 Oct 192412 Jan 199873h/Eunice (Daley)Bowraville NSWCol
AllanShawn Dean31 Mar 197622 Jun 201135son/Paul & JanBowraville NSWCol
Anderson (Hoffman)Maureen Olive8 Jan 192122 Aug 201291dau/Augustus (Gus) & Constance (Connie) (McCudden); w/Albert AllanBowraville NSWRC
Appleby (Riddell)Florence Myrtle13 Aug 19163 Nov 200286w/Vincent BruceBowraville NSWAng
Appleby (Davidson)Mary Ann1882?17 Dec 197997dau/John & Charlotte; w/Richard ThomasBowraville NSWAng
ApplebyRichard Thomas18708 Jan 194271son/Richard & Miriam (Drury); b. Braidwood NSW; h/Mary Ann (Davidson)Bowraville NSWAng
ApplebyVincent Bruce18 Sep 190911 Mar 198979h/Florence MyrtleBowraville NSWAng
AppletonJohn15 Dec 189015 Mar 198190b. Sowerby, EnglandBowraville NSWAng
Argent (Scrivener)Emma Louisa1872?8 Sep 195482w/JohnBowraville NSWPbn
ArgentJohn1863?4 Jan 193773h/Emma LouisaBowraville NSWPbn
ArkleArthur Robert1930?26 Jun 200575h/Shirley M. (Newman)Bowraville NSWAng
ArklePeter John1956?6 Mar 198528son/Arthur R. & Shirley M. (Newman)Bowraville NSWAng
Arkle (Newman)Shirley May1932?28 Jun 201684w/Arthur R.Bowraville NSWAng
AstonCecil Roy1906?6 Jan 196457son/John & Matilda MayBowraville NSWAng
Aston (Duckett)Clara Laurel1910?21 Apr 198878w/JackBowraville NSWAng
AstonClarance Blaney1876?1 Sep 192347son/Thomas & Mary ABowraville NSWPbn
AstonHazle Nash1879?11 May 190728son/Thomas & Mary AnnBowraville NSWPbn
AstonJack1904?5 Jan 197065h/Clara LaurelBowraville NSWAng
AstonJohn1872?29 Dec 194977son/Thomas & Mary Ann; h/Matilda MayBowraville NSWAng
AstonJohn Ray1930?28 Feb 199463h/ShirleyBowraville NSWAng
AstonMary Ann1849?8 Jun 191869b. Co Antrim, Ireland; w/ThomasBowraville NSWPbn
Aston (Owens)Mary Rita1892?26 Feb 198289w/SidneyBowraville NSWRC
Aston (Hall)Matilda May1880?3 Sep 196686dau/Joseph & Annie Matilda; w/JohnBowraville NSWAng
AstonSidney1885?25 Jul 196580Bowraville NSWPbn
AstonThomas1843?26 Aug 192178h/Mary AnnBowraville NSWPbn
AstonVeronica Joan1923?1 Sep 196744dau/Sidney & Mary RitaBowraville NSWRC
AstonVicki Ann1960?17 Aug 19600dau/John Ray & ShirleyBowraville NSWAng
AustenMary Anne1869?4 Oct 196697Bowraville NSWRC
Bailey (Smith)Alice Amelia1882?22 Sep 195270w/William EdgarBowraville NSWPbn
BaileyCarlyle William1908?31 Mar 197364son/William Edgar & Alice AmeliaBowraville NSWPbn
BaileyEdwin George1910?16 Dec 194333son/William Edgar & Alice AmeliaBowraville NSWPbn
BallangarryIvan John16 Sep 19399 Feb 200060son/Ivan John & Hilda Gwendoline (Whaddy); b. Bellingen, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Helen (Donohoe)Bowraville NSW
Ballangarry (Robinson)Joan Florence2 Feb 19339 Sep 199162Bowraville NSW
BallangarryTrevor (Dozer)15 Feb 194612 Nov 200256Bowraville NSW
BallardArline Lavina14 Feb 1977dau/Markham John & Hephzibah; w/Clydeville GeorgeBowraville NSWPbn
BallardClydeville George (Clyde)1912?7 Jun 197462son/George Claud & Alice Amelia; h/ArlineBowraville NSWPbn
BallardDebbie Irene1960?3 Jul 19600dau/Douglas John & Olga JoyceBowraville NSWAng
BallardEdith1902?4 Jun 197573dau/Hubert McDowell & MaryBowraville NSWPbn
BallardEdward James (Ned)1925?19 Jan 198660h/Phyllis D. (Freeman)Bowraville NSWPbn
Ballard (Greenaway)Hazel (Joyce)26 Aug 191924 Mar 200888w/RusBowraville NSWAng
BallardOlga Joyce17 Apr 193715 Oct 200568Bowraville NSWCol
Ballard (Freeman)Phyllis Doreen1924?22 Jan 201793w/Edward J. (Ned)Bowraville NSWPbn
Bannon (Aston)Anne Margaret1931?28 Mar 201382w/VinceBowraville NSWRC
Bannon (Scrivener)Beryl1929?18 Feb 195626dau/Clarence Thomas & Ethel Evelyn (Ballard); w/Vincent DominicBowraville NSWRC
BannonVincent Dominic1924?4 Dec 198561son/John Michael & Ethel Madeline; h/Beryl (Scrivener) & Anne M. (Aston); 65515Bowraville NSWRC
Barber (Hennessey)Joan Mercedes1917?3 Jan 199072w/WesleyBowraville NSWRC
Barber (Beilby)Lily Maud1892?15 May 195765w/WilliamBowraville NSWMth
BarberMuriel Jean1930?12 Jan 195019dau/William & LilyBowraville NSWMth
BarberWesley1913?15 Nov 198168h/Joan MercedesBowraville NSWRC
BarberWilliam1882?25 Sep 196179h/Lily MaudBowraville NSWMth
Barclay (Smith)Elvina May1914?1 Aug 197864w/Eric EltonBowraville NSWPbn
BarclayEric Elton1909?5 Apr 199081h/Elvina MayBowraville NSWPbn
BarghCharles1907?3 Nov 195649h/Irene AdaBowraville NSWAng
BarghGeoffrey Charles1935?20 Feb 196226son/Charles & Irene AdaBowraville NSWAng
Bargh (Down)Irene Ada1912?8 Jan 196047dau/William & Olga Antonia; w/CharlesBowraville NSWAng
BartleyMargaret Joan20 Feb 194929 Nov 199849Bowraville NSWAng
BeachamLeonard Walter (Len)1 Oct 19227 Aug 200784h/Inge Bernice (Busch)Bowraville NSWMth
BeachamPeter1877?5 Mar 194365son/Henry & MaryBowraville NSWRC
BellisAlbert John1877?1 Jun 194063h/JaneBowraville NSWAng
BellisJaneOct?186822 Aug 196899w/Albert JohnBowraville NSWAng
BellisJean MacDonald1907?21 Jan 193527dau/Donald & JohannahBowraville NSWAng
BellisWilliam Henry1911?29 Nov 193221son/Albert John & JaneBowraville NSWAng
BelmanSydney Charles28 Aug 1955son/Alfred Charles W & Lena MayBowraville NSWAng
Bertie (Barnes)Cecilia Matilda1901?1 Mar 198381dau/Benjamin & Alice; w/RobertBowraville NSWRC
Betts (Mackay)Arrabella Jane (Jackie)1894?22 Sep 196268dau/Robert & Dora; b. Macksville, NSW; w/GeorgeBowraville NSWPbn
BettsGeorge1886?4 Aug 197084h/Arrabella JaneBowraville NSWPbn
BettsLachlan Leith3 Oct 192013 Nov 200888son/George & Arrabella; h/Linely Carmel (Owens); NX99443Bowraville NSWCol
Bilbee (Mottley)Marjorie Isabella13 Jan 192313 Oct 200481w/JamesBowraville NSWCol
BlackmanOswald George1906?21 Jun 197872son/George Albert & Clara JaneBowraville NSWAng
Boniface (McKay)Clarissa Maude18861916w/Robert HenryBowraville NSWCol
BoorerElizabeth Rose1940?19 Jul 198949Bowraville NSWAng
BoorerMargaret Alice189510 Mar 198892w/Thomas JohnBowraville NSWPbn
BoorerThomas John1898?14 Jul 197880son/David & Elizabeth (Carter); b. Dungog, NSW; h/Margaret A (Henderson); 1444Bowraville NSWPbn
BowmanMichael John (Mick)7 Jan 19615 May 199029Bowraville NSWRC
BradleyAngus1854?6 Sep 192369son/William & Betsy; h/Caroline AnnBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyAngusena Victoria (Sena)1890?19 Jun 196575dau/Angus & Caroline AnnBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyBetty June24 Mar 194125 Feb 200462w/CarlBowraville NSWCol
Bradley (Kleindienst)Caroline Ann1862?17 May 193270dau/William & Louisa B M; w/AngusBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyChristopher Percival (Rev)1896?8 Aug 197478son/Angus & Caroline AnnBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyDavid John (Doc)1929?5 Dec 199566Bowraville NSWCol
Bradley (Walters)Elizabeth18501888w/DonaldBowraville NSWCol
BradleyGlenn Clive10 Sep 193215 Jun 201279Bowraville NSW
BradleyJane Olga (Jinny)1892?8 Jun 197987dau/Angus & Caroline AnnBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyJohn Robert1861?8 Sep 195291son/William & BetsyBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyKendall Ivor1895?19 Feb 199094h/Mary HarrietBowraville NSWPbn
Bradley (Kleindienst)Louisa1861?Oct 194584dau/Christopher & Louisa; w/John RobertBowraville NSWPbn
Bradley (Snodgrass)Lucy Flora22 Aug 19083 Jun 199081w/William ChristopherBowraville NSWPbn
Bradley (Shales)Mary Harriet1908?14 Nov 198476w/Kendall IvorBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyMerle1897?30 Aug 198285Bowraville NSWPbn
BradleyRowley Clyde1891?24 Oct 197180son/John Robert & LouisaBowraville NSWPbn
BradleyWilliam Christopher26 Jul 1973son/John Robert & Louisa; h/LucyBowraville NSWPbn
BransdonGeorge Eno2 Jun 188214 Jul 191934son/George & Rosanna (Cameron); b. Mount Seaview NSW; h/Winifred May (Daniels)Bowraville NSWAng
BroadheadDugald Roy1923?15 Dec 199572son/George Charles & Marion Mary (Drysdale); b. AustraliaBowraville NSWPbn
BroadheadGeorge Charles1892?26 Jul 197381son/Frederick & Roseanne (Harvey); b. Australia; h/Marian MaryBowraville NSWPbn
Broadhead (Drysdale)Marian Mary1895?9 Sep 198287dau/Dugald & Catherine (Welsh); b. Australia; w/George CharlesBowraville NSWPbn
BrownAden Irvin1896?19 Sep 195559son/William Mathias & JaneBowraville NSWPbn
BrownCecil Lloyd1905?31 Aug 198378h/Florence EmmaBowraville NSWPbn
BrownFlorence Emma1908?25 Sep 199587w/Cecil LloydBowraville NSWPbn
Brown (Coulter)Islett Margaret McL1891?19 Jul 194453?dau/William James & Emily; w/William JamesBowraville NSWMth
BrownJane1877?22 Apr 194871w/William MathiasBowraville NSWPbn
Brown (White)Janet Louisa1883?9 Sep 197895w/Robert TristramBowraville NSWPbn
BrownLeonard Powell1900?22 Feb 194645son/William Mathias & JaneBowraville NSWPbn
BrownLester (Arthur)19 Mar 193811 Apr 201476Bowraville NSW
BrownLester Robert19 Nov 192124 Apr 199775h/Phyllis LolaBowraville NSWCol
BrownMerle Oliver20 May 191017 Aug 198979son/William M & Jane; b. Bowraville, New South Wales, Australia; h/Clara Eileen (Stewart)Bowraville NSWPbn
BrownPhyllis Lola13 Aug 192012 Apr 200887w/Lester RobertBowraville NSWCol
BrownReuben Robert1948?19480son/Lester & PhyllisBowraville NSWCol
BrownRobert Reuben5 Dec 1948son/Lester Robert & Phyllis LolaBowraville NSWAng
BrownRobert Tristram1875?18 Jun 196287h/Janet LouisaBowraville NSWPbn
BrownUnnamed male19451945sbson/Lester & PhyllisBowraville NSWCol
BrownWilliam James1878?11 Mar 195576h/Islett Margaret McLBowraville NSWMth
BrownWilliam Mathias1871?11 Nov 194473h/JaneBowraville NSWPbn
Brownhill (Saunders)Bertha Matilda Jeffery1887?28 Sep 195063dau/Joihn & Amelia; w/Frank HerbertBowraville NSWAng
BrownhillFrank Herbert1880?4 Jan 197493son/Joseph John; h/Bertha Matilda JefferyBowraville NSWAng
BrownhillTrevor John1922?27 Jan 198966Bowraville NSWAng
BruceGordon1923?22 Aug 200077NX38007Bowraville NSWCol
Buchanan (Davis)Margaret Alice19 Oct 19381 Sep 199859w/WarrenBowraville NSW
BuchananRoderick Patrick (Crumbs)5 Dec 194022 Feb 201574h/Sandra Ettina (Jarrett)Bowraville NSW
BuchananWarren19 Nov 193324 Jun 201682h/Margaret A. (Davis)Bowraville NSW
BuchananWayne K. M. (Bookie)13 Apr 196413 Jun 201450Bowraville NSW
Bulley (Brown)Lucy Martha1862?9 Sep 193169w/William HenryBowraville NSWPbn
BulleyWilliam Henry1860?4 May 192565h/Lucy MarthaBowraville NSWPbn
BusteedBaby0son/K & MBowraville NSWRC
ButlerAlan Hudson22 Jul 190028 Jun 196262son/Alan & Rose Ada (Weatherhead)Bowraville NSWAng
ByrnesCecil Roy22 Dec 19045 Jul 190730mson/John Patrick & Christina (Gaddes); b. Macksville, NSWBowraville NSWCol
Byrnes (Deeves)Doreen22 Aug 192110 Sep 201796w/Hilton ClydeBowraville NSWMth
ByrnesErima Olive18881890dau/John Patrick & ChristinaBowraville NSWCol
ByrnesEveleyn Jane18831902dau/John Patrick & ChristinaBowraville NSWCol
ByrnesHilton Clyde29 Apr 19197 Jan 200787son/Elisha St Clair & Avis Evelyn May (MacKay); b. Bellingen, NSW; h/Doreen (Deeves); NX123895Bowraville NSWMth
ByrnesWilliam14 Dec 188413 Feb 190722son/John Patrick & Christina (Gaddes); b. Nambucca River, NSW; h/Agnes Sophia (Stace)Bowraville NSWMcKay Memorial Wall
CaldwellFay Ruth30 May 195722 Dec 200043dau/William & Evelyn (Duckett)Bowraville NSW
CampbellDuncan William13 Jun 194323 Oct 201370Bowraville NSW
CampbellEric Stanley (Jim)18 Feb 19158 Sep 198671Bowraville NSWRC
CampbellRobert Georgeh/Rebecca (Brown)Bowraville NSW
CampbellRonald Maxwell8 Dec 193713 Nov 199860h/Melissa & AnnetteBowraville NSWPbn
CarbinJames1875?17 Aug 191641son/PatrickBowraville NSWRC
CarbinPatrick11 Jun 1930son/Owen & SarahBowraville NSWRC
CarbinSusan27 Apr 1924dau/Edward & SusanBowraville NSWRC
CarterDavid1863?9 Nov 194784son/David & Catherina; h/Jessie RossBowraville NSWPbn
CarterJessie Ross1871?28 Jul 195988w/DavidBowraville NSWPbn
CarterKatie1898?14 Aug 192325dau/David & Jessie RossBowraville NSWPbn
CarterReginald John1892?2 Jan 191320son/John & GertrudeBowraville NSWPbn
CassinEdward1864?9 Aug 192662son/Michael & Mary; h/SarahBowraville NSWRC
Cassin (Wicks)Lucy Sarah1871?7 Feb 193462dau/Alfred & Elizabeth; w/EdwardBowraville NSWRC
CassinNeville John1926?13 Dec 198357Bowraville NSWRC
Cassin (Joyce)Queenie May1906?27 Aug 195953dau/John & Margaret; w/Thomas EdwardBowraville NSWRC
CassinThomas Edward1899?30 Oct 196970son/Edward & Lucy Sarah; h/Queenie MayBowraville NSWRC
ChamberlainWalter Ernest1875?25 Feb 192650son/Walter & MargaretBowraville NSWAng
ChapmanGeorge1881?15 Jun 193049Bowraville NSWPbn
ChapmanIsabellaMay?18536 Jan 190652Bowraville NSWPbn
Churchill (Mackay)Alice Jane1886?9 Jun 197993dau/Alexander & Elizabeth Lucilla; w/Charles SpencerBowraville NSWMth
ChurchillCharles Spencer1886?16 Jul 197185son/Charles Spencer & Matilda; h/Alice JaneBowraville NSWMth
ChurchillLeo (Dickie)1920?25 Jun 199676Bowraville NSWMth
ClancyDenis14 Dec 1920Bowraville NSWRC
CloughBarry JosephJul?19343 Mar 19372son/Harold Ernest & Mary MagdalineBowraville NSWRC
CloughHarold Ernest1895?27 Feb 196064son/Thomas & Winifred; h/Mary MagdalineBowraville NSWRC
CloughJohn Bernard1929?10 Feb 200171Bowraville NSWRC
CloughMary Magdaline1904?26 Oct 198581w/Harold ErnestBowraville NSWRC
ColbCecilia Sarah13 May 195211 Nov 201058dau/Leslie & Sylvia (Barnes)Bowraville NSWRC
ColbLeslie Norman1925?27 Apr 197651h/Sylvia Cecilia; 135081Bowraville NSWRC
Colb (Barnes)Sylvia Cecilia1 Feb 19253 Mar 200984w/Leslie NormanBowraville NSWRC
CollinsCyril Temperly18 Dec 19233 Jun 198157b. DorrigoBowraville NSWMth
CollinsRobert Andrew26 Aug 192112 Oct 199574h/ElaineBowraville NSWCol
ConenEmily23 Nov 18867 Apr 18870dau/Joseph & SarahBowraville NSWPbn
ConenLouisa1843?10 Jul 188239b. Co Fermanagh, Ireland; w/JosephBowraville NSWPbn
ConenMontgomery ArthurJul?187626 Oct 18771son/Joseph & LouisaBowraville NSWPbn
ConenSarah AnnJan 187322 Dec 18730dau/Joseph & LouisaBowraville NSWPbn
ConlonMary Dorothy (Sr)12 Dec 1946Bowraville NSWRC
ConnorsElizabeth Maude1899?28 Apr 197172Bowraville NSWRC
Connors (Bannon)Ellen Josephine1894?9 Apr 196975dau/Patrick & Mary Ann; w/John FrancisBowraville NSWRC
Connors (Bellis)Frances Isobelle1908?7 Jun 197062dau/Albert John & Jane; w/John DominicBowraville NSWAng
ConnorsJohn1870?12 Sep 195989son/Michael & Sarah; h/Mary AnnBowraville NSWRC
ConnorsJohn1942?19420son/John Dominic & Frances IsobelleBowraville NSWAng
ConnorsJohn Dominic1910?21 Aug 200090h/Frances IsobelleBowraville NSWAng
ConnorsJohn Francis1894?27 Jul 195157son/Thomas & Susan Isabella; h/Ellen JosephineBowraville NSWRC
ConnorsLawrence Bede1897?20 Oct 197578Bowraville NSWRC
Connors (McPhillips)Mary Ann1873?29 Apr 195885dau/Michael & Ellen; w/JohnBowraville NSWRC
CookAlfred Henry1862?29 Apr 193977son/John Peter & Katherine; h/Jessie ElvinaBowraville NSWMth
Cook (Hoffman)Annie Lillian28 Jun 19289 Oct 201183w/Vincent K.Bowraville NSW
CookBernard Victor26 Jun 194026 May 200867Bowraville NSWRC
Cook (Parkins)Dorothy1908193426w/GarnetBowraville NSWCol
CookEric Noel3 Dec 192614 Sep 199164son/Garnet Leslie & DorothyBowraville NSWMth
CookGarnet Leslie1 Dec 19014 Dec 199089h/Dorothy & MargaretBowraville NSWMth
CookJanette1941?7 Feb 198038Bowraville NSWRC
CookMagnus Victor1898?6 Apr 197274son/Alfred & Jessie; h/Mary AgnesBowraville NSWRC
CookMargaret21 Dec 19061 Aug 199992w/GarnetBowraville NSWMth
Cook (Laverty)Mary Agnes1902?7 Jul 198280w/Magnus VictorBowraville NSWRC
CookVincent Kevin11 Sep 19243 May 201388son/Magnus V. & Mary; h/Annie L. (Hoffman)Bowraville NSW
CooperJoseph Alexander1888?3 Oct 196476son/David & Mary JaneBowraville NSWAng
CoulterBernard24 Jun 194825 Jun 19480son/William Rex & Mary MargaretBowraville NSWRC
CoulterDouglas Rex1 Nov 193911 Jun 19400son/William Rex & Mary MargaretBowraville NSWRC
CoulterElsie Irene1900?9 Aug 198282Bowraville NSWMth
CoulterEmily1852?22 Feb 193582dau/William & Roseina; w/William JamesBowraville NSWMth
Coulter (Barber)Emma1883196885dau/Andrew Bartley & Margaret (Cook); b. West Kempsey,NSW; w/William JohnBowraville NSWMth
CoulterEric Desmond1920?15 Jun 200080h/OliveBowraville NSW
CoulterGregory Allan26 Nov 194527 Feb 200660h/NilimaBowraville NSWRC
CoulterHercules Ernest Gosford1890?28 Jun 195060son/William & EmilyBowraville NSWMth
CoulterIrene PearlApr?19099 Oct 19156dau/William John & EmmaBowraville NSWMth
CoulterKenneth A1907199083son/William John Alexander & Emma (Barber); b. Kempsey,NSW; h/MaryBowraville NSWMth
Coulter (Grant)Mary19041973w/KenBowraville NSWMth
Coulter (Ahearn)Mary Margaret21 Dec 191122 Aug 199987w/William RexBowraville NSWRC
CoulterOlive Pearl1923?9 Jan 201087w/EricBowraville NSW
CoulterTerry Ray29 Aug 19888 Jul 200314son/Gregory Allan & NilimaBowraville NSWRC
CoulterWilliam John Alexander1876194064son/William James & Emily; h/EmmaBowraville NSWMth
CoulterWilliam Rex10 Mar 191323 Mar 195946son/William John Alexander & Emma (Barber); b. Bowraville,NSW; h/Mary MargaretBowraville NSWRC
Cowell (McKay)Hazel Madge6 Nov 191316 Jan 199884Bowraville NSWMth
CowinJames1856?6 Jun 191862Bowraville NSWMth
CowinJohn JamesSep?188517 Jun 196478son/James; h/Kate MayBowraville NSWMth
Cowin (Grace)Kate May1891?7 Dec 197887dau/Frank & Rebecca; w/John JamesBowraville NSWMth
CoxEileen Veronica1909?30 May 196354dau/John & SusanBowraville NSWRC
CoxHarold Alexander1896?25 Mar 195962h/Irene VictoriaBowraville NSWRC
Cox (Owens)Irene Victoria1897?19 Sep 197376w/Harold AlexanderBowraville NSWRC
CoxJohn1862?24 Jul 193775h/SusanBowraville NSWRC
CoxMollie1893?15 Apr 197784dau/John & SusanBowraville NSWRC
CoxSusan1862?28 Sep 193775w/JohnBowraville NSWRC
Crabb (Smith)Alice Louisa1892?19 Nov 196573dau/William Henry & Gertrude Lavina; w/Stephen ThomasBowraville NSWMth
CrabbJennifer2 Apr 19572 Apr 19570dau/Keith Stephen John & Margaret LaraineBowraville NSWMth
CrabbKeith Stephen John1924?17 Jan 196742h/Margaret LaraineBowraville NSWMth
CrabbStephen Thomas1892?28 Jul 196775son/John Thomas & Elizabeth; h/Alice LouisaBowraville NSWMth
CribbAllan John (Cribby)7 Aug 194124 Feb 201775Bowraville NSW
CrossinghamGeorge Edward1919?13 Aug 199273h/Mary Margaret (Maloney)Bowraville NSWRC
CrossinghamHenry Albert1861193372h/Jane Gilliban Wiseman (McKay)Bowraville NSWCol
CrossinghamJane1867?1 Aug 190235dau/Donald & Jane G W; w/HenryBowraville NSWPbn
CrossinghamMary Jane1889?8 Aug 197889dau/John & Ellen MariaBowraville NSWAng
Crossingham (Maloney)Mary Margaret1929?5 Apr 201283w/GeorgeBowraville NSWRC
CroxtonMartha1840?7 Jul 191373dau/Thomas & MaryBowraville NSWPbn
DaleyAlbert Charles27 Jan 191412 Jan 199883h/MonicaBowraville NSWRC
DaleyJohn Henry1888?1 Mar 196273son/Erwin William & Molly; h/Margaret LovinBowraville NSWPbn
Daley (McLennan)Margaret Lovin1889?27 Jan 196171dau/Murdoch & Margaret Ross; w/John HenryBowraville NSWPbn
Daley (Fleming)Monica1913?10 Apr 196653dau/Michael & Sarah; w/Albert CharlesBowraville NSWRC
DanielsHarry24 May 183326 Sep 190572son/John & Winifred; b. Kensington, England; h/NellBowraville NSWPbn
DawsonNorman George1919?26 Sep 199778h/Phyllis M. (Small); NX115032Bowraville NSWMth
Dawson (Small)Phyllis Madelinew/Norman G.Bowraville NSWMth
DayBob1924?12 Mar 198560Bowraville NSWRC
DayDane Anthony (Tony)1929?31 Jan 199060Bowraville NSWRC
DayDaphne Mary4 Mar 19316 Aug 200271Bowraville NSWPbn
DayFrancis Graham (Frank)6 Aug 192515 Jul 199670Bowraville NSWPbn
DayGrahame Anthony26 Jan 196426 Jan 1964sbson/Francis Graham & Daphne MaryBowraville NSWPbn
DayJames1874?18 Mar 195378son/Patrick & MaryBowraville NSWRC
DayJohn1862?27 Mar 194279Bowraville NSWRC
DayMary1841?2 Sep 191978dau/Thomas & Mary; w/PatrickBowraville NSWRC
DayMichael David (Mick)17 Aug 193012 Jan 199665Bowraville NSWRC
Day (Graham)Muriel Eileen18 Aug 19029 Jun 198582dau/David Charles & Annie Maria (Clausen); b. Woonona NSW, Australia; w/JamesBowraville NSWRC
DayPatrick1824?10 Jul 1925101son/John & Ann; b. Co Limerick, Ireland; h/MaryBowraville NSWRC
DayPatrick1875?3 Jun 191338son/Patrick & MaryBowraville NSWRC
DeanCharles1907?28 Sep 198982h/EllenBowraville NSWAng
Dean (Martin)Ellen1914?19 Sep 198571w/CharlesBowraville NSWAng
DenhamViolet Lily1898?4 Jul 198284Bowraville NSWPbn
DevirDominick1836?11 Mar 191881son/Ellen; h/JuliaBowraville NSWRC
DevirJulia1837?17 Oct 191477dau/Nicholas; w/DominickBowraville NSWRC
DevirLesley William6 May 19469 May 19460son/Mervyn J. & Beatrice May (Brown)Bowraville NSW
DevirNicholas1875?4 Jul 195984son/Dominick & JuliaBowraville NSWRC
DietrichHarry Peter1935?18 Feb 199054Bowraville NSWRC
DobsonAlice MaryDec 192615 Mar 19270dau/Alexander & AliceBowraville NSWRC
DobsonBarbara Lynette1936?29 Jan 197134dau/Jack & Doris MayBowraville NSWAng
DoonerAllan Harley28 Feb 190828 Oct 198072son/Edward John & Caroline (Keens); b. Wyalong,NSW,Australia; h/Edna Regina (Bowditch); N181853Bowraville NSWRC
Dooner (Bowditch)Edna Regina21 Feb 191016 Apr 199181dau/Joseph & Lily Jane (Timms); b. Wickham,NSW; w/Allan HarleyBowraville NSWRC
DownWilliam1872?23 Feb 194673son/John & Myria; h/Olga AntoniaBowraville NSWAng
DruryAllan Cassie (Mick)1910197868h/Marjorie EdelineBowraville NSWPbn
DruryKevin24 Oct 193627 Jun 199154Bowraville NSWPbn
Drury (Fuller)Marjorie Edeline (Marj)18 Mar 191420 May 199480formerly Ryan; dau/Wilmott Henry & Elva Augusta (Mackay); b. Bowraville NSW; w/Megan (Ryan) & Allan CassieBowraville NSWPbn
Duncan (Kelly)Margaret Mary14 Mar 19265 Jan 199467w/Victor JamesBowraville NSWRC
DuncanVictor James11 May 192015 Feb 199069h/Margaret MaryBowraville NSWRC
DunnJoshua Robert (Docco)13 Oct 199016 Feb 201423son/Robert & Shirley (Greenup)Bowraville NSW
DunnKim Lesley13 Nov 1960dau/Colin Lesley & Marion ShirleyBowraville NSWPbn
DwanEmily Louisa8 Nov 190324 Sep 198783b. Rozelle NSWBowraville NSWRC
DyballThomas William1865?19 Nov 189530son/Thomas & MatildaBowraville NSWPbn
DyerClaude Vincent20 Apr 19146 May 197662son/James Albert & Eva FlorenceBowraville NSWAng
Dyer (McKay)Eva Florence25 Jul 188814 May 197687w/James AlbertBowraville NSWAng
DyerHeather Dawn27 Aug 193528 May 200771Bowraville NSWCol
DyerJames Albert25 Dec 18871 Jun 196678h/Eva Florence (McKay)Bowraville NSWAng
Dyer (Gore)Mary1850?13 Jul 188939w/Walter ThomasBowraville NSWPbn
DyerWalter Thomas1842?6 Aug 191169h/MaryBowraville NSWPbn
EdwardsMary Ann Amelia1862?28 May 195088dau/Arthur & Margaret; w/WilliamBowraville NSWAng
EdwardsWilliam1848?25 Jun 193284son/Robert; h/Mary Ann AmeliaBowraville NSWAng
EldridgeCatherine A E1907?21 Apr 199891Bowraville NSWCol
EldridgeRobert G1904?4 Mar 198479Bowraville NSWCol
EldridgeYvonne Viola19 Aug 192729 Aug 200982w/NormBowraville NSWCol
Elias (Clegg)Amber Evelyn1879?26 Nov 196182w/FrancisBowraville NSWRC
EliasClarence (Backie)7 Feb 191711 Aug 200285Bowraville NSWRC
EliasElsie Enid (Mulligan)3 Jun 190714 Dec 198780Bowraville NSWRC
EliasFrancis1874?20 Jun 194874h/Amber EvelynBowraville NSWRC
ElliottHeather May12 May 192429 Jul 200480Bowraville NSWCol
Ennis (Fisher)Ada May1884?27 Feb 195570dau/Thomas & Jane (Smith); w/William HenryBowraville NSWAng
EnnisAlven Leslie30 Oct 19570son/Leslie George & Gladys MaryBowraville NSWAng
EnnisWilliam Henry (Harry)1886?5 Jan 197487son/William & Lydia; h/Ada MayBowraville NSWAng
Evans (Simpson)Dorothy Evelyn Violet29 Nov 19098 Oct 198373dau/Alfred & LucyBowraville NSWAng
Evans (Cox)Marie Maisie Carmel1922?6 Nov 194927dau/Harold Alexander & Irene Victoria; w/JosephBowraville NSWRC
EversonLeo Norris1932?5 Oct 195321son/James Norris & Sarah Ada (Rowsell)Bowraville NSWAng
FallonJohn1880?19 Aug 191838son/Lawrence & EllenBowraville NSWRC
FarmerBrian Andrew16 Mar 193228 Apr 196634son/Sydney William & Rose AnnieBowraville NSWRC
FarmerSydney William1896?20 May 193842son/David William & Ellen; h/Rose AnnieBowraville NSWRC
FarrugiaJoseph1912?8 Jul 199179Bowraville NSWMth
FarrugiaJoseph1941?2 Dec 198342Bowraville NSWMth
FauchonAdella Mary1866?29 Sep 194276dau/John Matthew & Levenia Ann; w/Robert EdwardBowraville NSWAng
FauchonGeorge Young1895?16 Apr 191217son/Robert Edward & Eleanor MBowraville NSWAng
FauchonIrene Jane1901?30 Dec 196665dau/Robert Edward & Adella MaryBowraville NSWAng
FauchonRobert Edward1848?19 Dec 193688b. Maidstone, England; h/Adella MaryBowraville NSWAng
FinucanMartin1833?9 Feb 192288son/Andrew & MaryBowraville NSWRC
FinucanMary1856?29 Apr 194185dau/Patrick & BridgetBowraville NSWRC
FitzpatrickEva Gladys1932?15 Jan 199158Bowraville NSWAng
FitzpatrickRonald J1922?9 Oct 200482Bowraville NSWAng
FlandersBarry Allen11 Oct 196225 Mar 201653Bowraville NSW
Fleming (Austen)Jessie Eileen1901?17 Jun 199291w/Rupert RoystonBowraville NSWRC
FlemingPatrick1859?4 Dec 188223son/Thomas & MaryBowraville NSWRC
FlemingRonald Claude1921?13 Nov 199877h/ValerieBowraville NSWRC
FlemingRupert Royston1896?19 Jun 197680h/Jessie Eileen; 2025Bowraville NSWRC
Fleming (Owens)Sarah186816 Dec 193465dau/James & Margaret (Kelly); b. Macleay River, NSW, Australia; w/MichaelBowraville NSWRC
FlemingThomas1793?3 Sep 188996b. Co Meath, IrelandBowraville NSWRC
FlemingThomas James1890?20 Jul 195767son/Michael & Sarah; 1624Bowraville NSWRC
FlemingValerie Naomi1928?5 Jun 201385w/RonaldBowraville NSWRC
FlemingVena Adelaide1904?6 Sep 197773dau/Michael & SarahBowraville NSWRC
FletcherDavid Bruce1953?8 Jun 198633Bowraville NSWAng
Fletcher (Bates)Erma Kathleen1920?21 Nov 200080w/Frederick JamesBowraville NSWAng
FletcherFrederick James1915?19 Sep 199681h/Erma Kathleen Merle; N443946Bowraville NSWAng
FletcherJames1884?31 Dec 197288son/JamesBowraville NSWAng
Flick (Smith)Emily Amelia1910?4 Jan 197261dau/Edward James & Mary Ann; w/Percy VictorBowraville NSWRC
FlickPercy Victor (Ben)1908?14 Feb 197566son/William Thomas & Rosanna; h/Emily AmeliaBowraville NSWRC
FlickRosanna1933dau/Daniel & Rosanna; w/WilliamBowraville NSWRC
FlickWilliam Thomas1862194179son/John & Alice Mary (Dore); h/RosannaBowraville NSWRC
FoleyDavid Leslie26 Oct 19099 Apr 198878Bowraville NSWPbn
FoleyIris Mary16 Feb 19209 Jul 199373b. BrooklanaBowraville NSWPbn
FoleyThomas Miles1918?12 Jul 199173NX29578Bowraville NSWPbn
ForbesAlfred1882?14 Aug 195472h/Margaret EvaBowraville NSWRC
ForbesColin1893?24 Feb 197682son/Henry & Mary; h/Violet MaryBowraville NSWMth
ForbesColin Mervyn28 Jun 192421 Feb 200782son/Colin & Violet M. (Field)Bowraville NSWMth
ForbesHeather Mary18 Sep 19264 Aug 201083Bowraville NSW
ForbesJames Clayton1906?18 Apr 197569h/HildaBowraville NSWRC
ForbesLawrence John1951?26 Nov 197726son/James Clayton & HildaBowraville NSWRC
ForbesMargaret Eva1885?1 Jun 196378w/AlfredBowraville NSWRC
ForbesRaymond Alfred15 Oct 19541 Feb 200550Bowraville NSWRC
Forbes (Field)Violet Mary1896?1 Apr 198286w/ColinBowraville NSWMth
FowlerIvy May1903?3 Oct 198885?Bowraville NSWPbn
FowlerJames1873?14 Mar 194571son/James & Sarah; h/Rebecca ArmstrongBowraville NSWPbn
FowlerJames Alfred8 Apr 190828 Oct 200092Bowraville NSWPbn
FowlerJohn1833?24 Sep 191380Bowraville NSWRC
Fowler (Cook)Louisa Adelaide1912?10 Jul 197058dau/John Alexander & Agnes Elvina; w/Sydney GeorgeBowraville NSWPbn
Fowler (Summerville)Rebecca Armstrong1870?5 Jul 194979dau/James & Ann; w/JamesBowraville NSWPbn
FowlerSydney George1900?10 Mar 198584h/Louisa AdelaideBowraville NSWPbn
FreemanBruce9 Mar 193223 Aug 200270h/IdaBowraville NSWRC
FreemanCyril Walter (Wally)11 Sep 190823 Oct 199688Bowraville NSWPbn
Freeman (White)Elizabeth Margaret J1904?10 Jul 197268dau/Charles & Miriam Rose; w/Wilfred SBowraville NSWAng
FreemanWilfred S1903?22 Oct 198178h/Elizabeth Margaret JBowraville NSWAng
FullerAllan James (George)1951?9 Dec 198736Bowraville NSWMth
FullerAthol Clyde (Ben)1913?3 Aug 197360h/Lillian RitaBowraville NSWAng
FullerClarence Raymond (Charlie)1911?11 May 198675Bowraville NSWMth
FullerElva Augusta1889?26 Jun 196576w/Wilmot HenryBowraville NSWPbn
FullerErrald Clyde (Paddy)10 Jul 191924 Apr 199575son/Wilmott Henry & Elva Augusta (Mackay); b. Kempsey; h/Beryl (Harris) & Una May (Ryde); NX117177Bowraville NSWPbn
FullerGeorge Alexander1881?29 Dec 196382son/Harry & Catherine; h/May IsobelBowraville NSWMth
FullerGwen28 Mar 195131 Aug 200352dau/Errald Clyde & Una May (Ryde); b. BowravilleBowraville NSWPbn
Fuller (Gee)Lillian Rita (Lil)1917?15 Jan 199880w/Athol ClydeBowraville NSWAng
FullerLionel Charles (Viv)1915?23 Mar 200387Bowraville NSWPbn
FullerLuke5 Jun 196217 Feb 201249son/Roy E. & VivienneBowraville NSWRC
FullerMay Isobel1894?28 Sep 197379w/George AlexanderBowraville NSWMth
FullerRoy Elwin (Feenie)11 May 1995h/Vivienne (Grant); N465629Bowraville NSWRC
Fuller (Ballard)Ruby Irene1894?22 Jun 197783w/William CBowraville NSWMth
Fuller (Gee)Thelma Lavina1925?3 Jul 200883w/Wilfred WilliamBowraville NSWCol
FullerTravis Dudley15 Mar 19172 May 19170son/Wilmott & ElvaBowraville NSWCol
Fuller (Ryde)Una May22 Jul 191731 Jul 200588dau/Thomas John & Louisa Jane (Dowling); w/Errald ClydeBowraville NSWPbn
Fuller (Grant)Vivienne Philomena11 Aug 19296 Apr 201181w/Roy E.Bowraville NSWRC
FullerWayne Paul (Fred)1956?14 Mar 200447h/UrmilaBowraville NSWPbn
FullerWilfred William (Dine)1918?9 Aug 200890h/Thelma LavinaBowraville NSWCol
FullerWilliam C1886?18 Jul 195872h/Ruby IreneBowraville NSWMth
FullerWilmot Henry (Billy) (Wilmott)12 Nov 18903 Mar 197887son/Thomas Alexander & Charlotte Ann (Lainey or Laney); b. Kempsey NSW; h/Elva Augusta (Mackay)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesAngus Murdock18607 Jun 195292son/William & Jane (Mackay); b. Go Go Plains Wauchope NSW, Australia; h/Rosina (Mooney)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesAugustus Mackay1864?16 Jun 194884son/William & Jane (Mackay); b. Port Macquarie NSW, Australia; h/Hannabell Alice (Brown)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesBasil Oliver1914?26 Mar 194732son/Augustus Mackay & Hannabell Alice (Brown); b. Bowraville, NSWBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesCecil Roy1906?1 Jun 196256son/Richard & Rosina (Mooney)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesColin Keith1904?1 Oct 19117son/Augustus Mackay & Hannabell Alice; b. Macksville, NSWBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesDon BarryNov?193021 Apr 194514son/Alfred Frederick & Chlorine MayBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesDoris1917?18 Sep 193518dau/Hugh Donald & Elsie Emily; b. Kempsey, NSWBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesDorothy Elizabeth1877?1 Jan 194163dau/George & Charlotte; w/St Clair AlexanderBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesDuncan Forbes Mackay187130 Jul 195079son/William & Jane (Mackay); b. Macleay River Area NSW, Australia; h/Winifred (Gorman)Bowraville NSWPbn
Gaddes (Beaton)Elsie Emily1889?22 Jul 197384dau/Charles & Theresa; b. Bowraville NSW, Australia; w/Hugh DonaldBowraville NSWPbn
Gaddes (Byrnes)Emma5 Mar 185715 Dec 189438dau/Patrick & Emma (Howell); b. Sydney, NSW; w/WilliamBowraville NSWPbn
Gaddes (Brown)Hannabell Alice1881?14 Sep 191736dau/William & Maria; b. Nambucca River Area NSW, Australia; w/Augustus MackayBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesHugh Donald1879?23 May 194567son/William & Jane (Mackay); b. Nambucca NSW, Australia; h/Elsie Emily (Beaton)Bowraville NSWPbn
Gaddes (Mackay)Jane1 Apr 184010 Dec 193191dau/Angus & Christina; b. Dungog NSW, Australia; w/WilliamBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesJohn DouglasFeb 19485 Dec 19480son/Mervyn St Clair & GwendolineBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesMervyn StClair1913?13 Aug 198067son/St Clair Alexander & Dorothy Elizabeth (Winslow); b. Bowraville, NSW; h/Gwendoline (Drury)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesReginald1915?5 Nov 198469son/Angus Murdock & Rosina (Mooney); b. Macksville, NSW; h/Nellie Pearl (Provost)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesRex GBowraville NSWRC
GaddesRichard1858?18 Sep 190749son/William & Jane (Mackay); b. Port Macquarie NSW, Australia; h/Rosina (Mooney)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesRobert St Clair (Bob)1900?4 Apr 197474son/Richard & Rosina (Mooney)Bowraville NSWPbn
Gaddes (Mooney)Rosina186016 May 194567formerly Gaddes; dau/John & Bridget; b. Glebe NSW, Australia; w/George & Richard & Angus MurdockBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesSt Clair Alexander1874?16 Sep 196490son/William & Jane (Mackay); b. Nambucca River Area NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy ElizabethBowraville NSWPbn
GaddesWilliam1832?12 Apr 190270son/William & Christina; b. Cumberland, England; h/Jane (Mackay)Bowraville NSWPbn
GaddesWilliam FrederickMay 19296 Dec 19290son/Alfred Frederick & Chlorine MayBowraville NSWPbn
GannonPatrick1889?12 Nov 192435son/Timothy & MargaretBowraville NSWRC
GarvenDorothy Emma1908?24 Apr 199486w/Geoffrey JamesBowraville NSWAng
GarvenGeoffrey James1907?26 May 197467son/James & Alice Evelyn; h/Dorothy EmmaBowraville NSWAng
GarvenJames1873?20 Jan 194874son/James & Elizabeth; h/Alice EvelynBowraville NSWAng
GarvenJames Ronald1931?1 Sep 197241son/Geoffrey James & Dorothy EmmaBowraville NSWAng
GibsonClarice GraceDec 1913?19 Jul 192915dau/Charlotte WBowraville NSWMth
GilAniela21 Jun 189130 Oct 198493b. PolandBowraville NSWRC
Gilbert (Owens)Mildred Margaret1899?26 Sep 196364w/William JBowraville NSWRC
GilbertWilliam J (Jack)1902?3 Oct 199088h/Mildred MargaretBowraville NSWRC
Gilkison (Grant)Emily Sarah23 Mar 1952dau/Edward & Mary Jane; w/SamuelBowraville NSWRC
Gillon (Wilkinson)Amy Elizabeth1892?13 Sep 197280w/John JamesBowraville NSWRC
Gillon (Moran)Elizabeth1867?6 Jul 196093dau/Hugh & Ann; w/TimothyBowraville NSWRC
Gillon (Moss)Ellen1868?17 Feb 194576dau/John & Theresa; w/PatrickBowraville NSWRC
GillonJohn1809?31 Dec 189990h/HonorahBowraville NSWRC
GillonJohn Bertrum1896?9 Oct 196872son/Patrick & EllenBowraville NSWRC
GillonJohn James1886?19 Jun 196882h/Amy ElizabethBowraville NSWRC
GillonKenny JohnBowraville NSWRC
GillonKingsley LewisApr?193520 Sep 19394son/Joseph Lewis & Olive ChristinaBowraville NSWRC
GillonLilian May1886?23 Sep 195872w/Michael HenryBowraville NSWRC
GillonMichael Henry1888?28 Feb 195263son/John & Mary Ellen; h/Lilian MayBowraville NSWRC
Gillon (Harrington)Norah (Honorah)1834?31 Oct 190167w/JohnBowraville NSWRC
GillonNorman Victor1920?4 Apr 199272h/Roma T. (Bond)Bowraville NSWRC
GillonPatrick1864?25 Jan 193065son/John & Hanorah; h/EllenBowraville NSWRC
Gillon (Bond)Roma Thelma1926?1 Jan 201185w/Norman V.Bowraville NSWRC
GillonTimothy1861?11 Aug 193877son/John & Honorah; h/ElizabethBowraville NSWRC
Gleeson (Rowe)Mary Violet1911?31 Mar 200290w/Patrick JamesBowraville NSWRC
GleesonPatrick James1910?23 Jul 198979h/Mary VioletBowraville NSWRC
GleesonPeter William1880?15 Jul 197595son/James John & Bridget; h/Sarah JosephineBowraville NSWRC
GleesonSarah Josephine1879?11 Jul 196485dau/Patrick & Alice; w/Peter WilliamBowraville NSWRC
GlydeDavid1898?31 May 196365h/Lottie MabelBowraville NSWPbn
GlydeHazel Mae1926?18 Apr 198963w/Stanley DavidBowraville NSWPbn
Glyde (Mackay)Lottie Mabel1894199095w/DavidBowraville NSWPbn
GlydeStanley David1923?19 Jul 200885h/Hazel MaeBowraville NSWPbn
GoodwinArthur Ernest1898?18 Feb 199192h/Sarah ElizabethBowraville NSWAng
GoodwinCharles Alfred1873?1 Jun 193865h/Matilda JaneBowraville NSWAng
GoodwinCharles Robert1904?23 Aug 197066son/John Archibald & Johannah; h/Muriel (Duckett)Bowraville NSWRC
GoodwinColin Arthur31 Mar 192427 Feb 201287h/Jean Elizabeth (Wood)Bowraville NSW
GoodwinJames18 May 1913son/James & Mary A; h/MargaretBowraville NSWRC
GoodwinLurline1936?14 Nov 194812dau/Charles & MurielBowraville NSWRC
Goodwin (McDermott)Margaret23 Aug 1923dau/John & Mary Ann (Richards); w/JamesBowraville NSWRC
GoodwinMary1932?14 Nov 194816dau/Charles & MurielBowraville NSWRC
Goodwin (Scrivener)Matilda Jane1873?20 Jun 193764dau/William & Emily; w/Charles AlfredBowraville NSWAng
GoodwinNorman RobertJun?192716 Mar 197951son/Arthur Ernest & Sarah ElizabethBowraville NSWAng
Goodwin (White)Pearl Iris1898?14 Aug 198789dau/William & Williamina; w/George LBowraville NSWMth
Goodwin (Grace)Sarah Elizabeth1902?1 Mar 198683w/Arthur ErnestBowraville NSWAng
GoreArthur Robert1888?16 Sep 193951h/Phoebe GraceBowraville NSWPbn
Gore (McDonald)Eileen Janet1904?1 Jun 199187w/Vincent RoyBowraville NSWPbn
GoreElaine Beryl3 Mar 19412 Sep 201675Bowraville NSWCol
GoreFrederick L1884?26 Jun 195268Bowraville NSWPbn
GoreGeorge William188112 Oct 195574h/Irene StellaBowraville NSWMth
Gore (Coulter)Irene Stella R. C.188823 Dec 194253dau/William & Emily; b. Kempsey, NSW; w/George WilliamBowraville NSWMth
GoreJack Hubert1930?20 Dec 195727son/Vincent R & Eileen JBowraville NSWPbn
Gore (Cook)Martha Ann1894?25 Apr 197682dau/Edward & Eva Jane; w/Frederick LBowraville NSWPbn
Gore (Ballard)Mary Jane1860?24 Jul 194686dau/Luther & Sarah Ann; w/WilliamBowraville NSWPbn
GoreMelvena Millicent1908?29 Jun 191810dau/George William & Irene StellaBowraville NSWMth
Gore (Bradley)Norma Mary26 Jul 192227 Jul 200280w/WesleyBowraville NSWCol
Gore (Argent)Phoebe Grace1895?19 Jun 198388w/Arthur RobertBowraville NSWPbn
GoreRex Wallace1909?30 Jun 192819son/George William & irene StellaBowraville NSWMth
GoreRita Stella1913?6 May 194229dau/George William & Irene StellaBowraville NSWMth
GoreRonald James (Toby)27 Jun 193328 Jan 199763Bowraville NSWPbn
GoreVincent Roy1899?27 Jan 199292h/Eileen JanetBowraville NSWPbn
GoreWesley Garnet27 Mar 19184 Apr 201395son/Arthur R. & Phoebe G.; h/Norma M. (Bradley)Bowraville NSWCol
GoreWilliam1858?24 Feb 194788son/Henry & Annie; h/Mary JaneBowraville NSWPbn
GorelyClarkson FrederickSep?19524 Jul 197017son/Jack Kenneth & Millicent MargaretBowraville NSWPbn
GorelyCyril Herbert28 Dec 19178 Aug 201496h/Enid Idalia (Kelsey)Bowraville NSWCol
GorelyEmily Mary1878?27 Jan 196687dau/Robert Jeremiah & Mary Ann; w/Frederick BertramBowraville NSWMth
GorelyFrederick Bertram1887?6 Sep 197285son/Charles & Maude; h/Emily MaryBowraville NSWMth
GorelyJack Kenneth1 Feb 191410 Dec 199682h/Millicent MargaretBowraville NSWMth
Gorely (Tuck)Millicent Margaret31 Mar 191711 Sep 199477w/Jack KennethBowraville NSWMth
GouldDesmond Jack (Jack)8 Feb 192616 Oct 200579Bowraville NSWMth
GraceAlbert Ernest1869?24 Aug 193162h/Louisa JaneBowraville NSWPbn
GraceAnnie Alexander1884?1 Jul 195268dau/Walter & CatherineBowraville NSWAng
GraceBruce William1943?16 Nov 197734son/Walter Albert & Effie May; h/Carol AnneBowraville NSWAng
GraceCarol Anne1947?8 Jul 197225dau/James & Alma; w/Bruce WilliamBowraville NSWAng
Grace (Simon)Catherine1847?13 May 193386w/WalterBowraville NSWPbn
GraceClaude Nelson29 Jan 19113 May 194939?son/William George A & Elizabeth; h/ElsieBowraville NSWPbn
GraceClive Alexander9 Jun 19437 Jul 200461son/Claude N. & Elsie M. (Anderson); h/Beverly Joy (Mackay)Bowraville NSWCol
GraceColin William1921?28 Dec 198665h/Florence JeanBowraville NSWAng
GraceEffie May24 Jan 190820 Jan 198778w/Walter Albert ErnestBowraville NSWAng
Grace (Dyer)Elizabeth1872?19 Oct 194977dau/George Thomas & Mary; w/William George AlexanderBowraville NSWAng
Grace (Mackay)Emily1885?13 Jul 198297w/Victor EdwinBowraville NSWPbn
Grace (Newman)Florence Jean1924?30 Apr 199268w/Colin WilliamBowraville NSWAng
GraceFrank1847?26 Jul 193588son/James Bannister; h/RebeccaBowraville NSWPbn
GraceFrank Ernest25 Jun 18908 May 197281h/VioletBowraville NSWPbn
GraceGeorge Edward1893?26 Apr 193542son/Walter & CatherineBowraville NSWPbn
GraceHenry William1946?15 Oct 198034son/Colin & Jean; h/AnneBowraville NSWAng
Grace (Churchill)Louisa Jane1876?2 Sep 190428w/Albert ErnestBowraville NSWPbn
GraceNellie Matilda1904?28 Jul 19084dau/William George A & ElizabethBowraville NSWPbn
Grace (Argent)Rebecca1850?11 Feb 191463dau/Allen & Emma; w/FrankBowraville NSWPbn
GraceRoy Frank ThomasOct?19062 Aug 19081son/William George A & ElizabethBowraville NSWPbn
GraceVictor Edwin1882?3 Aug 196987son/Frank & Rebecca; h/EmilyBowraville NSWPbn
Grace (Brigden)Violet31 Dec 188813 May 197283w/Frank ErnestBowraville NSWPbn
GraceWalter1841?28 Jun 189857h/CatherineBowraville NSWPbn
GraceWalter Albert Ernest1905?26 Jul 195146son/Albert Ernest & Louisa Jane; h/Effie MayBowraville NSWAng
GraceWalter Jacob1874?15 Jun 192248son/Walter & CatherineBowraville NSWPbn
GraceWilliam George Alexander1874?29 Dec 196692son/Frank & Rebecca; h/ElizabethBowraville NSWAng
GrahamAlexander (Alex)1854?11 May 193682son/Thomas & AnnBowraville NSWPbn
GrahamAnn1834?14 Aug 190975dau/John & AnnBowraville NSWPbn

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