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Kalgoorlie39 Memorial Drive, West Lamington WA 643027023

27023 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AbbottJames Thomas1872?19 May 191240Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottJohn Edward1870?1 Oct 192959Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottJohn Henry1904?17 Aug 196662Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottJoseph Henry1904?17 Aug 196662Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottMary Ann E1891?31 Jul 191928Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottMary Ann Elizabeth "Bessie"1891?30 Jul 191928w/GeorgeKalgoorlie WAAng 5321
AbbottRose1847?14 Dec 189851Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottThomas1857?29 May 189740Kalgoorlie WAAng
Abbottunnamed13 Sep 1910?13 Sep 1910sbKalgoorlie WAAnglican
AbdullahBrenda June1944?23 Jul 201167Kalgoorlie WACC
AbdullahLloyd1934?4 Apr 199662Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbdullahStephen David6 Apr 1960?6 Apr 1960sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AbdullahSteven David6 Apr 1960?6 Apr 1960sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AbercrombieGordon McKenzie1899?25 Dec 194849Kalgoorlie WAPbn
Abercrombieunnamed9 Nov 1933?9 Nov 1933sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
Abercrombieunnamed23 Oct 1967?23 Oct 1967sbKalgoorlie WAMth
AbndreHarry Gordon Lombard1904?5 May 199793Kalgoorlie WAGen
AbolsJanis1907?14 Nov 195144Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbotomeyAnne2 Jan 19506hKalgoorlie WARC
AbotomeyWilliam1885?9 Oct 196378Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12925
AbrahamHadgi1858?29 Sep 193072Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbrahamHadji1858?29 Sep 193072Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbramowitchJohn PhillipFeb 1902?1 May 19023mKalgoorlie WAHeb
AbramowitchPheobe1866?22 May 189832Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AbramowitchPheobe IdaMay 1898?5 Oct 18985mKalgoorlie WAHeb
AbsalomAlexander David1907?10 Aug 197972Kalgoorlie WAMth
AbsalomDorothy Lydia1910?1 Apr 200999Kalgoorlie WAMth
AbudAlexander Victor1905?19 Mar 197166Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14027
AbudAlfred Ernest1871?2 Apr 193059Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbudAnnie1912?5 Oct 193725Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8459
AceGarry John19 Aug 195824 Dec 201759Kalgoorlie WACrematorium
Ace-HeatonNikki-Lee2 Apr 19714 May 200736Kalgoorlie WACrematorium
AckermanMary1853?14 May 189744Kalgoorlie WAAng
AcklandMargaret Jane1904?20 Sep 196359Kalgoorlie WAMth
AcklandThomas Walter1900?2 Nov 199292Kalgoorlie WAMth
Acklandunnamed21 Sep 1940?21 Sep 1940sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AcresJohn Joseph1865?2 Jul 189732Kalgoorlie WARC
ActonIvy May1908?31 Jan 194638Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdairCharles1851?27 May 191968Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdairGeorge1868?5 May 193466Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdairJanet Amelia1870?30 Oct 193767Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamCharles InglisSep 1899?10 May 19008mKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamEdgar Lionel1867?13 Jul 190740Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamIsobel Chalmers1915?21 May 19172Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamMary Chalmers12 Jun 1906?12 Jun 1906sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamRichard StanleyAug 1898?10 Apr 18998mKalgoorlie WAWES
AdaminiPlacido1910?1 Jul 196959Kalgoorlie WARC
AdamsAda4 Jun 1904?4 Jun 1904sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsAda Mary30 Oct 190614 Nov 190615dKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsAlexander Robert22 Nov 1908?22 Nov 1908sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsAlfred Ernest1870?26 May 194171h/JanetKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 9246
AdamsAlfred Ernest1870?27 May 194171Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsAlfred Ernest1872?7 Jul 192250Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsAlfred Oliver1902?11 Oct 197169Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsAlice1890?22 May 191323Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsBess1873?29 Nov 193764Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsChas1997Kalgoorlie WACOC 14671
AdamsChas1868?19 Jun 189729Kalgoorlie WAWES
AdamsDoris1901?6 Aug 198584Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsEdith Ann1875?15 Sep 193863Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8660
AdamsEdith Ann1875?16 Sep 193863Kalgoorlie WAMth
AdamsElizabeth Ann1907?14 Sep 197669Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsElizabeth Jean1920?29 Oct 200282Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsEric Edward1912?17 Apr 194230Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsGeorge1850?22 Jul 192777Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsGeorge A1906?10 Dec 198680Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsGraham Arthur22 Mar 1902?22 Mar 1902sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsHarold CharlesApr 1940?14 Dec 19408mKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsIsla1914?6 Jan 19239Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsJames1878?28 Feb 193860Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsJanet Alison1877?13 May 196184Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 9246
AdamsJanet Alison1877?15 May 196184Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsJohn1873?16 Oct 193158Kalgoorlie WARC
AdamsMary1876?26 Nov 191135Kalgoorlie WARC
AdamsMatthew1870?2 Jul 191848Kalgoorlie WARC
AdamsMildred MayDec 1911?6 Apr 19124mKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsNorris1863?31 Jul 190946Kalgoorlie WAWES
AdamsReginald George1900?8 Dec 197878Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsRobert Bruce5 Jul 195132hKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsRobert LewisJun 1934?3 Jan 193619mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8123
AdamsRobert Lewis3 Jan 1936?3 Jan 1936sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsRodneyOct 1963?25 Mar 19645mKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsSamuel1856?29 Jun 190650Kalgoorlie WAPbn
Adamsunnamed17 Mar 1910?17 Mar 1910sbKalgoorlie WAAng
Adamsunnamed25 Jun 1959?25 Jun 1959sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsWesley James1874?20 Aug 194975Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8660
AdamsWesley James1874?22 Aug 194975Kalgoorlie WAMth
AdamsWilliam1869?6 Dec 190334son/John; b. Lincolnshire, englandKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsWilliam Alexander1917?15 May 198770Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsWilliam George1863?23 Oct 193168Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsWilliam George1866?22 Oct 193165Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7318
AdamskiMinia1914?11 Feb 194935Kalgoorlie WAMth
AdamsonCatherine Watson1945?12 May 19472Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsonCatherine Watson1945?10 May 19472Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 10347
AdamsonEdward William5 Apr 193117 Apr 193112dKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsonGloria Fay4 Nov 1939?2 Dec 19394wKalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsonJean Frances1914?2 Dec 194430Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdamsonJean Frances1914?1 Dec 194430Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9908
AdamsonJohn Watson1860?1 Nov 193878h/FannyKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 8693
AdamsonJohn Watson1867?14 Jul 194578Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AdamsonJohn Watson1907?2 Nov 193831Kalgoorlie WAMth
AdamsonWilliam Bruce1822?7 Sep 190280Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AddicoatDorothy Ruby30 Sep 1898?30 Sep 1898sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AddisRowland1908?12 Feb 194537Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AddisonMary Elizabeth Ellen1872?26 Apr 194371Kalgoorlie WAAng
AddisonMary Elizabeth Ellen1872?25 Apr 194371Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9624
AdieStanley Berryman1915?13 Jul 19216Kalgoorlie WAAng
AdyeEdith Sybil13 May 1902?27 May 19022wKalgoorlie WAAng
AedoCaroline4 Jul 19951hKalgoorlie WARC
AffleckThomas1828?12 Jul 191284Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AffleckWilliam1857?16 Jul 190144Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AfricLudovic1890?14 Feb 195666Kalgoorlie WARC
AfricMilan1923?11 May 199269Kalgoorlie WARC
AfrichAntonio1887?27 Oct 196174Kalgoorlie WARC
AfrichLudovic13 Feb 1956Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11780
AfrichLudoviko1920?16 Dec 195333Kalgoorlie WARC
AfrichLudoviko192012 Dec 195333Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11449
AgaCharles1872?29 May 189927Kalgoorlie WAWES
AgarAdelaide Jane26 Jun 1902?26 Jun 1902sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AgarAdelaide Jean1901190220mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 1538
AgarCharles1872?29 May 189927Kalgoorlie WAWES
AgastinelliGuiseppe1888?10 Apr 195365Kalgoorlie WARC
AgeeAlfred1878?13 Aug 190628Kalgoorlie WAAng
AgnewRobertOct 1941?27 Apr 19426mKalgoorlie WAPbn
AgnewRudolph John1896?5 Jul 196064Kalgoorlie WARC
AgnewRudolph John9 May 18961 Jul 196064Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
AhchiYamanchi1849?26 Jun 189950Kalgoorlie WARC
AherneMary Ann1866?15 Jun 194882Kalgoorlie WARC
AinsworthHarold Charles1870?6 Apr 193868Kalgoorlie WAAng
AinsworthHarold Charles8 Apr 18765 Apr 193868b. victoriaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8561
AireyMarie Antoinette1892?17 Nov 194957Kalgoorlie WAAng
AireyMarie Antoinette1892?15 Jun 194957Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10772
AireyRobert Graham1919?19 Oct 194829Kalgoorlie WAAng
AitchisonWilliam Henry1895?9 May 193540b. Coolgardie, Western Australia; h/EdithKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8586
AitchisonWilliam Henry James1898?10 May 193840Kalgoorlie WAAng
AitkenAllen GeorgeMar 1900?2 Jun 19003mKalgoorlie WAPbn
AitkenArchibald1869?13 Apr 191748Kalgoorlie WAAng
AitkenJanet Eliza1882?22 Aug 191533Kalgoorlie WAAng
AitkenJohn Easton1902?5 Jun 195654Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AitkenMargaret Ellen Isabel25 Mar 1905?8 Jul 190515wKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 2280
AitkenMary1829?29 Dec 190677w/RobertKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 2280
AitkinJanet Eliza1882?22 Aug 191533Kalgoorlie WAAng
AjdukYozeo1873?31 Aug 192653Kalgoorlie WARC
AjdukYozeo “Jozo”187330 Jul 192653b. CroatiaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6576
AkbarAli1847?31 Jul 1947100Kalgoorlie WAMus
AkbarLalli1906?4 Jun 197064Kalgoorlie WAAng
AkbarPeter James1961?1 Nov 201352Kalgoorlie WAAng
AkeeRichard William1950?21 Dec 199040Kalgoorlie WAAng
AkeroydDennis1931?15 Mar 199968Kalgoorlie WARC
AkeroydMarjorie Phyllis1915?19 Oct 198772Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlbanyPamela Jean1954?12 Nov 201460Kalgoorlie WACon
AlbrechtClifford CharlesOct 1902?2 Feb 19034mKalgoorlie WARC
AlcockEric Roy1904?11 Jun 194339Kalgoorlie WARC
AlcornRaymond Leslie1881?196685Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13315
AlcornRaymond Leslie1881?11 Jul 196685Kalgoorlie WAAng
AldenPhylis MaryMay 1913?11 Dec 19137mKalgoorlie WAAng
AlderdiceJames GordonJul 1923h/MargaretKalgoorlie WAAnglican
AldersonJames1885?25 Jul 193045Kalgoorlie WAAng
AldertonDulcie Jean1920?31 Mar 200383Kalgoorlie WAAng
AldertonGeorge Henry1878?14 Jul 190527Kalgoorlie WAAng
AldrickFrederick William28 Aug 186926 Aug 194272son/William & Naomi Isabella (Masters); b. Gosford, NSW, Australia; h/Margaret Lilian (Anderson)Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
AldrickFrederick William1911?5 Apr 197564Kalgoorlie WAAng
AldrickGladys Evelyn May1914?29 Jan 200793Kalgoorlie WACC
AldrickJohn Brian1946?5 Nov 198741Kalgoorlie WAAng
Aldrick (Anderson)Margaret Lilian24 Sep 18936 Mar 192733dau/George James & Hannah (Hill); b. Gingin, WA, Australia; w/Frederick WilliamKalgoorlie WAAnglican
AldridgeMarjorie Patricia16 Jul 1916?16 Jul 1916sbKalgoorlie WARC
AldsworthEllen1850?27 Jun 192979Kalgoorlie WARC
AlexJoan1944?11 Jun 197935Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlexanderArchie192619279mKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6768
AlexanderArchieMar 1927?22 Dec 19279mKalgoorlie WAPbn
AlexanderCatherine1880?15 Sep 196181Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AlexanderCatherine1880?13 Sep 196181Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6768
Alexander (Dickie)Ellen "nellie"1876?23 Nov 190529Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 2375
AlexanderJames1855?6 Feb 191459Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AlexanderJames Menzies1906?21 Oct 195549Kalgoorlie WAPbn 11734
AlexanderJohn McLeod1881?24 Jun 193756Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AlexanderJoyce1849?19 Nov 192980Kalgoorlie WACon
AlexanderMichael1885?13 Mar 190722Kalgoorlie WARC
AlexanderPeter1870?29 Aug 192858Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AlexanderPeter1870?28 Aug 192858Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6768
AlexanderPeter1918?17 Sep 200385Kalgoorlie WAMth
AlexanderShirley Joyce1922?7 Jan 198361Kalgoorlie WAMth
AlexanderThomas1869?14 Jun 189728Kalgoorlie WAWES
AlexanderWilliam Francis1894?7 May 197480Kalgoorlie WARC
AlfenEliza May11 Mar 1900?6 May 19008wKalgoorlie WAWES
AlfgrenCharles1863?15 Jun 189936Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlfordFrederick Arthur1852?27 Sep 190957Kalgoorlie WARC
AlfordWilliam1849?26 Sep 191364Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlgerJoseph1862?2 Apr 194280Kalgoorlie WARC
AlgerJoseph1902?15 Sep 198280Kalgoorlie WARC
AllanBeryl Sutherland1899?13 Nov 19067Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanCatherine"Kit"1875?1 Aug 192247w/Thomas DonaldKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 2218
AllanCharles John1860?9 Nov 194080Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanClara Eileen FlorenceAug 1901?1 Mar 19027mKalgoorlie WAPbn
AllanDonald DeucharsMay 1902?26 Apr 190311mKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 2218
AllanEthel Thomasine1875?6 Oct 195479Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllanFrances Jane1885?23 Dec 191328Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllanGeorge Frederick1880?3 Jan 193454Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanIsabella1868?22 Sep 193264Kalgoorlie WAPRES 7475
AllanJames Syrephant1894?28 May 195662Kalgoorlie WARC
AllanJessie1866?21 Oct 195286Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllanJohn1866?14 May 190943Kalgoorlie WAWES
AllanJohn Albert1918?21 Jun 197456Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanJohn Thomas1865?22 Nov 194176Kalgoorlie WAPRES 7475
AllanJoseph Alexander1886?3 Jul 193852Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanMarjorie Sutherland1902?9 Nov 19064Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanRalton Thomas10 May 1934?10 May 1934sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AllanThomas1866?18 Nov 190034Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllanThomas Donald1868?29 Jun 195082Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllanTrevor Jarvis31 Dec 19559 Jan 19569dKalgoorlie WAAng
Allanunnamed9 Mar 1953?9 Mar 1953sbKalgoorlie WAGen
Allanunnamed23 Aug 1968?23 Aug 1968sbKalgoorlie WARC
AllanWilliam Paterson1882?4 Mar 194563h/EthelKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 9951
AllanWilliam Paterson1882?6 Mar 194563Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllansonFlorence1872?19 Aug 194775Kalgoorlie WACon
AllansonFrederick Bennet1868?9 Oct 195688Kalgoorlie WACon
AllansonGwenneth1927?6 Aug 19303Kalgoorlie WACon
AllansonJoan Ivy1926?28 Dec 201892Kalgoorlie WACon
AllansonRaymond Harry1928?28 Dec 201890Kalgoorlie WACon
AllansonRebecca1902?2 Feb 198078Kalgoorlie WACon
Allansonunnamed19 Mar 1928?19 Mar 1928sbKalgoorlie WACon
AllcornAlbert Harris1873?11 Sep 190532Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllemandLenan1873?25 Dec 189926Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenAgnes1877?10 Jul 195982Kalgoorlie WAMth
AllenAlbert Edward1893?6 Nov 190411Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenAndrew Thomas Malcolm1917?21 Nov 200689Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenAndrew Thomas Malcolm25 Nov 191721 Jun 200688Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12467
AllenAnne Jane1915?5 Sep 199580Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenBarbara Elaine1922?21 Aug 195836Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenBruce191927 Nov 199576b. broken hillKalgoorlie WACrematorium
AllenCharles James1870?2 Nov 195787Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8428
AllenCharlotte1876?30 Oct 195074Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenDaisoli Mavis18 Aug 1908?24 Nov 190814wKalgoorlie WAAng
AllenDavid1850?5 Jul 192373Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllenDeborah Ann22 Jun 1959Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10156
AllenDeborah Ann1887?24 Jun 195972Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenDonald Deuchar27 Apr 1905?27 Apr 1905sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AllenDoris Edna1898?6 Mar 193032Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenEdward John1860?29 Oct 193272Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenEdwin1905?28 Sep 199691Kalgoorlie WAMth
AllenErrol Robert Grant18 Dec 192728 Jun 197043Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13905
AllenErrol Robert Grant1927?2 Jul 197043Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenEunice6 Dec 1900?6 Dec 1900sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AllenEva E M1914?24 Dec 19151Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenFrancis Harris Keith1926?15 Aug 196034Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenGeorge William1863?15 Oct 192158Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenGladys Evelyn1901?19 Apr 199190Kalgoorlie WAMth
AllenHurtle Clifford1914?29 Aug 196248Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenIsabella McPherson1887?15 Dec 190922Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenJames Bertram1889?1 Oct 191425Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenJean5 Aug 19141 Sep 199580Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2467
AllenJeannie23 Oct 1922Kalgoorlie WAGen
AllenJoan Margaret5 Jan 1920?5 Jan 1920sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AllenJohn1879?24 Oct 190324Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllenJohn1879?12 May 190930Kalgoorlie WA
AllenJohn Campbell1880?21 Nov 193252Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenJohn Robert1854?9 Apr 193480Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenJoseph1848?3 May 190456Kalgoorlie WAMth
AllenJuliet1962?16 Jul 200240Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenJuliet31 Mar 19624 Jul 200240Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16617
AllenKathleen31 Jul 1937Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8428
AllenKeith1926?19 Aug 196034Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12467
AllenKenneth Stanley1909?3 Aug 193425Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenLawrence LlewellynMay 1936?28 Jan 19378mb. Kalgoorlie, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8333
AllenLawrence LlewellynMay 1936?29 Jan 19378mKalgoorlie WARC
AllenLilian Christiana1897?13 May 192932Kalgoorlie WAMth
AllenMabel Alberta1876?1 May 196387Kalgoorlie WAMth
AllenMyrtle Jean4 Jan 1899?22 Mar 189911wKalgoorlie WAWES
AllenPercival1880?13 Jul 194060Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenSarah Frances187631 Jul 191640Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4778
AllenThomas1869?5 Jan 192556Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllenThomas1900?10 Nov 197777Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenThomas Francis1887?30 Apr 194659Kalgoorlie WARC
AllenThomas Francis1887?28 Apr 194659Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10156
Allenunnamed10 Nov 19245hKalgoorlie WARC
AllenUnnamed12 Apr 1907?12 Apr 1907sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AllenWilliam Graham1857?21 May 192669Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllenWilliam Keith1924?26 Oct 200177Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllinBruce McGregor1912?30 Jul 19595145457 CorporalKalgoorlie WAPbn
AllisonAllan Stewart1854?19 Dec 192470Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AllportBertha Beatrice1872?7 Aug 195886Kalgoorlie WAAng
AllsopHenrietta1877?10 Apr 191538Kalgoorlie WARC
AlmanCharles HaroldJun 1926?26 May 192711mKalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanCharles Harold27 May 1927?27 May 1927sbKalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanCharles Isaac1857?5 Apr 192568Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanCharles Isaac1858?24 Apr 192567Kalgoorlie WAHeb 7388 6348
AlmanDenis27 Dec 19501hKalgoorlie WARC
AlmanDonald Lee28 Jul 19246 Oct 200884Kalgoorlie WAHeb 16780
AlmanDonald Lee1924?13 Oct 200884Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanHannah Ruby1884?15 Dec 193955Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanHannah Ruby1884?14 Dec 193955Kalgoorlie WAHeb 6983
AlmanIsrael Albert1890?25 Mar 195262Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanIsrael Albert "Bert"1890?24 Mar 195262Kalgoorlie WAHeb 11165
AlmanJoel Leslie1894?28 Aug 197985Kalgoorlie WAHeb 15107
AlmanJoel Leslie1894?30 Aug 197985Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanLewis Arthur1887?1 Apr 196982Kalgoorlie WAHeb 13706
AlmanLewis Arthur1887?6 Apr 196982Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanRebecca Joan21 Mar 1923?21 Mar 1923sbKalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanRobert Arthur1920?28 Jan 199474Kalgoorlie WAHeb 16279
AlmanRobert Arthur1920?2 Feb 199474Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanRosetta Sahra1890?12 Aug 1991101Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanRosetta Sahra1890?15 Aug 1991101Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanSarah1860?1 Mar 193272Kalgoorlie WAHeb 7388 6348
AlmanSarah1860?2 Mar 193272Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanViolet Greta1898?26 Jul 197274Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlmanViolet Jean13 Apr 1928?13 Apr 1928sbKalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmeidaThomas1874?2 Mar 190733Kalgoorlie WARC
AlpenHerbert D L16 Aug 1901?1 Nov 190111wKalgoorlie WAAng
AlpenNorman17 Dec 190431 Dec 190414dKalgoorlie WAAng
AlphonsineSohie Louise2 Jul 1905Kalgoorlie WA2275
AlpinUnnamed6 Aug 1903?6 Aug 1903sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AlsopJohn18579 Mar 191861Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5068
AlsopMichael Robert Daniel27 Feb 1995?6 Sep 201318Kalgoorlie WAGen 16915
AlstonHenry Douglas1880?Sep 19284811795 GunnKalgoorlie WAAnglican 6852
AlsworthAlfred George1887?7 Feb 194962Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlsworthAlfred George1887?5 Feb 194962son/A.j & ChristinaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 10830
AlvesWilliam1863?5 Nov 191956Kalgoorlie WAAng
AlvisMargarette Gertrude1893?20 May 191623Kalgoorlie WARC
AmbrosiniAmbrogio1880?23 Oct 195171Kalgoorlie WARC
AmeniWalter Olimpio1898?26 Aug 196769Kalgoorlie WAAng
AmeniWalter Olimpio “Wally”23 Aug 1967Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13476
AmesburyNeil1941?8 Jan 19476Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10089
AmesburyNeil1941?10 Jan 19476Kalgoorlie WAMth
AmesburyNorman1933?2 Feb 197138Kalgoorlie WAMth
AmesburyRon “Ronnie”1933?28 Apr 200875h/RohnaKalgoorlie WAMethodist 10089
AmesburyRonnie1933?10 Nov 200875Kalgoorlie WAMth
AmesburyThomas Henry1903?1 Dec 194542Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10089
AmesburyThomas Henry1903?3 Dec 194542Kalgoorlie WAMth
AmessEsther Ann1869?24 Sep 191748Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AmosMary Margaret1915?7 Apr 195944Kalgoorlie WAAng
AmosRoderick “John”22 Aug 19518 Jan 201967Kalgoorlie WAmonumental walk
AmosWilliam Ernest1887?16 Jan 194558Kalgoorlie WAAng
AmphlettFrederick Henry Wollaston1869?19 Jan 189728Kalgoorlie WAAng
AmphlettFrederick Henry Wollaston1869?18 Jan 189728b. Enville, South Staffordshire Borough, Staffordshir, englandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 17
AndersonAlexander1829?1 Aug 190677Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonAlfred Albert1881?19 Sep 194564Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonAndrew1844?31 Jan 190359Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonAntonio1836?17 Nov 189963Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonArthur26 Feb 187526 Sep 195176b. victoriaKalgoorlie WAMethodist 11090
AndersonArthur1875?27 Sep 195176Kalgoorlie WAMth
AndersonBertha May25 Apr 190912hKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonCatherine1828?13 Mar 190274Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonCharles1858?22 Mar 193779Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonCharles1870?5 Apr 194878Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonCharles1874?13 Aug 194571Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonCharles Crawford20 Dec 1910?7 Feb 19117wKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonCharles Joseph1864?24 Jul 193874Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonCharlotte1845?17 Jun 191469w/ThomasKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 4331
AndersonCharlotte1845?18 Jun 191469Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonChristopher Roy24 Jun 195715hKalgoorlie WAMth
AndersonClemence Margaret1902?2 Jun 196967Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonConstance Joan1915?4 Nov 196550Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonDaphne24 May 1969?24 May 1969sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonDavid1912?15 Sep 195846Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonDorothy Frances1903?21 Apr 193431w/RoyKalgoorlie WAAnglican 2783
AndersonDorothy Francis1903?22 Apr 193431Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonDouglas Cran1901?8 Jul 197877h/Laura; wx829 PrivateKalgoorlie WAPbn 14994
AndersonEdna1924?6 Oct 196541Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonEdna Dorothy1919?26 May 201091Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonEileenSep 1963?4 Mar 19646mKalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonElizabeth Ann1865?3 Apr 191449Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 4300
AndersonElizabeth Ann1866?4 Apr 191448Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonElizabeth Ruby19334 Jan 198753?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15837
AndersonEmmaline Maud1888?11 Sep 196779Kalgoorlie WAMth
AndersonEsmeralda Olive May189829 Aug 193032Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7139
AndersonFrank1883?30 Jun 194158Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonFredk CharlesJul 1898?18 Oct 18983mKalgoorlie WAWES
AndersonGeorge1 Jun 191614 Jun 191613dKalgoorlie WAMth
AndersonGeorge Albert1874?26 Sep 193460Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonGordon Frederick V1915?2 Dec 197560Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonGordon Frederick V1915?27 Nov 197560Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14688
AndersonHazel AliceMay 1905?18 Feb 19069mKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonHazel Emily1912?6 Dec 19153Kalgoorlie WAMth
AndersonHelen1888?18 Jan 197385Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonHenry Douglas1866?23 Sep 192458Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonIan Gordon1950?14 Sep 197121Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonIrene Jessie1909?1 Dec 19134Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonIsabella1853?8 Oct 193279Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonIsabella1854?7 Oct 193278Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7485
AndersonJack1905?8 Nov 196661Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonJames1858?14 Feb 193981Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8753
AndersonJames1859?15 Feb 193980Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonJames / John6 Jan 1909Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonJames AlbertMay 1901?12 Oct 19015mKalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonJames EdwardJul 1960?17 Mar 19618mKalgoorlie WAGen
AndersonJohn3 Dec 18986hKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonJohn1860?8 May 190949Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonJohn1875?27 Aug 189924Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonJohn1875?24 Feb 189924b. Coromandel, Thames-Coromandel District, Waikato,, New ZealandKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 764
AndersonJohn EdwardSep 1936?10 May 19378mKalgoorlie WARC
AndersonJohn WilliamJul 1913?10 Dec 19135mKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonJoseph Frank1948201264?Kalgoorlie WACOC 16698
AndersonJosephine3 Dec 1898?3 Dec 1898sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonLillian Jane1896?24 May 192630Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonLily1873?20 Aug 195885Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonManne1860?1 Dec 191555Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonMargaret MaryJun 1941?27 Dec 19416mKalgoorlie WARC
AndersonMartin1864?23 Oct 192460Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonMary Eileen1908?9 Aug 198072Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonMary Eileen1908?7 Aug 198072Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14688
AndersonMary Jane1865?2 Aug 189833Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonMary Jane1920?15 Sep 201797Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonMichael Geoffrey24 Sep 195423 Jan 200146Kalgoorlie WAGoldfields Crematorium
AndersonMuriel1910?27 Dec 19111Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonNesbit James18 Jun 193921 Dec 19401Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9153
AndersonOscar August1852?11 May 193078Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7091
AndersonOscar August1852?13 May 193078Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonPhillip Geoffrey20 Aug 1936?24 Sep 19365wKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRichard1864?23 Oct 190440Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRichard William1864?16 May 194480Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRobert1888?12 Jul 197284Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRobert Henry1913?24 Aug 197966Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRobert James1892?8 Apr 196472Kalgoorlie WARC
AndersonRobert James "Scotty"1892?6 Apr 196472Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12994
AndersonRobert Joseph1944?11 Apr 200359Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRosalie1951?17 Mar 197221Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonRose1929?29 Aug 19301Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonStanley Algernon1883?9 Apr 193956Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8771
AndersonTerence James5 Nov 19446 Nov 19441dKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonTerrence James1 Nov 19443 Nov 19442dson/Reg & PatKalgoorlie WAAnglican 9900
AndersonThomas Henry1871?26 Aug 194776Kalgoorlie WAMth
Andersonunnamed23 Nov 1942?23 Nov 1942sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonVerna Evelyn1946200660?Kalgoorlie WACOC 16698
AndersonVerna Evelyn1947?13 Apr 200659Kalgoorlie WACC
AndersonWilliam1853?21 Apr 189845Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonWilliam1865?19 Jan 193267Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonWilliam Grant1862?17 Oct 193472Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AndersonWilliam John Terence30 Jun 19415 Jul 19415dKalgoorlie WAAng
AndersonWilliam Thomas1886?30 Dec 194559Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9925
AndersonWilliam Thomas1886?1 Jan 194559Kalgoorlie WAAng
Anderson-ClemenceJohn1904?29 Sep 197773Kalgoorlie WAAng
AnderssonGeorge Charles1932?4 Jun 195220Kalgoorlie WARC
AnderssonGeorge Charles1932195220Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8378
AnderssonJens Gunnard1900198079Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15197
AnderssonJens Gunnard1901?8 Jul 198079Kalgoorlie WARC
AnderssonJohn E193619371?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8378
AndertonDouglas Charles1919?6 Jul 197859Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndertonDouglas Charles1919?3 Jul 197859Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
AndertonJohn1923?25 Jan 193613Kalgoorlie WARC
AndertonJohn192325 Jan 193612Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8134
AndertonJohn William1884?9 Jul 194662Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndertonMargaret Frances20 Aug 1948Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10567
AndertonMargaret Frances1886?21 Aug 194862Kalgoorlie WARC
AndreH.G.L"Gordon"1903199794?Kalgoorlie WA
AndresRonald John1911?25 May 197362Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewEllen1908?3 May 199385Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewEric Joseph1904?13 Oct 198783Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewJean May1915?13 Feb 199075Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewJohn1856?23 Aug 190145Kalgoorlie WAWES
AndrewJoseph Sampson1879?6 Mar 193354Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewLellen Frederick17 Dec 191020 Dec 19103dKalgoorlie WACon
AndrewLeonard John1913?28 May 196249Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewWilliam Williams1853?15 Dec 191057Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsBenjamin Henry1866?16 Sep 191448Kalgoorlie WARC
AndrewsBeryl Jean6 Sep 1930?27 Sep 19303wKalgoorlie WAMth
AndrewsCharles Alexander1858?10 Nov 191658Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsEthel Rose23 Dec 1917?13 Jan 19183wKalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsInathy Valarie1917?21 May 200184Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsKate1859?25 Feb 191556Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsLouis1854?24 Jul 189945Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsRex1924?27 Jun 193410Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsThomas20 May 1980Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15182
AndrewsThomas1896?22 May 198084Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsWalter Burns1856?19 Aug 191559Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsWalter Joseph1886?26 Oct 196175Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrewsWilliam George1886?7 Jan 196983Kalgoorlie WAAng
AndrzejewskiWanda1913?19 Sep 199683Kalgoorlie WARC
AngelAlbert John1866?22 Dec 194276Kalgoorlie WAAng
AngelMarjorie18 Aug 191422hKalgoorlie WAAng
AngellAlbert Robert Ernest23 Sep 190021 Jan 197473b. Bath and North East Somerset Unitary Authority, So, englandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14454
AngellAlbert Robert Ernest1901?23 Mar 197473Kalgoorlie WAAng
AngellCharles Reginald Curtis1917?30 Aug 198568Kalgoorlie WAAng
AngellDora Isabell1881?9 Dec 191332Kalgoorlie WAAng
AngellRobert Martin1884?18 Feb 190420Kalgoorlie WAWES
AngellRobert “Bob”16 Sep 188317 Feb 190420son/Charles & Sarah; b. Adelaide City, South AustraliaKalgoorlie WAwes 1956
AngerAnnie1904?10 Feb 196460Kalgoorlie WAMth
AngleseyHerbert John1890?2 Mar 196575Kalgoorlie WAMth
AngleseyJames1909?11 Nov 19145Kalgoorlie WASA
AngleseyLilly1869?29 Dec 195384Kalgoorlie WAMth
AngleseyMargaret Lillian1934?1 Jun 19395Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8799
AnglinDenis21 Aug 1902?23 Oct 19029wKalgoorlie WARC
AnglinDennis1860?9 Sep 192767Kalgoorlie WARC
AnglinDennis1860?8 Sep 192767Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6777
AnglinJames (Father Denis)9 Aug 18982hKalgoorlie WARC
AnglinJohanna1900?9 Oct 19055Kalgoorlie WARC
AnglinJohannah1869?25 Jul 195081Kalgoorlie WARC
AnglinJohannah1869?23 Jul 195081Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6777
AnglinJohn3 Nov 191010hKalgoorlie WARC
Anglinunnamed14 Sep 1906?14 Sep 1906sbKalgoorlie WARC
AngoveAlfred James1911?8 Jun 196554Kalgoorlie WAMth
AngoveSamuel Bray7 Mar 1914?7 Mar 1914sbKalgoorlie WASA
AngoveViolet11 Jan 1989Kalgoorlie WAMth
AngoveWilliam James1879?19 Dec 190223Kalgoorlie WAAng
AngoveWilliam James1879?18 Dec 190223son/John & Elizabeth Ann (Williams); b. Redruth Cornwall, englandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 1664
AngusElaine Blanche11 Jun 19337 Oct 202087w/MauriceKalgoorlie WACrematorium Wall
AngusJohn WilliamNov 1903?12 Jul 19048mKalgoorlie WARC
AngusMary Alice28 Oct 190312hKalgoorlie WARC
AngwinAlfred Henry191219126mb. Boulder, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WA
Angwin (Grenfell)Ann184311 May 191774b. St Just Cornwall, England; w/HenryKalgoorlie WA
AngwinBenjamin1864190439son/John Lowry & Jane L (Mason); b. Daylesford, VICKalgoorlie WA

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