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1 cemetery found

Ipswich GeneralCemetery Rd, Eastern Heights QLD 43058936

22 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
RackleyAnnie Verena23 Feb 18824 Jul 188317mdau/John & Annie (Phelps)Ipswich General QLDCOE B Unknown
RackleyEthel May28 Aug 188429 Oct 188514mdau/Edwin & Mary Ann (Parker)Ipswich General QLDBapt C Unknown
RackleyOlive Emmeline7 Nov 18854 Mar 18860dau/John & Annie (Phelps)Ipswich General QLDMeth B Unknown
Rackley (Parker)Mary Ann1859?29 Nov 189637dau/John; w/EdwinIpswich General QLDMeth B Unknown
Tolman (McDonald)Catherine18 Jun 187823 Mar 191234dau/William & Elizabeth (Banks); w/RobertIpswich General QLDRC 1A Unknown
Berghauser (Wilson)Edith Florence22 Aug 188918 Mar 191627dau/John & Sarah Jane (Parker); w/John HenryIpswich General QLDPres B 11, 1
Tolman (Koch)Amelia4 Nov 18736 Nov 191643dau/John Baptist & Crescentia (Hubseher)Ipswich General QLDRC 2A 2, 13
BerghauserWilliam3 Feb 188127 May 191938son/Johann Philip & Helene Pauline (Duhs); h/Emily (Johnson)Ipswich General QLDCong New B 39, Unknown
TolmanRobert27 Aug 186818 May 191950son/John & Mary (Gorman); h/Catherine (McDonald)Ipswich General QLDRC 2A 2, 13
Wedmaier (Aberdein)Jane1 Aug 186911 Mar 193161dau/William & Mary (Deans); w/Charles FrederickIpswich General QLD
BerghauserJohn Philip1872?13 Feb 193563son/Johann Philip & Helena Paulina (Duhs); h/Emily Minnie Amelia (Meyer)Ipswich General QLDCong New B Unknown, Unknown
BerghauserCatherine Margaretha24 Mar 187323 May 193663dau/Johann Philip & Helene Pauline (Duhs)Ipswich General QLDCong New B Unknown, Unknown
BerghauserJohn Henry10 Feb 191210 Jul 193724son/John Henry & Edith Florence (Wilson)Ipswich General QLDCong New B 53, 31
Berghauser (Johnson)Emily24 Dec 189017 Oct 194251dau/Joseph & Charlotte (Murphy); w/WilliamIpswich General QLDCong New B 39, Unknown
WedmaierCharles Frederick31 Jul 1944son/Charles & Wiebke Margaret (Peut); h/Jane (Aberdein)Ipswich General QLD
Berghauser (Meyer)Emily Minnie Amelia1877?26 Oct 194770dau/Gustav Edward & Anne Margretta (Krause); w/John PhilipIpswich General QLDCong New B Unknown, Unknown
AdsettGeorgina24 Mar 186411 Mar 194883dau/Isaac & Jane Elizabeth (Thompson)Ipswich General QLDCong A 1, 22
BerghauserFrederick1874?20 Mar 194874son/John Philip & Helene Pauline (Duhs)Ipswich General QLDCong A 2, 29
BerghauserErnest Stafford13 Sep 190215 Feb 195754son/John Philip & Emily Minnie Amelia (Meyer); h/Gwendoline Olive (Ramsay)Ipswich General QLDCong A 7, 23
BerghauserCarl Louis14 Sep 188918 Mar 196171son/John Philip & Helene Pauline (Duhs)Ipswich General QLDCong New B Unknown, Unknown
BerghauserLily Katherine8 Jun 19061 Nov 197670dau/John Philip & Emily Minnie Amelia (Meyer)Ipswich General QLDCong A 2, 29
Berghauser (Ramsay)Gwendoline Olive29 Aug 189830 Oct 198991dau/William John & Emily Teresa (Russell); w/Ernest StaffordIpswich General QLDCong A 7, 23

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