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Cathedral Park (Christ Church Anglican Burial Ground)99 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300391

391 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Cathedral Park NSW
?Susan1817?17 Aug 186043b. Cambridgeshire, EnglandCathedral Park NSW184
AggarJohn Stalkartt1819?10 Aug 187051son/James M & Anne M BCathedral Park NSW35
AlcockJohn Augustus1836?29 Jun 187034Cathedral Park NSW107
AldertonGeorge1839?15 Aug 187940son/John; b. London, EnglandCathedral Park NSW78
AldertonJohn1802?9 Sep 187674b. Surrey, EnglandCathedral Park NSW78
Allen (Powell)Annie1837?31 May 186730w/FrankCathedral Park NSW253
AndersonJohn (Cpt)1826?3 Sep 186640h/Mary ElizabethCathedral Park NSW201
AndersonMary Elizabeth1825?22 May 187853w/JohnCathedral Park NSW201
AshJane1872?21 Sep 1872infdau/John & SarahCathedral Park NSW189
AshSarah21 Sep 1872w/JohnCathedral Park NSW189
AughtonWilliam Springton18 May 1872son/William S & SarahCathedral Park NSW
BaileyAnn185821 May 186911dau/Enoch & Mary Ann (Williamson); b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW206
BaileyEnoch31 Aug 183420 Jun 187742son/Peter & Ann Knott (Mitchell); b. Oldham, Lancashire,, England; h/Mary (Williamson)Cathedral Park NSW206
BaileyErrol Glen (Wal)16 Sep 19214 Nov 198766son/Horace Edgar & Mary Ann (Walters); b. St Albans, NSW, Australia; h/Rita May (Thompson)Cathedral Park NSWAshes
BaileyJohn1871?4 May 1871infson/Enoch & Mary Ann (Williamson); b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW206
BaileyKeturah1814?27 Nov 186854dau/Joseph & Hester; w/GsauCathedral Park NSW172
BaileyPeter12 Jun 1856son/Benjamin & Elizabeth (Betty) (Brierley); h/Ann Nott (Mitchell)Cathedral Park NSW206
BaileyPeter1862?3 Jun 18697son/Enoch & Mary Ann (Williamson); b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW206
Bailey (Thompson)Rita May17 Sep 192518 Aug 201690dau/Norman Henry (Harry) Arthur & Emily Jane (Morton); b. Singleton, NSW, Australia; w/Errol Glen (Wal)Cathedral Park NSW
BaileySarah Returah?1800?Jun 187171w/George?Cathedral Park NSW172
BakerCamfield1824?25 Apr 184925ch/ThomasCathedral Park NSW211
BakerMary Ann1849?29 Apr 18512dau/Benjamin & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW20
BakerThomas Ashford1824?17 Jan 185531son/ThomasCathedral Park NSW211
BallardEdward17952 Dec 185763son/Robert & Susan ( Susanna ) (Morris); b. Northiam Rother District, East Sussex., England; h/Mary (Lewis)Cathedral Park NSW
BarberJessie Fredericka18608 Nov 18622dau/Louis & LucyCathedral Park NSW210
BarkerCharles Frederick1830?4 Jan 186535b. Rangitirie, New ZealandCathedral Park NSW119
BarnesElizabeth Mary1871?infCathedral Park NSW124
BarryMargaret1816?14 Nov 185943w/GeorgeCathedral Park NSW207
BarryRobert Strachan1848?11 Jan 186920son/George & MargaretCathedral Park NSW207
BathCharles14 May 1881son/Henry & Mary; b. Wilts, EnglandCathedral Park NSW
BattramWilliam1865?1 Dec 18694son/James & DorothyCathedral Park NSW106
BeacherJane1800?20 Mar 185454w/RichardCathedral Park NSW59
BeacherRichard1813?13 Nov 187663h/JaneCathedral Park NSW59
BeacherWilliam1844?25 Jul 187733son/Richard & JaneCathedral Park NSW59
BedfordEdward25 Oct 1865?Cathedral Park NSW177
BendyEdward1835?6 Jan 185621son/George & Sarah; b. Berkshire, EnglandCathedral Park NSW228
BevansJames1792?2 May 182735Cathedral Park NSW
BiddulphEdward1790?28 Jan 185161h/Mary StewartCathedral Park NSW1
BiddulphMary Stewart1797?21 Sep 187881w/EdwardCathedral Park NSW1
BingleJohn15 May 179610 Apr 188286son/John Rayden & Polly (Owens); b. Gillingham, Kent, England; h/Mary (Cross)Cathedral Park NSW41
Bingle (Cross)Mary13 May 179020 Sep 187383dau/George; b. England; w/JohnCathedral Park NSW41
BlackistonEmily Harriet Catherine16 Feb 187124 Sep 18717mdau/John Fred Haddon & Lucy Catherine (Richardson)Cathedral Park NSW122
BlackistonEmily Harriet Catherine16 Feb 187124 Sep 18717mdau/John Fred Haddon & Lucy Catherine (Richardson)Cathedral Park NSW
Blanch (Austin)Hannah30 Nov 18158 Jul 187964dau/John & Mary Ann (Moon); b. Rolvenden, Kent., England; w/ThomasCathedral Park NSW
Bolton (Soper?)Elizabeth1806?11 Aug 187670Cathedral Park NSW48
BondEdward (Cpt)1826?30 Sep 186438h/Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW66
Bond (Brunker)Mary Anne Elizabeth183620 Feb 185720dau/John Nixon & Mary Ann (McGreavy); b. Newcastle NSW; w/Edward (Capt)Cathedral Park NSW66
BowyerWilliam James19 Mar 184227 Mar 18428dson/William & Elizabeth; b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW
BradfordHenry Wyatt (MD)1842?15 Jan 188644Cathedral Park NSW
BridgesThomas1794?13 Sep 187783h/Bridget FuryCathedral Park NSW
BridgesThomas1838?5 May 187032son/Thomas & Bridget Fury; h/Elizabeth (Smith)Cathedral Park NSW
BroadbentGiles1818?14 Dec 184325Cathedral Park NSW
BrooksGeorge1797?2 May 185457h/Mary StephenaCathedral Park NSW27
BrooksGeorge William1831?12 Feb 186634son/George & Mary SCathedral Park NSW116
BrooksLydiaJan 188119 May 18810dau/John William & Elizabeth AnnCathedral Park NSW28
Brooks (Cowper)Mary Stephena1805?17 Apr 185954dau/William; w/GeorgeCathedral Park NSW27
BrownGideonFeb?185613 Aug 18659son/James & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW198
BrownHarriett Anne18315 Jun 18354y 1mdau/Maria; b. NSWCathedral Park NSW
BrownJames1819?24 Apr 187859Cathedral Park NSW198
BrownOswald Thomas1869? Sep 18756son/George & SophiaCathedral Park NSW166
BrownVictoria Maud187231 May 18742dau/George & SophiaCathedral Park NSW166
BrownWallace1851?28 Jul 189443son/James & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW198
BrownWilliam20 Jul 1828Cathedral Park NSW
BrowningJames13 Aug 1826Cathedral Park NSW
BrunkerEdgar Alfred18695 Dec 18756son/James Nixon & Elizabeth Hewlett (Weiss); b. Maitland NSWCathedral Park NSW66
BrunkerHenry Herbert1967?9 Apr 19758Cathedral Park NSW66
BrunkerHenry John185224 Oct 18542son/James Nixon & Elizabeth Hewlett (Weiss); b. East Maitland NSWCathedral Park NSW66
BrunkerJohn Gustaff186114 Jun 18698son/James Nixon & Elizabeth Hewlett (Weiss); b. Maitland NSWCathedral Park NSW66
BrunkerJohn Nixon1795?22 Feb 183742b. England; h/Mary Ann (McGreavy)Cathedral Park NSW66
BurkePatrick1777?9 May 182750Cathedral Park NSW
BurnageBlanche Vergia1855?28 Apr 187621dau/Thomas & VergiaCathedral Park NSW193
BurrowesAlick1868?25 Oct 1868infson/John & EllenCathedral Park NSW145
Burrowes (Robertson)Anne Maria20 Jul 1874w/JohnCathedral Park NSW144
Burrowes (Simpson)Ellen1830?29 May 186838w/JohnCathedral Park NSW145
BuxtonAlbert18463 Apr 18503son/Thomas & MaryCathedral Park NSW12
BuxtonCharles Edward18439 May 185411son/Thomas & MaryCathedral Park NSW12
BuxtonJames William1842?16 Jan 187432son/Thomas & MaryCathedral Park NSW12
BuxtonMary Ann1831?18 Nov 184817dau/Thomas & MaryCathedral Park NSW12
BuxtonRichard Henry1845?11 Oct 188035son/Thomas & MaryCathedral Park NSW12
BuxtonThomas1793?2 Sep 186168?son/George; h/Mary (Timmins)Cathedral Park NSW12
CarrollMary1796?26 Apr 182731Cathedral Park NSW
CarterSusan1811?4 Nov 187867w/EdwardCathedral Park NSW126
ChaffHenry20 May 185426 Jul 18540Cathedral Park NSW138
ChapmanWilliam1803?25 Jul 182724Cathedral Park NSW
ChatfieldAlfred Thomas1869?9 May 18701Cathedral Park NSW58
ChatfieldAnn Isabella1831?6 Oct 187140w/CharlesCathedral Park NSW58
ChatfieldHenry (Cpt)1823?12 Jul 186643Cathedral Park NSW58
ChildWilliam1824?30 Dec 186743son/William K & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW111
ClarkAnn1770?24 Oct 185282w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW132
ClarkJohn1781?26 Jan 184160Cathedral Park NSW132
ClarkWilliam1784?10 Dec 184258h/AnnCathedral Park NSW132
ClementsWilliam1787?12 Jun 182740Cathedral Park NSW
CliftonThomas1838?29 May 187032Cathedral Park NSW56
Coate (Hebblewhite)Elizabeth20 Nov 181027 Dec 187666dau/Benjamin; b. Hull, Yorkshire, England; w/Thomas RichardsonCathedral Park NSW73
CookJames1766?21 Oct 1838?72Cathedral Park NSW167
CookJames1766?21 Oct 183872Cathedral Park NSW167
CooperJames1805?6 Nov 183631Cathedral Park NSW
CooperPhoebe184513 Oct 18472dau/William & Mary Anne; b. NSWCathedral Park NSW
CooperSarah AnnFeb 1852?26 Aug 18542y 6mdau/Samuel & EllenCathedral Park NSW
CooperWilliam1810?4 Oct 184333Cathedral Park NSW
CorbettTomas Barwick1805?11 Feb 187065Cathedral Park NSW105
CottRobert13 Jul 1826Cathedral Park NSW
CowanErnest AlbertFeb?18709 Dec 18733son/John & LouisaCathedral Park NSW223
CowanJohn1844?13 Dec 187733son/James & Roseanna; h/LouisaCathedral Park NSW223
Cowan (Clarke)Louisa1846?5 Jul 188034w/JohnCathedral Park NSW223
CoxJohn1813?12 Jan 187360Cathedral Park NSW51
Cullen?John1788?28 Dec 182638Cathedral Park NSW97
D'AudneyFredrick HenryJan 1869?13 Feb 18701son/John Charles & Hannah Charlotte (Brewer)Cathedral Park NSW
D'AudneyJohn Charles1837?17 Oct 187336son/John & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW
DanielsWilliam1805?9 Sep 186560b. Bristol, EnglandCathedral Park NSW118
DarbyGeorge E1807?22 Feb 186760Cathedral Park NSW84
DarbyJohn William1859?11 Jul 18612son/John & ElizaCathedral Park NSW
DartJames181824 Mar 187557son/William & Elizabeth; b. South Tawton, Devonshire, England; h/Mary Trace (Westaway)Cathedral Park NSW214
DartMary1875?15 Oct 1875infCathedral Park NSW215
DartMary ElizabethJun 1867dau/WilliamCathedral Park NSW215
Dart (Westaway)Mary Trace7 May 182022 Aug 188060dau/William W & Mary Maria (Trace); b. South Tawton, Devonshire, England; w/JamesCathedral Park NSW217
DartWilliam1877?12 Feb 1877infCathedral Park NSW215
DavidsonEdward Johnson1852?1 Sep 187624Cathedral Park NSW90
DaviesElizabeth Mary1860?27 Jun 188020w/IsaacCathedral Park NSW141
DayAda Racheldau/John & JaneCathedral Park NSW98
DeanThomasApr 18446 Apr 184424hson/HelenCathedral Park NSW
DevonaldJohn1814?25 Dec 185642Cathedral Park NSW221
DownieAnnie1866?14 Aug 18759Cathedral Park NSW170
DownieThomas1858?6 Jul 188123Cathedral Park NSW170
DuffPeter1769?21 May 182960b. Ireland; h/Elizabeth (Stafford)Cathedral Park NSW16
EckfordMary182024 Oct 18266dau/William & Mary; b. NSWCathedral Park NSW
EckfordWilliam1757?1 Dec 183376Cathedral Park NSW
ElliottJohn1833?13 Jun 187239Cathedral Park NSW129
EvansMaria182415 Apr 185530b. LondonCathedral Park NSW227
EverettMary Ann13 Mar?183822w/EdmundCathedral Park NSW94
EverettMorris183818380son/Edmund & Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW94
FinneyMary Ann5 Oct 186111 Sep 187311Cathedral Park NSW78
FinneySusan Jane18 Apr 187318 Nov 18752Cathedral Park NSW78
FloodAlexander29 Dec 179727 Jun 187173h/PhoebeCathedral Park NSW171
FloodPhoebe180618 Nov 187064w/AlexanderCathedral Park NSW171
ForsterChristopher George1860?1 Sep 187919Cathedral Park NSW128
FountainJohn1833?17 Jul 186633b. Edinburgh, ScotlandCathedral Park NSW252
FraserMathew20 Jan 1861?88Cathedral Park NSW202
FrostEthel Maud1879?10 Oct 1879infdau/John & Martha; b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW80
FrostMaria Elizabeth1877?8 Jan 1877infdau/John & Martha; b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW80
FryElizabeth1858?24 Jan 187820dau/John & Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW155
GallagherJohn1797?20 Jun 182730Cathedral Park NSW
GillElizabeth1786?29 Jun 182640Cathedral Park NSW
GillThomas1900?23 Oct 192626Cathedral Park NSW
GingellMaria1818?5 Jun 187456w/JamesCathedral Park NSW168
GoreGeorge ThomasDec 1855?13 May 188024son/Benjamin & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW5
GouldJoseph?1776?20 Feb 183559Cathedral Park NSW
GreavesWilliam1810?4 Oct 187565Cathedral Park NSW104
GriffithsMary1810?4 Jul 186959b. Cefn Coed, Devonshire, WalesCathedral Park NSW178
GrossErnest George1861?23 Dec 187615b. WickhamCathedral Park NSW148
GulliverCatherine1863?23 Sep 18663dau/John & CatherineCathedral Park NSW114
HackingJessie19 Feb 185119 Jun 187625b. Kent, England; w/AlexanderCathedral Park NSW103
HackingJessie Alexandra1dau/Alexander & JessieCathedral Park NSW103
HadowFrederick Merewether10 Mar 1871son/JamesCathedral Park NSW117
HannellJames (Walton)1 Dec 181331 Dec 187663son/James Walton & Elizabeth (Hannell); h/Mary Ann Sophia (Priest)Cathedral Park NSW8
Hannell (Priest)Mary Ann Sophia22 Jul 181918 Dec 188465dau/Edward & Elizabeth (Flanagan); w/James (Walton)Cathedral Park NSW8
HarrisDavid1817?4 Jul 188063h/MiriamCathedral Park NSW246
HarrisMariam1823?5 Aug 187249w/DavidCathedral Park NSW246
HathawayMary Ann1855?15 May 18561dau/FrancesCathedral Park NSW152
HaynesLucy1849?5 Sep 187728dau/Edward & Lucy; b. Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, EnglandCathedral Park NSW32
HelmeThomas1828?10 Aug 187547Cathedral Park NSW234
HendersonJohn1782?19 Apr 183553Cathedral Park NSW
HendersonMary1839?29 Nov 187233dau/JohnCathedral Park NSW203
HewsonElizabeth25 Nov 17941 May 187479w/John ButlerCathedral Park NSW112
HewsonJohn Butler12 Jan 18003 Jan 187473h/ElizabethCathedral Park NSW112
HobbsAmy Sarah1871?16 Dec 1871infdau/William & SarahCathedral Park NSW249
HobbsEdith1878?20 Oct 1878infdau/William & SarahCathedral Park NSW249
HobbsMay1874?1 Jun 1874infdau/William & SarahCathedral Park NSW249
HolmesEdward18641 Aug 18673son/Uriah & AnnaCathedral Park NSW47
HolmesHarriet1823?21 Jun 187451w/ThomasCathedral Park NSW157
HolmesJane1812?18 Nov 185442w/ThomasCathedral Park NSW156
HolmesJohn1844?6 Oct 187733son/ThomasCathedral Park NSW157
HolmesLouisa Mary1863?10 Feb 18652dau/Uriah & AnnaCathedral Park NSW47
HolmesThomas1806?29 Apr 187165h/JaneCathedral Park NSW156
HolmesWilliam1856?22 Mar 187115son/Uriah & AnnaCathedral Park NSW47
HoltSamuel1819?5 Nov 187556Cathedral Park NSW233
HookwayAnn1821?8 Nov 186948w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW109
HudsonAnn Edith1811?26 Dec 183625w/JobCathedral Park NSW113
HudsonAnn Temperance1853?28 Mar 1853infdau/Beresford & Maria LouisaCathedral Park NSW194
HudsonBeresford1800186363b. England; h/Maria Louisa (Wood)Cathedral Park NSW194
HudsonEliza1846?30 Sep 186620dau/Beresford & Maria LouisaCathedral Park NSW194
HudsonElizabethinfdau/Job & Ann EdithCathedral Park NSW113
HudsonJohn1850?23 Dec 187727son/Beresford & Maria LouisaCathedral Park NSW194
Hudson (Wood)Maria Louisa1818?29 Aug 188062w/BeresfordCathedral Park NSW194
HudsonMaria Louisa1838?1 May 186325dau/Beresford & Maria LouisaCathedral Park NSW194
Hudson (Hewson)Mary Ann10 May 182029 Sep 187959dau/John Butler & Elizabeth; w/JobCathedral Park NSW112
HughesElizabeth Whyley1805?5 May 188075w/MosesCathedral Park NSW71
HughesMoses1803?March 187976h/Elizabeth WhyleyCathedral Park NSW71
HuntMatthew1801?5 Nov 182625Cathedral Park NSW
HyndsJames1832?19 Oct 188048Cathedral Park NSW68
InnesArchibald Clunes (Major)14 May 180029 Aug 185757son/JamesCathedral Park NSW213
IrwinWilliam1838?2 Mar 187842son/Unknown & UnknownCathedral Park NSW174
JamesEliza1831?2 Apr 187544Cathedral Park NSW245
JayEmily1834?24 Feb 184410dau/William TaylorCathedral Park NSW50
JayWilliam Taylor1840Cathedral Park NSW50
JewellWilliam James29 Apr 1855?2 Sep 185518wson/William & Mary Anne; b. Newcastle, NSWCathedral Park NSW
JohnsonMargaret26 Sep 18199 Jan 187252w/ThomasCathedral Park NSW115
JohnsonRichard Jonas1860?20 Nov 18611son/Richard & MaryCathedral Park NSW184
JohnsonThomas1816?20 Jul 186650b. Hebron, Durhan, England; h/MargaretCathedral Park NSW115
JonesLewis1818?2 Jun 187052Cathedral Park NSW257
JonesLewis Accar1849?7 Mar 186920son/Lewis & Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW257
JonesMary Ann Catherine1857?18 Jun 18669dau/Lewis & Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW257
KempMary Ann1797?11 Jul 185659?w/SimonCathedral Park NSW217
KempSimon29 Oct 1867?76son/Simon & Anne; h/Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW217
KenrickMartin1809?18 Jul 186051Cathedral Park NSW179
KenrickMary Stephena1859?14 Nov 18601dau/Atwill & Hannah EuphemiaCathedral Park NSW26
KingJames10 May 18462 Jan 186821son/Jesse & Mary; b. Monmouthshire, EnglandCathedral Park NSW125
KnaggsBessie Marriane1877?21 Nov 18781dau/Samuel T & Helena CCathedral Park NSW222
KnaggsJames Robert7 Nov 183815 Jan 187839son/Robert Corbett (MD) & Phoebe; h/Sarah Jane (Pearce)Cathedral Park NSW222
Knaggs (Maiben)Phoebe8 Jan 180921 Aug 188071dau/Andrew M & Ellen; w/Robert CorbettCathedral Park NSW222
KnaggsRobert Corbet (Dr)1808?31 May 187769h/PhoebeCathedral Park NSW222
KnaggsRobert Samuel14 Apr 184022 Aug 185616Cathedral Park NSW222
LambertLewis1Cathedral Park NSW159
LambourneHenry1810?27 Mar 185746h/Jane (Griffith) & Sarah (Priest)Cathedral Park NSW38
Lambourne (Griffith)Jane1816?9 Nov 184630w/HenryCathedral Park NSW38
LanderyouEmma AliceJan 186828 Dec 18680dau/John & Emma AliceCathedral Park NSW154
LanderyouJohn1838?18 Aug 187840son/John & Elizabeth; h/Emma AliceCathedral Park NSW154
LanderyouMatilda EdenDec 1874?2? Mar 18761dau/John & Emma AliceCathedral Park NSW154
LanghamJames Henry1835?9 Jun 186631Cathedral Park NSW138
LanghamSamuel1807?Feb 185446Cathedral Park NSW138
LanghamSarahNov?18417? Sep 18442dau/SamuelCathedral Park NSW138
LathamElizabeth Matilda1875?Mar 18772dau/HenryCathedral Park NSW49
LawAgnes1806?7 Oct 188074Cathedral Park NSW162
LewisEdward1808?21 Jun 187163Cathedral Park NSW143
Lewis (Stacy)Ellen1830?5 Oct 186030w/MortimerCathedral Park NSW209
LewisMaria Minton1809?2 Mar 186959dau/Benjamin & SarahCathedral Park NSW143
LewisSarah1808?11 Aug 187062b. Wales; w/DavidCathedral Park NSW52
LingardJohn Peter1847?30 Nov 18547son/Samuel & AliceCathedral Park NSW205
LingardSamuel1816?28 Nov 187155Cathedral Park NSW205
LingardSarah1850?7 Dec 18544dau/Samuel & AliceCathedral Park NSW205
LittleAlice Maud4 May 1880dau/John James & Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW95
LivermoreGeorge1836?19 Mar 187841son/James & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW175
LlewellynHannah1831?28 Apr 187847b. Tremeirchion Flintshire, Wales; w/John (Captain)Cathedral Park NSW176
LongeGeorge1813?21 Nov 184431Cathedral Park NSW
LottJames1819?1 Aug 187455h/Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW244
LottMary Ann1818?19 Apr 187355dau/John J & Mary; w/JamesCathedral Park NSW244
LowCharles1848?11 Dec 187325son/RobertCathedral Park NSW240
LynchJohn178920 Jun 182940b. County Tipperary, Ireland; h/Mary Gertrude (Hogan)Cathedral Park NSW
MarlandJohn1822?21 Jan 186138Cathedral Park NSW182
MartinMark1793?5 Jun 182633Cathedral Park NSW
MartinMary1774?6 Aug 182652w/RichardCathedral Park NSW81
MasonHelena Madeline2 Jun 186325 Aug 187916dau/John & MaryCathedral Park NSW21
MasonMary Ann1852?24 Nov 187725w/JohnCathedral Park NSW21
MaxtedElizabeth Emily1856?7 Aug 18648dau/GeorgeCathedral Park NSW216
MaxtexGeorge11 Feb 18174 Mar 187154b. Ramsgate Kent, EnglandCathedral Park NSW216
MayhewFrances Wood1804?24 Oct 186763b. London, England; w/HeneryCathedral Park NSW77
McClymontJames15 Feb 17982 Dec 182930son/John Ramsay & Catherine (Gray); b. Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland; h/Agnes (Nancy) (Ralston)Cathedral Park NSW
McGillJohn1819?21 May 184829Cathedral Park NSW76
McGreavyJames1784?22 Sep 184662h/MargaretCathedral Park NSW66
McGreavyMargaret1797?9 Dec 186568w/JamesCathedral Park NSW66
McKenseyJames1816?29 Jan 185640b. Ayrshire, ScotlandCathedral Park NSW224
McNamaraAnn1786?7 May 185064Cathedral Park NSW45
McPhailThomasCathedral Park NSW161
MerewetherJames Walton Mitchell13 Oct 186513 Oct 18650son/Edward & AugustaCathedral Park NSW117
MilesElizabeth1823?15 Jun 187754w/AlfredCathedral Park NSW139
MilesLouise1849?27 Aug 187627w/GeorgeCathedral Park NSW139
MoodyGeorge1810?14 Jul 187060Cathedral Park NSW57
MorganJessie Howison6 Oct 18344 Sep 188045dau/John P & Ann; w/Cosby (Dr)Cathedral Park NSW39
MorseJohn (Rev)1791?11 Apr 185261Cathedral Park NSW46
MugglestonJohn1804?13 Jan 184440?Cathedral Park NSW142
NettleEdith Amelia27 Dec 187329 May 18740dau/John Henry & Josephine AliceCathedral Park NSW225
NixonAlice Lingard1869?12 Sep 18789dau/JohnCathedral Park NSW205
OgilvieCharles29 Oct 1826Cathedral Park NSW
OsborneSamuel1832?26 Jul 186432Cathedral Park NSW187
OverallFrederick James18698 Jul 187910son/JohnCathedral Park NSW121
PalmerAlice1827?14 Feb 187649w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW132
ParnellJames Ratcliffe Virgo1854?1 Feb 18573son/MontagueCathedral Park NSW212
ParnellRichard Elmhurst1865?26 Jun 18661son/MontagueCathedral Park NSW212
PatyDorothy1805?4? Oct 183631dau/Thomas Burnard; w/JohnCathedral Park NSW3
PatyEliza Dorothy Mary1833Jan 18330dau/John & DorothyCathedral Park NSW3
Phillips (Brunker)Margaret18348 Jun 186935dau/John Nixon & Mary Ann (McGreavy); b. Newcastle NSW; w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW66
PhillipsWilliam1829?23 Jun 187243b. Chester, England; h/MargaretCathedral Park NSW66
PortusCecil24 Nov 1878son/Henry D & HannaCathedral Park NSW67
PriceJohn12 Nov 1853son/Unknown & UnknownCathedral Park NSW
PriceJohn1806?16 Jun 184135son/Unknown & UnknownCathedral Park NSW
PriceLydia Bligh1850?26 Jun 193989dau/Stephen & Lydia AnneCathedral Park NSW4
PriceStephen1818?14 Sep 188062son/John; b. Totnest Devon, England; h/Lydia AnneCathedral Park NSW4
PrinceHenry21 Mar 182722 Apr 187245b. Gibraltar, U.K.Cathedral Park NSW247
Pritchard (Griffiths)Jane16 Jan 1862dau/MaryCathedral Park NSW178
RanclaudJames St John1786?29 May 183246h/SusannahCathedral Park NSW1
RanclaudSusannah1789?23 Dec 186172w/James St.JohnCathedral Park NSW1
ReesHannah1831?31 Aug 186938w/MosesCathedral Park NSW69
ReidJames Macartney1835?1 May 185217son/JamesCathedral Park NSW208
RichardsonCatherine FrancesJul?18524 Jan 187017dau/Martin & CatherineCathedral Park NSW122
RichardsonGerard Rowes Allerston1882?11 Feb 1882infson/WilliamCathedral Park NSW153
RichardsonMartin1803?8 Apr 186865h/CatherineCathedral Park NSW122
RichardsonMartin George25 Apr 184412 Mar 187732son/Martin & CatherineCathedral Park NSW122
RichardsonStephen1823?14 Jan 186138Cathedral Park NSW
RichardsonWilliam Arthur1853?29 May 188128Cathedral Park NSW153
RinkerAnna Maria1875?22 May 18772Cathedral Park NSW91
RinkerMargaret Jane18722? Jul 18763dau/William Henry & HannahCathedral Park NSW91
RixonAlbert Ernest16 Jan 187721 Apr 18770son/William Benjamin & Louisa (Vincent); b. Hamilton, NSW, AustraliaCathedral Park NSW
Rixon (Vincent)Louisa3 Dec 184230 Mar 187734dau/William & Margaret (Driscoll); b. Illawarra, NSW, Australia; w/William BenjaminCathedral Park NSW
Roberts (Fry)Charlotte1855?7 Apr 187621dau/John & Mary AnnCathedral Park NSW150
RobinsElizabeth1810?14 Oct 188070w/JohnCathedral Park NSW120
RobinsJohn1839?11 Aug 187940h/ElizabethCathedral Park NSW120
Robinson (Sternes/Stearns)Elizabeth4 Aug 181130 Sep 186450b. Great Shelford Cambridge, England; w/JosephCathedral Park NSW215
RobsonJohn1859?19 Jun 187718son/William & AnnCathedral Park NSW
Rouse (Vane)Ann1809?12 Mar 187868w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW110
RouseWilliam1800?185353Cathedral Park NSW110
RowClara Sophia6 Apr 185814 Apr 18580dau/William E & ClarindaCathedral Park NSW226
RoweIsabella Ann1835?17 May 187742w/William WooddesonCathedral Park NSW192
RoweSamuel1804?10 Nov 184541Cathedral Park NSW
RoweWilliam Henry1860?7 Mar 187919son/William Wooddeson & Isabella AnnCathedral Park NSW192
RoweWilliam Wooddeson1819?15 Dec 189475h/Isabella AnnCathedral Park NSW192
RuckerJohn Henry1841?19 Oct 186322Cathedral Park NSW186
RussellMary20 Jan 1872?39w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW204
RussellWilliam (Major)16 Apr 1863?30h/MaryCathedral Park NSW204
SayerMillie16 Apr 187728 Apr 18770dau/James W & Jane ECathedral Park NSW146
ScholeyAnnie GreavesNov?18651 Sep 18693dau/John & Anne (Greaves)Cathedral Park NSW104
SchumacherAugust Frederick11 Feb 18594 Aug 187920son/Carl Frederick August (Charles) & Maria Johanna ElizabethCathedral Park NSW123
ScottHarriet1803?20 Jan 186663w/A.WCathedral Park NSW199
ScullyWalter H1867?12 Apr 18725Cathedral Park NSW143
ScullyWalter Henry1831?27 Apr 187039h/Esther Minton (Lewis)Cathedral Park NSW143
SealeJohn Edwin24 Jun 186919 Dec 18723Cathedral Park NSW108
ShawJohn Walker2 Jun 186118 Jun 18610son/Thomas Head & Rosa JosephineCathedral Park NSW
ShawRosa Josephine1837?5 Jun 186124w/Thomas HeadCathedral Park NSW
ShawThomas Head6 Jun 183317 Jul 187542h/Rosa JosephineCathedral Park NSW
SillsEdward18572 Jul 18613son/Edward & Rebecca Diamond; b. Sydney NSW, AustraliaCathedral Park NSW185
SillsEdward William7 Apr 1874son/Edward & Rebecca DiamondCathedral Park NSW185
SillsMary Ann11 Oct 1861dau/Edward & Rebecca DiamondCathedral Park NSW185
Sills (Gill)Rebecca Diamond1831?26 Sep 187443w/EdwardCathedral Park NSW185
SillsWilliamOct 18603 Jul 18610son/Edward & Rebecca DiamondCathedral Park NSW185
SimmondsJohn1832?2 Apr 187543b. Hampshire, EnglandCathedral Park NSW235
SimmonsJohn1804?20 Jun 183733Cathedral Park NSW
Simpson (Pease)Margaret183324 Apr 1866b. Durham, England; w/HenryCathedral Park NSW
SkiltonEmily Hannah Eliza1875?15 Aug 18761dau/William & HannahCathedral Park NSW195
SkiltonHannah43w/WilliamCathedral Park NSW195
SmithCharles1823?20 Jan 187653Cathedral Park NSW231
SmithEdward A1809?25 Jun 185950h/MaryCathedral Park NSW18
SmithGeorge1843?7 Jan 187733son/Thomas & Maria; h/SarahCathedral Park NSW29
SmithGeorge Archibald11?Nov 187520 Nov 18761son/George & SarahCathedral Park NSW29
SmithHenry Augustus1863?28 Jul 18685son/Henry & MarthaCathedral Park NSW18
SmithJames (Sgt)28 Nov 1823Cathedral Park NSW
SmithJohn (Capt)1816?30 May 185438Cathedral Park NSW23
SmithMaria1810?27 May 187868w/ThomasCathedral Park NSW29
SmithMary76Cathedral Park NSW18
SmithSamuel Hodgson (Cpt)1842?13 Aug 187129son/Hodgson; b. Scarborough, EnglandCathedral Park NSW248
SmithThomas1812?7 Nov 187866h/MariaCathedral Park NSW29
SmithWilliam1805?19 Oct 182621Cathedral Park NSW
SmithWilliam James1866?6 Sep 18682son/Henry & MarthaCathedral Park NSW18
SmythMartha1818?29 Aug 184426Cathedral Park NSW137
SparkeWilliam1 Dec ?son/William & MaryCathedral Park NSW
SpraggFanny Ann1844?11 Sep 187329dau/JosephCathedral Park NSW31
SpraggJoseph26 Nov 180918 Oct 185747son/Joseph; b. Hanover Square, LondonCathedral Park NSW31
SpraggJoseph1847?3 Jul 187629son/JosephCathedral Park NSW31
SpruceHenry Walter185529 May 187519son/Henry Robert & Hannah; b. Geelong VicCathedral Park NSW
SquiresWilliam183426 Jun 187744b. Leicester, England; h/Hannah (Cockerell)Cathedral Park NSW
StaceyJane1806?4 Nov 185448w/John EdwardCathedral Park NSW
StokoeJohn24 Aug 1859h/Sarah (Priest)Cathedral Park NSW38
StrawThomas1815?12 Jun 185641Cathedral Park NSW230
StuckeyLydia AnneCathedral Park NSW160
SwadlingGeorge1857?22 Feb 187821son/William & RuthCathedral Park NSW17
TaylorJoseph1835?2 Dec 187641Cathedral Park NSW59
ThomasJohn178830 Apr 183850h/Mary A (Styles)Cathedral Park NSW
TigheRobert1797?5 Mar 184446h/Sarah (McNamara)Cathedral Park NSW45
Tighe (McNamara)Sarah1809?16 Jan 185848dau/John & Ann (McNamara); w/RobertCathedral Park NSW45
TootleJohn22 Sep 1852Cathedral Park NSW
UsherHenry1797?30 Dec 186265h/JaneCathedral Park NSW167
UsherJane1813?13 Mar 185642w/HenryCathedral Park NSW167
VarleyCharles Robert Lorn30 Apr 1878Cathedral Park NSW96
WagerSamuel Charles1824?14 May 187349Cathedral Park NSW243
WallaceJohn1846?2 May 187630Cathedral Park NSW151
WardAssheton Esdaile1865?12 Dec 1865infson/JosephCathedral Park NSW255
WatsonHannah1793?29 Jul 187077Cathedral Park NSW54
WeatherillLucy Dorton1827?30 Oct 186336w/William FCathedral Park NSW196
WeatherillLucy Menzies1860?9 Dec 18611dau/William F & Lucy DortonCathedral Park NSW196
WeatherillMary Elizabeth1856?7 Jul 188024dau/William F & Lucy DortonCathedral Park NSW196
Welham (Goodwin)Eliza21 Aug 18036 Nov 187777dau/William & Sarah (Banham); b. Messing, Essex, England; w/SamuelCathedral Park NSW19
WelhamWalter James1875?3 Apr 18783son/James & CharlotteCathedral Park NSW19
WestawayMary Maria1798?5 Nov 187173Cathedral Park NSW214
WhiteWalter George1859?31 Mar 18601Cathedral Park NSW191
Whyte (McGreavy)Mary Anne1808?29 Jun 187769formerly Brunker; dau/James & Margaret (Tynan); b. Waterford, Ireland; w/John Nixon (Brunker) & William HenryCathedral Park NSW65
WhyteWilliam Henry1808?5 Nov 187668son/George & Margaret; h/Mary AnneCathedral Park NSW65
WilliamsAnn1816?31 Mar 185741w/DavidCathedral Park NSW2
WilliamsCharles John187812 May 18790son/Jacob & ElizabethCathedral Park NSW33
WilliamsElizabeth1797?18 Jun 186366Cathedral Park NSW180
WilliamsJacob1835?22 Apr 188045son/Edward & Sarah; h/ElizabethCathedral Park NSW33
WilliamsJohn?1796?9 Oct 186064h/ElizabethCathedral Park NSW180
WilliamsLouisa1809?28 Aug 186657b. Bristol, England; w/Charles WhiteCathedral Park NSW82
WilsonEdward1805?20 Jun 188075h/SarahCathedral Park NSW136
WilsonSarah1880w/EdwardCathedral Park NSW136
WiltonCharles Playdell N (Rev)1796?5 Jun 185963son/William & Charlotte; h/ElizabethCathedral Park NSW43
WiltonPleydell19 May 183419 May 18340Cathedral Park NSW43
WinchesterAlice Maud3 Dec 1878May 18801dau/Herbert & EmmaCathedral Park NSW75
WinsorGeorge18297 Feb 187141son/Hannah (Winsor); b. Nailsea, Somerset, England; h/Charlotte (Jones)Cathedral Park NSW
WrightJoseph1794?2 Jul 182834Cathedral Park NSW
WrightThomas1771?8 Nov 182756Cathedral Park NSW
YatesCharles1823?22 Mar 187551?son/James & Mary; b. Staffordshire, EnglandCathedral Park NSW236
YoungWilliam1852?7 Nov 187927Cathedral Park NSW135

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