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Campbells Hill (West Maitland)South St, Telarah NSW 232012241

12241 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
A'HearnTimothy1847?27 Dec 192679h/Elizabeth (Ray)Campbells Hill NSWRC A7, 12
Abbott (Macartney)Matilda E (Lizzie)5 Mar 184914 Jul 188032dau/Michael; w/Joseph PalmerCampbells Hill NSWAng B6, 34-35
AbigailAlice1882?7 Nov 191937Campbells Hill NSWAng B8, 60
AbraffonHenry1786?27 Aug 185266Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 56
AbrahamAbe1899?7 May 195556son/William & FredaCampbells Hill NSWRC B1, 30
AbrahamFreda1867?3 Dec 195790w/WilliamCampbells Hill NSWRC B1, 30
AbrahamWilliam1865?2 Apr 192459h/FredaCampbells Hill NSWRC B1, 30
AbrahamsAbrahamCampbells Hill NSWRC D6
Abrahams (Cleary)Bridget1836?9 Oct 186226dau/Patrick & Bridget (Malony); w/AbrahamCampbells Hill NSWRC D6, 31
AbrahamsJames1880?25 Feb 189010son/Frederick & MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng B2
AbramsFrederick1855?15 Apr 191863h/MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng D9, 77-78
AbramsMary1857?21 Apr 193679w/FrederickCampbells Hill NSWAng D9, 77-78
AckfordJames1799?27 Nov 186162Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 54
AdamsAmy Georgiana29 Nov 186016 Dec 18600Campbells Hill NSWAng B2
AdamsArthur1868?9 Aug 188820Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 38
AdamsCaroline Esther1872?16 May 193563w/James M CCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 36-37
AdamsDavid1824?24 Jul 185632Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 22
AdamsEmilyDec 1857?11 Jul 18580Campbells Hill NSWAng B2
AdamsHarold WMay 1882?24 Nov 18820Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 42
AdamsHenry John28 Apr 193529 Oct 190570son/Henry & Amy (Milham); b. Battle co Sussex, England; h/Margaret (McNaught)Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 19
AdamsJames M C1874?14 Jul 195783Campbells Hill NSWAng C2
AdamsLydia Sophia1860?24 Dec 188222dau/William & LydiaCampbells Hill NSWAng B2, 42
AdamsMargaret May1846?20 Sep 191468Campbells Hill NSWAng D7, 21-22
AdamsStanley27 Oct 189615 Dec 18960Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 25
AdamsThomas1812?18 Nov 187462Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 29
AdamsVivian1895?13 May 18983Campbells Hill NSWAng C2
AdamsWilliam (Vivian) C1895?13 May 18983son/James M C & CarolineCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 35-36
AddisonAugustus George1881?22 Mar 194766h/Edna AugustusCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A, 48
AddisonEdna Augustus1893?22 Sep 195562w/Augustus GeorgeCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A, 48
AdnumArthur Albert18 Jan 188221 Apr 194362son/James Peter & Sarah Jane (Mellon); b. Cowra,NSW; h/Charlotte May (Devine)Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 45
AggettLyndaMay 1912?29 Nov 19120Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 75
Agnew (Nott)Ada1856?13 Nov 191458dau/Thomas Edward & Bridget; w/James VincentCampbells Hill NSWAng C8, 24
AgnewJames Vincent1854?28 Jun 191965son/John & Maria; h/Ada (Nott)Campbells Hill NSWAng C8, 28-29
AgnewKenneth Gregory189031 Oct 191121son/James Vincent & Ada (Nott); b. West Maitland NSW, AustraliaCampbells Hill NSWAng C8, 26-27
AgolzeriMaria30 Aug 1954Campbells Hill NSWRC A7 CENTRE, 24
Ah CheeYoung1863?5 Feb 191451Campbells Hill NSWAng
Ah LingFrances Rose1876?2 Nov 189923Campbells Hill NSWRC B8, 37
Ah LingIrene Pearl1897?18 Feb 18981dau/Frances RoseCampbells Hill NSWRC B8, 37
AikinsonFrancis1847?5 Jul 191871Campbells Hill NSWAng B1, 6
AirdNeil1844?4 Apr 188036b. IrelandCampbells Hill NSWAng A9, 48
AireyAnthony John15 Dec 1931Campbells Hill NSWRC A3 CENTRE, 23
AireyKenneth R25 May 1932Campbells Hill NSWRC A3 CENTRE, 23
AkersAlma Pearl1880?15 Jan 194060w/Phillip JosephCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 50
AkersGordon William26 Feb 191431 Mar 199379b. Sydney, NSW; h/Sylvia Mary; N155002Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2B, 108
AkersPhillip Joseph1865?25 Oct 193873h/Alma PearlCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 50
AkersSylvia Mary2 Dec 192720 Sep 200577w/Gordon WilliamCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2B, 109
AkersVera1878?14 Nov 191840dau/Phillip Joseph & Alma PearlCampbells Hill NSWAng
AkersWalter George1916?25 Aug 193014Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 53
AkhurstJohn Henry29 Oct 190724 Dec 191710Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 38
AkhurstNina21 Nov 18821 Jun 195572w/ThomasCampbells Hill NSWAng D9, 38
AkhurstThomas14 May 188527 Apr 196175h/NinaCampbells Hill NSWAng D9, 38
AlbrechtAdolphe1867?23 Nov 193366Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 3A/B, 27
AlburyThomas26 Oct 1916Campbells Hill NSWRC D2, 21
AlcornArthur Hayes1883?24 May 18863son/Robert George & MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng B5
AlcornFlorence1891?28 Jan 194352Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4B
AlcornMary1855?18 Dec 192266w/Robert GeorgeCampbells Hill NSWAng B5
AlcornRobert George1851?20 Feb 192674h/MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng B5
AldermanEmilyMay 1860?9 Dec 18600Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AldermanFrancis Alfred188513 Jul 193853?son/John Thomas & Mary Jane; h/Jean (Douge)Campbells Hill NSWRC A2, 31
AldermanMary25 Jun 1922dau/Francis Alfred & Jean (Douge)Campbells Hill NSWRC A2, 31
AldousAndrew James3 Sep 199712 Oct 19970Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER K, 72
AlexandreBianca EJun 1879?14 Feb 18800Campbells Hill NSWAng B2, 24
AlkinsonHarold B1824?24 Apr 189874Campbells Hill NSWAng F4, 44
AllanAlice1883?25 Sep 189512Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AllanGeorge1829?9 Mar 185728Campbells Hill NSWAng B10, 36
AllenClifton1905?26 Nov 19050son/James & GeorginaCampbells Hill NSWRC B1
Allen (Feneley)Dorothy Mary1892?29 Aug 195563dau/Patrick Charles & Ellen MaryCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 70
AllenEileen Mary28 Apr 1930Campbells Hill NSWRC B9, 40
AllenGeorge1831?16 Mar 186332Campbells Hill NSWAng D10, 10
Allen (Crossdale)Honora Catherine1914?25 Jan 199783w/William CliftonCampbells Hill NSWRC B1, 3
AllenJames1855?2 Sep 191156Campbells Hill NSWAng B1, 40
AllenJamesAug 1904?11 Dec 19040son/William & EmilyCampbells Hill NSWAng D1, 72
AllenJane1873?30 Nov 190936Campbells Hill NSWAng D4, 41
AllenJoseph1791?7 Jan 185564Campbells Hill NSWAng B9, 25
AllenMinnie EllenAug 1904?10 Dec 19040dau/William & EmilyCampbells Hill NSWAng D1, 72
AllenPeggy Anne1939?31 Dec 195516Campbells Hill NSWAng D6/D7(L), 19
AllenWilliam20 Nov 190521 Nov 19050son/James & GeorginaCampbells Hill NSWRC B1
AllenWilliam Clifton1911?4 Jan 196655h/Honora Catherine (Crossdale)Campbells Hill NSWRC B1, 4
AllenWilliam M1840?15 May 188040Campbells Hill NSWAng A9, 51
AllenWilliam Nortliff1881?18 Jul 190828Campbells Hill NSWAng D1, 72
AlleyJohn Underwood10 Sep 193915 Sep 19390son/Percy Underwood & Eileen (Hazelwood); b. West Maitland, New South Wales, AustraliaCampbells Hill NSWAng BB4, 1
AllisonAlfred Albert1882?21 Feb 18875Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 59
AllisonElizabeth Ann1864?23 Jul 187814Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AllisonFrederick1897?25 Feb 18981son/Walter & EllenCampbells Hill NSWAng A9, 21
AllisonMarguerite28 Jan 189525 Feb 18950dau/Walter & EllenCampbells Hill NSWAng D3, 77
AllsopAlphonsus C1881?4 Jul 192039son/Robert Roland & Elizabeth Eve; h/Beryl Ethel (Resleure); 67816Campbells Hill NSWRC D5, 41
AllsopAnn1968Campbells Hill NSWRC D5 VAULT, 42
Allsop (Atkinson)Ann Boyd1892?28 Nov 196371w/Norbert RolandCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 27
Allsop (Resleure)Beryl1886?9 Aug 191933dau/Philip E & ETHEL Medora; w/AlphonsusCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 41
AllsopCatherine Lucy1882?30 Aug 195674dau/Robert Roland & Elizabeth EveCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 42
AllsopEdith Therese1891?31 Dec 196170dau/Robert Roland & Elizabeth EveCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 42
AllsopElizabeth Ann1877?19 Apr 195275dau/Robert Roland & Elizabeth EveCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 42
Allsop (Idstein)Elizabeth Eve1848?22 Jul 192577w/Robert RolandCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 41
Allsop (O'Neill)Elizabeth Mary30 Mar 19311 Aug 201180w/Henry JosephCampbells Hill NSWRC A5/1, 8
AllsopFrederick John1885?12 Jan 194560son/Robert Roland & Elizabeth Eve; h/Mary MonicaCampbells Hill NSWRC A6 VAULT, 14
AllsopJoan Elizabeth1926?16 Dec 200276dau/Norbert Roland & Ann Boyd (Atkinson)Campbells Hill NSWRC D5, 27
AllsopKathleen1920?13 Dec 19211dau/Norbert Roland & Ann Boyd (Atkinson)Campbells Hill NSWRC D5, 27
AllsopLucy Catherine30 Aug 1956Campbells Hill NSWRC D5 VAULT, 42
AllsopMary Genevieve1879?14 May 193051dau/Robert Roland & Elizabeth EveCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 42
AllsopMary Monica1884?24 Jul 196278Campbells Hill NSWRC A6 VAULT, 15
AllsopNorbert Roland1889?14 Jul 195768h/Ann Boyd (Athinson)Campbells Hill NSWRC D5, 27
AllsopRobert Roland Joseph1852?8 Dec 192573h/Sarah Elizabeth Eve (Idstein)Campbells Hill NSWRC D5, 42
AllsopVincent James (Cpl)1888?29 May 191729son/Robert Roland & Elizabeth Eve; 360Campbells Hill NSWRC D5, 41
Allwork (Dean)Mary Ann21 Sep 184710 Jan 189951dau/George & Sarah (East); b. Maitland, NSW; w/EdwardCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AlmondHarold1897?25 Aug 196063Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2A
Amos (Adams)Gladys Catherine3 Oct 190521 Jul 199589formerly Luxford; w/LuxfordCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 35-37
AmosThomas1793?8 Nov 186572Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 21
AnderbergHenry Swinton1844?4 Dec 191773Campbells Hill NSWAng D7, 41
AndersonCharles1882?2 Jan 194058Campbells Hill NSWAng
AndersonCharles1884?11 May 192135Campbells Hill NSWAng B8, 47
AndersonFrederick20 Jun 18676 Jul 18670Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AndersonGordon Rutherford1914?12 Aug 19151son/Allan & EmilyCampbells Hill NSWAng D8, 4-05
AndersonJune4 Jun 19248 Jun 19240Campbells Hill NSWAng C8, 35-36
AndersonMary K3 Feb 1892Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
Andersonunknown1833?2 Nov 189360Campbells Hill NSWAng C5, 6
AndersonWilliam1812?10 May 185846Campbells Hill NSWAng B10, 40
AndrewsAnnie1848?25 Feb 188436w/WilliamCampbells Hill NSWAng A10, 25
AndrewsEmily Elizabeth1868?6 Jul 190032Campbells Hill NSWAng D2, 5-06
AndrewsFrederickJul 1899?31 Mar 19000Campbells Hill NSWAng D1, 5
AndrewsFrederick Joseph1871?15 Sep 195786h/Mary Jane (O'Connor)Campbells Hill NSWRC D10/4, 18
AndrewsIda May18 Feb 190824 Mar 19080Campbells Hill NSWAng D2, 28
Andrews (O'Connor)Mary Jane1863?18 Dec 193976w/Frederick JosephCampbells Hill NSWRC D10/4, 18
AndrewsW18951895sbCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AndrewsWilliam FrancisApr 1904?6 Mar 19050Campbells Hill NSWAng C10, 44
AndrewsWilliam Henry1840?10 Nov 190565h/AnnieCampbells Hill NSWAng A10, 25
AnsoulJulius E1885?7 Oct 18850son/Julius Carl Maria & Catherine (Bouffier)Campbells Hill NSWRC D7
AntcliffLinda1894?18 Nov 191319dau/Henry & Annie (Campbell)Campbells Hill NSWRC A8, 54
AntcliffeGeorge1819?8 Jul 188263Campbells Hill NSWAng A4, 47
AntcliffeJames RJul 1885?10 May 18860Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AntcliffeMandiJul 1875?6 Nov 18750Campbells Hill NSWAng A4, 47
AntcliffeMartha1829?25 Aug 185930Campbells Hill NSWAng A4, 46
AntcliffeRichard1848?21 Mar 186012Campbells Hill NSWAng A4, 46
AnthonyAlexander1827?4 Dec 189875Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AnthonyJames1795?1 Jan 186368Campbells Hill NSWAng B4, 50
AntoniadouIrene1912?18 Dec 196755Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 1B
AppletonAlice Pearl1908?22 Mar 200395w/GordonCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 3A/B
Appleton (Mackey)Elizabeth21 Jul 1912w/ThomasCampbells Hill NSWRC
AppletonElsie Agnes1888?26 Apr 195366Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 3A/B, 16
AppletonGordon (Bull)1903?1 Feb 197572son/Elsie AgnesCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 3A/B
AppletonLeonard1941?19 Nov 198645son/GordonCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 3A/B
AppletonThomas1866?11 Nov 191650son/Thomas & MariaCampbells Hill NSWRC D4 CENTRE, 2
AppleyardAda1888?23 Dec 195163w/HerbertCampbells Hill NSWAng A3
AppleyardEleanor Maureen17 Jul 193219 Apr 201481h/WilfredCampbells Hill NSWAng A3
AppleyardHarriet Ettie1916?18 Dec 197862Campbells Hill NSWAng C10
AppleyardHerbert1886?28 Aug 197084h/AdaCampbells Hill NSWAng A3
AppleyardWilfred4 Sep 192618 Jun 201487h/Eleanor MaureenCampbells Hill NSWAng A3
ApsterdEdward1857?2 Apr 189033Campbells Hill NSWAng C4, 56
ApthorpeBarbara1868?5 Aug 194274w/JohnCampbells Hill NSWAng D10, 55-56
ApthorpeHedley Appleton1907?25 Mar 198780h/Rita May (Post)Campbells Hill NSWRC A3 CENTRE, 7
ApthorpeJohn1865?20 Dec 192863h/BarbaraCampbells Hill NSWAng D10, 55-56
ApthorpeRita May1909?17 Nov 200394Campbells Hill NSWRC A3 CENTRE, 7
ApthorpeRobin Rita1936?11 Nov 19415dau/Hedley Appleton & Rita May (Post)Campbells Hill NSWRC A3 CENTRE, 7
Archer (Garton)Cathleen May1911?25 Jul 199887w/Eugene Lacey (Pat)Campbells Hill NSWRC A5/1, 6
ArcherCharles Henry8 Feb 188730 Mar 194154b. Winson Barracks, England; h/Alice MayCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4B, 17-18
ArcherEugene Lacey (Pat)1908?27 Feb 199385h/Cathleen May (Garton)Campbells Hill NSWRC A5/1, 7
Arkell (Grant)Annie Ella1891?21 Apr 192231dau/George; w/George TCampbells Hill NSWAng B9, 56-57
ArkellCharles Henry1827?28 Feb 186842b. Holborn Hill, LondonCampbells Hill NSWAng A7, 24
ArkellCharles Henry1879?2 Sep 190223Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 13
ArkellEdith PearlOct 1883?3 Apr 18840Campbells Hill NSWAng A7, 26
ArkellEdmund L1855?7 Sep 190752Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 13
ArkellFrederick K1895?14 Apr 191621Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 14
ArkellHannah M1866?4 May 194983w/James UnderwoodCampbells Hill NSWAng A7
ArkellJames Underwood1863?19 Mar 194784h/Hanna MCampbells Hill NSWAng A7
ArkellSarah Ann1830?4 May 188252w/Charles HenryCampbells Hill NSWAng A7
ArkellThomas1859?11 Jan 18689Campbells Hill NSWAng A7, 24-26
ArkellWalter William1877?23 Oct 189316Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 14
Arkins (Henry)Catherine (Kate)1841?21 Aug 186928w/JohnCampbells Hill NSWRC C10 CENTRE, 33
ArkinsHarriet AnnDec 1861?18 Sep 18620dau/John & Catherine (Henry)Campbells Hill NSWRC C10 CENTRE, 33
ArkinsJohn Charles1856?18 Jul 18626son/John & Catherine (Henry)Campbells Hill NSWRC C10 CENTRE, 33
Arkins (Brown)Marianne1844?15 Oct 187228dau/Thomas; w/JohnCampbells Hill NSWRC B7, 21
ArmstrongArthur JAug 1892?9 Dec 18920son/John & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 63
ArmstrongReginald GMay 1888?17 Nov 18880Campbells Hill NSWAng 2C14, 19
ArndellThomas1825?28 May 185934son/Robert Jackson & Jane Forbes (Huxley); h/Harriet (Butler)Campbells Hill NSWAng C5, 38 V
ArndellWilliam Wallace185621 Mar 189842son/Thomas & Harriett (Butler); b. Maitland, NSW, Australia; h/Matilda (King)Campbells Hill NSWAng C5
ArnoldAmbrose1849?16 Jul 194192son/Laurence & BridgetCampbells Hill NSWRC BORDER I, 5
Arnold (Cluly)Elsie Louisa1885?5 Oct 192843dau/Sarah Ann; w/LeslieCampbells Hill NSWAng D10, 60-62
ArnoldLeslie1885?1 Feb 195974h/Elsie LouisaCampbells Hill NSWAng D10, 60-62
ArnoldOliver Leslie11 Oct 191011 May 196757son/Leslie & ElsieCampbells Hill NSWAng D10, 61-62
ArnoldRobert1823?14 Mar 191289Campbells Hill NSWAng C8, 37
ArnoldThomas1832?21 Apr 191179Campbells Hill NSWAng C8, 11
ArthurAlfred Charles7 Jul 1940Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER I, 24
ArthurEliza1822?26 Oct 186543w/JamesCampbells Hill NSWAng A3, 62
ArthurEsther Amelia1857?19 Mar 18603Campbells Hill NSWAng A3, 61-62
ArthurHoratio Frederick1831?12 Feb 187140Campbells Hill NSWAng B2A3, 61-62
ArthurJames1817?16 Jul 190184h/ElizaCampbells Hill NSWAng A3, 62
ArthurLouisa Theresa1858?27 Dec 18613Campbells Hill NSWAng 2A3, 61-62
ArthurMary Ann1827?2 Nov 188760Campbells Hill NSWRC B6 VAULT, 36
AshcroftFrances J LFeb 1892?22 May 18920dau/John & JemmaCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AshcroftJohn1861?18 Dec 191554Campbells Hill NSWAng
AshdownCurtis1822?21 Dec 189068Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AsherEdith C1873?16 Dec 190027Campbells Hill NSWAng D4, 7
AshleyLouisaAug 1887?17 Feb 18880Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AshmanMabel Annie1913?3 Jul 199784w/Richard (Dick)Campbells Hill NSWAng B9
AshmanRichard (Dick)1910?22 Mar 199383h/Mabel AnnieCampbells Hill NSWAng B9
AshtonMary Ann1833?29 Aug 185219Campbells Hill NSWRC C7 CENTRE, 14
AshtonMary AnnAug 1852?2 Nov 18520dau/Mary AnnCampbells Hill NSWRC C7 CENTRE, 14
AshworthGeorge15 Dec 1952Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER B5, 5
AshworthIrene Matilda1906?9 Apr 197266w/John GeorgeCampbells Hill NSWAng B5
AshworthJohn George1903?12 Dec 195249son/Thomas & Lillian May; h/Irene MatildaCampbells Hill NSWAng B5
AshworthJohn Thomas1933?6 Sep 195219Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 5B, 5-06
AshworthMrs21 May 1958Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4B, 6
Asimus (Whyte)Veronica1900?14 Sep 196565dau/Wensley Joseph & May Blanch (Miller); w/George FCampbells Hill NSWRC D10/2, 16
AspinallHenry John8 Feb 194913 Oct 200455Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER H, 21
AspinallRachelJan 1865?8 Oct 18650Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AsqueathFrederickOct 1866?25 Jul 18670Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AtkinGeorge3 Jul 185721 Oct 192164b. Sheffield, England; h/AmyCampbells Hill NSWAng B9, 44-45
AtkinsAnnie1886?6 Sep 191125w/James ArthurCampbells Hill NSWAng B2, 55
AtkinsCharles1857?31 Jan 189942Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AtkinsCharles Richard1881?26 Feb 195574Campbells Hill NSWAng B1, 7
AtkinsEliza1860?10 May 192868Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 11-12
AtkinsWilliam Oliver1856?5 Oct 192670Campbells Hill NSWAng D10, 32
AtkinsonCharles1825?2 Sep 188967h/HarrietCampbells Hill NSWAng C4, 43-44
AtkinsonElizabeth Allan1867?9 Oct 196093w/HenryCampbells Hill NSWRC B5, 13
AtkinsonFrances Eliza1866?8 Sep 191852dau/Charles & HarrietCampbells Hill NSWAng C4, 43-44
AtkinsonFrances Maud1880?3 Mar 194969Campbells Hill NSWAng B7, 67-68
AtkinsonFrancis6 Jul 1918Campbells Hill NSW
AtkinsonFrancis Albert (Frank)1904?8 Feb 192117son/Frances MaudCampbells Hill NSWAng B7, 67-68
AtkinsonHarriet Blanch1824?24 May 189874w/CharlesCampbells Hill NSWAng C4, 43-44
AtkinsonHenry1868?29 Dec 194173h/Elizabeth Allen (Gibson)Campbells Hill NSWRC B5, 14
AtkinsonLeslie Herbert1882?24 Jul 192543Campbells Hill NSWAng D7, 60
AtkinsonMadgeApr 1914?17 Dec 19140dau/Leslie Herbert & MabelCampbells Hill NSWAng C7, 60
Atkinson (Connery)Margaret1863?23 Aug 193774w/WilliamCampbells Hill NSWRC C6 CENTRE, 18
AtkinsonMary Halewood1902?6 Dec 196563dau/Henry & Elizabeth Allen (Gibson)Campbells Hill NSWRC B5, 14
AtkinsonWilliam1864?6 Sep 193167h/Margaret (Connery)Campbells Hill NSWRC C6 CENTRE, 17
AttwoodHarry1913?30 Jun 192412Campbells Hill NSWAng C10, 17
AuckettEdmund1813?3 Mar 188976Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 8
AuckettEdward1865?13 Oct 193469son/Edmund & Mary A (Seagar); b. Maitland, NSW; h/Rose Ann (Garland)Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 8
AuckettEva H1883?30 Mar 18918Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 8
AuckettHenry1844?3 Nov 188036Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 7
AuckettMary A1831?20 Nov 188655Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 8
AuckettMary Jane1871?12 Jun 18754Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 7-08
Auckett (Garland)Rose Ann1871?10 Mar 189827dau/Charles & Bena (Kemp); b. Paterson, NSW; w/EdwardCampbells Hill NSWAng B6
AuckettSarah1807?27 Oct 187063Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 7-08
AuckettWilliam1809?3 Sep 186657Campbells Hill NSWAng B6, 7-08
Austin (Nicholls)Harriet Anne1850?24 Apr 188939dau/Thomas & Sarah; w/JamesCampbells Hill NSWAng C4, 65
AustinJackApr 1916?16 Jun 19160Campbells Hill NSWAng D8, 23
AustinJohn4 Sep 1880Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AvertyRobert1862?14 Apr 18686Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AveryMark17 Feb 197217 Feb 1972sbson/Daryle & MavisCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A, 27
AveryRobin Adele25 Mar 19416 Jul 19421dau/Donald & OliveCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A, 27
AveryRodney James20 Dec 197113 Jan 200029Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER H, 21
AyersWilliam1867?8 Feb 188417Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 29
Ayliffe24 Sep 193224 Sep 1932sbCampbells Hill NSWAng D2, 67
AyliffeArthur J29 Apr 18869 May 18860Campbells Hill NSWAng A9, 30
AyliffeCharles WilliamJan 1877?8 Sep 18780Campbells Hill NSWAng A9, 28-30
AyliffeDaisy1893?2 Jan 19029dau/Thomas & EmilyCampbells Hill NSWAng D2, 67
AyliffeEdgar JDec 1881?15 Jul 18820Campbells Hill NSWAng A9, 30
AyliffeEileen1 Dec 19341 Dec 19340dau/Percival & MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng
AyliffeLilly17 May 188318 May 18830Campbells Hill NSWAng A9, 30
AyresCharles6 Jul 18977 Jul 18970son/Henry & AnneCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
AyresEmily6 Jul 18977 Jul 18970dau/Henry & AnneCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BabingtonJohn Arthur (Jack)1922?12 Oct 19231son/Sydney & AdaCampbells Hill NSWAng B10, 62
BackhusJohn1853?10 Aug 18541Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F, 14
BackhusMary1851?25 Aug 18543Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F, 15
BackhusThomas1830?20 Mar 189666son/William & FannyCampbells Hill NSWAng D4, 77
BaconJohn1800?27 Jun 185252Campbells Hill NSWAng B9, 62
BadcockJames13 Mar 195113 Mar 1951sbCampbells Hill NSWRC A6 VAULT, 21
Badcock (Moylan)Mary Kathleen12 May 190924 Mar 199989dau/James Francis & Alice Maud; w/Raymond WilliamCampbells Hill NSWRC A5/1, 18
BadcockRaymond William12 Feb 19134 Oct 199481son/Ernest F & Maud M; h/Mary Kathleen (Moylan)Campbells Hill NSWRC A5/1, 19
BaddockJames1800?29 Jan 185454Campbells Hill NSWAng B9, 34
BagleeCharles Cook1893?2 Jul 195663Campbells Hill NSWAng C5
BaildonAlbert (Bert)25 Jun 1948Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A
BaileyBenjamin1825?20 Jun 186035Campbells Hill NSWAng C10, 43
BaileyBrett Anthony10 Jul 197121 Jul 19710Campbells Hill NSWAng
BaileyCatherine1831?21 Jun 188453w/MichaelCampbells Hill NSWRC B2 CENTRE, 27
BaileyCharles1820?6 Jun 189373Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 64
BaileyCharlotte1811?31 Dec 189483Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 74
BaileyElizabeth1813?4 Sep 187259w/WilliamCampbells Hill NSWAng A2, 5
BaileyElizabeth1864?14 Aug 191450Campbells Hill NSWRC D5
BaileyElizabeth Blackburn1812?4 Sep 187260dau/William & ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWAng A2
BaileyFlorence May31 Jan 191017 May 200393Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 1B
BaileyFrancis1871?9 May 192150h/Margaret (Harrington)Campbells Hill NSWRC B2 CENTRE, 28
BaileyFrancis Michael1900?19 May 197373son/Francis & Margaret (Harrington)Campbells Hill NSWRC B2 CENTRE, 30
BaileyFreda Madeline1921?7 Jun 199776w/Robert HenryCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2B
BaileyGarry1946?1 Dec 19515son/Robert Henry & Freda MadelineCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2B, 119
BaileyGillian1969?22 Jul 201142Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 1A, 32
BaileyHenry1864?24 Jan 194884Campbells Hill NSWRC D5
BaileyIvan Alfred20 Feb 193311 Jan 201076Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 1A
BaileyLee Jason23 Aug 196822 Jul 201142Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 1A
BaileyLoyal J1901?29 Jul 19021Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F, 13
BaileyMargaret1873?30 Jan 195279w/FrancisCampbells Hill NSWRC B2 CENTRE, 29
BaileyMary1807?8 Mar 185548Campbells Hill NSWAng B4, 43
Bailey (Stapleton)Mary Ann1861?10 Apr 188624dau/Thomas & Anne (Long); b. Maitland, NSW; w/RichardCampbells Hill NSWRC A4, 1
Bailey (McLachlan)Mary Elizabeth1863?31 Dec 192461w/RichardCampbells Hill NSWRC A4, 4
BaileyMichael1829?21 Jul 189162h/CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC B2 CENTRE, 28
Bailey (Underwood)Phyllis Lillian8 Aug 191011 Feb 199483w/Walter AlbertCampbells Hill NSWAng B9, 10
BaileyRebecca18 Dec 1859Campbells Hill NSWAng C10, 57
BaileyRichard8 Jul 1911Campbells Hill NSWRC C2, 30
BaileyRichard1858?25 May 192365h/Mary Elizabeth (McLachlan)Campbells Hill NSWRC A4, 3
BaileyRobert Henry1915?13 Aug 198368h/Freda MadelineCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2B, 50
BaileyWalter Albert6 Nov 191020 Oct 198372b. London, England; h/Phyllis LillianCampbells Hill NSWAng B9, 10
BaileyWalter Linton (Snow)1909?14 Mar 196657Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 1B
BaileyWilliam1813?9 Jan 187966h/ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWAng A2, 5
BaileyWilliam J T11 Aug 1895son/Thomas ClaraCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BainesSamuel1857?12 Aug 192366Campbells Hill NSWAng
BairdEstelle MJul 1903?21 Nov 19030dau/James J & Florence ACampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F/C10, 24
BakerAnnCampbells Hill NSWRC C3
BakerCharlesAug 1870?2 Dec 18700Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BakerCharles Edward1861?9 Dec 18621Campbells Hill NSWAng A7, 78
BakerDavid1790?28 Oct 185464Campbells Hill NSWAng B4, 15
BakerEllen1856?1856infdau/Charles Henry & AnnCampbells Hill NSWRC C3, 8
BakerEmily Jane2 Aug 199325 Jun 20028Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER K, 97
BakerFrancisAug 1866?11 May 18670Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BakerGeorge1812?15 Aug 188371Campbells Hill NSWAng A1, 44
BakerGeorge1842?21 Jul 192886h/Sarah ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWAng C4, 54-55
BakerGeorge B23 Jan 18863 Apr 18860son/George & Sarah ECampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BakerHenry22 Jul 18272 Nov 189367son/Thomas & Sarah (Tester); b. Etchingham,Sussex, England; h/Ellen (Weston) & Ann (Alwood)Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 38
BakerHorace1871?23 Feb 190736Campbells Hill NSWAng C5, 13
Baker (Gibbs)Joan May15 Jan 19203 Nov 199272Campbells Hill NSWRC B6 VAULT, 27
BakerJohn G1843?29 Mar 188643Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 42
BakerMoses4 Nov 1897son/David & ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWAng B4
BakerMoses1830?5 Nov 189767son/David & ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWAng B4, 15
BakerPercyMar 1867?6 Oct 18670Campbells Hill NSWAng A7, 78
BakerSarah1801?26 Mar 189190Campbells Hill NSWAng A1, 43
BakerSarah Ann24 Jan 186512 Dec 186511mdau/Edward & Rose (Quan); b. Maitland,NSWCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BakerSarah Elizabeth1851?9 Nov 191059w/GeorgeCampbells Hill NSWAng C4, 54-55
BakerThomas1810?29 Jan 189282Campbells Hill NSWAng C2, 51
BakerThomas1869?7 Feb 18701Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BalcombeFrancis Joseph1910?3 Jun 19100son/SusanCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 10
BalcombeJames1842?17 Feb 190059h/JaneCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 27
BalcombeJames Corneilus3 Dec 188321 Dec 18830Campbells Hill NSWRC D4, 27
BalcombeJames Owen1877?2 Oct 18781son/James & JaneCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 27
Balcombe (Greedy)Jane1843?7 Apr 193089w/JamesCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 27
BalcombeLeslie Joseph1894?2 Jan 197177son/EmilyCampbells Hill NSWRC
BalcombeMargaret1806?9 Sep 188074w/Eugene & StephenCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 27
BalcombeMary Jane27 Nov 1911dau/Leslie (Dollie)Campbells Hill NSWRC B10, 10
BalcombeRonald Corneilus1918?15 Oct 199375Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER H, 16
BalcombeRowland George1915?19 Oct 19227son/Joseph & EdithCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 9
BalcombeStephen1800?27 Jul 185252h/Owen (Courtney) & Stephen & MargaretCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 27
BalcombeStephen John1870?27 Apr 189727son/James & Jane; h/Emily (Cooper)Campbells Hill NSWRC D4, 9
Balcombe (Towler)Susan1886?19 Apr 191024dau/Noah & SarahCampbells Hill NSWRC D4, 10
BaldockMary Wright1814?14 Sep 186854Campbells Hill NSWAng A7, 36
Baldwin (Murphy)Daisy Gardenia1909?29 Sep 197465w/AlbertCampbells Hill NSWRC D2, 23
BaldwinJohn1874?1 May 192147son/James & MargaretCampbells Hill NSWRC C5 VAULT, 24
Baldwin (Maskey)Mary Ann24 Apr 181112 Apr 189078dau/John & Mary (Pritchard); b. Wilberforce NSW; w/OttoCampbells Hill NSWAng C5, 18
BaldwinMary Ann1837?1 Feb 187235Campbells Hill NSWAng C5, 16-17
BaldwinOtto1809?20 Sep 187465h/Mary AnnCampbells Hill NSWAng C5, 18-19
BaldwinRichard Otto1840?24 Mar 189353son/Otto & Mary AnnCampbells Hill NSWAng C5, 18-19
BaldwinWynn8 Jul 18117 Apr 186049ch/Henry & Elizabeth (Carpenter); spouse/Julia Ann (Young)Campbells Hill NSWAng C5, 16-17
BallardJohn1824?21 Feb 188763son/Robert & SophiaCampbells Hill NSWAng A1, 11
BallardRobert1803?9 Dec 187875h/SophiaCampbells Hill NSWAng A1, 11-13
Ballard (Hawkins)Sophia Maria9 Dec 180323 Jun 188380dau/Jesse & Sarah (Watkins); b. Burwash, Rother District, East Sussex., England; w/Robert BonnitonCampbells Hill NSWAng A1, 13
BallardWCampbells Hill NSWAng A1, 11-13
BalserGeorge1831?25 Dec 187847Campbells Hill NSWAng B3, 53
BalserMary1823?13 Apr 188663Campbells Hill NSWAng B3, 53
BalserNellieMar 1892?24 Nov 18920Campbells Hill NSWAng B52
BalserSarah1846?24 Feb 186014Campbells Hill NSWAng B3, 52
BalserWalter1854?8 Feb 190450Campbells Hill NSWAng B3, 52
BambachAnn1883?13 Dec 195471son/George & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC D2, 75
Bambach (McGrane)Annie1857?4 Feb 188629dau/Bernard & Honora; w/Anton Joseph (McGrane)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 38
BambachAnton1822?3 Jan 189472h/DorotheaCampbells Hill NSWRC A8, 15
BambachAnton Cyril1894?30 Mar 193642son/Anton Joseph & Ellen Mary (Griffin); h/Dorothy Edna (Ferguson)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 39
BambachAnton Joseph1852?29 Aug 192775h/Annie (McGrane) & Ellen Mary (Griffin)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 37
BambachArthur John1883195471?son/George & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC D2,73
BambachBaby10 Oct 195610 Oct 1956sbson/Bruce & Mary (Allison)Campbells Hill NSWAng
BambachBruce Norman20 Jun 191222 May 199279son/Percival George & Elizabeth Walters (Norris); b. Clarence Town, NSW, Australia; h/May (Allison); N447802Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 5, 39
BambachCecilia1878?27 Dec 195577dau/George & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC D2, 73
BambachDorothea1828?1 Nov 190577b. Naussau, Germany; w/AntonCampbells Hill NSWRC A8, 16
Bambach (Ferguson)Dorothy Edna190111 Jun 197776?dau/Joshua C & Ellen; w/Anton CyrilCampbells Hill NSWRC B9, 39
BambachElizabeth1874?4 Aug 195480dau/George & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC D2, 73
BambachElizabeth31 Jan 18861 Feb 18860dau/Anton Joseph & Annie (McCrane)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 37
Bambach (Griffin)Ellen Mary1857?22 Nov 194285dau/Michael & Mary; w/Anton JosephCampbells Hill NSWRC B3, 38
BambachEthel10 Aug 188530 Oct 197085dau/George & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC D2, 74
BambachFrederick Alphensus18944 Nov 196369?son/Anton Joseph & Ellen Mary (Griffin)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 39
BambachGeorge1868?22 Jan 195082son/George & CatherineCampbells Hill NSWRC D2, 73
BambachJames Sabastian31 Aug 1967son/Anton Joseph & Ellen Mary (Griffin)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 39
BambachJoseph W1857?11 Nov 190548son/Anton & Dorothea; h/Julia (Reen)Campbells Hill NSWRC A7, 44
Bambach (Reen)Julia1862?18 Jul 189633dau/Daniel & Ellen; w/JosephCampbells Hill NSWRC A7, 43
BambachPhilip Aloysius13 Nov 18966 Nov 196871son/Anton Joseph & Ellen Mary (Griffin); b. West Maitland, NSW; h/Elsie A (Kervin)Campbells Hill NSWRC B3, 39
BambachVeronica Mary1901?17 Sep 198786dau/Anton Joseph & Ellen Mary (Griffin); b. West Maitland NSWCampbells Hill NSWRC B3, 37
BamfordJohn1860?18 Sep 188525Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 36
Banfield24 May 190424 May 1904sbCampbells Hill NSWAng A2, 66
BanfieldFrancis Kingston1828?24 Jul 187951h/SarahCampbells Hill NSWAng A2, 65-66
BanfieldGeorge1817?15 May 187356Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 68
BanfieldGeorge Lawrence1879?15 Jan 191637Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 66-69
BanfieldHewitt Pool1864?1 Dec 193572Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 45
BanfieldJane Grace1860?1 Feb 194282Campbells Hill NSWAng A1, 75
BanfieldJohanna30 Aug 18683 Sep 18680Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 77
BanfieldLawrence Hornibrook1816?12 Nov 183317Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 68
BanfieldMargaret Kingston1861?3 Nov 193776Campbells Hill NSWAng A1, 74
BanfieldMartha Alice1883?10 Feb 193149w/Hewitt PoolCampbells Hill NSWAng A2, 49-50
BanfieldMary Honibrook1857?20 Jan 191861dau/Francis Kingston & SarahCampbells Hill NSWAng A1, 74
BanfieldSarah1836?4 Apr 191983w/Francis KingstonCampbells Hill NSWAng A2, 66-69
BanfieldSarah Ellen1865?18 Dec 18694Campbells Hill NSWAng A2, 77
BanfieldThirza1871?12 Sep 193362w/Frank kCampbells Hill NSWAng C5, 33
BangleKathleen May18 Nov 1966dau/JohnCampbells Hill NSWRC B2 CENTRE, 26
BanhamEmma1835?12 Sep 191378w/WilliamCampbells Hill NSWAng B8, 69-70
BanhamEmmett Charles1871?10 Sep 193564Campbells Hill NSWAng BH, 31
BanhamWilliam1834?18 Jan 190975h/EmmaCampbells Hill NSWAng B8, 69
BanisterAnn Marie1956?23 Nov 19560dau/Wallace & Daphne Joan (Floyd)Campbells Hill NSWRC A2 CENTRE, 11
BanisterBeatrice May1888?29 Jan 196577w/Herbert ThomasCampbells Hill NSWRC A2 CENTRE, 11
BanisterHerbert Thomas1894?6 Apr 196672h/Beatrice MayCampbells Hill NSWRC A2 CENTRE, 11
BanisterMuriel MayMay 1928?8 Jan 19290dau/Herbert Thomas & Beatrice MayCampbells Hill NSWRC A2 CENTRE, 11
BanksArthur1874?29 Nov 188410son/Unknown & UnknownCampbells Hill NSWAng A10, 45
BanksGeorge1872?29 Nov 188412Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 45
BanksHannahMar 1886?11 Dec 18860Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 45
BanksKeighley18 May 18888 Jun 18880Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 45
BanksSarah1848?19 May 188840Campbells Hill NSWAng A10, 44
BannisterAnn23 Nov 1956Campbells Hill NSWRC A2 CENTRE, 11
BannisterAnne1835?11 Mar 185722Campbells Hill NSWAng A3, 45
BannisterCaroline1840?28 May 187232Campbells Hill NSWAng A8, 58
BarberGeorge Henry27 Jan 1952son/Allan & Mary ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWRC D1, 54
BarclayKevin Michael18 Sep 192312 Apr 199874Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER K, 79
BardenDouglas Charles1922?13 May 195735Campbells Hill NSWAng C10, 66-69
BardenHarry1892?23 Aug 195866h/Mary EdithCampbells Hill NSWAng C10, 66-69
BardenMary6 Sep 1939Campbells Hill NSWRC D10/4, 14
Barden (Butler)Mary Edith1898?18 Oct 198991w/HarryCampbells Hill NSWAng C10, 66-69
BardenNoel Harry1925?3 Nov 201388Campbells Hill NSWAng C10, 66-69
BardsleyGeorge1838?3 Aug 188850Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BarhamBetty25 Jul 1943Campbells Hill NSWRC D10/3, 9
BarkerEmily12 Jun 1854Campbells Hill NSWAng B8, 63
BarkerJoshua11 Dec 185225 Dec 18520Campbells Hill NSWAng B9, 12-5
BarkerNicholas1840?14 Oct 191474Campbells Hill NSWAng
BarlowWilliam1815?25 Feb 185540Campbells Hill NSWAng B9, 21
BarnardAmy EOct 1861?1 Aug 18620Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnardSusanna June1849?5 Dec 186011dau/Samuel & SusannahCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BarnardWilliam Henry1854?14 Nov 18606Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
Barnes1 Jun 1944Campbells Hill NSWRC D5 VAULT, 61
BarnesAlberta27 Sep 18958 Nov 18950Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesAlfred H21 Oct 188225 Nov 18820Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesClarence James8 Aug 192916 Oct 199667h/DaphneCampbells Hill NSWRC B3, 20
BarnesEdith29 Aug 188219 Sep 18820Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesEdwardNov 1968Campbells Hill NSWAng B2A
BarnesElizabeth26 Nov 187711 Dec 18770Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesEllen28 Jan 190328 Jan 1903sbdau/Albert & EmilyCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F, 24
BarnesGeorge StephenDec 1877?3 Jun 18780Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesLenyce Mary31 May 19441 Jun 19440dau/Allan James & Marion FranceillaCampbells Hill NSWRC D5, 60
BarnesMona Eileen1 Oct 1965Campbells Hill NSWAng B2a
BarnesRichard1809?7 Jan 188080son/William China & Mary (Dodd); b. Highworth, Wiltshire, England; h/Ann Elizabeth (Titcume)Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 167
BarnesRobertFeb 1871?2 Apr 18710Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesRuby13 Nov 191617 Nov 19160Campbells Hill NSWAng
BarnesStephen Richard1877?18 Nov 189821Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER, F
BarnesWilliam A L1878?27 Oct 189517son/Henry & EmmaCampbells Hill NSWAng D, 74
BarnettDanny KMar 1954?7 Jul 19540Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER C1, 3-04
BarnettJohn ClarenceAug 1928?1 Mar 19290Campbells Hill NSWAng D10, 53
BarnettMaryanne10 Aug 185326 Aug 18530Campbells Hill NSWAng B9, 17-5
BarnettRaymond John5 Jan 1957Campbells Hill NSWAng CHILDRENS
BarnettRaymond John1951?6 Jan 19576Campbells Hill NSWAng A5
BarnettRichard1830?30 Mar 186838Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 62
BarrArthur Harold1891?20 Mar 190110Campbells Hill NSWAng D2, 8
BarrElsia May1882?5 Mar 193856Campbells Hill NSWAng A6 (2), 27
BarrEsther1865?15 Oct 193166Campbells Hill NSWAng BH, 19
BarrFlorence L1895?25 Nov 195762dau/John; w/William Ernest (Bill); 1405Campbells Hill NSWAng C4
BarrHenry26 May 1953Campbells Hill NSWAng
BarrJeremiah1816?21 Jul 189478h/MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng C3, 38
BarrJimmy A1874?20 Apr 195985Campbells Hill NSWAng A6, 27
BarrMary1820?9 Dec 189070w/JeremiahCampbells Hill NSWAng C3, 32
BarrWilliam (Bill)1887?30 Jun 194760h/FlorenceCampbells Hill NSWAng C4
BarrettBrian1934?15 Oct 196531son/John HenryCampbells Hill NSWRC B10, 8
BarrettCecil Gravis4 Dec 191319 Apr 198975h/MaryCampbells Hill NSWRC B9, 43
Barrett (Windred)Dorothy Edna191116 Aug 198271dau/Joseph Henry & Mary (Walsh); b. Balmain South, NSW, Australia; w/John HenryCampbells Hill NSWRC B10, 41
BarrettJames14 Oct 1946Campbells Hill NSWRC D1, 50
BarrettJohn A25 Nov 1910Campbells Hill NSWRC C2, 2
BarrettJohn Henry190630 Jun 198275son/John & Catherine; b. St Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy Edna (Windred)Campbells Hill NSWRC B10, 8
BarrettMary16 Jul 19176 Dec 200891w/CecilCampbells Hill NSWRC B9, 44
BarrowEileen ValerieNov 1912?23 Jun 19140dau/John & AbigailCampbells Hill NSWAng C9, 54
BarryEllen25 Jan 1947Campbells Hill NSWRC A3, 32
BarryErnestJan 1942Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER I, 45
BarryJames Joseph1857?10 Dec 190245son/Michael & MaryCampbells Hill NSWRC A3, 33
Barry (Beatty)Jane1861?5 Jan 194180w/John FrancisCampbells Hill NSWRC C8, 33
BarryJohn Francis1859?2 Sep 191354son/Michael & Mary; h/Jane (Beatty)Campbells Hill NSWRC C3
BarryJoseph2 Mar 1926Campbells Hill NSWRC A3, 33
BarryMargaret1866?30 May 193367Campbells Hill NSWAng D3, 43-44
Barry (Ibbett)Marion Eva1906?24 Nov 198478w/Reginald JamesCampbells Hill NSWRC A3, 33
BarryMary1857?2 Nov 189062w/MichaelCampbells Hill NSWRC A3, 32
BarryMichael1823?8 Jul 189067h/MaryCampbells Hill NSWRC A3, 32
BarryReginald James1892?24 Sep 195765h/Marion Eva (Ibbett)Campbells Hill NSWRC A3, 33
BarryWalter Martin1887?11 Aug 193447Campbells Hill NSWAng B4, 30
BarryWilliam30 Oct 1935Campbells Hill NSWRC D10/2, 20
BartholomewFrederick22 Oct 192323 May 194218N163294Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 4A, 23
BartlettArthur Charles1821?14 Jul 188665b. Norfolk, England; h/EmmaCampbells Hill NSWAng B6, 30
BartlettArthur John1884?19 Aug 191834Campbells Hill NSWAng D10, 2
BartlettEmma6 Sep 1929w/Arthur CharlesCampbells Hill NSWAng B6, 30
BartlettFrancis Henry1867?9 Apr 192962son/Arthur Charles & EmmaCampbells Hill NSWAng B6, 30
BartlettGeorge9 Mar 186510 Mar 18650Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 11
BartlettHarold Arthur1862?23 Jun 192765son/Arthur Charles & EmmaCampbells Hill NSWAng B6, 30
BartlettHarold Robert16 May 18612 Jun 18610Campbells Hill NSWAng A7, 42-44
BartlettRobert Lee23 Jul 1940Campbells Hill NSWRC BORDER I, 23
BarwardSusanna Jane1849?5 Dec 186011Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BarwickEdgar1918?30 Nov 199577Campbells Hill NSWAng DESTITUTE
BarwickJohn1 Aug 19382 Aug 19380Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2A, 31
BarwickNellieApr 1908?19 Jul 19090Campbells Hill NSWAng
BarwickRaymond20 Mar 194421 Mar 19440Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 2A, 16
BatemanCatherine1831?8 Aug 190170b. Cork, Ireland; w/Michael WellesleyCampbells Hill NSWRC C5, 15
BatemanMichael Wellesley1815?19 Apr 189580b. Ireland; h/CatherineCampbells Hill NSWAng A5, 10
BatesAnne1835?26 May 185520Campbells Hill NSWAng B8, 49
BatesGeorge1786?3 Aug 187488Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 122
BatesGeorge1840?4 Dec 186727Campbells Hill NSWAng D9, 57
BatesJames1824?7 Dec 190884h/Sophia (Stephenson)Campbells Hill NSWAng A9, 60-61
BatesJessie1876?21 Feb 194973w/Thomas HenryCampbells Hill NSWAng C10, 50-51
BatesLousiaAug 1856?11 Nov 18560Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BatesMary1789?30 Jan 188091Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER F
BatesMyra MavisJun 1920?6 Dec 19200Campbells Hill NSWAng B7, 68-69
Bates (Stephenson)Sophia1829?27 Nov 190879w/JamesCampbells Hill NSWAng A9, 60-61
BatesThomasOct 1852?23 Feb 18540Campbells Hill NSWAng A1, 64
BatesThomas Henry1867?6 Aug 194376h/JessieCampbells Hill NSWAng C10, 50-51
BattenJohn1858?21 Feb 193274Campbells Hill NSWAng
BaukamElizabeth2 May 1952Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER H, 38
BaxterJames1835?22 Jan 191883Campbells Hill NSWAng
BaxterJohn1825?10 Jan 185833Campbells Hill NSWAng B10, 65

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