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YeovalTremain Drive, Yeoval NSW 2868448

448 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AgnewArthur Reginald19 Apr 19249 Apr 195531b. Wellington, NSW; 130001 (RAAF)Yeoval NSWProt A
Agnew (Barrett)Catherine E1892?3 Jun 196674w/Robert TYeoval NSWProt A
AgnewDarrell Robert27?Feb 193212 Nov 19320son/John W & Katherine CYeoval NSWRC
AgnewRobert Thomas1886?10 Feb 195669h/Catherine EYeoval NSWProt A
AmbroseAnnie Maud1884?30 May 194460w/JohnYeoval NSWRC
AmbroseJohn2 Apr 1957h/Annie MaudYeoval NSWRC
AmeyMichael George6 Mar 198026 Apr 200020son/David & CatherineYeoval NSWRC
Antrobus (Tremain)Mary Joan9 May 19406 Jun 198444w/PeterYeoval NSWWall
ArmstrongElizabeth18 Mar 187610 Oct 194670b. Wallace Town; w/JamesYeoval NSWProt A
ArmstrongJames25 Nov 186817 May 194071b. Ballarat; h/ElizabethYeoval NSWProt A
ArmstrongVerna Ruth20 Jun 19321 Jan 19341dau/Francis J & Elizabeth J; b. YeovalYeoval NSWProt A
ArrowWilliam22 Oct 18491905?55b. O'Connell, New South Wales, AustraliaYeoval NSWProt A
AtkinsonReginald Wallace1906?19 Mar 198073NX121394Yeoval NSWProt B
BallMargaret1937?8 Sep 198952Yeoval NSWProt A
BallRoland HYeoval NSWProt A
BamfordAdelaide20 Aug 18957 Jan 199296Yeoval NSWWall
BarberGeorge18771951son/George & Mary Ann; h/Margaret JaneYeoval NSWBap
Barber (Pearce)Margaret Jane (Maggie)18851948dau/Frederick & Annie Maria; w/GeorgeYeoval NSWBap
BeetPearl Emmaline21 Sep 191027 May 198574Yeoval NSWBap
BentonBrian John1953?4 Aug 199946Yeoval NSWProt A
BentonDave1914?13 Feb 196853h/PearlYeoval NSWProt A
BentonJoseph1941?26 Mar 195816Yeoval NSWProt A
Benton (Hynds)Pearl1916?23 Jul 199074w/DaveYeoval NSWProt A
BentonReginald Arthur23 Dec 193413 Dec 199863Yeoval NSWProt A
BerneyDorothy Eva1924?27 Feb 199267w/Walter LYeoval NSWRC
Berney (Conroy)Ellen Margaret17 Aug 188911 Jul 197080w/John DavidYeoval NSWRC
BerneyJohn David11 Feb 188823 Mar 197183h/Ellen MargaretYeoval NSWRC
BerneyKeith David4 Apr 19236 Aug 198057h/GwenYeoval NSWProt B
BerneyMaise Marjorie24 Sep 193330 Jul 199763Yeoval NSWRC
BerneyNigel Thomas4 Oct 196115 Jan 19620son/Len & JoanYeoval NSWRC
BerneyWalter Leo1925?12 Nov 198964h/Dorothy EvaYeoval NSWRC
BlatchArthur Ernest1896?21 Dec 197276Yeoval NSWBap
BlatchGraydon T1911?26 Sep 195544h/Pearl EYeoval NSWBap
BlatchGregory Jim28 Jun 194028 Jun 1940sbson/James L & Violet SYeoval NSWBap
BlatchLeslie Arthur1918?15 Apr 197860Yeoval NSWBap
BlatchLionel Kellard2 Aug 193328 Feb 200066h/BerylYeoval NSWBap
BlatchPerce1886?7 Aug 195872h/SusanYeoval NSWBap
Blatch (Wykes)Susan1887?8 Jan 196476w/PerceYeoval NSWBap
BowhayAndrew Lance22 Aug 190919 Apr 196252son/John & Nora Theresa (Spence); b. Molong NSW, Australia; NX14190Yeoval NSWRC
BowhayCharles1858?15 Apr 192668Yeoval NSWRC
BowhayGeorge Henry1875?24 Dec 193762h/AnnieYeoval NSWRC
BowhayJohn1896?19 Apr 197579Yeoval NSWRC
BowhayJohn (Jack)7 Nov 18728 Sep 194774son/Frederick & Sarah Ann; b. Orange NSW, Australia; h/Nora Theresa (Spence)Yeoval NSWRC
BowhayJohn Neil1922?27 Jan 195128Yeoval NSWRC
Bowhay (Spence)Nora Theresa1881?5 Feb 196482dau/John & Nora; w/John (Jack)Yeoval NSWRC
BowhaySarah Ann1832?29 Apr 190371dau/Peter & Mary AYeoval NSWRC
BowhayStella NoraJul?191117 Feb 19142dau/John & TheresaYeoval NSWRC
BridgfordEdward Ernest29 Jul 192124 Oct 199069h/Joycethea (Crawford); NX78182Yeoval NSWWall
BrienHerbert Ronald1921?2 Jan 197149Yeoval NSWRC
BrownDaphne5 May 1978Yeoval NSWProt A
BrownJohn (Robert Snr)1814?189783son/Johnathan; b. Holy Head, Wales; h/SarahYeoval NSWProt A
BrownMary25 Sep 1939Yeoval NSWProt A
BrownRobert11 Apr 1928Yeoval NSWProt A
BrownThomas7 Apr 1977Yeoval NSWProt A
BruceKenneth James1956?21 Jul 19626son/R & EYeoval NSWProt B
BruceRobert Edward22 Aug 193230 Dec 199866Yeoval NSWProt B
BruceViola Elizabeth14 Mar 189228 Aug 197078Yeoval NSWProt B
ByrneDavid Donald18887 Oct 195561son/Peter Joseph & Isabella (Johnston); b. Yoeval, NSW; 1806 (AIF)Yeoval NSWProt A
ByrneErnest Hector1886?27 Jul 195164son/Peter Joseph & Isabella (Johnston); b. Molong, NSWYeoval NSWRC
ByrnePeter Joseph1857?4 Jul 192568son/David; h/Isabella (Johnston)Yeoval NSWRC
ByrneWilliam Vaughan (Bill)1925?19 Nov 194419son/Ernest Hector & Margaret (Vaughan)Yeoval NSWRC
CameronMary Ann1837?18 May 190669Yeoval NSWProt B
Carney (Black)Dora Alice May19122 Apr 197966formerly Barker; dau/Henry Isaac & Alice; b. Wellington NSW, Australia; w/Victor Oliver (Barker) & Patrick JosephYeoval NSWProt A
CarpenterCharles William19028 Mar 197067son/Robert Henry & Emily (Willard); b. Cowra, NSW, Australia; h/Freda Pearl (Miller)Yeoval NSWProt A
CarpenterClaude Francis190917 Jun 198272son/Robert Henry & Emily (Willard); b. Cowra, NSW, Australia; h/Emily Marjory (Stein)Yeoval NSWRC
Carpenter (Stein)Edith Rose28 Jan 19121 Aug 198876w/William H CYeoval NSWBap
Carpenter (Stein)Emily Marjory3 Apr 191917 Aug 199980w/Claude FrancisYeoval NSWRC
CarpenterEunice Margaret1953?20 Dec 196916dau/Charles William & Freda Pearl (Miller)Yeoval NSWProt A
CarpenterWilliam H C1907?6 Nov 196457Yeoval NSWBap
CassidyWendy Ellen29 Aug 194016 Jan 199655Yeoval NSWProt A
CavanaghEmma1854?26 Aug 193682Yeoval NSWProt A
CavanaghEthel May1900?1 Oct 195555w/Hubert OYeoval NSWRC
CavanaghHubert O1883?19 Oct 197289h/Ethel MayYeoval NSWRC
CavanaghJohn17 Aug 1935Yeoval NSWRC
CavanaghMary PatriciaSep?192922 Jan 19333dau/Hubert O & Ethel MayYeoval NSWRC
CavanaghMaurice1887?12 Sep 194558son/William & EmmaYeoval NSWRC
CavanaghWilliam1854?26 Mar 193681son/William & HonoraYeoval NSWRC
ChownAlfred William1913?27 Oct 199178Yeoval NSWProt A
ChownDavid William1889?21 Aug 197182h/Ivy IsabelYeoval NSWProt B
ChownDavid WIlliam1924?24 Jul 198763N425167Yeoval NSWProt B
Chown (Crean)Ivy Isabel1903?30 Jan 197369w/David WilliamYeoval NSWProt B
ChownThomas Alfred24 Sep 18992 Nov 198182b. FrogmoreYeoval NSWProt A
ChownWalter Joseph13 Apr 19238 May 200077N352264Yeoval NSWProt B
ClymerGeorge H1910?16 Jun 197767Yeoval NSWRC
Coady (Cavanagh)Agnes May1889?27 Aug 196273w/JohnYeoval NSWRC
CoadyAlbert Thomas15 Jun 191710 Aug 197154Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyBert1896?28 Aug 197377Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyCheryl?1951?Feb 1992?40?Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyDesmond John19 Feb 194919 Nov 198031Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyEileen12 Dec 191613 Apr 199982w/Walter JohnYeoval NSWRC
Coady (Grant)Grace D1904?8 Apr 198076w/Harold PYeoval NSWRC
CoadyHarold P1900?17 Jan 197675h/Grace DYeoval NSWRC
CoadyJohn1885?28 Nov 197388h/Agnes MayYeoval NSWRC
CoadyJohn1924?10 Jan 196843Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyMarie Elizabeth4 Aug 19484 Aug 19480Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyPearl1896?24 Jul 197680Yeoval NSWRC
CoadyWalter John31 Oct 19203 May 199372h/EileenYeoval NSWRC
CollisDaniel George23 Dec 193220 Apr 199158Yeoval NSWProt B
CollisJoy Kathleen7 Apr 193227 Oct 199159Yeoval NSWProt B
CollisKenneth Charles21 Oct 195911 Sep 198020Yeoval NSWProt B
Conroy (Petrie)Doris J1907?11 Apr 198780w/Henry EYeoval NSWProt A
ConroyHenry1855?15 Jun 193580son/James; h/MalvinaYeoval NSWProt A
ConroyHenry E1897?8 Jul 196669h/Doris JYeoval NSWProt A
ConroyMalvina3 Oct 1941w/HenryYeoval NSWProt A
ConroyNoel Edwin12 Dec 192922 Nov 199767Yeoval NSWProt A
CookClyde John23 Dec 19058 Jun 197772son/James & Mary E (Brennan); b. Gulgong NSW, Australia; h/Edna Olive (Herbert); NX73505Yeoval NSWRC
CooperDenise Anne1951?8 Dec 196716Yeoval NSWProt A
CooperFrederick1895?8 Aug 197075h/Nellie IreneYeoval NSWProt A
Cooper (Astill)Nellie Irene1899?29 Aug 195859w/FredYeoval NSWProt A
CooperPearl IreneMar 19286 Nov 19280dau/Fred & Nellie IreneYeoval NSWProt A
CorkerFrederick Arthur19051976Yeoval NSWProt A
CorkerRosina May19011988Yeoval NSWProt A
CupittBrian Reginald Charles5 Sep 19385 Nov 195618son/Reginald & Jean (Smith); b. Bathurst NSW, AustraliaYeoval NSWWall
CupittPeter James Joseph23 Jun 19447 Jul 196723son/Reg & JeanYeoval NSWWall
CupittReginald14 Jul 19088 Sep 198072son/Joseph James Emanuel & Valerie Agnes (Atkinson); b. Grahamstown near Adelong NSW, Australia; h/Jean (Smith)Yeoval NSWWall
Davis (Berney)Mary Jane21 Jul 191820 Jul 193819w/William H FYeoval NSWRC
Dawson (Coady)Dora Margaret1919?20 Jun 199879w/IvoYeoval NSWRC
DawsonIvo Peter1913?15 Nov 200188h/Dora MargaretYeoval NSWRC
DayG H1927?20 Apr 199164NX503372Yeoval NSWProt A
DonnellyClarence Harold1902?6 Feb 196461son/Patrick Joseph & Louisa C (Miller); b. Yeoval, New South Wales, Australia; h/Monica Catherine (Kerin)Yeoval NSWRC
DonnellyLeslie Norman1900?18 Mar 195857son/Patrick Joseph & Louisa (Miller); b. Molong, New South Wales, Australia; h/Mary Irene (Owens)Yeoval NSWRC
Donnelly (Miller)Louisa1870?4 Aug 195181dau/Thomas & Mary; w/Patrick JosephYeoval NSWRC
Donnelly (Owens)Mary Irene19053 Jan 199387dau/Edward & Bridget Anne (Haycock); b. Wellington, New South Wales, Australia; w/Leslie NormanYeoval NSWRC
Donnelly (Kerin)Monica Catherine1904?12 Sep 196056dau/Thomas & Catherine (O'Leary); b. New South Wales, Australia; w/Clarence HaroldYeoval NSWRC
DonnellyPatrick Joseph31 Aug 18627 May 191654son/Thomas & Bridget (McKenna); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Louisa C (Miller)Yeoval NSWRC
DorinAlex31 Jul 1992Yeoval NSWProt A
EdwardsArnold Keith1902?30 Aug 194846son/Thomas & Emily Ada; NX156035Yeoval NSWProt A
Edwards (Liscombe)Emily Ada1872?25 Dec 193462w/ThomasYeoval NSWProt A
EdwardsThomas1867?2 Dec 195184h/Emily AdaYeoval NSWProt A
EggletonAnthony John10 Nov 195017 Dec 199646Yeoval NSWRC
FardellDorothy M1919?1 Sep 198061Yeoval NSWRC
FardellHerbert J1903?6 Jul 197471Yeoval NSWRC
FarrJohn Edward1902?5 Oct 195755h/Mary JaneYeoval NSWProt A
Farr (Higgins)Mary Jane1892?15 Aug 196775w/John EYeoval NSWProt A
FerrisElsbeth May1914?29 Nov 199177w/JackYeoval NSWRC
FerrisJohn Harold1911?26 Aug 199483h/ElsieYeoval NSWRC
GibsonBertie25 Jul 18868 Aug 18948son/William D & Margaret AYeoval NSWRC
GibsonCecilia1902?15 Nov 199492Yeoval NSWRC
GibsonJohn Edward1872?6 May 190533son/William D & Margaret AYeoval NSWRC
GibsonMary Ann1845?20 Sep 192378w/William DYeoval NSWRC
GibsonW(illiam) D1837?14 Sep 190669h/Mary AnnYeoval NSWRC
Glasgow (Tait)Arley19171995w/Derek DavidYeoval NSWProt B
GlasgowD(erek) D(avid)1916?16 Jun 198367h/Arley; QX6070Yeoval NSWProt B
GouldRoy1902?27 Dec 192624son/William J M & Ethel MYeoval NSWRC
GrantSara1 Dec 1943Yeoval NSWProt A
GriffinHerbert Randolph28 Oct 190229 Mar 197774Yeoval NSWProt B
GriffithsFrancis John1940?12 Nov 197636Yeoval NSWRC
HammondRobert Darrell27 Jan 192719 Jul 200073h/Molly (Wilkin)Yeoval NSWWall
Harris (Cole)Caroline5 Jan 186120 Jul 194584formerly Howarth; dau/William & Caroline Matilda (Field); b. Hartley, NSW, Australia; w/Alfred Nimrod (Howarth) & Charles FrancisYeoval NSWBap
HarveyRobert Arthur1 Jan 195521 Oct 198833Yeoval NSWProt A
Haycock (Higgins)Ellen1883?25 Mar 193349w/JohnYeoval NSWProt A
HaycockJohn1891?19 Nov 194352Yeoval NSWProt A
HaycockThomas John1921?11 Feb 197957h/JoanYeoval NSWProt A
HealeyHerbert Victor1919?10 Sep 199677Yeoval NSWRC
HealeyJohn Joseph1881?1 Sep 194463h/Maude JeminahYeoval NSWRC
Healey (McMullen)Maude Jeminah1882?19 Sep 196987w/John JYeoval NSWRC
HendersonLeslie Francis1928196940Yeoval NSWBap
HetheringtonAlma15 Apr 193418 Jul 199965w/JimYeoval NSWRC
HetheringtonJames C6 Oct 193025 Sep 199463h/AlmaYeoval NSWRC
Higgins (Cole)Eliza1858?11 Mar 194586w/ThomasYeoval NSWProt A
HigginsFrances Elizabeth1893?28 Jan 198692Yeoval NSWProt A
HigginsJack1889?27 Apr 196374Yeoval NSWProt A
HigginsJames1886?26 Mar 195467Yeoval NSWProt A
HigginsJohn4 Apr 1995Yeoval NSWProt A
Higgins (Humphrey)Maude1904?31 Mar 195853w/Oscar V LYeoval NSWProt A
HigginsOscar V L1900?13 Aug 197171h/MaudeYeoval NSWProt A
HigginsThomas1840?23 Dec 190565h/ElizaYeoval NSWProt A
HigginsThomas1878?10 Feb 190930son/Thomas & ElizaYeoval NSWProt A
HigginsWilliam Edward1883?16 Jul 190825son/Thomas & ElizaYeoval NSWProt A
HillerJames Albert Stanbrook19 Jun 19980Yeoval NSWProt B
HodgesEdwin Joseph1868?28 May 195082h/SusanYeoval NSWRC
Hodges (Case)Susan1880?22 Feb 196483w/Edwin JYeoval NSWRC
Hogan (Anderson)Louisa Emma24 Mar 185626 May 193276formerly Blatch; dau/William & Elizabeth (Partridge); b. Camden, NSW, Australia; w/James Henry (Blatch) & DavidYeoval NSWBap
Hourigan (Palmer)Jane1867?7 Jun 192659w/PatrickYeoval NSWRC
HowarthChris1890?13 Aug 197888h/Ella GladysYeoval NSWProt B
Howarth (Arkinson)Ella Gladys1895?20 Apr 196671w/ChrisYeoval NSWProt B
HowarthMaxwell A10 Feb ??Yeoval NSWProt B
Hunt (Gildart)Alice Anne1891?24 Jan 196169w/Sidney SmithYeoval NSWProt B
HuntSidney Smith19 Apr 18841 Sep 194965son/Richard & Fanny Eliza (Smith); h/Lillia Austral (Robson) & Alice Anne (Gildart)Yeoval NSWProt B
HunterAlfred James8 May 190617 Oct 197468h/Daphne JoyceYeoval NSWBap
HunterDaphne Joyce7 Jan 190810 Jul 200294w/Alfred JamesYeoval NSWBap
HunterJohn1945?19 Aug 196419Yeoval NSWBap
HylandMargaret Isabella1878?25 May 196587w/William AlfordYeoval NSWBap
HylandWilliam Alford1874?12 Dec 196692h/Margaret IsabellaYeoval NSWBap
JefferyKatrina1974?7 Apr 199420Yeoval NSWBap
JobAllan Joffre Hunter12 Jun 191626 Feb 199780h/Brenda EllaineYeoval NSWProt B
Job (Holmes)Brenda Ellaine4 Apr 19149 Jun 199884w/Allan J HYeoval NSWProt B
Job (Hunter)Elsie1894?31 May 194551w/RichardYeoval NSWProt B
JobHerbert Arthur1905?24 Aug 198378h/OliveYeoval NSWBap
JobRichard1888?16 Aug 194456h/ElsieYeoval NSWProt B
JobThelma Elizabeth24 Dec 190611 Oct 199285w/Ernest WilliamYeoval NSWBap
JohnsonAndrew Douglas1968?23 Nov 198517son/Ron & JoyceYeoval NSWBap
JohnsonCharles Daniel1876?6 Jul 196185h/Mabel LauraYeoval NSWProt A
JohnsonCyril Roy10 Mar 190622 Sep 199387h/JanetYeoval NSWBap
Johnson (Miller)Edith1880?16 Dec 195676w/EdwinYeoval NSWProt A
JohnsonEdwin1874?7 Feb 195075h/EdithYeoval NSWProt A
JohnsonElvin Leslie Robert27 Apr 193324 Sep 199966h/HeatherYeoval NSWBap
Johnson (Hourigan)Florence1899?5 Feb 194747w/HenryYeoval NSWRC
JohnsonHenryh/Florence MaryYeoval NSWRC
JohnsonMabel Laura1876?1 Jul 195276w/Charles DanielYeoval NSWProt A
JohnstonAlexander1864?23 May 194783Yeoval NSWProt B
Jones (Loadsman)Enid Potter1920?21 Dec 198565w/T A PotterYeoval NSWProt A
JonesGordon Alfred Ernest1917?4 Jan 199274Yeoval NSWWall
KennedyMichael1886?23 May 196175Yeoval NSWRC
Kerin (Pepper)Bessie1899?18 Jun 197475dau/David & Elizabeth; b. Peak Hill, New South Wales, Australia; w/John CecilYeoval NSWRC
KerinBrian John1930?1 Dec 199464son/John Cecil & Bessie (Pepper); b. New South Wales, AustraliaYeoval NSWRC
Kerin (O'Neill)Bridget Cecilia1870?29 Jan 195382dau/Thomas & Mary (Shanahan); b. New South Wales, Australia; w/James JosephYeoval NSWRC
Kerin (O'Leary)Catherine1871?18 Jul 195786dau/John James & Katherine (Houlster); b. New South Wales, Australia; w/ThomasYeoval NSWRC
Kerin (Pombart)Catherine Margaret31 Mar 19126 May 198068dau/Virgil Joseph & Catherine (Madigan); w/Thomas FabianYeoval NSWRC
KerinJames Joseph18695 Oct 194576son/John & Bridget Mary (Brody); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Bridget Cecilia (O'Neill)Yeoval NSWRC
KerinJohn Cecil1898?23 Apr 195658son/John & Bridget Mary (Brody); b. Blayney, New South Wales, Australia; h/Bessie (Pepper)Yeoval NSWRC
KerinThomas1862?9 Feb 193875son/John & Bridget Mary (Brody); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Catherine (O'Leary)Yeoval NSWRC
KerinThomas Fabian11 Mar 191025 Jan 199685son/Thomas & Catherine (O'Leary); b. Peak Hill, New South Wales, Australia; h/Catherine Margaret (Pombart)Yeoval NSWRC
KerinVeronica Ursula189911 Jul 199494dau/Thomas & Catherine (O'Leary); b. New South Wales, AustraliaYeoval NSWRC
KnightAlice Thirster1886?24 Dec 193852w/Henry IsaacYeoval NSWProt A
KnightCharles Henry24 Jan 191526 Dec 198671h/JuliaYeoval NSWProt A
Knight (Bonfield)Emma Jane1857?22?Jan 190042w/Thomas RYeoval NSWProt A
KnightHenry Isaac4 Nov 188117 Jul 196482h/Alice ThirsterYeoval NSWProt A
KnightNorman HenryApr 19115 Jul 19110son/Henry & Alice TYeoval NSWProt A
KnightThomas Robert1838?16 Dec 191173h/Emma JaneYeoval NSWProt A
KucicStanko13 Jan 192114 Jul 198665Yeoval NSWRC
LarvenPatrick1931?16 Dec 19398son/Walter James & Ivy SylviaYeoval NSWRC
LarvenWalter James1902?4 Sep 195048h/Ivy SylviaYeoval NSWRC
LearyRaymond John1913?8 Jan 196854Yeoval NSWRC
LeesBarry (Bruce)son/Bruce & Millie JaneYeoval NSWProt A
LeesBruce4 Mar 191414 Jul 197056h/Millie JaneYeoval NSWProt A
LeesKevin (Bruce)son/Bruce & Millie JaneYeoval NSWProt A
Lees (Knight)Millie Jane28 Oct 191723 Apr 199678w/BruceYeoval NSWProt A
LeesSylvia Carlyn1941?11 Sep 19509dau/Bruce & Millie JaneYeoval NSWProt A
LeesYvonne Mary1944?1 Dec 200056Yeoval NSWRC
LeslieE Marie1909?15 Jun 199788Yeoval NSWProt A
LloydGeorge W1885?15 Aug 196277Yeoval NSWProt B
LloydJohn Henry1883?14 Aug 196986Yeoval NSWProt B
LongmoreDonald Maurice26 Oct 19113 Aug 198472son/James & Minnie (Starr); b. Hill End NSW, Australia; h/Phyllis Emma (Batty)Yeoval NSWProt B
Longmore (Johnston)Eliza Ellen1903?25 Aug 198885w/KeithYeoval NSWProt A
LongmoreJames17 Jun 186019 Mar 193575son/John & Lillias G; b. Scotland; h/Minnie (Starr)Yeoval NSWProt B
LongmoreKeith1900?1 Sep 196868h/Eliza EllenYeoval NSWProt A
Longmore (Starr)Minnie16 Oct 186527 Feb 195084dau/Thomas & Jane (Short); b. Hill End NSW, Australia; w/JamesYeoval NSWProt B
Longmore (Batty)Phyllis Emma11 Nov 191623 Jul 199578dau/Cyril G & Maude M (Wilkins); b. Blayney NSW, Australia; w/Donald MauriceYeoval NSWProt B
MatthewsRichard1811?187362h/SarahYeoval NSW
MatthewsSarah1813?187461w/RichardYeoval NSW
McCallJames Hickman22 Feb 19037 May 197572h/Nellie JeanYeoval NSWWall
McCall (Williamson)Nellie Jean5 Mar 19173 Jun 197457w/James HYeoval NSWWall
McCall-LeesAnthony James1975?25 Aug 199318son/Bruce & DeniseYeoval NSWProt A
McCarthyDaniel J1891?18 Apr 194453Yeoval NSWBap
McDonaldMargaret Greta3 Oct 19340dau/Mervyn & PhyllisYeoval NSWProt A
McDonaldMervyn Claude1904?11 Apr 198379Yeoval NSWRC
McLachlanWinsome Frazer1928?20 Jul 199668Yeoval NSWProt B
MilesJack Eric1898?6 Mar 19001son/Thomas & FannyYeoval NSWRC
Miller (Stonham)Ann Jean26 Sep 190810 Nov 197567w/Arthur JYeoval NSWProt A
MillerArthur J1906?22 Sep 196054h/Ann JeanYeoval NSWProt A
MillerArthur J H1879?1 Sep 194263h/Ellen MargaretYeoval NSWProt A
MillerArthur W1928?18 Jan 195526son/Arthur J & Ann JeanYeoval NSWProt A
MillerBertie1884?30 May 195672Yeoval NSWProt A
MillerBrian1936?10 Dec 1993?57Yeoval NSWProt A
MillerClaude13 Feb 194513 Feb 19450son/Horace & HazelYeoval NSWProt A
MillerDavid John1949?9 Jan 199646Yeoval NSWBap
MillerElizabeth Jane1884?15 Jun 197288Yeoval NSWProt A
Miller (Johnson)Ellen Margaret1880?18 Dec 193959w/Arthur J HYeoval NSWProt A
MillerErnest Leo1905?29 Mar 197064Yeoval NSWRC
MillerGerald George1939?2 Feb 199959Yeoval NSWProt A
MillerGlen1960?27 Jan 19665Yeoval NSWProt A
MillerHarold19300son/Arthur J & Ann JeanYeoval NSWProt A
MillerIan Alexander1925?3 Apr 200277Yeoval NSWRC
MillerJack1922?27 Oct 197755Yeoval NSWBap
MillerJames William1874?16 Aug 194874h/Rosina MariaYeoval NSWRC
Miller (Agnew)Kathleen I1914?3 May 198672w/Thomas EYeoval NSWProt A
MillerMary1841?3 Jun 192887w/ThomasYeoval NSWRC
MillerNeville1921?1 Jul 200180Yeoval NSWRC
Miller (Howarth)Priscilla29 Jul 18938 Nov 198188dau/Alfred Nimrod & Caroline (Cole); b. Molong, NSW, Australia; w/Theodore JoshiaYeoval NSWProt A
Miller (Everson)Raylene1942?1 Nov 197129Yeoval NSWProt A
MillerRaymond Wallace1922?27 Oct 197755NX157514Yeoval NSWBap
Miller (Conroy)Rosina Maria1888?23 May 197284w/James WYeoval NSWRC
MillerTheodore Josiah1884?24 Nov 196378son/Robert & Susannah (Cantrill); b. Orange, NSW, Australia; h/Priscilla (Howarth)Yeoval NSWProt A
MillerThomas1842?7 May 191674son/John & Martha; h/MaryYeoval NSWRC
MillerThomas1863?28 Mar 193874Yeoval NSWRC
MillerThomas E1914?14 May 198571h/Kathleen IYeoval NSWProt A
MillerWilfred Cyril1928?11 May 194113son/Theodore J & PriscillaYeoval NSWProt A
Miskell (Merriman)Hazel Mary1916?7 Sep 193923w/Cecil ThomasYeoval NSWRC
MiskellJohn Patrick1882?8 May 193856son/John Joseph & Mary; h/Violet (Tuxford)Yeoval NSWRC
MiskellVictor Bede1912?4 Aug 194028son/John Patrick & Violet (Tuxford)Yeoval NSWRC
Miskell (Tuxford)Violet18854 Aug 194055dau/James & Emma Jane (Roper); b. East Macquarie, NSW; w/John PatrickYeoval NSWRC
MorrisJessie Elizabeth A1902?2 Sep 199593w/William GeorgeYeoval NSWBap
MorrisVictoria Ruth14 Feb 19258 Sep 200075Yeoval NSWBap
MorrisWilliam George1899?9 Aug 195859h/Jessie E AYeoval NSWBap
MuesGervis Parr1908?16 Aug 199082Yeoval NSWProt A
MunroAlexander Ernest3 Jun 189911 Jul 197172Yeoval NSWProt B
Munro (Magill)Helene Louise20 Oct 18986 Jul 198485w/LachlanYeoval NSWWall
MunroLachlan27 Dec 189825 Jun 197778h/Helene LouiseYeoval NSWWall
Munro (Haylock)Susan Isabel1890?10 Nov 195565dau/Thomas Enoch & Mary (Stuart); w/JohnYeoval NSWProt B
MurphyAnthony1 Oct 19721 Oct 19720son/Tom & BrendaYeoval NSWRC
NagleJoan Mary22 Apr 193431 Aug 197137Yeoval NSWProt A
NevilleHarold C1892?6 Dec 197583h/Veronica MYeoval NSWProt A
NevilleKeith Alfred1921?22 Oct 199069Yeoval NSWWall
Neville (Whittaker)Veronica M1902?21 Jan 196360w/Harold CYeoval NSWProt A
Newell (Coady)Mary Kathleen1922?9 Jan 194320w/Kevin BernardYeoval NSWRC
O'BrienLucy Jane27 Dec 190124 Dec 200098Yeoval NSWWall
O'HalloranFrancis Charles20 Jun 190913 Sep 199182Yeoval NSWRC
O'HanlonRaymond1929?21 Mar 19366son/Timothy Michael & Lorna MayYeoval NSWRC
OlsenDaniel Julian1974?14 Aug 199420son/Ross & AllisonYeoval NSWBap
OlsenPaul James Edward1983?27 Jan 199713son/Ross & AllisonYeoval NSWBap
PalmerF R1920?15 Apr 199676h/Christine; 7617326Yeoval NSWProt A
PearceJohn Aspey Parker1888?29 Dec 196577Yeoval NSWProt A
PepperDavid H1905?4 Sep 197065Yeoval NSWProt A
PerryEric William30 Dec 190317 Jan 194743b. Broken HillYeoval NSWBap
PickfordHerbert George1909?9 Dec 198980h/Madge SarahYeoval NSWBap
PickfordMadge Sarah1913?7 Jan 199480w/Herbert GeorgeYeoval NSWBap
Pocknall (Goodman)Charlotte Mary18719 Aug 194169dau/Alfred & Jane Elizabeth (Moxon); b. Orange NSW, Australia; w/William JamesYeoval NSWBap
PocknallWilliam James18699 Sep 194879son/William Rowles & Lydia (Kefford); b. Bathurst NSW, Australia; h/Charlotte Mary (Goodman)Yeoval NSWBap
PomroyRonald G1931?19 Mar 199159Yeoval NSWProt A
PotterThomas Arnold1917?3 Sep 196144NX40956Yeoval NSWProt A
PriceLionel Francis1926?29 Aug 199266Yeoval NSWRC
Price (Higham)Mary1907?17 Aug 198174w/Reginald JYeoval NSWProt A
PriceReginald James1903?25 Jul 197875h/MaryYeoval NSWProt A
RileyKelvin0Yeoval NSWProt A
RileyMargaret E1937?2 Sep 196124w/Raymond AYeoval NSWProt A
RileyRaymond H A1930?17 Dec 197747h/Margaret EYeoval NSWProt A
RobertsCharles Ernest8 Feb 189425 Aug 198187Yeoval NSWProt B
RobertsonRobert James1923?31 Mar 200177Yeoval NSWRC
RodwellAlice18 May 1948Yeoval NSWProt A
RodwellElaine Patricia4 Jan 19257 Dec 199368Yeoval NSWProt A
RodwellJohn25 Feb 1962Yeoval NSWProt A
RodwellThomas5 Mar 1952Yeoval NSWProt A
RyanAlice Ann15?Oct 191412 Nov 19140dau/Michael & Alice AYeoval NSWRC
RyanBeverley M1942?11 May 19442dau/Harrison & Dorothy JoanYeoval NSWRC
RyanCatherine Margaret1881?6 Dec 196685w/DanielYeoval NSWRC
RyanClara20 Jul 19150dau/Michael & Alice AYeoval NSWRC
RyanDaniel1884?24 Feb 195873h/Catherine MargaretYeoval NSWRC
Ryan (Coady)Dorothy Joan1916?8 May 194630w/HarringtonYeoval NSWRC
RyanHarrington1909?19 Feb 199080h/Dorothy JoanYeoval NSWRC
RyanHeather Jean MariaDec 1939?23 Mar 195010Yeoval NSWProt A
RyanMichaelYeoval NSWRC
RyanMichael Thomas15?Oct 191419 Nov 19140son/Michael & Alice AYeoval NSWRC
Sandry (Smith)Elvy Louise8 Feb 1982w/Ernest JamesYeoval NSWWall
SandryErnest James5 Jan 1981h/Elvy LouiseYeoval NSWWall
SaxbyJohn1899?25 Aug 197677h/Mary OliveYeoval NSWProt A
Saxby (Hunter)Mary Olive1896?11 Jan 198891w/JohnYeoval NSWProt A
Schilling (Graham)Anne Montrose1903?9 Sep 198885w/Arthur JohnYeoval NSWRC
SchillingArthur John1905?4 Nov 196964son/Joseph & Susan Mary (Kerin); b. Milton, New South Wales, Australia; h/Ann Montrose (Graham)Yeoval NSWRC
SharpeFrederick Thomas1904?23 Oct 196258Yeoval NSWProt A
SharpeSydney Charles1902?18 Jan 197168Yeoval NSWProt A
ShawAndrew1888?1 Jul 196678h/Jessie EuphemiaYeoval NSWProt B
Shaw (Longmore)Jessie Euphemia24 Nov 19022 Aug 197673dau/James & Minnie (Starr); b. Hill End NSW, Australia; w/AndrewYeoval NSWProt B
Simmons (Casley)Amelia Jane1886?21 Dec 195771w/Ernest JamesYeoval NSWProt B
SimmonsErnest James1886?11 Nov 196680h/Amelia JaneYeoval NSWProt B
Simmons (Sparkes)Florence Evelyn1913?6 Jan 199581w/Henry ErnestYeoval NSWProt B
SimmonsGlenn Leigh1956?22 Aug 198327Yeoval NSWProt B
SimmonsHenry Ernest1912?5 Jan 195138h/Florence EvelynYeoval NSWProt B
SparkesElla MayJan 1921?29 Jul 19276dau/Urban J & Mary JYeoval NSWProt A
SparkesHenry John1917?15 Jul 198568NX90276Yeoval NSWBap
SparkesIda May1894?24 Nov 195965Yeoval NSWBap
SpenceNora Gertrude1856?10 Sep 193478Yeoval NSWRC
Stanbrook (Gow)Judith Ellen29 Sep 19336 Aug 199763w/JohnYeoval NSWProt B
Stanbrook (Sandry)Sarah E1908?1 Jan 199283w/William HYeoval NSWProt B
StanbrookWilliam Henry1907?29 Aug 197871h/Sarah EYeoval NSWProt B
SteinAlbert1887?11 Nov 195669h/EmilyYeoval NSWBap
SteinAlbert A J1914?2 Aug 199480Yeoval NSWBap
Stein (Gould)Emily1884?17 May 196076w/AlbertYeoval NSWBap
StephensEllen Jane1889?13 Feb 197888Yeoval NSWProt A
StephensGeorge Lawrence1924?5 Jul 198359Yeoval NSWProt A
StephensGladys A M28 Nov 192819 Oct 196839Yeoval NSWRC
StephensJohn Norman1885?17 Apr 195065Yeoval NSWProt A
StephensMinnie Palmer1894?14 Sep 196874w/William SamuelYeoval NSWProt B
StephensPeter1922?3 Dec 200078Yeoval NSWProt A
StephensWilliam Samuel1889?2 Apr 195667h/Minnie PalmerYeoval NSWProt B
StewartzJames Henry17 Feb 1909?Yeoval NSWProt A
StrahornAnnie1866?17 Dec 195589Yeoval NSWProt B
StrahornJanet Lang1890?7 Jun 194656Yeoval NSWProt B
StrahornJessie M1892?13 Jun 194856Yeoval NSWProt B
StrahornJohn Ayr1919?11 Nov 194425NX5519Yeoval NSWProt B
StrahornWilliam Ayr7 Apr 191623 Jun 199478h/Dorothy GraceYeoval NSWProt B
SuttonAdrian1935?29 Mar 19382son/Edgar Vivian & Florence MaryYeoval NSWProt A
SuttonElaine Gladys23 Sep 193413 Jan 198955?Yeoval NSWProt A
SuttonEric W1897?22 Nov 197073Yeoval NSWProt A
Sutton (Miller)Gladys E1899?11 Feb 197878w/Eric WYeoval NSWProt A
SuttonNyree Louise19 Jun 19620Yeoval NSWProt A
SuttonRon1928?30 Mar 199162Yeoval NSWRC
SuttonWilliam John17 Feb 192731 Oct 199972Yeoval NSWProt A
TarBela17 Feb 192723 May 200174Yeoval NSWRC
Tobin (Prior)Edith E1905?22 May 199691w/Samuel RYeoval NSWProt B
TobinSamuel Reginald1906?3 May 198377h/Edith EYeoval NSWProt B
TremainAlbert1911?8 Oct 200190h/Hazel JeanYeoval NSWProt B
TremainBrooke Cheryl14 May 1990Yeoval NSWProt B
TremainCecil9 Dec 191413 May 199681h/MargaretYeoval NSWWall
TremainCherylynne20 May 19624 Aug 199634Yeoval NSWProt B
TremainEileen1946?4 Mar 198134Yeoval NSWProt B
TremainErnest1909?4 Jul 197667h/Florence MaryYeoval NSWProt B
Tremain (Tilling)Florence Mary1909?3 Jul 200192w/ErnestYeoval NSWProt B
Tremain (Johnson)Hazel Jean1912?10 Jan 197057w/AlbertYeoval NSWProt B
TremainMary188126 Jun 196684b. Cornwall, England; w/WilliamYeoval NSWProt B
Tremain (Tilling)Thelma May29 Sep 190816 Jan 200091w/William H JYeoval NSWProt B
TremainWilliam18774 Apr 196689b. Cornwall, England; h/MaryYeoval NSWProt B
TremainWilliam H J1904?5 Apr 198379h/ThelmaYeoval NSWProt B
VaughanAlan Michael9 Nov 19233 Aug 199874Yeoval NSWRC
Vaughan (Payne)Clementina May1896?8 Jul 196468w/MichaelYeoval NSWRC
Vaughan (Armstrong)Eileen Maisie1910?12 Sep 199888w/Leo FYeoval NSWRC
VaughanLeo Francis1910?14 Nov 197060h/Eileen MaisieYeoval NSWRC
VaughanLouise Maree26 Dec 1967Yeoval NSWRC
VaughanMichael1896?9 Dec 196266h/Clementina MayYeoval NSWRC
VerlinAlma Beatrice28 Mar 191225 Jun 199987Yeoval NSWRC
WestAlfred Arthur J1882?20 Apr 196987h/LenaYeoval NSWProt A
West (Hunter)Lena1895?12 Jun 197681w/Alfred A JYeoval NSWProt A
Whittaker (Hogan)Annie Mary1902?15 Dec 193432w/John JYeoval NSWRC
Whittaker (Curtin)Catherine1870?16 Jul 194272w/Charles LYeoval NSWRC
WhittakerCharles Lewis1861?17 Sep 192362h/CatherineYeoval NSWRC
WhittakerGladys Trois1906?20 Jul 198175Yeoval NSWRC
Whittaker (Burton)Hannah186512 Dec 194277dau/William & Mary; b. Bathurst, NSW; w/JohnYeoval NSWRC
WhittakerJohn1865?8 Nov 191954son/Robert & Ellen; h/Hannah (Burton)Yeoval NSWRC
WhittakerJohn Harold1899?28 Sep 195354son/John & Hannah; h/MinnieYeoval NSWRC
WhittakerJohn Joseph1905?4 Feb 196559Yeoval NSWRC
Whittaker (Ashby)Mabel Elsie1894?21 Nov 195763w/Robert JamesYeoval NSWRC
Whittaker (Vaughan)Minnie1900?29 Dec 196868w/John HaroldYeoval NSWRC
WhittakerRobert James1896?22 Aug 197579h/Mabel ElsieYeoval NSWRC
WilkinAda1903?31 May 192623dau/George & AnnYeoval NSWProt A
WilkinArthur John Francis1882?11 Dec 197593Yeoval NSWProt A
WilkinClarence William1892?15 Sep 197886h/Isabel M; 5210Yeoval NSWProt A
WilkinFrancis WilliamFeb 193619 Jan 19370son/Clarence Wm & Isabel MaudeYeoval NSWProt A
WilkinIsabel M(aude)1901?22 Nov 197776w/Clarence WilliamYeoval NSWProt A
WilkinJoanMar?19259 Jul 19272dau/Frederick & HenriettaYeoval NSWProt A
WilkinLeonard ArthurJul?191219 Feb 19141son/Arthur J F & MargaretYeoval NSWRC
WilkinMargaret1882?6 Feb 192340w/Arthur J FYeoval NSWRC
WilliamsDeidre Joy1953?15 Dec 197926Yeoval NSWBap
WirthAlbert John1888?10 Jul 193951Yeoval NSWProt A
Wirth (Agnew)Joyce19191994w/NormanYeoval NSWProt A
WirthNorman19191997h/JoyceYeoval NSWProt A
WirthRichard Anthony20 Mar 196930 Aug 198718Yeoval NSWProt B
WirthVina Jane1893?27 Mar 198894Yeoval NSWProt A
WoodbridgeRoy Joseph16 Nov 19142 Nov 197661son/Victor Thomas & Ellen Bernadine (Cass); b. Young, NSW; h/Lilian Florence (Wilkin); NX84941Yeoval NSWRC
WrenAudrey Olive1936?26 Feb 195720Yeoval NSWProt A
WrenGladys May1894?19 Aug 195763Yeoval NSWProt A
Wykes (Pearson)Ada Hannah1889?6 Jun 195667w/George WrightYeoval NSWBap
WykesArthur Thomas1945?14 May 198641Yeoval NSWProt B
WykesBarry John1939?10 Mar 19411son/Edward Clyde & Eileen MaryYeoval NSWBap
WykesDavid0Yeoval NSWBap
Wykes (Tilling)Elizabeth1878?23 Aug 194466w/William ErnestYeoval NSWBap
WykesElsie1906?25 Aug 195650Yeoval NSWBap
WykesGeorge Wright1881?9 Feb 196078son/John & Ellen (Wing); h/Ada HannahYeoval NSWBap
Wykes (Pickford)Hannah1877?29 Jul 194063dau/George & Charlotte (Dowling); w/JamesYeoval NSWBap
Wykes (Bennett)Helena Mary1887?26 Aug 197790w/William RichardYeoval NSWBap
WykesHenry James1876?29 Dec 197397son/James & Elizabeth; h/Susanna MaryYeoval NSWBap
WykesJames1870?17 Apr 194878son/John & Ellen (Wing); h/Hannah (Pickford)Yeoval NSWBap
WykesPeter0Yeoval NSWBap
WykesRussell John1913?25 Nov 195744Yeoval NSWProt B
WykesStan E1916?27 May 196145Yeoval NSWBap
Wykes (Hughes)Susanna Mary1868?2 Nov 196799w/Henry JamesYeoval NSWBap
WykesWallace Leonard1920?10 Apr 198161son/James & Hannah; h/Gwendoline Peace (Cosier)Yeoval NSWBap
WykesWilliam Ernest1876?6 Feb 195982son/John & Ellen (Wing); h/ElizabethYeoval NSWBap
WykesWilliam Richard1880?22 Jan 196584son/James & Elizabeth (Matthews); h/Helena Mary (Bennett)Yeoval NSWBap

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